I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 350

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Episode 350: Direct descendant of the royal family


The power to rise to the highest position given to those who have transcended a single species.

Whoever obtains it can be called a god and is respected by everyone.

That is Godhead, and it is what everyone in the world aspires to.

But are there any beings who are born with such a status?

Jaehyun had never heard of this from anyone else.

Besides, the genius girl that Jaehyun saw.

Ruina’s personality was different from the others.

‘Your body can’t contain it. That’s why I got sick.’

It’s completely different from when Ahn Ho-yeon’s mother was. At that time, she was poisoned by her divinity by others and fell into a state of sleep.

But now it was definitely different from then.

Aside from how Ruina got her temper, it was questionable why she fell into addiction like she is now.

If it’s a power you can’t handle, you shouldn’t be able to use it at all.

But why does her body keep pumping out steam?

Why are you destroying yourself?

The girl who was supposed to give the answer slowly opened her mouth.

“… Did he tell you that his father died?”

“okay. They said it was killed by humans. By Einherjar.”

Jaehyun said. Seo Eana was a bit surprised because she didn’t know the details of the incident.

She finally realized why Lars had been so rude to Jaehyun.

Repulsion and disgust towards the race of humans who killed his father. Maybe that’s what motivated him. with an even greater sense of inferiority.

“My father told me when he died. Odin will now swallow everything in the world… However, there is still no one among us who can properly handle the power of the direct line.”

lineal power.

It is the power passed on to the elven royal family that Ina Seo and Aindel had heard before.

To put it simply, it should have meant Alfheim’s sword.

“Does it have anything to do with your body?”

Ruina let out a small sigh and wiggled her hands.

“There has to be. A direct descendant of the royal family… Because I was born with that power.”

“… what?”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be taken aback when the unexpected answer came back.

Deep down, he thought that Seo In-na was a direct descendant of the royal family and had something to do with him.

Of course, didn’t Aindel say that only the direct descendant of the royal family could use Alfheim’s sword?

But actually, Ruina was a direct descendant… .

“Really? Is that true?!”

Eindel shouted and grabbed Ruina by the shoulder.

Apparently, she, the king, did not know much about him either.

“yes… I’m sorry mother. direct descendant of the royal family. He inherited that power from me. It’s true that he was endowed with strong powers from birth…

But I was too weak. I just couldn’t handle the power. So, all this time, my father developed magic to transmit power to others in order to contain it.

All this time, you hid your strength from everyone. She doesn’t want to lose her daughter in the name of responsibility… My father said so.”

Ruina looked at her with groggy eyes and continued.

“but… My father passed away in the completion stage, and when my father disappeared, I lost the means to control my strength, and I felt the pain caused by the case.”

“I see… so… !”

It was Louisa who was especially close to her father.

As a mother, Aindel also had a bit of a sad side.

Didn’t the child follow the mother more closely?

It was the same with his son, Lars. But from the past, Louis I was closer to her father than to herself. The reason must have been there.

“Luna. Why didn’t you tell me in the first place?”

Lars clenched his fists in anger. But it wasn’t directed at Louisa.

Anger at myself for not knowing the truth. that was just what worked.

“Shut up, Lars. in front of the patient.”

“… … .”

Lars said no more. She’s just angry that she’s in the situation she’s in, but she’s not mad at her.

Didn’t he say that in the first place? If he can only save one, he asks for one of the two to be spared.

As much as he cares about his family, there will be no worries.


Jaehyun thought he had heard enough answers and continued the treatment.

Not a long time passed after that.

―You have completed the treatment of the designated target.

The system sound welcomed Jaehyun.

But then.

“Can I talk to Seo Eana-nim for a moment? Just the two of you.”

Seo Ina tilted her head, but then nodded.

She knew instinctively.

That Ruina’s story had to do with her own growth and something that slept deep within her.

Jaehyun also nodded and got up from his seat.

“Let’s get away for a while. You won’t be sick in the future, so don’t worry.”

* * *



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Lars remembered.

His father’s death and Einherjar.

Beings close to immortality who could not be easily killed even if they were cut or cut.

The army of death, as tough as a draug, as resilient as a troll, and boasting an absurdly large number of troops.

they killed my father

He already knew that they weren’t human.

That my father was a little foolish.

However, because he loved such a foolish father, he was able to follow his back.

Louisa thought so too.

“But was it like this after all… .”

I had to be completely honest with myself. if the father

But he couldn’t do that, and he left Ruina in a sick state.

Lars couldn’t quite understand it. What the hell is this, and what should I do next?

I couldn’t understand anything.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt my anger shifting to one side.


Why is he trying to take over the world?

What does that mean for you?

The world is wide.

One of the nine worlds is so huge that many races live in harmony.

But why would he put everything under Asgard?

why. Are you stealing someone else’s?


At that moment, a voice came from behind.

“… Jaehyun Min. What are you doing here?”

The tone quickly returned to normal. Also, this one is better.

Jaehyun groaned and sat down next to him.

“Perhaps you would have done that even if you were born with such a fragile body. your father.”

“… okay. I know.”

Lars was more docile in his attitude toward Jaehyun than at the beginning.

He now had weak trust in Jaehyun.

I had never felt this feeling even among elves. Lars felt a laugh leak out of him involuntarily.

To receive comfort other than this from the object you hated the most.

It wasn’t very enjoyable, but I didn’t hate it either.

“You know that I’m not here to comfort you, right?”


“Everyone is waiting for you at the gymnasium. Now I’m the captain, but… You’re the one leading them anyway. is not it?”

At that, Lars shrugged and stood up.

“When did you steal it, and now you’re saying you’re going to give it back? Do you think I would accept that?”

“Accept and sleep. I would have told you to be stronger to say that.”

Lars pretended not to hear what Jaehyun said and headed for the gymnasium.

There, other elves were already busy practicing the shaping of magic tools. It seemed that Jaehyun’s teachings were effective, and that he had a much better weapon in his hand than the one he had used before.

Among them, there were soldiers who had already produced C-class weapons or higher.

Lars took a deep breath, thinking he couldn’t get behind.

After that, focus your magic on your fingertips.

Thinking of my father and Louisa.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ruina and Seoina are sitting on a small terrace and drinking tea.

The swelling in Ruina’s legs was almost gone.

Being an elf, her recovery ability was very fast, but the most effective was the increase in her willpower and the effect of her reenactment skill.

For some reason, Seo Ina didn’t look unfamiliar with Ruina at all.

I don’t know why, but I should say it’s a familiar feeling.

It was not just the face, but the feeling that the mind and mana were resonating with each other.

The two drank tea for a while. It was Louisa who spoke first.

“A direct descendant of the royal family. You may have heard from your mother… Are you still unfamiliar with it?”

“… yes.”

“Please speak at ease. Jaehyun-nim does that too.”

Ina’s facial expression subtly changed at the strangely familiar tone of Jaehyun, but soon returned to normal.

“Ah, your expression has changed. Do you like Jaehyun?”

“… … ?”

Seo Ina could not answer easily. It was because she wasn’t used to talking about things like this to someone she hadn’t seen in a while.

It’s true that I like Jaehyun, but talking in front of others is a different matter.

However, Louisa had a smirk on her face.

“I guess so too. But what about this… I also liked Jaehyun. I fell in love.”

“… that can’t be… .”

Seo Eana muttered that involuntarily and covered her mouth. It was easy for Jaehyun to throw her forward fastball and actively step forward, but it was different for her now.

When I heard that Kim Yoo-jung likes Jae-hyun, if I thought that I was just waiting for a choice between friendship and love between the two. Ruina really felt like a competitor.

Seo Ina asked in a wary voice.

“… Why do you like Jaehyun?”

“Yeah… First off, you’re handsome. He also treated my body. Oh, the house is all over now. Unless it’s Jaehyun… … .”

“… Jaehyun will like me more. that… Because I’ve been confessed to… … .”

Subtly Seo In-na’s gaze shifted and those words leaked out of her mouth.

Of course, this was the story he had heard when changing the tragedy of Sigurd and Brünhild in the third layer. The confession I heard to clear the quest.

‘… But it’s not a lie… It will be fine… !’

Seo In-na nodded her head slightly as she rationalized that.

Louisa smiled mischievously.

“Whoops… Humans don’t live long anyway. Since Jaehyun-nim has attained the rank anyway, he should be able to live forever… Then I will be the second wife.”

“… … what?”

It was a story completely different from human common sense.

As it turns out, it’s not that rare in the world of elves.

Seo In-na’s brain went into confusion for a moment, but she didn’t show it and the two continued to talk.

That’s when the two of them had a trivial conversation.

Suddenly, Ruina put down the teacup and touched the end. Suddenly, a heavy voice escaped from her mouth.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why you can use Alfheim’s sword. You may have heard of that power, but only the direct line of the royal family can use it.”

“… huh. that’s right. But Aindel still hasn’t figured out why… .”

“Seo Ina-nim.”

Ruina suddenly raised her head and took her hand.

she was laughing

“I know that Seo Eana-nim and Min Jae-hyun came from the future.”

The moment she heard those words, Seo Ina’s eyes narrowed.

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