I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 352

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Episode 352: God of War (2)

The middle of the forehead of a god standing in the middle of the battlefield crumples roughly.


He had just witnessed an unbelievably shocking sight.

Dragon, one of the top races you deal with…

Such a monster was caught in a single sword attack and lost his life.

Although Tyr had gone through many wars, he had never experienced anything like this. He couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

Tyr collected his thoughts.

In order to solve the current situation, at least the identity of the person who fired the sword had to be identified first.

However, I don’t have any information about him.

If so, it is important to find out as soon as possible.

Tyr cast magic in his vision and began to scan the elves in the distance.

‘No matter how much I think about it, it’s strange.’

Tyr’s brow crinkles, a question seeping through his face.

At the time of the first preliminary report, he had never heard of an elf with this level of strength remaining in Alfheim.

That’s why, at most, he brought only three monster troops. He thought he could easily win the battle.

However, this is obviously an unexpected result.

A dragon cannot be subjugated easily, even if it is Tyr, a strong man who handles magical beasts.

It’s all the more so because they have intellect, and also because there are some people with character.

In the first place, they are not monsters, but one species, so there are even more difficult ones.

But I lost that power in an instant…

It was an irritating situation.

‘I don’t know who it is. The sword attack earlier was fired by someone who was at least level 3 of liberation. I have to find out.’

Even in the midst of that, Tyr prepared his mind and continued to be vigilant.

One of his nicknames is God of War. His ability in war is truly outstanding.

Reading the battlefield, commanding troops, and killing enemies were his specialties. A sudden change like now was also a frequent occurrence for him.

Unless the enemy has the same level as you, or has a lot of top-notch artifacts. At least he won’t be defeated.

“Let everyone clear the way. I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

Tyr shouted in a mana-filled voice. Then the road opened.

Every time he took a step, the knights of the enemy camp. The elves’ bodies began to tremble. It was because of his overwhelming momentum and divinity.

However, even in the midst of this, there is someone who does not move and waits for Tyr.

It was the antagonist, Min Jae-hyun.

Tyr said while looking at Jaehyun with a sympathetic expression.

“It is you.”

He took out a longsword from his bosom and held it in his hand.

“The guy who cut down my dragon with one shot.”

Jaehyun replied with a smile.


* * *

The time when Jaehyun had just encountered Tyr in the war.

Seo Ina was also doing her best in training.

He was putting in all his efforts to strengthen Alfheim’s sword, and he was also struggling to get the level to deal with Heimdall and the top-tier monsters.

Beside her are Papi and Ratatosque.

Jaehyun said a while ago.

Apparently, since Tyr is an enemy who can deal with monsters, it would be better not to let Poppy fight him until he grows up a little more.

To prevent an unfortunate event in which control is taken away by Tyr.

He said it would be better to choose the safest method.

Moreover, Ratatosque has almost no talent in combat. There was no reason to take him.

Seo Ina is also weak against Shinhwa. She had better have two by her side in order to survive anyway.

“… I have to go… .”

“You you you—it would be better if you didn’t think too impatiently. From generation to generation—because the adversary believes in Seo Eana-nim!”

“… Do you believe?”

“G-g-g-yes. If that’s not the case, could you be sure that Seo E-na-sama will remember you, Hwa-hwa, on the third floor?”

Seo Eana was lost in thought for a moment at Ratatosque’s words.

It was as he said.

at that time,

Jaehyun was unwilling to use absolute arithmetic to save himself.

Because the two of them had to remember each other somehow at the last moment of the end. It would have been better to get rid of the part that was the slightest bit problematic.

However, Odin’s intervention created a variable, and Jae-hyun believed in himself and wrote the scenario change ticket and came to Goseong for himself.

It was something that could not be done without a certain amount of faith.

‘… Jaehyun believes in me. I know. so… I’ll try harder.’

Seo Ina made up her mind again.

It is true that I am worried about him who is fighting on the battlefield right now.

Liberation Stage 4.

This is because it is a state that has not even been reached.

It was she who knew that Jaehyun could die there.

But now, feeling impatient, I can’t ask for anything.

With a calm mind, Seo In-na raised Alfheim’s sword.



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Then use the artifact and enhance the skill once.

The glow permeates the sword more and emits a brilliant and transparent light.

She didn’t stop there.

He amplified his magical power by using the divine mirror he had brought beforehand.

Ruina and Aindel helped her in this process.

Giing… !!

“Jaehyun-nim is strong. But he won’t be able to do it alone.”

Ruina breathed magic into herself and said so.

Seo Ina nodded.

“… huh.”

“I can’t put all the burden on you. If it becomes too much, you can give up.”

Aindel said so again. Seo Ina shook her head.

“… We have to go upstairs.”

The meaning of those words, probably the two elves would not be able to understand.

But it didn’t matter.

Seo Ina was just doing the best she could.

After seeing her determined expression, Ruina took a deep breath.

Then, she began to hand over some of her magic to Seo In-na little by little.

It was the power to have as a direct descendant of the Elf royal family, and the final puzzle to complete Alfheim’s sword.

“It’s probably a power I don’t need.”

Louisa said that and smiled.

“… Louisa… .”

“Seoina-nim. Then, please, find my husband!”

She stuck out her tongue and smiled mischievously. Seo Eana decided to understand her mischief this time.

Because she is also doing her best to save Jaehyun.

Seo Eana continued to concentrate on concentration.

Magical power takes the shape of a sword, and it slowly begins to take a new form, repeating that it glows in a brilliant light and then turns off.

It was slowly crossing the borders of the outside world.

Although the human body was too weak to contain the case. Thanks to her magical power passed over by Ruina, Seo Ina is weak, but she is gaining her godhood bit by bit.

‘… Although it’s much weaker than Jaehyun’s… .’

I can do it too.

Seo Ina thought so and concentrated all her strength.

A single drop of sweat ran down her forehead.

* * *


Blood splattered and floated in the air, and soon fell to the floor.

Jaehyun said he was cut.

And he could immediately realize that Tyr had attacked him.

‘As expected, it’s fast.’

An attack that grazed the waist. It was probably an attack aimed at the ribs.

Intuitive attack.

It was an attack to a part that would never have been targeted unless it was intended to kill the opponent with a single blow.

“Hoo. You are a useful human being.”

Tyr crossed his arms.

“What are you? Human. Why are you helping the kingdom of elves?”

“Because I hate you so much.”

At Jaehyun’s immediate reply, Tyr laughed as if he was having fun.

“I don’t think it’s good to give up one’s life for that reason.”

“yes. But it is useless worry.”

As Jaehyun spoke, he put strength into the hand holding the balmung and lowered it horizontally. He was not inferior to Tyr in terms of speed.


Balmung pierced Tyr’s armor and sliced ​​through his flesh, leaving a slight scar.

As a result, Jaehyun and Tyr are able to exchange a sum of money with each other.

Jaehyun laughed.

“I have no intention of dying.”

“You really have the ability to make fun of yourself in front of God.”

Jaehyun laughed at his words.

Ironically, the enemy began to acknowledge his growth.

Then I felt my heart pounding and my heart beating.

Blood boils.

This feeling was not often experienced. Something you can feel just before death or when you see beyond your limits.

It was the same moment as now.

Chow! Chow!

As the momentary time passed slowly, Jaehyun and Tyr’s sword dance began to cut each other’s shallow places bit by bit. Just like peeling a fruit.

The swords of the two godheads intertwine and wound each other’s bodies.

One or two felt more immersed in the battle.

Even Tyr is enjoying the battle with Jaehyun from the bottom of his heart.

My body trembles with the faint feeling of joy.

Lars, who was watching this, shouted at the soldiers.

“The captain has tied Tyr’s feet! Let’s hurry up and defeat the Witchbeasts!”


Lars and the 2nd Squad at the rear passed Jaehyun’s 1st Squad and moved forward.

They went through special training to kill demons. I was told to use the spear mainly, and the shape of the magic tool was properly taught.

It will be able to show proper performance in battle with the demons.

‘You’ll do fine. Lars Gnome… Even if your personality is dirty. Well, it’s worth writing.’

Objectively, none of his peers are on such a level.

Lars is strong.

He was depressed because he was not strong compared to himself and weaker than Aesir.

The moment he realizes that fact, the battlefield will slowly turn over to this side.

“You seem to be thinking too much during the battle.”

The moment Jaehyun thought was short.

Chow ah!

A huge scar appeared across Jaehyun’s shoulder.

It doesn’t miss the gap even in the very moment.

That was the scariest thing about Tyr.

Seeing the blood dripping down his right arm, Jaehyun smiled faintly.

“okay. If you are close to the supreme god of the Aesir, you should do this much.”

At that moment, Jaehyun briefly recalled Sigrun’s story.

Even though she was an enemy, she lost her family and was abandoned by Tyr. It was left deep in Jaehyun’s mind.

A killer who goes to war to satisfy his desires.

Jae-hyeon knows the true nature of him, who is called a war hero.


“I will go upstairs. I will kill you here.”

Jaehyun was thinking of killing him here.

Because if you do that, you are sure that you will be able to achieve what you want.

“Your future.”

Jaehyun picked up his breathing and brought his fighting style closer to the limit.

“It disappears from here.”

He thought of the time when the first system message came to his mind after he reached the 4th floor.

At that time, the system spoke clearly.

―A climber was sent across the timeline to an ancient elven kingdom 10,000 years ago.

Jaehyun paid attention to this.

This was obviously because it was different from the message that had been delivered on the 1st and 3rd floors.

―Yggdrasil regenerates the memories of the <Golden King>, the owner of the hierarchy.

―Yggdrasil plays the story’s epilogue.

Jaehyun felt an unknown sense of incongruity.

It was strange.

‘Is this really just an illusion shown by Yggdrasil?’

I had a sudden thought.

Quest hidden clear conditions. If you think about it, it was strange from that point on.

If it’s just replaying memories of the past, how can one person be saved with a clear reward?

It’s impossible no matter how you think about it.

This, in the end, means one thing. This is the real past, and Yggdrasil transferred herself and Seo Ina to the past timeline.

‘That means.’

If you kill Tyr yourself here,

It seemed to mean that he, too, would die in the future.

Jaehyun’s eyes are directed at the giant god standing in the middle of the battlefield.

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