I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 356

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Episode 356: Lullaby of the End (1)

maddened storm.

Odin’s Feast quickly engulfed the earth, full of magic and divinity.

It didn’t take long for the magic to expand its momentum.

A sudden storm is wiping out all living beings on the ground. Jaehyun’s eyes were cold.

It was the same with Seina.

that this could happen. I had already heard from Jaehyun.

Because of that, I knew how he made this decision. She couldn’t do anything else. to understand him so much.

The raging storm does not discriminate between friends and foes. swallowed everything

Tyr’s panicked voice leaked out at that overwhelming force.

“How did this happen… ! It must be Odin’s magic… !!”

Jaehyun took a step forward, ignoring his words.

“It would have been good for everyone if he had just died gracefully.”

The blood vessels around Jaehyun’s eyes began to stand out again.

It is evidence of reflux.

It meant that Jaehyun was drawing his strength beyond its limits.

Seo In-na’s face was also slowly turning pale.

This is because the duration of the skill, which should have ended here originally, was continuously extended. It was the same situation as Jaehyun.

Jaehyun sneered and activated Meteor and Frozen Earth, and continued to break the momentum of the enemy. The effect is so high that both enemies and allies explode.

Blood spattered.

The deep blue earth and the sky are painted red, and unsettled emotions soar from the depths of the heart.

Soon it formed a lump.

It’s not fun. Jaehyun sincerely thought so.

In fact, when he first arrived here in Alfheim, he didn’t think much of it.

No matter how realistic this is, it is just a memory from 10,000 years ago.

So whatever happens here, no problem.

I thought so.

But soon he realized.

What you are experiencing right now is real. That they were sent directly to the past.

Therefore, the existence in front of my eyes is indeed Tyr. Those who are here are all alive at this moment.

if you step out If we can stop Tyr’s army.

If you do that, the future will change.

It is to be able to save the elves who were destined to die.

So I tried with a desperate heart.

… but. Ultimately, this is the price you have to accept.

―The second condition for clearing the Hidden Quest has been revealed.

[Choice sometimes weighs more than anything else.]

he had to choose

As the system said, will he save the lives of countless people in Alfheim now? Otherwise, he must choose whether to kill Tyr.

But it was a meaningless worry.

Because it wasn’t a choice in the first place.

‘Because I can’t do both with my current strength. Moreover, Valkyrie is also strong… No matter how strong Inna is, it’s impossible to deal with Valkyrie right away.’

In the end, he kills Tyr by unleashing an imperfect skill with his own hands. That was the only ending that Jaehyun could come up with, and it was a happy ending in a tragedy.

At that time, watching the gust of wind, Tyr smiled once.

“You are foolish.”

He quickly regained his smile and said while looking at Jaehyun’s skills.

“You’re trying to deal with me with power that’s not yet at full strength.”

he realized Odin’s mad storm that Jaehyun is unfolding.

It’s magic that hasn’t been properly refined. Even if it was fundamentally like Odin’s, it could never come close to it.

Odin has five levels. I was at the top, and Jaehyun is still only at the 3rd stage.

The effect of the skill, which is the increase in the attack power of allies and the active skill, is also meaningful only when magic identification is possible.

Clearly now, skill is not being controlled.

It devours all living things.

Allies and enemies. all.

“You have no idea what that power means. That’s why I’m being swayed by mighty power like now.

If you overdo it there, you too will be swept away by the force.”

“okay. know. But there are times when you need to know.”

Jaehyun said so and blew magic into Odin’s lost eye. In the meantime, reddening mana was mixed.

The mana he gained from breaking the Awakening Stone in the beginning permeated and gradually strengthened his power. An unfathomable degree of destructive power overflowed.

‘ha… .’

Jaehyun now was like a glass filled with water until it overflowed. To be precise, it was a situation similar to running a marathon with it in hand.

It was easy to infer that the journey to the end would not be so easy.

but… Even if it overflows.

“I have to do it now.”

Jaehyun muttered that and confronted Tyr. The monsters and elves around them became bloody and entangled with each other.


Scenes that could be called a tragedy were continuously created.

Lars, who was watching this, kept his mouth shut and started running towards Jaehyun.



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The reproduction he saw was obviously overdoing it. He had such a strong regurgitation of mana that he could grasp the seriousness of anyone who saw him.

Jaehyun is barely holding on against Tyr, but the answer is not coming out. Even during the battle, the enemy continued to increase.

Even if Tyr’s attack is blocked, Valkyrie’s attack is added from the other side. Several other Valkyries joined forces to kill Jaehyun.

Jaehyun managed to catch his breath, avoiding only fatal wounds.

No matter how I thought about how to overcome this, I couldn’t easily come up with it.

“ha… .”

Everything in sight turned red.

It was because of the blood, and also because of the pupil on the right that was turning black. Just like that, Jaehyun was destroying himself once again.

‘Can not help it. now… I have to use my field magic.’

However, if he did that, he would be half dead.

Everyone told me not to take out that power again until I passed all the trials. Smir, Hela, Jormungand… Everyone said so.

Because Jaehyun’s field magic is too dangerous.

Also, the true identity of the sword sleeping within it. Because it’s also not clear.

He said let’s seal the power for the time being.

but… Jaehyun was not the kind of person who could just ignore this situation.

It was terribly hypocritical, but he was the one who had to protect his own.

“After all, this is the only one.”

When Jaehyun muttered like that.

Suddenly, he felt someone grab his back from behind.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. Lars was there.

* * *

Lars recalled what Jaehyun had said in the past.

If you could only save one person, who would you save?

Then he said to himself who said that he was his family.

You’re weak and can’t save anything.

However, he said he could save at least one.

So Lars came running.

Because I knew that Jaehyun was overdoing it, that he was falling apart.

He had to stop reappearing here.

“Min Jaehyun.”

Lars called Jaehyun with a trembling voice. Jaehyun turned to empty pupils. He quickly grabbed Jaehyun’s shoulder and shook him.

Lars’ focus was hardly shaken in contrast to the representation.

Lars thought with a faint smile.

When Jaehyun suddenly came here to save Alfheim. When he asked again he handed over the position of chief of the guards.

At first I didn’t want to admit it.

Leave the kingdom of elves to humans?

It was nothing more than a story about sinking your self-esteem to the bottom.

He was the captain of Alfheim’s guards, and his father. He had to become a great elf to succeed the king.

Seonggun, a Seonggun who is recognized by everyone.

But as time goes on.

Each time the lands of Alfheim were subjugated one by one.

he had a nightmare

Like the last image he remembers, his father dies by human hands.

The face that pierces the heart of those who believe continues to come to mind. Alfheim burns, and all the fresh green earth collapses.

Even in the midst of that, he constantly thinks about himself.

Why couldn’t he do anything then?

So Lars wanted to be acknowledged this time.

I haven’t done anything since my father’s death.

Even though it was, I believed it would be different this time.

Otherwise, he thought, he would be embarrassed to see his father.

So I repeated the training and kept training myself.

However… .

A lack of talent was always holding him back.

What you can do.

From the beginning, he did not reach the second stage of liberation because he was more talented than others.

just try.

That was all that got him up there.

Because of this, I always blamed myself for looking at those with talent.

why can’t you just do that

To make matters worse, even Jaehyun appeared in front of him.

A human full of talent. The race that is said to be the weakest, and the race that can be said to be evil that killed his father appeared in front of him.

So I couldn’t admit it.

Because I have to protect the elven kingdom.

Because you have to be stronger than anyone else.

But as time goes on. And the more he experienced his strength, the more Lars couldn’t help but admit it.

Reproduction is strong.

I don’t know yet if he’ll be able to save Alfheim, but at least he’s much stronger than himself.

And if this operation succeeds… surely he will do it

not the weak self.

‘okay. I wasn’t the right person for this role from the beginning.’

He was neither a benevolent king like his father nor a hero in an old story.

Your own limits are here.

I worked hard enough to wear out, and I can say with confidence that I worked harder than anyone else. Even so, he couldn’t reach the realm.

As if shrouded in a transparent membrane, his progress slowed every moment. Because it slowly wears away from the weakest part of the heart.

So, he came before Jaehyun.


Jaehyun asks how Lars got here. Again, Louis didn’t know why she came here, but she froze for a moment at his changed expression.

Lars’ eyes were different from usual.

It wasn’t the eyes of someone who was provoking himself.

It wasn’t the person who started talking while thinking of his younger brother, nor was it the person who was proud of himself thinking about the kingdom.

he just… was about to finish

Jaehyun had seen people with those eyes several times in the past.

And I’ve seen those words and the end many times.

‘… no. do not do that.’

Jaehyun’s eyes went out of focus. The face Lars is doing now. This was just before putting something down.

It was also the face of Radar, right before giving up his own life.

In the past, when he was weak, Jaehyun had to face it several times. Remnants of the past, such as the terrible trauma of running away.

Lars faced Jaehyun with an unwavering expression.

“You said it before. I don’t know but you You can save one person.”

It was with the expression that he had made up his mind.

“If what you said back then isn’t a lie, choose now.”

At those words, Jaehyun’s pupils trembled like aspen trees.

Lars’s meaning was clear.

Not the one who will die, but the one who will survive.

It was also a story about choosing only one person.

It was the next moment when the system message came to mind along with the final condition of the quest.

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