I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 372

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Episode 372: Recapture (4)

The point at which Jaehyun had so vainly defeated 3 kings.

The other members of Nine were fighting too easily.

What they had to deal with was the 4th to 7th kings.

The current party has defeated both the 7th and 6th kings.

Now, only 4 kings and 5 kings are left.

“… So far, it’s been so blandly easy… Will the last one be different?”

Seo Eana did not even show off her season. Skills close to divine that he acquired as a direct descendant of the royal family. This was something his colleagues had never even seen.

Before that, the enemy was killed by An Ho-yeon’s sword.

Before that, it was destroyed by Hella’s beckoning.

Prior to that, Lee Jae-sang was poisoned by an abnormal status potion and died stupidly.

It was really outrageous.

“How on earth did he get the name King with such skill… .”

Ahn Ho-yeon was so dumbfounded that he was so confused.

In fact, he wasn’t usually someone who looked down on other people’s skills.

Again, it was a gentle, caring disposition for everyone.

The reason he said this now was because he was just dumbfounded, and his embarrassment was greater than he could have imagined.

Hey, I put my strength into fighting the king, but the opponent is so lame that I run out of steam.

There was nothing more to say about his futility.

Of course, even at that moment, they were not at all vigilant.

Didn’t Jaehyun say that? Raiders are said to die when they are not careful.

If you can’t focus in the moment, you can never survive.

They were slaughtering them to the point of being desperate in the eyes of others. Thanks to that, his level went up by almost 5, and he also got a title, just like Jaehyun had at first.

Because it was helpful when dealing with the Dark Elves. Again, the hunting speed was getting faster. Skill proficiency is also rising rapidly.

Thanks to this, they completely felt that this place was a hunting ground.

I’m feeling the tension, but should I say that there’s nothing to stand out too much… .

“Still, don’t relax and let’s go and take care of the rest. It is said that the 4th and 5th kings have ranks. Moreover, the fourth king is said to be the second stage of liberation.”

In the second stage of liberation, it was clearly above their skills.

but they didn’t know

How amazing were Lee Jae-sang’s new special potions.

It raises all stats, and the duration is not in minutes, but in hours. On top of that, personal potions increase skill power and all sorts of buffs.

If it’s a situation where you’re wearing something like that.

In addition, if it is Seo Na-ra, who has released the perfect character, even if he is the 4th king, he cannot reach their toes.

It took only six more hours before they knew it.

* * *

“It’s ridiculous, really.”

A man’s voice trembled softly.

Of course, the owner was Jaehyun. He was looking at the third king’s residence, which was burning and collapsing.

His arms crossed look very complicated.

It was natural.

I thought I would be able to see the effect of the imprint of destruction here, but it is absurd since even the third king died in vain.

I never thought this would happen.

‘Is the chancellor’s potion the problem? But I haven’t eaten it yet… .’

Before Jae-hyeon left, the power of the potion Lee Jae-sang handed over.

I was familiar with it.

However, it has not been eaten yet and is stored intact in the inventory, so there is no way that it had any effect.

Or is it?

Could Lee Sang-sang now be able to make a potion that works just by having it in his inventory?

‘… … It can’t be.’

“… But it’s really silly. It’s nice because it’s less annoying.”

Kim Yoo-jung was on the bus, so even though he was leveling up quickly, he said that because he felt remorse.

Again, the black-footed sole, which was trembling this time, opened the map again and spoke with difficulty.

“My, the second king is here. It will be really difficult from here, so be careful… .”

“okay. I guess so.”

With Jaehyun’s face speaking so openly, why?

I could even see the bizarre desire that the bottom of black feet wished it was like that.

How on earth is he a fighting ghost, so he is making such an expression.

Black-haired soles recalled the time when he first met Jaehyun.

The image of him confidently trusting his temper and messing with Jaehyun… .

His body could have been torn apart by Jaehyun who suddenly rushed at him.

Realizing this again, what was in front of me looked like a monster.

Also, at the same time, I could feel a deep gratitude to him. Just because he defeated his natural enemies, the Dark Elves? It wasn’t.

It was because I was deeply impressed by his loyalty and leadership.

‘With this level of skill, even by intimidating the king, he could gain strength and take away the engraving technique. But he didn’t do that.’

As Jaehyun, there was another huge reason why the Dark Elves shouldn’t get in the way, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Because of that, Jaehyun looked like a savior to black-haired people.

‘That guy… A true ‘leader’… .’

Sleep with a big distribution like your own king!



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he was so sure

Perhaps, if Odin had found out their location, he would have forced them to work and took away the engraving technique.

However, Jaehyun did not do that. They are trying to gain trust in the proper way and convince the king and dwarves.

Of course, he said that he would not take responsibility for the circumstances of 10,000 years ago.

Because it is irreversible.

But what will happen from now on, everyone is prepared to endure.

He said that, and the Jaehyun he had been through so far was the one who deserved to say that. He had enough strength and talent.

… Of course, it wasn’t something like myself to evaluate.

“joy! But don’t think that I fully approve of you!”

Suddenly, Jaehyun tilted his head at the words of the black haired sole as he wiped his nose.


“egg plant! The residence of the second king is around here. He was close to the three kings, and I heard that he often drank with them!”

I wondered where he was getting that kind of information from, but he didn’t show it.

Jae-hyun hurried down the road with Kim Yoo-jung and Kwon So-yul. Kwon So-yul was preoccupied with figuring out the surrounding map, useful items nearby, and the number of monsters.

In fact, even that would be wiped out with one shot of Jaehyun’s wide-area skill, but it was important to raise the proficiency anyway, so I left it alone.

I heard that even Odin couldn’t move right now, and it was a time when the growth of his colleagues was just as important as himself.

If their talents could be further bloomed here, it was best to let their comrades roll enough.

I would even use my own time for the members!

I’ll make them even harder!

That was Jaehyun’s resolute determination.

“let’s go. Because there are only a few left.”

“ah… ok.”


At Jaehyun’s words, the two members and black-haired soles followed him.

Through long forests and winding roads where not even a shadow could reach, they moved forward relying on a map and the power of a flashlight.

It was felt that the number of Dark Elves was gradually decreasing.

Wide area skill and skill proficiency also felt busily going up.

‘Is this a honey hunting ground?’

Kwon So-yul and Kim Yoo-jung thought so, but did not say it out of their mouths. It was because he didn’t know what Jaehyun would do if he heard this.

In that way, Jaehyun quickly found the 2nd king and succeeded in defeating him.

There was no need to pull out the sword this time either.

I just clenched my fist a little tighter than when I killed the 8 kings and swung it with more force.

* * *

It’s new, but the king is a position that requires virtue.

And the respect of many people. Or you must subdue them with blood.

Choosing between the two was one of the virtues of the king of the dark elves, and Lu chose the latter here.

Blood and Iron Policy.

It was a powerful leadership that led the crowd by blood.

Of course, it cannot be denied that the method itself was wrong, but the effect was certain in the short term. As long as the monarch is alive and there are loyal people, the power remains the same.

Unless treason happens. Absolute people don’t even think of opposing him.

However, there is a moment when this blood and blood policy collapses.

That’s when the strength is dulled.

It was a time when the overwhelming martial arts were fading.

“ha… … .”

Lou is now sighing with his hand on his face.

The weak trembling of his body showed that he was in a dangerous situation even at first glance.

‘It can’t be a dangerous situation.’

Lu thought so and shook his head roughly. Because he was still in a groggy state in the situation that was happening now.

The point at which the Dark Elves themselves are in danger of survival.

Surprisingly, this was thanks to a human and his companions.

“… … So, now the adversary is said to be coming here through the depths of the forest.”

“Did you mean the second king?”

“yes. Not only that, but all the kings are dead. Your Majesty, now you must choose. Their destructive power cannot be ignored… .”

“You know how I got to this point!”

Lou couldn’t help but scream.

He abandoned the elves and stood by Odin’s side to become king himself. and took his hand He extinguished hundreds and thousands of eyes accusing him.

It was something I was able to do because I was convinced that it could bring me to this point.

The monumental tower built like that will be destroyed by just one human being?

That was something that would never happen.

“Use a soldier to stop it somehow! I will ask Odin for aid!”

“Oh, are you talking directly to Odin?”

“Otherwise, there are other ways now… !”

That moment.


The earth shook with a huge explosion, and Lu’s large body leaned to the left for a moment. Barely coming to his senses, he saw a man walking in front of him.

He was a strong-looking man.

Lou was sure.

A group led by that human man in front of him is an enemy who has defeated all nine kings. that he could never defeat him.

“Hey, you guys, gather in one place. Do you know how hard it is to bother going back and forth? Even when traveling, it is more difficult to ride a car than touring tourist attractions.”

A funny voice from there. This chilled Lu’s body.

Jaehyun smiled and finally took out his sword.

“I thought you would be a bit different from the others, so I brought something interesting… … .”

As he said that, he neatly cut the head of one of the servants who was reporting to Lu. Lou’s expression was astonished.

‘One of our captains, Fletce… !’

“then. Shall we check the power of the engraving technique that the dwarves are proud of?”

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 371I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 373
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