I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 371

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Episode 371: Recapture (3)

“This guy… The eighth king of the dark elves… … You madman.”

“… … .”

“that… I’m much weaker than I thought. Maybe it’s because the ranking is low.”

Jaehyun was dumbfounded as he spoke.

Whatever it is… .

Does it make sense for the 8th king to die in one shot like this?

Even with one fist?

‘Of course, King 9 was only about S-rank at best, so if you think about it that way, it seems to be roughly similar or a little stronger… .’

However, it was inevitable that Kim would fall out.

Fundamentally, after the people of the king were so weak, what were they going to do?

More than anything, it was embarrassing that the dwarves were losing to these guys.

It would be enough if the equipment Blackfoot was holding was equipped with minimal force… .

‘ah… The least force.’

Unfortunately, the dwarves didn’t have that!

Jaehyun tried hard to understand.

He looked down at the body of the dead Dark Elf for a while, then crossed out the residence of the eight kings marked on the map with a pen.

In any case, one less job was a good thing.

“Then, all that’s left is from 1 to 7 kings.”

Jaehyun said calmly. There were also some that she was unconcerned with.

‘I… I knew you were strong, but you’re a monster beyond your imagination… !!’

The soles of his black feet trembled as he watched Jaehyun’s powerlessness.

He was in a real shock right now.

Apparently, he was the best warrior among the dwarves. So, wouldn’t he have taken on the role of the gatekeeper and even wielded a famous sword?

However, in front of Jaehyun’s overwhelming strength, he was nothing more than a puppy.

However, there was a conversation that shocked him even more.

“surely. He doesn’t seem to be that strong compared to the kings I’ve seen before.”

“… huh. I don’t think there’s much of a difference.”

“With this much, we can handle it by ourselves and join.”

“I don’t think there will be much use of potions… .”

Jaehyun’s other colleagues were talking about that.

To the dwarves, the Dark Elf was like a product of fear… .

Seeing him fall in vain like that, somehow made me feel sorry for him.

The news that the adversary had killed the 9 kings was also a scene that could not help but be shocked as a black-haired person who dismissed it as a lie.

Jaehyun thought for a moment, then crossed his arms and said.

“Perhaps the dark elves noticed that we were moving. Otherwise, there’s no way they would have moved first.”

“I think so too.”

Ahn Ho-yeon agreed. It was a rational decision.

heard so far

Basically, the Dark Elves already took a stance of ignoring the Dwarves. It was as if Svartal Fame was already in their hands.

However, it was not enough to annihilate them all, so Odin told them to put their lives on hold because they could be needed at any time.

So all they have to do is to shut themselves up in a corner like they are now and enjoy their freedom to their heart’s content. You would have thought so.

However, things went wrong when Jaehyun, the antagonist, intervened.

King 1, who judged that way, would have tried to gauge the status of reappearance by using the lower-ranking king, or would have thought of killing him if the opportunity presented itself.

Well, it doesn’t make any sense now.

“Anyway, it was good because they came to die on their own.”

Kim Yoo-jung said and smiled wickedly. Her own job is about to be reduced by one. She also felt that she was her own.

Jaehyun nodded and put his hand on the frozen black-haired shoulder.

“hey. Black soles.”

“Heh, heh! what?!”

“Are you still going? Did you even see this?”

“Um, of course… am.”

I think my voice got a little quieter when I said the last words, but I decided not to make it an issue. I won’t listen even if I dry it anyway.

Now, I thought it wasn’t bad just to raise awareness.

Jaehyun decided to start the operation again.

“Then, after we’ve eliminated each other, let’s contact each other through receiving magic. I’ll take care of it soon somehow and contact you.”

“okay. We’ll contact you and join you when we’re done first.”

Ahn Ho-yeon replied coolly.

It was natural. In the past, he had some pretty bad memories with the dark elves.

This time will be a good opportunity to retaliate.


Jae-hyun says so, and Kwon So-yul, who is crying with Kim Yoo-jung.

And he took the black soles and disappeared first.

The first thing they will kill is King 3.

You might think it’s strong from the beginning, but in fact, it is said that the liberation stage is only the beginning of the second stage.

Even that must have been reached through Odin’s power.

Then there is no reason for Jaehyun to be scared at all.

Just in case, I brought Kim Yoo-jung with me. She also has her buffs, so she’ll probably clean up soon.



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* * *

Among the kings of the Dark Elves, he is by far the best.

The first king, Lu, was called the Knight of Light in the past.

He served the 7th King of the Elves, who was called the Holy King, and gained great trust and wealth in the process, but fell at the end.

He fell for Odin’s sweet offer and his desire for great power, and now, as the head of the Dark Elves, he sat at the top.


seat of the king.

He went through a lot of hardships until he got there.

Following Odin, he slaughtered many of his own people, and brainwashed those who followed him into Dark Elves to solidify their power.

After going through such a process, he is now in his current position. In other words, he was able to keep the throne.

… However, news came that denied his efforts.

The first was about a year ago.


He was a weak son, but his own flesh and blood and the ninth king died.

And even that, at least because they were defeated by humans.

It was truly an unbelievable story.

Later, when I found out that he was a person called the enemy and a person from the prophecy to kill Odin, I was a little convinced… .

Even so, it was completely incomprehensible to his common sense.

How could a weak human born from the beginning cut off his flesh and blood?

Lu thought at the same time.

He has no feelings for his dead son. Isn’t it natural that the weak die? Even if it was my son, it was no different.

What he was focusing on right now was not revenge, but an optimal situation in which he could hold greater power.

According to the news, Odin is suffering quite a bit from the opponent.

Now, what if you kill the enemy?

Odin will surely bestow even greater power.

Power stronger than now!

How many words can resonate better than that?

Lu had a pleasant imagination and gave an order to the eight kings a while ago.

Let’s gauge the skill of the adversary.

8 The king replied.

[It’s not difficult! Father, I will not do anything stupid like Kainan. I’ll bring his head to you soon!]

If it was about 8 kings, it was quite reliable, so he nodded his head too.

It was very simple, and being ignorant was a bit of a problem, but the skills were clear. His magic power and potential are quite high among the Dark Elves.

At best, it would be difficult for humans to overcome.

It was judged that even if he died, he would be able to inflict great damage. If so, the remaining lower kings will have to kill him.

“It’s the perfect plan, in my opinion.”

As Lu thought so, a piece of shocking news just flew in.

“I, Your Highness… .”

“What is going on?”

As he sat on the throne and remembered being favored by Odin, a servant spoke to him. He was the captain of the royal guard.

“… … It is said that the eighth king died in battle… .”

“… … .”

Lou calmed down.

Wasn’t he nothing more than an expendable horse anyway?

I thought I might die, and it was inevitable.

Small sacrifices are necessary for the cause. If his death caused great damage to the adversary, what was left would be as simple as breaking the leg of a wounded bird.

After thinking, he nodded and asked.

“so. 8 How much did the king hurt? The adversary must be in tatters, of course, right?”

“that is… .”


For some reason, anxiety began to rise from the depths of my heart.

where does it originate from?

Before he could reveal this himself, the captain hurriedly lowered his head and trembled.

“In one blow… It is also said that he died after being hit by a fist.”

“… … .”


At that moment, a cold sweat broke out on his back.

he never knew

* * *

“I’ve felt it before, but I don’t know why the dark elves have gotten so bad. He said they were nice guys at first. is not it?”

Hearing Kim Yoo-jung’s voice, Jae-hyun was slowly entering the dark forest, guided by the soles of his black feet.

It was because I had heard that the castle of the third king was inside.

Jaehyun’s face was a little excited.

‘I can finally properly check the power of the imprint. Considering that this power can be useful at any time, you should test it beforehand… .’

Even while thinking so, Kim Yoo-jung and Jae-hyeon were advancing, destroying all the Dark Elf soldiers standing in their way.


The dark elf’s black blood spattered on the black-haired face.

He took out a pink handkerchief from his bosom and wiped the blood away with his hands trembling.

I have given up on distinguishing who is good and who is bad.

For some reason, Jae-hyeon looks excited as he punches enemies with his fists, and Kim Yu-jeong looks pretty and then devastates the neighborhood with magic, so he can’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Is this a saint with three kings?”

Jaehyun, who arrived in front of the castle before he knew it, put on a happy expression.

It became possible to use items engraved with the mark of destruction.

It’s about Tyrving’s control of the user’s mind. Well, if you use cold-blooded and let it flow in moderation, there’s no big problem.

Isn’t it enough to clean it up before the effect of the skill ends?

“by the way… It’s annoying to search all over this castle… .”

Jaehyun thought so, and came up with the best way.

‘You don’t have to enter the castle, do you?’

Just like it was at the beginning, you just have to come from the other side first.

Thinking so, he smiled while raising his mana.

“Guys, be careful.”

―Activate the action skill «Meteor Lv 5».

A huge fire-bearing boulder floated above the purple sky, then slammed into the castle with a clatter.

Along with that, an absurd message was heard in Jaehyun’s ears.

―You have succeeded in defeating the field boss monster «The Third King of the Dark Elves: Jis».

―Divine usurpation usurps the dignity of the designated target.

―You have acquired a minor rank.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Jaehyun scratched the back of his head again with an embarrassed expression.

“I didn’t think it would be one shot this time… I didn’t know… … ?”

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