I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 345

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Episode 345: Alfheim (4)

―Transfer climbers to Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《4th Floor: Tomb of the Dead》.


As soon as we reached the 4th floor, a moan escaped from Lee Jae-sang’s mouth. Mana of the terrible dark attribute that can be felt here from a short distance.

It was because it was tightening the breath of the nine members.

What’s going on?

Before properly grasping the situation, Kim Yoo-jung was the first to speak.

“It’s a place full of monsters that can use dark attribute mana. As the system explained, this is the graveyard first. Maybe now they… It looks like they’re trying to attack us.”


Kwon So-yul asked.

Ahn Ho-yeon broke into a cold sweat and pointed at a distance.

There, I could see something innumerable, dotted black and strange, slowly advancing this way.

“no way… Is that all magic?”

Lee Jae-sang’s expression became stunned.

It was a very natural reaction.

The number of monsters seemed to exceed thousands even at a glance.

He had never fought a battle like this before, no matter how many of Jaehyun’s colleagues. Everyone’s expressions turned cold all at once.

Representative beasts with dark attribute magic, dark knights and dark worms slowly exposed their faces in the light.

“Was it a mistake to come to the right?”

Kim Yoo-jung said that and bit her lips for a moment.

With this amount, unless Jaehyun and Seo Eana are facing each other… .

“Don’t be upset. There is always a way.”

At that moment, Hella’s voice was trembling slightly.

It was a word close to salvation for them.


It goes without saying that she is the strongest in this party.

Isn’t she saying there’s a way to win?

What she said won’t lie.

“I believe!”

“Everyone, please.”

At that time, they could immediately realize.

That it was Hela who would assume the role of commander in this battle. That she would die if they didn’t follow her instructions properly.

“going. First of all, Yujeong-yang, please activate the magic that you think is suitable for a grand battle. It’s better to have a divine attribute if possible.”

Anyway, they have the magic of the dark attribute. Just like the previous hierarchy, it was obvious that divine attribute magic was the most effective.

Kim Yoo-jung immediately nodded.

So let’s get started.

With those words she said. She drew out half of her mana remaining in her body at once, and started shooting at her demon beast advancing this way.


―Active skill <Divine Wave> is activated.

wave of divinity.

It’s a skill that causes small ripples to attack nearby monsters.

Of course, the damage wasn’t great, and it was too weak compared to what Seo Eana was using. For now, this was the best.

It was unavoidable because it was not in his field of expertise.


Still, thanks to Lee Jae-sang’s potion, Kim Yu-jung’s attack succeeded in knocking down several enemies in the front row and slowing the advance of the monsters.

At that time, Hella took a step forward and gradually raised her magic power.

No, rather than raising it… .

‘Are you sucking? The magical power of the surrounding darkness?’

They couldn’t help but be embarrassed. Hela was absorbing the magical energy around her.

Only then did they know exactly what Hella was going to do.

She eventually tries to absorb the magic of the dark attribute and replace it with her own.

However, this can cause excessive recoil. There are very few magicians who cast magic by retaining the magical power in the atmosphere in their bodies.

The possibility of falling into the mana rebound is too high, and the gambling is strong.

Hella was not unaware of this either.

But at that moment, Hella remembered Jaehyun.

The one who first obtained a godhood to save himself.

Angered by Kim Yoo-jung’s death, he opened a new realm of himself even though he was in an incomplete state.

She was the one who watched all of it from the side or from behind.

she knew

here you have to do it yourself.

“I will send you up.”

Hella muttered that and drew out her magic power.

Then, strange things started to happen.

ssssss… !!

The dark knight of the battle line who was killed by Kim Yoo-jung’s attack a while ago.

Because they rise again and change into new forms.

At that time, the same system sound was heard in the ears of the nine members at the same time.

―The enemy 《Dark Knight》 is reborn as an ally 《Death Knight》!



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* * *

Jaehyun first heard about the current situation of the elves.

The situation was more serious than initially expected.

All places except the capital city had already been destroyed by Odin, Einherjar, and the Valkyrie army. Many elves died.

Most of the good people are also dead, and it is said that the world of giants, Jotunheim, has also been destroyed. It was bad news for Jaehyun.

‘Well, in the first Ragnarok, one of the first worlds to perish was Jotunheim. After Hrungnir’s death, they said they disintegrated quickly.

On the other hand, the elves endured until the end and eventually surrendered.’

Jaehyun did not immediately understand why the 4th floor of the World Tree showed such memories.

The same goes for the content of the quest.

Even if we revive a country that was already about to perish, what was over will not come back.

A tree with a will equal to the number of trees in the world would not be unaware of this… .

‘Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. I can’t explain it otherwise.’

Jaehyun made a decision right away.

It seemed that the World Tree was going to show him the memories of the elves in the past so that he could realize or gain something.

The reward Seo Ina received after clearing the 2nd floor.

Jaehyun thought that there was a high possibility that he was also related.

Jaehyun recalled the item Seo Ina had shown him at the time.

[Special item]

Name: Elf’s Imprint

Rating: ???

Strengthen the seasons handed down in Alfheim to the limit.

Special conditions must be cleared, and the conditions are private.

* Strengthens Alfheim’s sword.

*The imprint is engraved on the shoulder, and as soon as the imprint is engraved, it gains a status.

Why was an item like this given in the Tower of Yggdrasil?

Judging from that, I thought maybe there would be a quest to solve it in one of the tower levels here.

And now, coincidentally, the place where they are is Alfheim.

Moreover, as she climbed the stairs of Yggdrasil this time, Seoina was constantly given items related to Alfheim and elves.

Almost matching was like that, so Jaehyun could have a reasonable doubt.

‘Ina grows up here in some way. That’s for sure.’

I thought that at least the conditions to get the status would have been prepared. She was so strong even in the original world line.

Among Jaehyun’s party, the one who can be said to be the most skilled is Seo Ina. Her others are good too, but she’s nothing compared to her.

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina for a while, organizing his thoughts.

Even in the midst of that, Aindel’s voice continued.

“… So, our army is now all but two units in a state of collapse. In the case of the capital city, it is only a matter of time. Even if you help me, what are the possibilities… I can’t be sure.”

Aindel said that with a serious expression, then continued looking at her eyes.

“Will you help us anyway?”

The king of the elves was a good man. Aindel.

She was genuinely concerned about them.

Jaehyun nodded.

“If it helps, I will help.”

Of course, it was to clear the quest, but there was no need to say that.

Soon, Seo In-na nodded as well, and Aindel continued her story with a slightly relieved face.

“First, I will inform you of the chief who leads the enemies.”


Jaehyun nodded happily. Aindel pondered for a moment, then slowly opened her mouth and met Jaehyun’s eyes.

“Tyr is attacking the elves on this battlefield. It is a monster called the god of war and justice. He is the one who handles the Witchbeast.”

Jaehyun’s forehead crumpled for a moment at that moment.

Tyr. It was a familiar name.

‘I’ve seen him once. In the past, during Red Gate, I missed an opportunity to kill Hugin because of him.’

Moreover, Tyr was one of the highest-ranking people in Asgard.

He is a completely different being from Modi and Magni, whom he faced before.

That was the majesty of the god of justice and war.

‘This is the first time I’m facing an enemy who is in the 4th level of Divinity Liberation. It’s going to be a tough fight.’

The gods I’ve dealt with so far either couldn’t use their abilities properly or had limitations.

However, on this floor, there is no such story at all.

It meant that in order to lead this battle to victory, he had to catch Tyr.

It is absurd for Seo Eana, who has not yet fully developed her powers, to deal with him. For now, Jaehyun has to stop him somehow.

Jaehyun calmed down and continued the story.

“How many of his magical troops are there?”

“We are still figuring it out. But since I can’t bring many troops with me for external reconnaissance… It’s hard to get it right.”

Aindel’s expression collapsed to the point where he couldn’t believe he was a king. It was dark, and it looked like it was immersed in sorrow and anguish.

But Jaehyun didn’t care at all.

I’ve done things that I thought I couldn’t do until now. He did nothing that was impossible to him, after all. He has to believe that this time too.

Because everything starts from there.

“… May I ask who leads the army of elves?”

“The commander-in-chief is Lars. A brave warrior. … Of course, I’ve heard that they committed a lot of rudeness while serving you all this far… … It would have been unintentional.”

Jaehyun crossed his legs at Aindel’s words. An unspoken sign that you want something. He then slowly opened his mouth.

“That commander-in-chief position. Please yield to me. Then we will do our best to win the war.”

That meant Aindel as well as Seo.

And it was a shocking story for Lars, who was secretly listening to the conversation outside.


The door to the audience room opened, and Lars strode into it.

“To dare to hand over the qualifications of commander-in-chief to command the entire army of elves to something like a human… ?! Do you think I would admit that bullshit!”

It was a high-pitched voice that meant that he would not acknowledge him even if he pretended to listen.

Jaehyun responded with a cold smile that he had never seen before.

He spoke slowly, opening his divinity, not magic.

“Then we all die together by being torn apart by Tyr’s beast. Do whatever you feel like.”

Jaehyun shrugged.

“Because I don’t care.”

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