I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Recapture (2)

It was at dawn when Daren told me to go find the weapon.

By the time my colleagues hadn’t even woken up yet.

The entrance to the Dwarven Kingdom. He came directly to Jaehyun, who was refining his sword and magic at the training ground.

Jaehyun laughed. It was the time when the morning sun had not yet risen.

“Even though you’re a king, Daren, you look pretty light in the ass.”

“… Is that just a greeting between humans? If you’re insulting the dwarf’s short legs, I won’t stand it… .”

“No, calm down. Black soles are like that, and so are you.”

Jaehyun was on the verge of doubting whether dwarves had an inferiority complex due to their short legs.

other tribes. Especially those like elves were elongated and pretty from the start.

On the other hand, dwarves tend to have an appearance that is difficult to describe as aesthetically beautiful.

I thought that maybe there would be an inferiority complex.

Especially in front of other races.

Well, Jaehyun was the type to think that the appearance wasn’t that important.

“Anyway, by the way. It’s done. The sword you said… It has been engraved.”

“What kind of engraving did you engrave specifically?”

“It is the imprint of destruction.”

mark of destruction.

It was a bloody imprint from the name. Jaehyun tried to ask in detail, but soon stopped. It was because Darren was poised to explain properly anyway.

There’s no need to say a word more.

“The imprint of destruction is literally the imprint for destruction. It’s the power that best suits this sword. There are many types of engraving techniques, but… I thought it was the most suitable for this weapon.”

Jaehyun nodded in agreement.

After all, this weapon should only be taken out and used in the worst case scenario.

A sword that must surely kill someone.

Isn’t it a sword that kills the user after granting three wishes?

You can’t always take it out and use it.

Then a question may arise here.

When is the right time to pull out this sword?

It is a risky situation to bear all these risks.

In the end, Tyrving’s value was nothing but destruction and its power. The blacksmith king from now on saw through it at a glance and lifted the limit.

“why? Did you admire it?”

“Pride. I’ll tell you more about the destruction imprint.”

I had no choice but to ask him directly because he was constantly arrogant.

Anyway, the exact description of the item is to hear from the creator.

The next step is to listen to the person who repaired or strengthened it.

“The mark of destruction is a mark that continuously destroys the opponent by injecting one’s magical power into the sword when the opponent is cut down with the sword.

The black ‘Rapier’ you commissioned. Since it is a sword specialized in stabbing, I thought it would be difficult to cover a wide area.”

“So, using the effect of the ‘Seal of Destruction’, you made the power spread to the surroundings? To keep the enemy in check and find a loophole?”

“That’s how it is.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but admire. He knew exactly how to use items most effectively. This is what a true blacksmith looks like.

After holding the sword in his hand, Jaehyun opened the status window to check detailed information.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Demonic Sword Tyrbing

Class: Mythic

Stat: +900 (attack power according to current assimilation rate)

It is one of the best demon swords in mythology.

Once pulled out of the scabbard, you must kill one being before you can lead again.

It grants 3 wishes, but after that it will surely destroy its owner.

* As the assimilation rate with the sword increases, the maximum attack power of the demonic sword can be drawn out.

*If the user’s mind is unstable, the ego may be eaten by the sword.

[engraving information]

《Destruction Stamp》 is engraved. The attack power is further increased, and the user’s magical power is poured into the affected area, causing shock to the surrounding area.

Compared to the past, Tyrbing’s attack power was also greatly increased. He had risen to a level that exceeded 1.5 times, so he wondered if he was mistaken.

There was also a separate window called Engraving Information. There, along with the information that the imprint of destruction was engraved, a brief explanation about it was written.

Jaehyun tried not to express himself loudly, but in that section, he couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from rising slightly.

Daren laughed.

“I guess I like it.”

“… Your skills are certain.”

The conversation between the two entered a lull for a while after that.

The silence that flows after that. It was like it was before the war started. When war clouds roll in and it starts to rain quietly.

The strangely cold emotion of that moment passes by.

“To us Dwarves, and to me, war is still scary.”

Jaehyun nodded at Daren’s words.

It was as he said.

Jaehyun knew the war. Even if it was a piece he saw in hell, he knew what war meant.

The blood-stained rain expands its momentum as if encroaching on the world… .

Afterwards, at the end of those who are wounded, the one who is most unscathed stands tall.

That was the war Jaehyun knew.



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Daren stood still for a moment, with his hands behind his back, then looked up at the sky.

“It is dark.”

There was no sun there.

The Dwarves’ power was reduced due to the Dark Elves’ attack.

Because I had to spend such a hell of a time in the basement, worrying about their attacks every hour.

Because of this, the word ‘dark’ had to sink deeper into his heart.

However, they couldn’t overcome the strength of the Dark Elves. Because there are people to lead.

Darren is a damp land. It was what led them even in a hollow full of darkness. Jaehyun probably knows.

Because he is the adversary, the adversary of rumors, not others.

“Can you win?”

It was a very frivolous tone for a king.

Jaehyun thought. Maybe that’s his real tone without any pretense.

But he didn’t hesitate and nodded his head.

“Unless I die.”

“Better than those bastards who say they will make it.”

Jaehyun replied by saying that he would work hard until the moment he dies.

It was Daren who was very satisfied with those words.

“If you do it, Odin will probably start moving in earnest. Our residence will also be discovered and attacked…

Perhaps he will intimidate you into making weapons for Asgard again.”

Darren was with a bitter face.

“And if that day comes… All of our people will help by committing suicide, because that would be the best.”

It was a heavy story.

Group self-determination of dwarves.

Certainly, looking at the results alone, it will prevent the Aesir from having other mythical weapons, so it will increase the odds of winning the war a little… .

It wasn’t right.

Even though Jaehyun knew, he didn’t comfort him.

Because the odds of a weak Dwarf surviving in a full-scale war are slim.

Rather than relying on an infinitely low probability, he intends to die to contribute to the lives of those left behind.

Darren said that, so Jaehyun didn’t add another word.

If the dwarves’ inscription technique and their skills as a field commander were transferred to Odin’s hands, hell would reappear again.

There will probably be no seats in Helheim, and people will wander for a while. Souls that have not found their graves will wander aimlessly and end up drowning in the sea.

He knows.

So he made a decision.

But Jaehyun didn’t like that answer.

He pondered for a moment before opening his mouth.

“At least I’d rather die fighting.”

Jaehyun continued.

“Because that’s the least miserable way for you. And don’t worry. I have no intention of dying yet.

There are people who promise to see you again.”

He is Lars, whom he met in the kingdom of the elves. And he thought for a moment about Louisa, who had been saved. King Aindel, and the knights who couldn’t survive.

Jaehyun never forgets that day.

Actually, I haven’t forgotten anything.

* * *

“Then let’s go.”

Saying that, Jaehyun looked at a man following him. A small-bodied shorty. It was a familiar face.

“Black feet. Can you really go too? Don’t know if you can go and die? Won’t I help you?”

“Hey, don’t worry! I have to find a way to come back alive somehow… There will be.”

In short, it’s a way to be whatever it is.

When Jaehyun and Nine’s colleagues came forward, the black-footed soles clamored to follow. To tell you the truth, at first I was told it couldn’t even be reproduced.

Still, the reason he came along was simple.

A map showing the residences of the remaining eight kings of the Dark Elves. It was all he had, and he had declared that he would not give the map unless Blackfoot took him.

I tried talking to the king, Daren, but he said that he had no map, so there was no other way than to convince the black feet.

He was so dumbfounded when he said that he was a blacksmith and not a warrior in battle.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun had to take one of his luggage(?) with him.

Besides, there are eight kings to kill.

Well, even though we split the team for that reason.

There won’t be a big crowd because they distributed it well, focusing on their skills.

“Do you remember the operation? Team 1 is me, Yoojung, poor soles, and senior Soyul.

Team 2 is Ina, Hoyeon, and Jaesang hyung, Hella. OK?”

“… huh. Got it.”

Seo Ina was the first to answer in a slightly gloomy voice.

Jaehyun seemed to know why, but he tried to ignore it.

Ahn Ho-yeon and the other members also nodded. From here on, if we didn’t divide the team, we had no choice but to be strong.

Team 1 of Jaehyun was supposed to kill kings in the 1st to 3rd positions, which were considered the most dangerous.

The rest of the members decided to defeat the 4th to 8th kings.

This decision was made because I heard that the 4 kings’ skills were not at the level of the 2nd stage of liberation.

In short, it was a division of labor for rapid subjugation success.

“let’s go!”

Kim Yoo-jung’s tone was a little excited.

Well, since I’ve been away from Jaehyun recently. It would be nice to be together after a long time. It would be all the more so because she likes Jaehyun.

Thanks for the guide in the middle. Only Kwon So-yul noticed.

‘Why did you join this team… Notice it.’

He was the first to notice the subtle air flow between Jaehyun, Kim Yoojung, and Seo Ina. But do I have to be in this place?


It was like hell.

It was clear that he would get sick no matter what he ate for three days.

Damn, I should buy some digestive medicine.

Kwon So-yul thought that and stabbed Lee Jae-sang in the side.

“… Potion made as a substitute for digestive medicine… Are you there?”

“huh? I don’t have… .”

‘You’ve never really been helpful at a time like this.’

While Kwon So-yul was thinking about that, something suddenly crashed down from the ceiling. Jaehyun tilted his head and turned his gaze to that direction.

What is it?

While he thought about that, he judged that it was dangerous to fall and hit it with his fist.


It was then that the screams were heard.

“… … what?”

When Jaehyun moved his gaze to the place where the sound came from, a dark elf was dying there.

what the hell is this

While I was thinking that, the black-haired sole next to me trembled and said,

“… am… .”


Jaehyun asked again, and he shuddered again.

“This guy… The eighth king of the dark elves… … You madman.”

“… … .”

Silence passed in the cavity for a while.

Jaehyun scratched his head in embarrassment.

“that… I’m much weaker than I thought. Maybe it’s because the ranking is low.”

No one agreed with his words.

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