I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 373

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Episode 373: The Seal of Destruction

A seal engraved after Daren’s hard work.

Jaehyun was thrilled to finally be able to properly use the power of the imprint of destruction.

Of course, the number was written so that the sword would not eat the ego.

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

A skill that makes it impossible to feel emotional fluctuations at all.

This was the main skill that allowed Jaehyun to wield Tyrbing.

Without this, the sword would be stabbed, and each time it was swung, it would gradually be eaten by the ego inside it. Traditionally, demonic swords are such a family.

Well, it doesn’t mean much to Jaehyun, who has skills.

“dare… Are you challenging Naru, the first king of the Dark Elves!”

In fact, Lu was feeling great fear, but he had no choice but to say it in the most solemn voice possible.

Jaehyun, of course, was aware of all of his thoughts.

It was also a meaningless bluff.

He was the same even in the fight against Tyr, who had reached the 4th stage of liberation.

Not to mention, there weren’t many other subordinates here. Not only that, but there is also Kim Yoo-jung.

When using Soul Link, no matter how strong the enemy’s attack is, you cannot reduce your HP to 0.

As long as you don’t die, you win.

Fighting is hard, but sometimes it’s terribly simple.

Now was that moment.

Jaehyun drank the potion. From the stats given by Jaesang Lee to the potions that enhance the effects of various skills.

They are things that are lightly passed on in the market by one billion units. In the first place, it was impossible to distribute in large quantities.

Of course, at least twenty of them are piling up in Jaehyun’s inventory.

“I used to be your 9th king? I mean, he did something a little annoying. You will be in a little bit of pain.”

Jaehyun laughed.

Dark Elves. So far, I’ve been able to kill it with only one fist, but the guy in front was a little different like the best king.

‘At least it’s the 3rd level of divine power liberation. If it’s like this, I’ll have to use quite a bit of strength.’

It is different from before. The third level of status means that you have a perfect godhood. Didn’t Jaehyun break down the wall again and defeat Sigrun while opening the Plateau of the Red Moon?

Jaehyun knows. 1 The king is well-equipped.

But at the same time, he also had a question.

‘… Why is Godhead fluctuating so precariously?’

It was a sensation I had never felt when facing another godhead.

Unfamiliar instability somewhere. It entered Jaehyun’s sensitive detection sensor.

roo… did you say Why, despite his dignity, he felt so uneasy, his heart beating so fast?

Are you afraid? Who got the rank?

Jaehyun decided to lightly gauge his skills in an incomprehensible situation.


The leap was brief, but precise.

In some, he moves slowly, showing himself rolling on the ground. Then, as expected from the first king, Lu reacted.


A skill often used by elves, not just dark elves. The shape of the magic tool shines and blocks Jaehyun’s attack once.

The long sword created by the manifested magical power blocked Jaehyun’s attack. The intensity was poor, but the reflexes seemed to be okay.

Lou gritted his teeth and shouted loudly.

“How dare humans… ! You have our technology?! That magic belongs to the Dark Elves… !”

“I don’t know about that.”

Jaehyun sighed and walked away again.

Although the sword was still held, it seemed that steam was leaking somewhere.

Jaehyun thought about it for a while, then asked as if he was dumbfounded.

“Yes, you… … .”

Jaehyun crossed his arms and looked at the dark elf in front of him. He didn’t say anything for a long time with a sad expression, and then he dragged his sword and let out a sigh.

Then he finally spoke out what he had been hiding inside.

“Why are you so weak?”

“… … .”

For a while, uncomfortable results flowed inside the castle.

Perhaps the only thing free from that stillness was reproduction, that one.

* * *


The first king of the Dark Elves was doubting his ears after hearing a story he had never heard in his life.


Are you talking to yourself now?

Of course, the adversary’s attack from earlier was too heavy.

To the point where it’s a bit difficult to accept.

Even that leap was so fast that the eyes couldn’t follow it.

There was no denying that.

but… She was never to the extent of being told that she was weak.

Why is he talking like that? Is it to provoke me?

With that thought in mind, Lu scanned every facet of Jaehyun.

But there was nothing like that in his eyes. How could that be?

‘Is everything he’s saying right now?’



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Are you really disappointed because you are weak?

Only humans… ?

It was too pathetic for a title bestowed upon a person standing at the pinnacle of the Dark Elves. On top of that, he was favored by Odin and even received power from him.

No matter how strong the adversary is, I thought there would be a corner where I could break through him.

But, if that statement is true.

‘I die one hundred percent.’

It felt sobering now.

Regardless of power, living first comes first.

It even goes so far as to say that it is best to find another way to die from the person in front of you.

“… for a moment.”

So he opened it like that.

Even at that moment, Jaehyun is looking at himself without even being surprised.

In the power contained in those gloomy eyes, I could even feel the power of Odin, albeit weakly.

No, that was not an illusion.

‘Those eyes… ?!’

Jaehyun’s left pupil. It must have belonged to Odin.

Why is it over there?

Wasn’t he abandoned at Mimir’s fountain?

The story that he did so to gain his own knowledge and to know the secrets of the world was so famous that no one knew it throughout the Nine Worlds.

But why do those eyes belong to that human… .

“Speak. If you said wait, there would be a story behind it.”

During the accident, Jaehyun intervened. He had a sad expression on his face.

“If you’re just going to roll your head to live, tell me now. I’ll think about it for a moment to see if it’s extenuating circumstances.”

“… … .”

It was the first time I had been treated like this, but there seemed to be no lies in the words of that savage human.

maybe good

Lou was rolling his head the fastest in his life.

Even at that moment, of course, Jaehyun had no intention of saving him.

However, I just hope that I can properly dig out the connection and connection between Odin and the Dark Elves from him.

‘Anyway, I’m really weak. I don’t know why.’

Jaehyun crossed his arms and thought for a moment. She was obviously stronger than ever.

I could clearly feel the power of the 3rd stage of liberation.

But why? The attack earlier was enough to block enemies in the 2nd stage. However, he defended even that and showed a clear expression of bewilderment.


Jaehyun thought that he was not properly grasping the gist of the current situation. After thinking about it, he finally realized the truth.

“Yes, you.”


His body trembles. Jaehyun was dumbfounded.

“You can’t properly handle the power you received from Odin?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Lou avoided his gaze as if he had been stabbed to the point.

It was. He received the power of Odin, but he did not know how to properly utilize the magic and divinity.

Hella said in the past.

[Those who have been attacked by others are bound to be relatively weak.

There are several reasons… … After all, it is not the result of personal training and training, so the biggest reason is that you can’t handle it properly.]

“I’m sorry.”

Jaehyun muttered involuntarily, then put strength into the hand holding the sword.

To be honest, I thought I could easily kill the enemy without using a sword, but it turned out like this. He intends to write it somehow.

Imprint of Destruction!

Wasn’t that what I finally got by persuading Daren, the king of the dwarves?

Even here, it would be a loss if the effect was not confirmed properly.

The taste of the sting improved, but it wasn’t enough to confirm its strength.


After thinking about it, Jaehyun completely disappeared in an instant.

‘Suddenly disappeared somewhere… !’


Jaehyun, who appeared in front of Lu who was thinking that way, stabbed his sword horizontally. Along with that, his left arm was blown off with precision.


Jaehyun was back in his original place before he knew it.

Looking at the place where the arm disappeared in an instant, Lu trembled with his remaining arm. He realized how strong his adversary was in just one match.

What I showed you earlier was deliberately adjusting my speed.

if it goes like this… The story is different. The best option you can do right now.

‘I have to regenerate my arm first, then convince him.’

It was when I put my right arm on the place where my left arm had been, to regenerate it.



Embarrassment erupted from Lou’s mouth. 10 seconds, 20 seconds… … Why? Time passed, but my arm did not grow back.

Before even asking why, a sense of incongruity ran through her whole body.

‘Why isn’t the adversary attacking me?! there… Is the body breaking as the mana spreads from the arm to other parts?’

The mana he injected into his sword was gradually necrotic Lu’s body, starting with the enemy’s shoulder blades.

Jaehyun smiled in satisfaction as he watched Lou’s body begin to be destroyed instead of regenerating.

“Anyway, it seems that your king is not an impostor. is not it?”

“No, of course! Our King is solemn… His skills as a blacksmith are certain… !”

mark of destruction.

Jaehyun was smiling as he properly confirmed that power.

It was only one episode, but even so, at least it was successful in confirming the destructive power.

Weapons that accurately cut through the enemy’s body parts are also great, but weapons that pierce loopholes in this way are also rare.

Jae-hyun realized that Tyrbing’s reinforcement had been done properly.

What imprints can be engraved on other weapons. Also, I was looking forward to which engraving would have the best effect. It was a fun worry, like serving food at a buffet.

But before that, there was one more thing to do.

What’s left now.

“Okay then. What is Odin doing now, and what is the situation? Would you like to brush off everything you know?”

It was to extort information about Odin from him.

Jaehyun smiled evilly. Kim Yoo-jung, who gave her a buff, shook her head. She also seemed that her villain was her own ally.

How did I fall in love with him?

It was a night full of questions.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 372I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 374
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