I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 349

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Episode 349: Genius Girl (2)


Jaehyun naturally thought that she should get out of this battle.

It was judged as someone who could not stand on the front lines from a human point of view.

But she is also a direct descendant of the royal family.

According to the elven tradition that the stronger the blood of the royal family, the stronger her blood, and her strength is probably on par with Rath.

Or maybe more than that.

Jaehyun immediately gestured to call Ruina.

She was now at the top of the terrace overlooking the gymnasium.

“Luna! wait this way… !”

“for a moment!”

Lars cut off his words in the middle and said.

“Please take my brother out of the battle.”


Jaehyun asked, tilting his head.

There would be no difference in superiority between men and women for elven warriors.

“Deep sickness… there is. Even if you walk for a long time, your legs swell and blood flows backward.”

“Is it a symptom of mana poisoning?”

As Jaehyun, it was an easily guessable disease.

Mana poisoning.

If you are exposed to it for a long time, your legs will gradually swell and eventually you will have to amputate it. Diabetes and its complications in modern diseases.

It would be correct to see it as similar.

Lars bit his lip.

“Unfortunately… It seems so. Many councilors came and tried to fix Ruina, but it didn’t work out… … .”

Thinking that seeing Ruina’s condition was more important to Jaehyun than Lars’ changed tone, he jumped up from his seat and started walking toward the terrace.

“Everyone train. Let’s see the status for a moment. Lars, you are following me.”

“All right.”

* * *

“Hehe! Why are you suddenly coming this way?!”

Seeing her brother and Jaehyun suddenly approaching her, Ruina hurriedly entered the room and started touching her hair.

Her fine golden hair and beautiful blue eyes were beautiful enough to capture the hearts of many men at once, but she didn’t really think so.

He just thinks that his reflection in the mirror is ugly.

Also, it was a sense of victimization spread to oneself due to severe self-loathing.

Even though she is an elf, she is unable to properly control her magic and is suffering from poisoning. No matter how beautiful she is, no elf would ever admit to herself like this.

By the time that thought spreads.


A familiar voice came along with a knock.

“This is Min Jaehyun. may i come in? I have something to ask you.”

“Oh that… all right!”

After saying that, Ruina stuck her head out.

He tried to lead the two of them to another place as if he didn’t want to enter his room, but he ignored Jaehyun and went straight into the room.

‘If the disease I think is correct, Ruina’s condition is close to the worst.’

“oh… wait a minute… .”

Ruina tried to push Jaehyun away with force, but he didn’t mind and pushed inside. Then what caught my eyes…

It was a truly grim landscape.

There are bloody bandages scattered all over the place.

Jaehyun looked at this and closed his eyes for a moment.

“I was right. Why didn’t you tell me this was the case earlier?”

“… that is… What?”

Ruina tried to make a fuss with her wide eyes, but she ended up avoiding her eyes because of Jaehyun’s unshakable eyes.

“I will tell you for sure. You will die in three days at this rate.”

Mana poisoning is such a disease in the first place.

A painful and painful disease that leads to sudden death. No matter how elf you are, it’s the same.

Jaehyun remembered.

The first time Louisa told her the story of her brother Lars, she was wearing too much clothes to hide her body.

At the same time, I thought that there must be something wrong with her sad smile.

But to think this would happen… .

“I am seriously ill. I need to take you to bed.”

“… … .”


Jaehyun gritted his teeth and shouted.

It was only then that Lars, who saw the bandages and shocking figures in his brother’s room, looked at Jaehyun with his eyes shaking.

“but… As of right now, I have no idea what to do.”

“Shut up and do as I say. ‘Cause I’ll cure you of this disease And get rid of those dog-like honorifics. before I kill you.”

Jaehyun said that with high pressure without even knowing it.

hurt as much as possible.

But now he had to come to his senses. It’s a pity, but Jaehyun thought this was the most efficient way.

If Lars’ judgment of the situation slows down, Ruina’s illness may not be able to be reversed.



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No matter how difficult it was to get rid of, this was a disease that Jaehyun was familiar with. It is true that the disease has worsened and the condition is not good, but in the end it is a kind of mana poisoning.

Moreover, this was a familiar symptom that Jaehyun experienced once.

‘The divine spirit permeates the body.’

Of course, there was one strange thing mixed in.

Louisa. The source of the divinity felt from her body.

Because it was never outside.

[Ratatosk. I bet you know. This guy already has a divinity. That he was a godhead from the beginning… It is very likely that he was born.]

Jaehyun thought.

Judging by Ruina’s talent, she had the qualities to be the best ally.

… If only she could heal her body.

* * *

“Is that true?!”

While Aindel was practicing the sword with Seo Ina and Alfheim, he heard a shocking story and shouted in shock.

her own daughter. She had just heard the news that her only daughter, Louisa, could be cured by Jae-hyeon, an outsider.

I couldn’t even figure out how that was possible.

However, if those were words from a human in the 3rd stage of liberation, they were hardly something to be overlooked.

Seo Eana next to her didn’t even look surprised, thinking that Jaehyun would be able to do it.

Rather, she did not know that Aindel’s daughter, Ruina, was originally ill.

Since they had never had a proper conversation, Seo Ina was just surprised by Aindel’s reaction.

She has always been the kind of person who doesn’t show her feelings well.

Having trained with Aindel for several days already, she naturally had no choice but to think that way.

Seo Ina and Aindel went directly to the hospital room where Jaehyun and Ruina were.

The location was close, so it was about a 10-minute walk.

“I’m here?”

Familiar faces soon encountered. Lars was there too.

‘… He said he recognized Jaehyun as the captain… . Something seems to have changed.’

Lars also seems to have changed something.

Seo Ina thought so.

On the other hand, Jaehyun was sweating for a long time and was engrossed in Ruina’s treatment.

The green aura that was subtly spreading was the heart and the short circuit. After passing through the centrally absorbing and discharging organs, it gradually moved back to the entire body.

After repeating this several times, Ruina’s pain began to subside little by little.

Jaehyun’s upgraded Sacrifice.

It was proof that it was shining.

“uh… ? very little… The pain is lessening!”

Ruina looked at Jaehyun in surprise.

Jaehyun, of course, didn’t answer. It was a situation where he shouldn’t have made any mistakes, so he was concentrating as best he could.

So, while I was going through treatment, I suddenly had that thought.

‘Since he’s going to die anyway, it might not be necessary to go this far.’

It is certain that Jaehyun judged Ruina to be a genius.

But that didn’t mean it would help right away.

Whatever the circumstances, she needs an opportunity and time to grow. Also, time on the stairs here would be too busy to achieve that.

probably not enough

Tyr is moving an army to capture the capital city, and Jaehyun must fight right away to defend it.

Under such circumstances, Ruina’s talent would never be given time to bloom.

But why is he using magic to save a dying girl?

If even that fails, there will be more to lose.

‘Perhaps if I hadn’t stepped out here for nothing. If he had done that, he might have succeeded in leading Lars and the quest a little more comfortably.

Conversely, if I don’t heal Ruina here, I’ll incur their resentment and distrust.’

I knew.

Even so, Jaehyun couldn’t understand at all why he was moving like this.

He is not a good man.

How many enemies have you killed so far?

For the greater good, Odin is like himself.

Even if it’s because of his own goals and stubbornness, it’s better to swallow the nine worlds for the prosperity of Asgard as a whole.

So if he was moving, Jaehyun had nothing more to say. He just does what he believes is right.

However, Jaehyun didn’t have time to act because he always attached a reason.

If you think you should do something, do it.

It’s not too late to think about the next thing after that.

Giing… !!


Eindel shouted and looked at her daughter. It seemed that Louisa was trying hard to suppress her desire to hold her right away.

It’s also because Jaehyun said a moment ago that he must never move. It was also because he wanted to hide the fact that his illness had worsened.

Anyway, Jaehyun’s treatment continued. Ruina’s condition gradually improved. Lars couldn’t help but be horrified to see this.

“How could humans create such high-level magic… .”

Elves are basically a race that has a direct or indirect influence with runes that are derived from magic.

Along with the dragons, they were the pioneers of magic and the ones who developed it along with the now evil Odin.

However, even such people had never heard of healing the sickness caused by the manifestation of a godhead. It has never been dealt with in any literature.

However, Jaehyun did it skillfully.

It was the reason why everyone couldn’t help but be surprised.

“… You’ve done this before.”

In the midst of that, Seo Ina was so lucky to see Jaehyun sweating.

she was

“… Hoyeon saved her mother by doing this before.”

Seo Eana seemed to have already seen through everything that happened.

It was also natural.

At that time, Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother was already on the verge of death. that she wouldn’t last more than a day. The doctor said so.

But the next day. His mother miraculously recovered.

This was unprecedented, and Seo Eana thought Jaehyun was behind it.

A skill that healed itself.

Sacrifice, a skill copied from Yoo Sung-eun.

Yoo Sung-eun said that she couldn’t heal Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother with just that… .

‘… For some reason, I thought it would be possible if it was Jaehyun.’

if it is a reproduction.

I thought it would be possible to solve the problem if it was Jaehyun. Seo Eana believed in Jaehyun that deeply.

“It’s almost over.”

While Jaehyun continued the treatment for a long time, he stopped his hands for a moment.

The eyes of the royal doctor, Aindel, and Lars who were watching him were all focused on him. Jaehyun looked into Ruina’s eyes and said.

“Answer me one thing. Then I will treat you It will make you walk properly again.”

“what… A question?”

“There is a deity in your body. It’s not an outsider’s, only four. How was that possible? you… Are you an ally?”

Ruina’s pupils constricted. Jaehyun’s eyes see right through her.

She opened her mouth slowly.

“I am… .”

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