I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 347

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Episode 347: Alfheim (6)

Hung! Hung!

A night with twilight.

The elves’ sword dance, glimpsed through the stars embroidering the sky, catches my eye.

A sword that is swung as if it were going to devour the people in front of it.

It was as refined and beautiful as looking at a piece of art. If someone who had no knowledge of swords saw it, they would surely feel that the Elves were winning.

Contrary to what one looks like, the gymnasium is filled with only the sound of cutting the wind.

The reason was simple.

It was because Jaehyun easily dodged all of Lars’ attacks.

No matter how much he was the captain of the guards overseeing the elves, Lars was only at the level of the 2nd stage of liberation. He is weak to reach Jaehyun.

Both Jaehyun and Lars knew this, of course, but no one said it.

The two just exchanged swords with each other.

They collided their swords and twisted them away as if there was no need for unnecessary conversation between them.

“Huh… Heo-eok… .”

Lars looked at Jaehyun with a face full of venom. His eyes flashed between the blurred pupils.

In fact, Jae-Hyun barely cut his sword, either letting it go or avoiding it. Even in the midst of that, none of his own attacks hit.

‘Huh… Heo-eok… .’

The entire front of my eyes turns red.

crushing defeat.

It was an unfamiliar experience for Lars.

Of course, before the situation in Alfheim got to its worst, there were quite a few people stronger than him. However, even so, it was a minority.

Not to mention the 2nd stage, almost none of the elves who gained status existed.

anywhere in the nine worlds. Even dragons, there was no place overflowing with beings who had gained status. Lars was a sufficient predator in that sense.

The word “defeat” meant that he was an unfamiliar strongman.

“But why… .”

Lars’ eyes were bloodshot.

“How are you so strong! hot and dirty… On a human subject!”

Chae Ae-Aeng!

A sword containing only Ras’ anger and intent to kill. This time, Jaehyun didn’t spill his teeth or dodge them and hit them back as they were.

A moan escaped Lars’ mouth, and his feet took a couple of steps back.


‘I won’t stand it. As for humans… never!’

Lars tried to force Jaehyun to stand upright with the sword that was being pushed back.

However, Jaehyun did not move at all from the spot.

Lars tried his best to push the sword away with both hands. But it didn’t make any sense.

He realized it only after noticing that Jaehyun’s hand was in his pocket.

‘With one hand… You mean this much power… damn!’

At that moment, in the midst of a terrible sense of defeat, Jaehyun’s voice was heard.

“I heard you hate humans.”

“… What did that mean?”

“Probably because of Einherjar.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Lars’ pupils constricted. His body was freed to the limit. Jaehyun was not afraid at all and gave strength to his sword.


“I don’t know who heard it… Don’t you dare talk about that incident!”

“Your father was killed by Einherjar?”

However, Jaehyun said it on his own. Lars’ expression hardened.

rehearsal words. father.

It was something that cut off something deep within him.


Lars exploded all the remaining magic power in his body and rushed at Jaehyun.

And in the next moment, the fight between the two quickly came to an end.

Lars’ vision hovered in mid-air for a moment before sinking to the ground and pointing up into the sky. In a fleeting moment, Jae-hyun showed a battle of a completely different level.

After parrying the opponent’s attack and tripping his legs.

It was knocked down by a crush on the forehead.

Jaehyun spoke calmly as he reverse summoned the sword.

“Look at the stars and cool your head. I have a story to tell.”

Speaking in a nonchalant tone, Jaehyun said what Ruina, who had been looking for him a while ago.

And he remembered the story of the previous king of Alfheim.

It was a story about a tragedy that was as common as the previous classes.

* * *

Ah, then let’s start talking. Please listen and don’t laugh at me.

I’m a bit soft-hearted.

My father was a good monarch.

Among the previous monarchs of Alfheim, he was considered a saint and was loved by many elves and other races.

is it so. He was also loved by humans.

At that time, humans had nothing to eat and were poor, so they suffered a lot.

Odin demanded a lot of grain and gold from the humans. The Golden King tried, but all his efforts were in vain.

My father has had close interactions with humans while helping such people. Humans also followed such a father well.



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But what day was it? Tragedy happened… .


That’s when the war started.

Odin said that he would obtain all nine worlds, and declared that a new sun had risen in the world. Of course, elves and other races fought against him.

But there were people who couldn’t even stand up properly.

The weakest race… I was human.

They play into the hands of Odin and steal the souls under Asgard, Einherjar. Become Odin’s army and sweep the battlefield.

Humans with new powers. So, the Einherjars attacked all over the nine worlds. Everything visible was subjugated.

And at this time, Glam, who was our father and the king at the time… In order to convince the humans, he went to the battlefield naked and lost his life and drank.

Alfheim was grieved by the king’s death, and every day a mournful song was heard from all over the place.

After the tragic death of her father, her older brother became a disabled person.

I locked myself in my room for days and days, spending my time cursing humans.

Although he knew that, in fact, they had been at the mercy of Odin, he thought it was because of their weakness.

That created my brother’s disgust.

Oppa isn’t a bad elf in the first place.

I’ve done rudeness to you now, but it’s absolutely not because I had that intention. I’ll vouch for it. just… brother is.

It’s just lonely.

Because I lost my father and the person I trusted.

It happened because I thought I was left alone like that.

just… That’s all.

It’s a common story.

Even more so on the battlefield.

But this common saying, I can improve relationships between people.

I believe so.

* * *

Two people looking at the stars.

Jaehyun was the first to open his mouth.

“It’s boring, but it’s understandable. that you hate humans And how you acted like a dog to me.”

“Thank you very much for that.”

Lars was sarcastic, but Jaehyun smiled as if he was used to it.



“Baby, what should you do with that tone of voice? It’s filthy thick.”

“under… So what is it?”

When Lars sighed, it was Jaehyun.

“Let’s ask one thing.”

Jaehyun’s voice was heavy.

“If you… If you could only save four people in a war, who would you save?”

Jaehyun’s question was difficult to answer.

Anyone would have done that in the first place.

Few people have only one person dear to them. Everyone has several precious beings, and they are fighting for them.

The Aesir priests, including Odin, are oppressing them as enemies.

All they can do is endure or fight.

In this situation, choose one precious thing and throw away the rest?

It was an act of cowardly running away.

Because of this, Lars couldn’t understand Jaehyun’s intention at all.

he said in an annoyed voice.

“I will save all the elves.”

“It may not be possible to save everyone. You know.”

Jaehyun’s unexpected words were enough to shake Lars’ heart.

Lars knew it in his heart. His own dream is more than just that.

Eventually someone dies.

that’s war

never knew that.

but… If you have to choose someone to die, can you stand it?

can you choose?

I bit my lip at that thought, but suddenly Jaehyun laughed and said.

“Well, if you’re as skilled as you are, you won’t be able to save a single person.”

“what? Did you say this? You… !”

“I can get at least one. I am.”

Jaehyun said that with a calm expression on his face.

At those words, Lars’ eyes shook for a moment.

It had to be.

Saying that you can definitely save one person.

It was because it sounded cool, which Lars hates to admit.

The power to protect at least one thing you want to protect. Because it’s like saying you have it.

That’s why Lars had no choice but to say that.

“you… stronger than me surely.”

“You must be too weak.”

“Did you hear about your father from Ruina?”

“okay. She cherished her brother dearly. I wish I had a younger brother like that.”

Lars laughed for a moment at Jaehyun’s words. It was an ordinary and rare smile.

“hey. Don’t talk. Even if she looks like a young lady, how many accidents does she have? She used to get caught drinking without her mother’s knowledge and get hiccups… .”

‘You know how to make a face like that.’

Jaehyun looked at Lars for a while as he talked about his sister.

Lars talked about his sister and mother for a while, then suddenly sat up from his seat. He said, holding his knees with both hands.

“You asked. If you can save one person, who will he save?”


“If it’s not me, whoever is fine. Whether it be your mother or your sister.”

“It is sacrificial. Not what it looks like.”

“okay. laugh at still… I sincerely wish that was the case. After losing my father, my sister and mother were deeply saddened.

I should have helped too… As you can see, I don’t even know how to fight properly.”

“You didn’t know it, but I guess that’s your weakest point.”


Jaehyun lay on his back on the floor.

“It’s like being stuck in a sense of defeat. Look like Aindel and half of Louisa. gotta look to the future It’s not the same reality as what’s happening now.”

“… … okay. You may be right. Because I am weak.”

okay. yes.

After that, Lars jumped up from his seat and said.

“I need to deal with you a little more.”

“until when?”

“At least until dawn.”

“However much. But don’t whine about losing.”

With Jaehyun’s words, the two stood up again in the gymnasium and confronted each other.

Jaehyun made a balmung and held it in his hand. The moonlight emitted a dim light, hung on the tip of the sword for a moment, then emitted light again.

Each other’s swords slashed with a caang sound.

With the sound of a heavy sword hitting the floor, a faint smile spread across their faces.

Hana Jaehyun was clearly repeating one thing even at that moment.

Although they are laughing now, everyone except for Jaehyun and Ina Seo will die here in the first place.

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