I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 361

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Episode 361: Secret of the Tower (1)

“Loki. So what do you plan to do?”

Mimi’s Brune. Two men stand at the fountain of Mimir.

Conflict between the supreme god and the giant.

It was to the point where it felt like the class was different even at a glance.

Loki shrugged and said.

“I can’t help it now. We’ll watch as much as we can and choose a direction that’s advantageous to us. Because that is for the best.”

“But in order to do that, the adversary must be much stronger than he is now. He still can’t remember all of his true powers.”

Mimir’s words caused Loki to ponder for a moment.

It was as he said.

The antagonist, Jaehyun, was not yet able to properly handle his power. He was much stronger than he remembered. Yeah, he was at least on par with Loki himself.

But now he is very weak. He grew up quickly with a human body, but it was an unbelievable level of ‘him’ he remembered.

It is undeniable that he was exceptional among beings with a certain status, but it was also true that he was not very strong.

‘it’s a shame. Certainly the adversary has lost the power I knew.’

Compared to the power of ‘then’, it is true that it is infinitely lacking.

However, Loki regretted it, but did not give up or be disappointed.

“For now, we’ll see what he does. Still, he’s a guy with potential.”

“You know? Loki. The person you remember and Min Jae-hyun are different beings… .”

“Even if that is the case. I believe you can

As long as the one I remember remains in it at all.”

Loki said with a rare twinkle in his eyes. reappearance. It was a face full of trust in him.

Loki looked at the pool of water for a moment and then said.

“Mimir. If faith is not the foundation, we cannot go forward. As always, mistakes and defeats are repeated.

The guy we’re dealing with is a monster. Odin. We have to become even more monsters to kill him.”

“… yes. but… .”

Mimir paused for a moment and then said.

“Aren’t you sad? It was erased from everyone’s memory, but don’t you remember? Him.”

Loki smiled faintly at his words.

“okay. I remember. all the time. The moment I had with him, but it doesn’t mean much.

Like you said, it’s all in the past. Now, as the head of the anti-Aesir coalition, I will do my best to destroy Asgard.”

“If that is your will. I will believe in you and help you.”

“okay. Just don’t hit me in the back of the head.”

Loki said that and giggled, then went outside.

However, Mimir knew. That she had a look of regret on his face.

That Loki probably wants the adversary to remember his true identity.

* * *

―The main quest has been cleared!

―The Climber succeeded in capturing all of Yggdrasil’s Spiral Towers!

―The title of Climber of the World Tree will be given.

[Title item]

Name: Climber of the World Tree

Class: Mythic

Stats: All stats +50 / Acquisition of a large amount of skill

A title given only to those who climbed the World Tree to the top and stood at the top.

It adds all stats and acquires a large amount of rank.

Climber of the World Tree.

Seeing the effect of this title, Jaehyun and his companions were horrified.

“… Is this real?! In addition to all stat corrections, it even raises the level of divinity?!”

Kim Yoo-jung muttered with a bewildered expression. Kwon So-yul and Ahn Ho-yeon, who were next to me, had the same reaction.

“Nonsense… I’ve never heard of an item with such stats! There’s a title… Was there a slot to equip something like this!?”

“Iknow, right. It’s my first time doing something like this!”

When everyone is shocked. After checking the information on the item, Jaehyun made up his mind again. There was still one thing left to do.

It wasn’t too late to check the item after finishing all the work.

“let’s go. To destroy the control tower.”

So Jaehyun took the lead.

OK. After defeating the boss monster, the door behind her cracked open.

There was a huge stone wall in front of it.

It seemed that legal procedures were necessary to get inside.

“Well, I guess… I think I need a key or something to unlock the security?”

It was Lee Jae-sang’s words. Jaehyun nodded.

“Maybe you need a procedure. But I will have that condition.”

These were the words Mimir himself said.

Even if he didn’t know about other gods, his words were trustworthy. Wasn’t he the one who contributed to the creation of the Nornir system?

Jaehyun went in front of the stone wall and lightly brushed the pattern there. Squall and Hati engraved with intaglio. And Fenrir in the middle with his huge mouth wide open.

I can feel my hair standing up involuntarily.

It seems that this space was created with Ragnarok assuming from the beginning.

―This is Yggdrasil’s 《Fifth Layer: Hidden Layer》.

―Please follow legal procedures to enter the interior.



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―Please verify that you are Odin, the head of the hierarchy.

―Body structure must match at least 1 percent.

System sounds are heard.

Jaehyun nodded his head moderately, and quietly felt the magic leaking out of the wall. It soon begins to scan your body.

―One percent of the body… 4 percent… 60 percent… 99% don’t match.

When he heard that voice, everyone except for Jaehyun was taken aback. But it was not a reproduction.

He already knew how to pass through the hierarchy here.

―One percent of the body’s organs match.

―The stone walls of the hierarchy and 《The Lost Eye of Odin》 begin to react.

Jaehyun knew from the beginning that his eyes would be the key to this place.

The same body parts Odin and himself have.

There was only one similar trait.

Odin’s lost eye, which he obtained the first time he returned.

It has kept Jae-hyun running until now, and eventually helped him to fulfill his calling as an adversary. It wouldn’t hurt to use that power again at this point.


The stone wall began to open. Like the hidden layer, the inside of the double-structured door was revealed. There, a completely different and heterogeneous landscape unfolded than what Jaehyun had imagined.

“This… An iron tower?”

What was prepared there was a structure that looked like a huge transmission tower made of steel. Jaehyun looked at the tall building with a puzzled expression.

To call it a control tower, I thought the appearance was somewhat strange.

Jaehyun tilted his head.

What the hell is this, the question was a bonus.

“You think you’re going to break this?”

When Kwon So-yul said that first, Jae-hyun nodded.

“I guess so. But it doesn’t seem that easy either. And the magic I feel down here… Something is strange.”

Jaehyun sensed something strange magic under the tower.

I had a feeling that something might be hidden.

Just as Mimir had hidden the story about Einherjar in the past.

Odin may have hidden his private parts here as well. I remembered what the anti-Aesir gods had said in the past.


Jaehyun caught his breath. First, after reversing this magic formula, find the hidden object. Since ancient times, an artifact in a place like this is nothing.

Isn’t a place a place?

After pouring the mana into it, Jaehyun stretched out his hand and tapped the place where he felt the unsettling mana.

Sure enough, there was a sensation as if something was knocking on the glass.

It was characteristic of the arithmetic formulas in runes for constructing typical magic. Jaehyun was well aware of this.

There were few people who could handle magic beyond that now except for people like Loki, Odin, and Thor.

Even then, isn’t Thor losing some of his powers? He’s also famous for going into battle with brute force.

In fact, with the exception of Odin and Loki, no one has reached the genius of recreating magic.

“As expected, I was right. I thought something was hidden here.”

“Is it hidden?”

It was Ahn Ho-yeon’s question. Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m not sure either, but I’ll figure it out when I check it out.”

“under… I thought I was really dying to come this far.”

“… I know.”

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Ina said that and crossed their arms.

They seemed to be trembling a little in the bleak atmosphere. It must have been his intuition as a radar.

Jaehyun also instinctively knew that this place was dangerous, so it was only natural.

Hella noticed.

“be careful. Never relax. You must remember that this is the inside of Yggdrasil, and one of Odin’s strongholds.”

Everyone showed signs of concern, but Jaehyun wasn’t worried at all.

I can’t find any other way here anyway. If so, commit it as quickly as possible without worrying and find a way to rectify it.

Jaehyun was well aware that doing so was good for reducing useless worries. Of course, thanks to years of radar experience.


After saying that, Jaehyun smiled and broke the ceremony with magic within his reach.

with the sound of breaking glass.


―You have obtained 《Records of the Past: The Story of the Adversary from 10,000 Years Ago》.

A book appeared and was placed in Jaehyun’s hand.

The faces of Jaehyun and the party were colored with embarrassment.

I was preparing for battle because I was afraid that a huge monster would come out… What was prepared was a book?

However, Jaehyun couldn’t help but be embarrassed several times more than the others.

“The adversary from 10,000 years ago… A story?”

Jaehyun’s head felt cloudy. A faint vapor rises in the air, ruffling his hair once.

Her black hair, like obsidian, swayed for a moment, and enormous magic power erupted from it.

Jaehyun’s brow narrows.

What this book and system say… It meant that he was not the first adversary. This was obviously a shocking story.

If all of these stories are true…

The story that even 10,000 years ago, there was an adversary other than himself.

I couldn’t say exactly how many there were, but I was certain that I wasn’t the first.

Who the hell is the first adversary?

What concealed truth is this tower trying to convey to itself?

Jaehyun opened the book with a question about him.

With everyone holding their breath, the first phrase floated in the air.

[In the past 10,000 years ago, there was a being who built a myth with a human body and became a god.]

[We called him ‘the adversary’ and highly praised his achievements.]

Meanwhile. The moment Jaehyun opened the first page of the bookshelf.

Odin realized.

“The damn rats end up… … !”

That Jaehyun and his friends have passed through all the trials and reached their hidden layer.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 360I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 362
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