I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 362

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Episode 362: Secret of the Tower (2)

[In the past 10,000 years ago, there was a being who built a myth with a human body and became a god.]

[We called him ‘the adversary’ and highly praised his achievements.]

Everyone was stunned by that phrase.

Hella’s expression was especially worth seeing. Aside from her reappearance, it was because she and her classmates had never heard of a story like this.

Does the current situation make sense in the first place?

When he became the guide of the first antagonist’s five trials. They said it clearly. Please help me to properly grow the ‘First Adversary’.

But isn’t Jaehyun the first antagonist?

Besides, what does it mean that the adversary existed 10,000 years ago?

‘I can’t even say it. If this story is true, it is a story that someone artificially erased from everyone’s memory the human who existed in the past as an adversary… .’

Is that really possible?

Of course, it is not that magic to erase existence does not exist.

However, there are only a handful of people who can do it, and Odin and Mimir, who are said to know all the knowledge in the world.

And only the rare genius Loki would have been able to do it.

But even they didn’t tell the story to themselves.

Also, for such magic, innumerable lives or enormous magic power or character must be sacrificed.

Was there any reason to take that risk?

to someone in the past?

Along with that, Hella had a question.

reappearance. what kind of creature is he?

Also, what kind of human was the first adversary?

Of the two, the first thing I was curious about was the first opponent.

Like a hero in a myth, his myths were layered and appeared nicely in the book.

Sometimes a human hero, sometimes a hero of the elves, and sometimes a hero of the dwarves, he roamed the battlefield.

His story could be said to be mythical.

Hella couldn’t understand at first.


In an unknown situation, the next page of the book turned over.

[The adversary was a person with genius talent. He was good, strong, and respected by everyone.]


At that point, Hella thought that the adversary 10,000 years ago was a different person from Jaehyun.

Jaehyun’s expression was not good. It was natural. Because she was about to reveal another truth she didn’t know.

It was also frustrating because there was no clear story about him open again.

Anyway, the most important thing now is to look at the end of this story, properly dig up what Odin was trying to hide deep in the tower, and prepare for it.

The bookshelves were turned over and the message continued.

[The adversary is the one who was at the top of Asgard. He disagreed with Odin. Together with the Golden King, he scavenged for gold for men and raided the treasuries of the gods.

It left a deep scar on him during the war against Tyr, and served as the only focal point for the Nine Worlds. He did what mischievous Loki couldn’t.

Besides that, he fought the kingdom of the elves to the end and even battled the draugs. His achievements were difficult to contain in one book.]

What was written there was something that was difficult to overlook.

The things Jaehyun had experienced while climbing the stairs of Yggdrasil. There was a considerable connection between that and the achievements of the adversary that existed 10,000 years ago.

‘No, it’s not on a significant level. It’s a level of subtraction.’

Of course, I don’t know if the attack method is the same. However, it was not difficult to realize that Yggdrasil had reproduced the same situation that the previous adversary experienced to Jaehyun.

on purpose. But why?

“Is it because in order to become an adversary, we have to overcome the same trials as our predecessors?”

Jaehyun thought about that for a while. It was true that there was a corner that was unclear, but I couldn’t help it now.

Because there were no more stories to follow.

Anyway, I’ve got all the information I can get now.



The book burned and disappeared.

Perhaps because of a special magic, the fire completely extinguished without leaving any heat.

Jaehyun watched this for a while, and then poured a divine attack into his body.

It was after recovering all of his physical strength with the power of the potion.

Now it was my turn to say goodbye to this tower.

Jaehyun did his best, and his colleagues also began to give him strength.

Divinity and far-off levels of mana were filled at once.

Then, after putting power into his fist, Jaehyun leans back.


The attack hits the huge steel tower, and the tower slowly begins to collapse. It was a shocking sight.

Destroying an iron tower with bare fists. Perhaps even after the job of radar was created, only a handful of people could do such a thing.

However, Jaehyun had already become one of the strongest.

This meant nothing to him.

Then came a happy voice.

―You have succeeded in clearing the main quest 《System Breaker》.

―You have cleared Yggdrasil’s 《The 5th Layer: The Adversary and the Old Myth》.

―Compensation will be settled.

―You can check the rewards later through the status window.

Jaehyun felt a little joy as he heard the system sound he had been waiting for. He has finally achieved one of his intermediate goals.



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Now he could be stronger.

A reward message was heard from Jaehyun who thought so.

It was sweeter than ever.

* * *

On the other hand, when Jae-hyun completes all the tower attacks.

A mysterious message came to S-class raiders around the world.

Sungeun Yoo, Ballack, Camilla, Moriya, etc.

A story told by leading raiders.

It was truly shocking.

―The control of the Aesir system is completely destroyed.

―Radar’s growth limit has been lifted.

―You can now grow to S rank or higher.

A faint smile spread across Yoo Sung-eun’s mouth as she looked at the system window.

“Jaehyun… You did it in the end.”

* * *

Tyr and Odin are alone and talking to each other.

They felt the seriousness of the current situation and were discussing countermeasures.

Thor and the other supreme gods did not gather.

The reason why only the two of them were together was because Tyr had closely told him that he had something to say.

“okay. What are you saying to me? Tyr.”

“Odin, there’s something you need to know.”

“What do I need to know? Are you talking about knowledge to me, who knows all the knowledge of the nine worlds?”

“Seriously. Because I thought so too at first.”

Tyr laughed lightly. A sneer lingers in his mouth.

As befits a man with the greatest powers other than Odin, he was not intimidated.

Although Freya is actually the strongest in terms of troops and in any way, except for Odin, she is not interested in politics.

In the first place, he wasn’t particularly interested in the world or Odin.

Thanks to.

Asgard’s political power is de facto Odin and Tyr. It was no different from the Yanggang system.

However, Odin’s power was so strong that it was meaningless to compare. Asgard’s loyalty to him, who had already subjugated several worlds through the first war in the past, was beyond imagination.

Thanks to this, Tyr had no choice but to bow down to him, but not as much as the current situation. This time, he had something in his hands before Odin did.

Odin’s Raven. Because he knew that Hugin was up to something.

Tyr said in a presumptuous tone.

“Hugin is up to something.”

“… Hugin?”

Somehow, the answer came back a little late.

Odin’s favorite being.

Because it was Hugin, a raven who was neither a god nor another being.

Because of this, it was difficult for Odin to believe the stories that disparaged him. No matter how much Esir is the supreme god, his own personal feelings cannot help but enter into judging people.

Norse gods are infinitely human.

Paradoxically, what they hate the most is also the enemy. Although human.

“Hugin knows what you do not know. The fact is that he might be able to turn all of Asgard upside down.”

“You mean you know what you’re hiding?”

“The adversary.”

Odin hesitated for a moment at Tyr’s words. He stopped talking for a moment.

“He is not one.”

“Not one?”

“Precisely, it means that there is a record of the existence of an adversary in the past.”

It was a story that was difficult to understand even for Odin.

Did adversaries exist in the past?

But is such a thing possible?

There was no record of past adversaries in his memory. However, the weight of the person in front of him added credibility to his words.


A despicable man, but he was the god of war and justice.

If he said anything, I couldn’t help but believe it even if I didn’t want to believe it.

“Is that true?”

“That’s right. Do you remember the scars I received when I captured the capital of the Elven Kingdom? That wound was his fault. Also, I have to tell you that my current adversary is related to the one who hurt me in the past.”

Tyr continued.

“In addition, Hugin knows this and is hiding it from you. How is it? Will you still believe him?”

“That is for me to judge.”

“Would you believe the words of a mere crow, or would you believe my story? it’s up to you to decide

God at the top of Asgard.”

Tyr left without saying that. He was genuinely happy that he had cast doubt on Odin.

It means that there is information to hide from the owner, whether the crow like his limbs is trying to stab him in the back.

This would never be good news for Odin.

Not only that.

There were several reasons for saying this.

The first is to put a bluff in order to deal directly with the adversary.

Since he has been hurt by those related to him, he threatens to pay back directly to his opponent.

I heard that all the gods are frantic to kill the enemy.

It is natural that the person who has been directly harmed becomes a priority.

Thor is stupid and stupid.

Freya lost her article, but it was different from being directly injured.

He intended to face his adversary directly and contrast the gap between the wounds he suffered and his memories.

An adversary that existed 10,000 years ago.

Why did he have the same face as Jaehyun?

why do you know him

“Whatever it is, if you fight him, you’ll find out. I am the god of war.”

God of War.

He was looking forward to meeting him again, and he was ready to kill Jaehyun.

* * *

that time. Seeing the name of the reward given to him, Jaehyun feels unimportant.

[Special item]

Name: Star of the Distant Abyss

Rating: ???

It is a fragment from the abyss of Kinnungagaf. It is full of primordial power.

It is such a dangerous thing that a person who does not have the quality will die just by touching it.

*There are a total of nine, and if you collect all of them, you can defy the law of the beginning.

*caution! If the user’s level does not reach a certain level, the user will be annihilated by the abyss of the beginning.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 361I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 363
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