I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 354

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Episode 354: God of War (4)

All sorts of thoughts are floating in Tyr’s head, standing in the middle of the old book.

Odin’s raven, Hugin’s true intentions.

Another human hero… adversary.

It was because there was no answer at all as to what his true identity was.

Of course, information that is unknown at this time.

The broken letters were proving it.

At that moment, Tyr felt a sudden excruciating pain.

A scar on his abdomen from 10,000 years ago. That’s when I started to feel the pain.

At the same time, he felt it.

adversary… A faint intuition that he and the current situation might be related.

* * *

“You’re talking about a human subject that I wouldn’t dare say.”

Tyr’s reaction was cold. It was an obvious mockery.

It was a natural reaction for him.

He is the throne of the Aesir. It is also a god who belongs to the highest level.

But the weakest known human being tells him the same story?

Are you bluffing that the future is gone?

It was clearly suicidal.

Jaehyun in front of Hana was confident.

It seemed that he had to kill Tyr here anyway.

What to do now is clear.


The two swords sparked once again, aiming at each other’s throats.

Then, the sword is swung in succession. A sword that targets the weakest part of the body one after another.

It was proving the value of both beings like a hungry beast.

strong. A state of awe that cannot be contained in such words.

Lars and the elite knights watching this were also shocked.

On the other hand, Jaehyun thought while fighting.

‘There are too many enemies.’

Even though they are fighting Tyr right now, if they eventually start to fall behind, the kingdom’s capital will slowly fall.

Kill Tyr as quickly as possible, or find a way to overcome the situation itself. There was only one way.

It was time for Jaehyun to look at the battlefield where he started to be pushed back while thinking that way.


A familiar voice came from behind. The owner was clear.

Louisa. He was the princess of the kingdom who followed him especially well.

‘Why is Ruina here… ?’

Jaehyun hurriedly shouted.


Lars understood that immediately. He looked behind him and ran quickly to prevent his sister from rushing into the battlefield.

He reached her side before he knew it and said with a furious expression.

“Luna! Why did you come here… !!”

“I will fight with you!”

“You are still… !”

“I am not a patient. It’s all better now! and… … Didn’t you hear Jaehyun?! I can be of some help here!”

What she said was true.

Louisa. Jaehyun said while treating her.

[You are a rare genius. It’s good enough to say that the magic talent is the best ever.]

He was not wrong.

She already had the qualities to be one of the strongest here, except for the power she shared with Seo Ina.

It meant that as long as you bloom your talent, you can have at least las, or more power.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s overflowing strength, it became easier to move around, and it was possible because he had more natural talent than Lars.

‘I know. That Ruina can be useful on the battlefield. and… That you can become stronger than me. but!’

Still, to him, she is his own sister. It was nothing more than her family, who were her patients.

Memories of the past are not easily diluted.

That’s why he still considered his younger brother as an object to protect.

Even though I now know that’s not the case.

“Luna… know… I know… .”

Lars was almost pleading with his hand on Ruina’s shoulder. His head falls to the floor and a sad expression is made.

I wanted to keep as much as my family.

But Louisa’s will was firm.

“We will fight together.”


Then Jaehyun’s voice was heard. He was aiming his sword at Tyr.

he was

“You have to live even for the sake of the kingdom.”

“I am more afraid of surviving alone than dying.”

At that moment, Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.



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It was because he immediately realized the depth of her words.

For the first time, Jaehyun felt the excitement on his face. That was the moment.

Tyr read his face and deployed his magic.


A small, nimble quadrupedal monster started charging at Lars. Knowing Jaehyun was trying to protect them, Tyr attacked.

‘I’ll break your mind first.’

Tyr thought so and smiled.

Certainly, the person in front of me is strong. but he knows himself

The weakness of the human race.

They are overly emotional and take care of their family and colleagues. Even knowing that it can always be their weakness, they make a valuable person.

It was also the weakest part of the reappearance Tyr was aiming for.


Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed in an instant as the monster rushed at him.

Jaehyun couldn’t react because he couldn’t relax the hand holding the sword. He could fight with a whistle, but it was because he couldn’t stop him from controlling his demon beasts.

Tadak! Tadak!

Even in the midst of that, the Witchbeast’s run was quickly narrowing the distance toward Lars.

the one who is back Seeing her brother exposed in her vulnerable state, her Louisa involuntarily pushed her own brother to the side of her with her hand.

“Luna… what… !”

The attacking demon beast bypassed Ras and sprinted straight toward Ruina. Jaehyun’s eyes grew cold as he watched this.

Will this tragedy ever repeat itself?

That was the moment.

‘This… !’

He began to feel the familiar magical energy through his body, and soon a smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

It was a laugh mixed with joy.

Along with that, the Witchbeast that attacked Ruina with her eyes tightly closed was pierced by a pure white sword and died. It happened in a split second.

Quaang! Quaang! Quaang!

The noise of something being stabbed into the ground was heard in succession, and the divine power that fell toward the enemies began to sweep away the demons.

It was the power the elves had been waiting for.

Even Lars, who had been pushed out, looked at the light floating in the sky in astonishment.

‘That’s… !’

Alfheim’s sword.

It was also dignified, and Alfheim’s perfectly completed sword appeared.

A divine sword with brilliant light and a more beautiful hilt and blade. It had much stronger magic power and character than Jaehyun knew.

voice that followed.

“… Am I a little late?”

Floating in the air, I see Seo Eana with her white wings exposed.

Jaehyun looked up at the sky.

At that moment, I could see a person who had changed significantly.

The figure of Seo Eana floating in the sky…

It is completely different from before.

A figure with white wings hanging from its back, blonde hair and green eyes.

she’s like… Looked like an elf.

‘It’s not that… That’s exactly the shape of an elf.’

Jaehyun was convinced that the figure had something to do with the new power Seo Inna had.

* * *

Just now.

Alfheim’s central training ground where Seoina, Aindel, and Ruina used to be.

Seo Ina was drenched in sweat and was concentrating all her nerves and spirits. She wanted to hone her new skill and open it up.

‘… i have to be good If I succeed, I’ll be able to save both Ruina and Jaehyun.’

A few hours to continue the painful time with that kind of heart. When the defense battle of the capital city gradually began to be on the defensive.

After spending a long time, Seo Eana was finally able to overcome her limits.

Geeing… !!

Through the power she received from Ruina, she gained status and reached a new level.

This is another world that he has never felt before. It was itself.

The other companions who went to the right side of the spiral tower only got a bowl and a small amount of money that could be obtained with the heart of the black dragon, but she was different.

Having received the power of Louisa and Aindel, she now has a complete godhood.

Even if it was only the first level, it was in a state of awe.

When she competed against Tyr’s Dark Attribute Beast, her compatibility was a perfect advantage.

As long as Tyr didn’t attack her directly, the monster’s level would be enough to crush her in an instant.

She also felt

At the same time as his new strength was filled, new changes began to occur in his body.

―The passive skill 《Lineal Descendant of the Royal Family》 will bloom.

―Acquire the active skill 《The Second Coming of the King》.

―Displays skill information.

[Passive skill]

Name: Direct descendant of the royal family

Class: Mythic

The power of the elven royal family passed down from generation to generation blooms.

Each time you defeat a dark attribute enemy, a new stat called divine value is accumulated, and your rank rises accordingly.

[Active skill]

Name: The Second Coming of the King

Class: Mythic

Inherit the power of the ancient elven king and temporarily open the rank to the limit.

* The operating value of Divinity and Magical Power doubles.

*Only direct lineage of the royal family can be covered (this condition has been abolished for a limited time).

*The skill’s time limit is 5 minutes.

*However, when activating the skill, the elf’s power is drawn and used, so the user’s appearance temporarily becomes the same as that of the elf.

The direct line of the royal family and the second coming of the king.

Only Alfheim’s direct descendants of the royal family could use it, and Seo Ina learned.

Help from Louisa and Aindel. And it was thanks to the effect of Alfheim’s pendant.

“… thank you.”

“please… Alfheim’s fate… Please change.”

After Eindel’s words, Seo Ina nodded and began to fly towards the battlefield through her white wings.

to seek reenactment. And it was to finish the hellish war with Tyr.

And now.

She smiles as she looks down at Jaehyun from above.

“… Am I a little late?”

“are you okay. I was several days late.”

After exchanging brief greetings, Jaehyun and Ina Seo began their own battles.

She started sweeping away the monsters on the floor at once using numerous swords in the sky. As if her reappearance would not follow, she continued to fight Tyr using magic and sword strikes.

Tyr’s eyes narrowed.

‘This… Not good. It’s a strange thing. A direct descendant of the royal family… I’m sure you’ve already heard that she can’t use her powers. Was it wrong information?’

As far as he knew, the direct line of the royal family was in a situation where they could not exert their full power. Because the nature is weak. She fell ill again after being caught by Odin’s trick.

so i just let it go Even if left alone, isn’t she destined to die?

Besides, the elven royalty didn’t even know who was born with the direct power. I thought there was no reason to go ahead and kill him.

but… what is that look

Tyr saw a girl dominating the battlefield and slaughtering his demon beast.

A pair of white wings fluttered, and with them countless Alfheim’s swords were thrust down.

It was a force that even the enemy could not help recognizing.

One strange thing was not only Alfheim’s sword.

‘That look… It’s different from the direct lineage I knew.’

It was an unfamiliar face.

No matter how much she looked like an elf, she could clearly sense human magic from the woman who was attacking the Witchbeast.

While Tyr looked away for a while.


“You can’t sell your eyes. Maybe you told me?”

The sword of Jaehyun was deeply lodged in Tyr’s lungs.

Tyr looked at Jaehyun with a shocked expression.

The sword, which had become lodged in his heart, slowly began to pour out blood along with pain.

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