I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 374

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Episode 374: The Extreme of Ganghwa (1)

“Okay then. What is Odin doing now, and what is the situation? Would you like to brush off everything you know?”

A strange desire bloomed in his eyes, where he could even feel Jaehyun’s malice.

It’s contempt for Odin, and it’s also towards the dark elves who led the students to their deaths in the past.

Kim Yoo-jung and Kwon So-yul also know this. Even Kim Yoo-jung watched it right by her side.

The moment when Jaehyun, who changed his course to the magic world, suffered for the first time and thought about life. She could still see the cadets dying behind bars.

She knew Jaehyun would kill the dark elf.

1 king in front of me. He is, after all, the main axis of evil. It is correct to exclude it here for the sake of the future. He’s just trying to dig up information.

Kim Yoo-jung believed in reappearance, sometimes cold and sometimes gentle.

“Well, it’s a bit like that I don’t have any turn to go out, but.”

“He is too strong. Yoojung, we are not weak.”

Kwon So-yul corrected it. A black-haired voice came from behind. He proudly opens his chest and speaks.

“Somewhere the buff was applied! Among us Dwarves, there is not a single one who can apply such a buff!”

“… … huh? uh… .”

… is that bragging?

Kim Yoo-jung thought about that for a while, but soon realized that it was a story to comfort herself and nodded.

The first king in front of Jaehyun. Lou was now gradually being destroyed to other body parts. That’s probably the power of Daren’s engraving.

After all, a king is a king… !

Kim Yoo-jung admired again and made a satisfied expression.

You will be able to handle such an imprint yourself!

To be honest, I needed a proper level to deal with the imprint, but Hella had said that the cutoff wouldn’t be that high if it were Jaehyun’s colleague. It’s probably because they’re allies of the antagonist, so they’re getting a buff.

Whatever it was, there was nothing bad about it.

If you kill Lou now and go back to the Golden Return, you will benefit too!

Even though I’m riding Jaehyun’s bus now… This is just part of the operation to help him become stronger.

It was like a situation right before he bent his knees and gained momentum to swing his fist.

“huh. yes that is it.”

Kim Yoo-jung muttered moderately, and Jae-hyun slowly began to approach Lu. Now he was utterly appalled and refusing to reproduce.

His subordinates had already been sorted out in the lower layers. He had nowhere to lean on, and the current situation was infinitely unfavorable to him.

Therefore, Lu decided to choose the wisest way.

“If you want to stop the destruction of the body… If you do that, I will tell you a story about Odin. Anything I know… So, how do you do this right now!”

it is to surrender

A person who was obsessed with power from the beginning.

It may have been a passing score for the character of the one who reigned with blood and iron, but it was a very disgusting scene as a reproduction.

But there was nothing I could do about it.

Both humans and elves. All other races are the same.

In the face of transcendent power and in the face of fear, people eventually abandon their will. It is a desperate longing for life.

Jaehyun knew this.

Because I myself have lived a life like that.

After Jaehyun reverse summoned the sword, he took the power of the imprint.

Imprinting is the power to react with the user. What is expressed through the weapon and its power as a medium. It was possible to control it yourself.

Jaehyun had just heard about this from Daren in detail.

“after… .”

When the power of the imprint that destroyed his body tissue was withdrawn, Lu barely sighed and looked at Jaehyun’s face in front of him.

I feel anxiety, fear, and frequent tremors in the gaze looking up.

Looking around, his throne was broken before he knew it.

He is stuck in the ground. Moreover, the frighteningly stark eyes of the human in front of him were as cold as those of Odin.

Jaehyun asked.

“This is the first question. What is Odin’s true purpose?”

“really… purpose?”

Jaehyun shook his fist once. Along with that, Lu’s right arm was blown off.


“Just answer what I ask. It’s because I think it’s rude to answer a question with a question.”

Jaehyun spoke calmly, but the godhead permeated between them was truly bloody.

It was his habit that came up whenever a story related to Odin came up.

Lu barely caught his breath and started stuttering.

“I don’t know what kind of answer you want. but… Odin probably wants to change fate.”

“Change your destiny.”

“Yes. occupied… Even those who dare to stand at the top of the Aesir cannot easily go against it. It would be better to call it a disaster.”

Jaehyun was well aware of his fate.

antagonist of prophecy.

Isn’t one’s own name directly related to fate?

The three Norn sisters, Mimir and Loki.

Jaehyun knew.

They sacrificed something important to bring themselves back to the present time. And Jaehyun and his colleagues have been steadily growing.

That way, what they got was simple.

Odin’s death.

It had already been prophesied by the three Norn sisters.

work to be done. Destiny is what must happen.



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Odin tried to resist him.

The fact that he put a hougin on himself as an adversary and watched it, and the fact that he tried to kill him immediately after the power of prophecy disappeared.

It was all because they were afraid of themselves. to change fate.

In order to change the future in which he dies and obtain the world.

It was a vague guess.

Jaehyun continued with the next question.

“This is the second and last question.”

He looked down at Lou with cool eyes.

“Did he instruct the Dark Elves to join this war?”

“That, that… !”

Lou was overly flustered. He had no choice but to do so.

Clearly, he is on Odin’s side and is loyal to Odin.

It is also true that he was recently instructed to participate in the war at the time of Ragnarok. However, if he answered like that, he would be killed here.

‘I have to answer well here…’ !’

The adversary in front of him was not a great man to let go of the threat with both eyes open. If he judges himself to be offended in the slightest, he will kill immediately.

It can’t be… !

“Oh no! Have you ever received Odin’s instructions… !”

“It is a lie.”

It was then that Jaehyun’s words fell coldly and lowly. cold smile. It didn’t stop at the chilling level.

Along with that, the sword in his hand slashed Lu’s face with precision.

It was awe-inspiring enough to say that it was truly beautiful. Dangerous, terrifying, but unwittingly respectable strikes and finishes.

The black-haired sole, who had been watching this, approached Jaehyun as if he was surprised and asked cautiously.

“Uh, how did you figure out he lied?!”


“How did you do that when you didn’t seem to be using any magic… .”

Jaehyun burst into laughter.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know.”

He still smiled and rested the sword briefly on his shoulder.

“He was going to be killed here anyway, and there’s no way Odin didn’t tell the Dark Elves to go to war.”

“uh? uh… .”

“So that’s what I mean.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“That means I had no intention of saving him from the beginning.”

At that moment, the bottom of the black hair turned into an expression as if it had been hit in the head.

Kwon So-yul sighed as he looked at Jae-hyun.

“You are also a demon.”

“There are no demons in this worldview.”

When Jaehyun responded like that, Kwon Soyul grumbled that he knew how much he knew his senior. It’s Kim Yoo-jung, well, she looked happy that she could strengthen her own equipment.

While they were enjoying the joy of victory, one more good news flew in.

[Lee Jae-sang: We just finished killing the king! Shall we join?]

Jaehyun sent a reply right away.

[Min Jae-hyun: No. We’re done too. Go back and strengthen your equipment.]

It seems that everything is over there.

It seemed that it was the same for him.

* * *


It was around evening when I returned to the land of the dwarves.

Daren suffered from insomnia because he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about his black hair and Jaehyun’s party, but when they came back, he ran out in his pajamas and got angry.

“Did you just jump out after being so confident!?”

However, Jaehyun’s expression was a relaxed smile itself.

And though weak, the smell of blood emanated from his sword. It wasn’t for the weak.

At least a strong man comparable to a king. Their blood was stained on Jaehyun’s sword.

“Because the killing of the king is over. I want to ask you to strengthen your equipment. By the way, I’m thinking of borrowing some of the strength of all the dwarves here. how is it?”

You’re not breaking your promise, are you? Walk to Seonjo?

Jaehyun put so much effort into it with a mischievous face.

Daren couldn’t help but look at them with a face full of astonishment.

The evil smell of death and mana began to slowly dissipate throughout Svartal Fame.

What that meant was clear.

“Are you successful? no way… In one day?”

“So, do I look stupid enough to say I do things I can’t do?”

Jaehyun said that, and silence passed between the two of them for a long time.

Daren pondered for a moment, as he had done before he left for the first time, then said.

“Come in. Damn it, I slept all day. I’ll engrave a stamp or whatever right now.”

“Oh, you are right. black soles. Wasn’t the king a man who kept his promises?”

At those words, the black-footed sole proudly opened its chest again and spoke.

“What did I say! Our King, Daren, is benevolent, wise, and intelligent… Didn’t I say you’re the best blacksmith I know!”

Daren stared at the soles of his black hair for a moment, dumbfounded.

Darren was startled for a moment at his gaze, which he did not know why.

Then, Jaehyun went into Daren’s workshop, where he was able to see a myriad of new engravings and equipment that could be engraved there.

And in the cracks of countless engravings, Jaehyun was able to find the best engravings to engrave on his equipment.

I had to be careful because I could only engrave one per piece of equipment, but that wasn’t a big deal. It is a world where the number of equipment that can be equipped is quite large in the first place.

In addition, Jaehyun’s equipment was especially high-end.

After Jaehyun stretched, he looked at the runestone used for engraving. Some letters were readable and some were not.

But one thing was certain.

That blue stone is filthy and hard to find, and engraving is a skill that requires great delicacy…

It was the fact that he would be fully armed with the equipment that was attached to the engraving after a while.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 373I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 375
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