I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 359

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Episode 359: Nameless Repair (1)

―Yggdrasil’s 《The 5th Layer: The Old Myth of the Adversary》 begins.

―Quests are forcibly accepted by the Nornir system.

―Accept the main quest 《Black Storm and Repair》.

―Yggdrasil’s boss monster 《Corrupted Nameless Repair》 appears!

The continuous sound of the system properly informs the chaos of the current situation.

Jaehyun immediately looked around.

A black fog that began to spread along with the message and a huge being with enormous magical power emerged from it.

Ratatosk’s body froze and his teeth chattered.

“Lee Yi -yi – I think the unnamed repair would have become a boss monster – I – I didn’t know it!”

Jaehyun was a bit taken aback by his words.


According to the original myth, this squirrel was the one who separated Nidhogg from the nameless eagle.

He’s a guy full of guts.

But that kind of guy gets scared when he sees a nameless repair?

Is there some reason? If not, did something go awry because of the alienation?

Jaehyun didn’t stay together for long, but at least he kept watching Ratatosque as he climbed the tower.

He was a bird-breasted man, and he wasn’t brash enough to have an accident and brazenness.

It was a story that ruled out the possibility of duality, but… .

‘There is no doubt that Ratatosque wants to help me.’

Otherwise, Ratatosque would have escaped alone when Jaehyun was dominated by the scenario when attacking the 3rd floor in the past.

The probability was not high, and it was also a self-evident situation that it was dangerous.

Even at the time of tag, he was scared, but he never ran away.

It was an action that could not be done if the purpose was not clear.

“At first, Ratatosque, you clearly said that you separated the Nameless Suri from Nidhogg. Am I right?”

“Awkwardly—just looking at the results, yes—”

“Did you separate Nidhogg and the nameless eagle with your own will?”

That’s why Jaehyun asked.

while asking like that. The black smoke cleared little by little and the nameless Suri’s true form began to be revealed.

Its pitch-black body, as if it had moved a shadow, and even its claws and beak glittered as if it were made of smelted silver.

Ratatosque waved his hand in fright.

“G-g-g-no! I was just acting as a source to convey the situation to the end!

I did- but every time I do that, why-for some reason, the problem keeps coming up… … .”

Is it Odin’s work?

Jaehyun immediately thought of that, but quickly shook his head.

unnamed repairs. Unlike Fafnir and the Golden King in the past, he did not feel Odin’s power at all.

that is so.

“A repair without a name. Did you voluntarily become Odin’s dog?”

Jaehyun briefly recalled the past.

When Nidhogg spoke of the nameless repair, he apparently said this.

[He was originally on our side. however… He betrayed us and became the Aesir’s dog.

I can’t forgive him so you kill I can’t climb the tower.]

Qualification to climb the tower.

It’s not given to just anyone, he said.

Odin is watching you every time you go up and down the stairs.

However, Jaehyun was able to break free from that limitation as he went higher up the hierarchy. That’s why he was able to come to destroy the tower’s controller like he is now.

Jaehyun thought.

unnamed repairs.

He misinterpreted and understood Nidhogg’s story not because of Ratatosk’s alienation, but because he was corrupted.

Around the time Jaehyun made this hypothesis, the mouth of the nameless repairman opened.

[Are you the enemy?]

“You talk as if you were waiting for me to come.”

[Because Odin said. So, you must die here.]

unnamed repairs. He was, as expected, the enemy.

Ratatosque looked at him with a shocked expression.

Perhaps he hadn’t thought that the still-nameless Suri might have betrayed him.

It probably won’t be easy to accept. As he went between Nidhogg and the nameless repair, acting as a liaison between them, the shock was bound to be even greater.

“… Jaehyun.”


It’s not an easy opponent. Seo Ina said so.

Reappearance is a thick fog of darkness that spreads instantly. And slowly Lee smiled at the storm.

he said, taking a step forward.

“So far, climbing floors and killing some guys, the aftertaste is garbage. actually.”

[…] Human, what do you want to say?]

“Because everything happened. have no choice but to attack me. The circumstances that had no choice but to play into Odin’s hands.

so… It’s a little bit, but I couldn’t help but sympathize.”

Jaehyun raised his head and opened his mouth.

“But not you.”



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Jaehyun thought. After a while, he said he had found someone he would kill with all his might.

I felt my colleagues standing by me.

‘He’s at least close to level 4 of liberation. but… It doesn’t make any sense.’

Jaehyun was sure. Dealing with that repair won’t be difficult.

In the end, the winner will be you.

* * *

The first time Hugin went to the slums. A few days passed.

For a while, Tyr pondered over old books and humans.

It had to be.

A person with a broken name that appeared in an old book.

It was because every time I thought of him, a strange sensation arose, as if something was burning.

It was a very bad feeling.

He was the supreme god of Asgard.

But… Does it make sense that only humans can feel this kind of sensation?


It was a deep fear from a restless heart.

Tyr couldn’t help but be immersed in agony in a sensation that even he could not understand. He inquired of other gods about what he had learned, but came to no conclusion.

I thought maybe there was another reason.

Not only himself, but all the Æsir gods do not remember one another… Because that doesn’t make sense in the first place.

No matter how stupid they are, they are the ones who have the status of a god.

It was a story that the class was different from the other lower races that were widely spread across other continents.

But, they don’t remember.

A story about a being who fought a dragon and gained the status of a human.

Can the story of a guy who existed 10,000 years ago disappear so easily?

In the scattered memories like grains of sand, he pondered over and over again.

Just like that, it was time for my thoughts to bite and deepen.

Chii profit!

A feeling of fire filled his stomach and his body leaned forward.

Wounds that do not know when they occurred in the past.

It was burning and causing great pain.

It was as if the wounds were tearing through each of his organs.

It was shocking pain, not something that could be felt in the body of a god.

‘what? This… how… … .’

It was the first time I felt pain since the wound.

It was a big wound from the beginning, and I knew it was a stab wound. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling the pain.

At that moment, Tyr felt goosebumps all over his body, and for some reason he felt someone’s face pass by.

It belonged to someone very familiar, whom he had recently seen.

adversary… Did you say Min Jae-hyun?

At the same time, he could recall how he had been hurt.

10,000 years ago… It was time to capture the capital city of Alfheim. During the war, Jaehyun suddenly appeared and fought with him on equal footing… .

He stabbed himself in the abdomen and left this scar.

It was a mistake to think that it could be blurry because it was a memory from 10,000 years ago. Because the memory of the Aesir gods, including Tyr, is beyond class.

Moreover, if you are a human who has hurt yourself, this is even more unforgettable.

Tyr made one thing clear in his complicated mind.

First of all, Jaehyun attacked and hurt him.

“I don’t know how that was possible.”

Tyr’s eyes widened and he gripped his aching stomach.

Blood drips down and the pain is engraved like a stigma all over his body.

“I will definitely pay you back. I need to catch you and find out the truth behind everything.”

The truth about the adversary.

It was still in darkness, but Tyr was sure. He knows that soon he will come to where he is now even if he does not step out himself.

And it was also the same that he would fight himself again.

* * *

[You must die here. For the sake of the cause.]

The nameless Suri suddenly said that and looked at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun shrugged.

“Why are you on Odin’s side? If you think about what he’s doing, you know. To the extent that he is trash. is not it?”

[He is omnipotent. magic you use. He was the one who discovered and developed it, and the one who hung himself upside down in Yggdrasil to learn the rune language and knowledge.]

“I didn’t come here to hear about Odin’s achievements. If that’s the case, I have a lot of bad things to say.”

[I’d rather ask.]


Jaehyun narrowed his eyes. The nameless question of repair.

What is it all about?

As he held his breath, his voice slowly began to echo again.

[Do you want to continue fighting hopelessly? Do you want to stand up to Odin while feeling helpless and losing over and over again?]


[I was like that at one time too. However, when he saw that wars continued and countless races died helplessly. I realized. That confronting without countermeasures is not strength. It was just a disaster… It was a tragedy.

It was impossible to protect my values.]

The nameless Suri looked at Jaehyun again with strength and asked.

[Can you keep your values? Can I protect you and your comrades?]

Jaehyun answered the question without hesitation.

“okay. To do that, I will kill Odin. Well, before that.”

He opened his magic and started to run towards the nameless repair.

“You will die first.”

With the horse, Jae-hyeon’s teammates quickly take up positions behind him.

Hela also opened the gate and began to summon the undead beast.

They left everything to Jaehyun’s judgment.


It was to deepen their relationship.

Even if we die here and now, we will not resent each other.

And he doesn’t dare to talk about defeat casually.

Calmly, they were just preparing for the next fight.

The trials that Yggdrasil has given so far. And the power to move forward was never somewhere else.

Only their upright hearts and trust. from which they were obtained.

Unlike those who were born with the rank from the beginning, he was able to get it after a hellish effort.

That’s why they don’t lose in this fight.

[Adversary, if your heart is truly like that, I will fight with all my might.]

Jaehyun laughs.

“However much.”

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