I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 360

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Episode 360: Nameless Repair (2)


At the same time Jaehyun leaps forward.

The nameless eagle flapped its wings, causing a violent storm.

He looked at Jaehyun and said with a calm face.

[Look beyond me. Odin is many times stronger than me. that you can defeat him. Prove that he is at least qualified.]


The storm intensifies.

“Dangerous. Everyone gather together, our backs to each other!”

Kwon So-yul shouted.

The group quickly gathered and took their seats.

To resist the storm, you must at least keep your weight steady. It was safer to stick together for that.

Jaehyun looked at the repair in front of him with regret.

‘If I had been able to handle Odin’s skill properly, it wouldn’t have been a job to clear a storm like this… .’

However, there was no time to grieve for long. Sadly, the guy is flapping his wings at himself and his allies.

Feathers shoot from him and start attacking Jaehyun.

Then something sharp that made a dull noise as it hit the floor.

thud! thud! thud!

Jaehyun’s expression hardened as he heard a roaring sound that he couldn’t believe that a feather was stuck on the floor.

He was fine, but his colleagues judged that it was not an attack he could withstand multiple times.

It was Jaehyun’s best hope that Kim Yoojung’s Soul Link could properly protect them.

Jaehyun caught his breath.

It’s good to use a sword. It is difficult to close the distance because of the storm.

At that time, unexpectedly, Ratatosque, who was in his pocket, opened his mouth.

“This black storm used by the nameless repair is difficult to deal with! In order to catch him, I have to break Nanana—the wings first!”

Jaehyun quickly understood.

Occasionally, among the monsters, there are those that are almost invincible unless a specific part is destroyed first.

They cannot be hunted unless their vulnerable parts are destroyed.

“We will take care of the wings. Min Jaehyun, you go and feed me a shot!”

Kim Yoo-jung said so.

At the same time as Jaehyun nodded, the Nine members split into two sides and headed towards the enemy.

The blowing wind creates a whirlwind and blows their hair.

Even at that moment, fragments of wings continued to shoot menacingly. The ground was cracked by the intermittent claws, and the ground trembled.

Attacks that will consume a lot of stamina even if they are hit by one.

However, the party members didn’t allow a single shot and headed for his wings.

It was the moment when I realized how much they had grown as I climbed the last 4 floors.


Kim Yoo-jung, who was almost the only one in the party who was proficient in wind-attribute magic, used the enemy’s wind to get behind her and sprint toward the nameless eagle’s wings.

Jaehyun distracted the enemy to get Suri’s attention.

In fact, the method was very effective.

A nameless eagle with a narrowed field of view was seen wandering.

[…] This!]

‘It got stronger. All of them.’

Jaehyun admired the organic movements of his colleagues. While dealing with the enemy, they took the best formation to deal with Suri in their respective positions.

They feel fear, but that feeling is not conveyed to each other.

One person’s agitation could lead to the death of Radar.

It was something that should never be shown in the present moment.

“Guys! now!”

Kim Yoo-jung moved on the wind from the right side and first accurately hit the wing porridge of the nameless repairman.

Then, other colleagues also repeated the same thing a little later.

After Ahn Ho-yeon hit the wing and injured it, Seo In-na and Kwon So-yul poured in a series of attacks and tore off the wing.

The destructive power of those who received Lee Jae-sang’s potion was already different from what he had known in the past. It was only natural that he had earned the rank.


The nameless eagle’s body tilted slightly, and a faint moan escaped his mouth. Its source is the attacked sheep wing, and.


It was due to the balmung of the ensuing reenactment.

Jaehyun quickly stabbed him in the front and after reaping the wind, stabbed the nameless repairman in the abdomen.

The heart was barely hit, but the guy continued to stomp and stumble dizzy as if he had suffered major damage.

After the nameless repair finally stopped the rampage, it showed an expansion of momentum as it saw the enemy still attacking it. The gap was opened at once.

A kind of coercion that Jaehyun often uses.

that’s what he showed

A nameless repairman asked.

[For what are you struggling? Asgard… And don’t you guys know how great Odin’s power is?]

A question mixed with fundamental questions. However, Jaehyun’s answer was always the same.

“It’s because Odin doesn’t like that bastard.”

At those words, the nameless repairman’s eyes flashed.

As absurd and unbelievable as it may be, there seemed to be no question about that choice. It was an amazing experience.

Elves, dwarves, dragons… No matter what tribe told it, it would not be convincing.



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You want to kill Odin?

Does that mean it’s possible?

Countless races perished at his hands.

like a fly Her life went out like a small fire splashed with water.

There was a time when even the nameless Suri tried to fight against it.

But even that soon ceased.

It was at that time that there was a quarrel with Nidhogg, who was originally close.

[Why do you want to stand on Odin’s side!]

[What’s the point of fighting like this? Needhog… stop giving up Dragons are now mostly extinct.

Do you think they will come back alive if you avenge them?]

[What is that… !]

In this situation, it was Ratatosque who interceded between them.

Ratatosque tried to mend their twisted relationship in the middle.

But that failed, and it backfired.

Ratatosque misinterpreted his words and relayed them to Nidhogg. The nameless repair came to mind.

It was a natural decision for a nameless repair.

Because Nidhogg was the one who understood him the best.

So I thought I’d understand myself this time too, but I couldn’t believe it when Ratatosque told me a different story.

Nidhogg had already singled out the nameless Suri as a traitor. Indeed, since he was on Odin’s side, his judgment was not wrong.

Also, Suri also lost his name as a reward for opposing Odin in the first place.


It was an individual’s identity, or a compass.

to determine fate itself.

This is sometimes the way to go.

However, there was nothing to him who had his name taken away.

where should one go

Who should the tips of the black wings and silver claws point?

I have nothing more to protect.

[Adversary. The smallest of the nine worlds is human. Human beings are insignificant and meaningless even to struggle. On such a subject, it is human beings who are divided for each other’s land and interests. together.]

The eyes of the nameless repairman look at Jaehyun, who is stabbing him.

[Why do you, the adversary, fight? What can it give you.]

Jaehyun answered the question without hesitation.

“I am not asking for anything. just… I just put things back where they should be.”

[Put it back where it should be… la.]

The nameless repairman continued to blow the wind, pulled the sword out of his abdomen and saw Jaehyun step back.

There was no hesitation in his eyes.

Killing yourself won’t give you much inspiration.

As Jaehyun himself said in the first place.

“You finally gave up on yourself. unnamed repairs. I will ask the opposite.”

Jaehyun opened the case at once and asked.

“Why did you succumb to Odin? On a subject that has nothing to protect anyway. Was your life worth it?”

[…] … I don’t know.]

Jaehyun thought. Because he knew his answer was vague.

At first, he too would have been worried.

He knew what it meant to work under Odin to fulfill his ambitions.

But somehow, somehow, he is here.

Is it because you want it yourself?

It was a worn out feeling. Even that, I couldn’t properly understand the nameless repair.

“Nidhogg said. You were a nice guy at first. however… You are garbage no matter how you look at it now. you’ve surrendered eventually.”

Jaehyun was laughing.

“That’s why I have no feelings for killing you.”

Jaehyun jumped up again.

The nameless repairman continued to swing his claws and use his wings to attack his comrades and him.

But it was not a meaningful action.

No matter how close he was to the 4th stage of liberation, he was not the one who had reached the level of Nidhogg.

Moreover, Jaehyun knew.

Right now, he’s pretending to be okay, but he’s shaking.

So it was.

The point of Jaehyun’s sword didn’t shake.

Chow ah!

[…] is it. Is your strength bent but not broken?]

A nameless repair was completely cut and split in half.

Blood spattered and splashed in the air, leaving red marks on Jaehyun’s sword.

Then, the ice-attribute magic that was activated surged from the floor and penetrated the guy’s heart.

unnamed repairs.

As Jaehyun said, he didn’t feel any agitation while killing him.

Such feelings are a luxury. At least now Jaehyun couldn’t do that. It was a story that was far from the best choice to make in order to move forward.

Jaehyun has encountered many enemies so far, and among them there were those who did not commit any crime. There are even beings who haven’t done anything wrong to the point of death.

Lim Seong-ho at the time of the Limit Breaker incident in the past. He did not voluntarily attack himself or cause trouble to others.

He had a bad personality by nature, but that much could pass through during times of storm and rage and return to normal.

If you asked if it was right to let them die that way, I would say no.

It is right for anyone to receive it only as much as he has sinned.

However, Odin is a person who has not sinned or a person who has committed a small sin. Everyone moves according to their own will.

I made it into a marionette, and after being tortured, I made it collapse on its own.

Do not doubt, conform and do.

That was his greatest sin.

However, this time, the nameless Suri was also at fault.

He couldn’t deny it either.

That’s why the tip of Jaehyun’s sword didn’t shake.

“Stop talking nonsense and die. Say hello to Hel. Oh, are you going to be taken to Nastrond?”

Jaehyun looked at Suri’s body slowly disintegrating with a fishy smile.

It gave him a huge sense of accomplishment.

A five-story tower in Yggdrasil. It was the completion of the strategy.

All that’s left is…

Destroying the control tower.

―The main quest has been cleared!

―The Climber succeeded in capturing all of Yggdrasil’s Spiral Towers!

―The title of Climber of the World Tree will be given.

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