I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 375

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Episode 375: The Extreme of Ganghwa (2)

There were several times more types of imprints than Jaehyun had thought.

Was it a mistake to think that there would only be three or four?

The number of imprints Daren said reached nearly twenty.

Jaehyun knew how complicated the design was because he had seen the engraving on Tyrbing for the first time. Because of that, I thought there might be a few of them.

In the first place, the imprint effect of destruction was too strong. Considering the balance, I also decided that the number should be small.

However, this was also a mistake.

Isn’t this a game in the first place? No matter what it was, there was nothing wrong with being strong.

“… What is on this side is the imprint of recovery. Some recover stamina by a certain amount when an attack is successful, and some recover stamina only when you do not perform combat-related actions. There are many types, so it would be good to choose the one that suits you.”

Also, as Daren said, the imprints were divided again in each lineage.

It was quite a task to choose the right one among them.

Moreover, there was one more problem.

“… Your equipment is pretty usable, and your colleagues have armor and some items that are usable, but… To be honest, it’s a bit disappointing to face Odin.”

It was that the number of equipment worth imprinting was small.

In the first place, engraving requires quite a lot of resources.

Gold coins, well, since it’s Jaehyun’s possession of Draupnir, it’s a matter of giving them any number of piled things.

However, the speed with which Darren worked was the problem.

The reason I was able to work on Jaehyun’s object quickly yesterday was because I had often worked on the imprint of destruction.

Others will take at least two days per site, he said. As Jaehyun, he had no choice but to worry.

If it took that much time to carve an imprint, it was better to do it with good equipment.

Because of this, he concluded

“Then it would be better to ask another dwarf for the equipment, both in terms of time and efficiency.”

“That’s how it is. Well, in the first place, I’m the best at engraving, but other dwarves are the best at making equipment.”

“Another dwarf?”

Jaehyun had two names that immediately came to mind. The corners of his mouth go up.

Daren sighed as he saw that sinister smile.

“okay. as you think It’s the Brock-Eytri brothers. From the looks of it, the things you have seem to belong to them too… I can’t handle all that power.

Apparently, its power was downgraded in the process of being delivered to Midgard.”

It was a bit strange to say delivery, but it wasn’t wrong.

Because Jaehyun had already guessed the part related to him.

He opened the equipment window for a moment and was lost in thought.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Brock-Eitri’s Mithril Earring (Unfinished)

Grade: S

Earrings made by the Brock-Eytri brothers. It uses mithril, so its strength is very high.

It is an unfinished work, in a state where it has not been able to draw out the proper power.

All stats: +50

*If you meet a brother and smelt it, you can draw out the full power of the earring.

It was a detailed information window for earrings, one of the Broc-Atri brothers’ 3 accessory sets.

Also, it is clearly written there.

*If you meet a brother and smelt it, you can draw out the full power of the earring.

‘I don’t know what the exact effect is, but it’s most likely a nonsense effect. Even if it’s not, it’s a fraudulent item that compensates all stats by 50.’

Besides, the weight of the names of the brothers Brock-Eitri in Norse mythology was no joke.

Starting with Gulinbrusti, a wild boar with shiny fur and a huge body, Draupnir.

In addition, it was they who made Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, one of the strongest weapons in mythology.

Even compared to other major dwarves and traitors, the sons of Ivaldi, they are at a level that is not inferior at all. He was the best production partner for Jaehyun.

“The Brock-Eitri brothers are the dwarves we saw in mythology, right?”

Jaehyun nodded at Ahn Hoyeon’s question.

“okay. that’s right.”

“… Where are they now?”

This time, it was Seo Ina’s question. Jaehyun wasn’t worried at all.

Well, since it was the part suggested by the king, there can be no big problem. If you just call, they will come running right here… .

“… … .”

But why? Darren’s voice never returned.

Jaehyun felt something ominous and looked at Darren and asked.

“… Did the two of them even die?”

“… Unfortunately. not dead Just one minor problem… … .”

“… Unfortunately?”

Seo Eana asked as if she had heard something strange, but Daren did not give a specific answer.

I’m just looking at Jaehyun’s eyes.

“I don’t know what happened again, but tell me. I am in a hurry right now.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Darren finally opened his mouth. As expected, upon hearing his continued words, Jaehyun couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh.

It was by no means a trivial matter.

* * *

A corner of Svartalfaim.

I see two dwarves bellowing and hammering in a hot forge.

Brother Brock-Eytri.

The two dwarves adjusted the intensity of the flame, poured molten metal into the mold, and made miscellaneous things through the forging process.



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Even so, they were suffering from extreme hunger.

Of course, it wasn’t about literal hunger.

said Brock, tossing the hammer aimlessly on the floor.

“I want to make the finest swords out of these sundry antiques… .”

“Me too, bro Brock! The coolest sword… ! It’s thrilling just thinking about it! Good good! Let’s make it right now!”

But his older brother, Brock, quickly shook his head. It was because they had a small, but slightly big problem.

“… … We are so weak that we can’t go directly to collect materials for equipment production… … He’ll probably go looking for it and come back without being able to find the bones.”

Eitri lowered her head at the words of Brock, who had collided with each other.

“… … Oh yes.”

It was for an absurd reason.

The best blacksmiths in the nine worlds, they were not enough eccentrics who only enjoyed making the best weapons, so they were weak.

That’s why he couldn’t even get the materials for the sword he wanted to make.

Indeed, in the eyes of others, it was a sighing situation.

“Even Darren… His Majesty and I recently accidentally yelled at each other while drinking, so going back to the kingdom is a bit scary… I broke an expensive sharpening stone… .”

“I think so too bro… In particular, ‘Black Lion’s Left Foot’ is really strong… ! If I get caught by that dwarf, I’ll really be killed this time! I don’t know, but I probably won’t be pushed back even if I compare it to the Æsir!”

“after… To give such a monster a weapon like that. Daren is also very kind.”

The two brothers were having a bitter conversation.

To be honest, even among the Dwarves, they were ‘assassin’.

Entrepreneurs who are so obsessed with their work that they hardly communicate with others.

Although he is famous as a craftsman, his name is fading due to lack of materials.

In addition, Odin is in power, and Gungnir, made by Ivaldi’s sons, is considered the best weapon. The weapons they made are being devalued by others.

“after… . Are there no slaves to get materials from?”

“That’s right bro. I need a slave.”

slave… !

If you only have super strong slaves to get the ingredients, you can make the best stuff again!

A woman suddenly appeared in front of the two brothers who thought so.

“Buy a slave~ Buy a slave~.”


At that, the two brothers jumped up and carefully put their faces out of the cave. Outside the dark cave, I saw a beautiful human woman pulling her cart like a peddler.

There was a man in it. It was a reenactment. For reference, it is Kim Yoo-jung pulling the cart.

In random scrawled letters on the cart. Slave, sold for two gold coins.

He’s awesome, and he’s good at everything! In particular, it specializes in obtaining materials needed for blacksmithing.

– was written.

below that,

[caution! Personality is a bit dirty.]

There was even a small note written on it.

Brock and Eitri approached him as if possessed.

Eitri asked while touching her lips with her index finger.

“that… If it’s two gold coins, it’s too cheap, so maybe you don’t know the market price… .”

At that time, Brock quickly shut his brother’s mouth as if he had a good idea. Soon after, they chatted and whispered for a while behind the scenes.

“Write! Be quiet, Eitri. It’s a good opportunity for us to buy something! With slaves, we can make weapons again!”

Don’t you know that you can hear everything? The two brothers muttered casually, carefully looked around and asked Kim Yoo-jung.

“Are you really selling that slave for two gold coins?”

“yes. Sure! He has a dirty personality, but he’s still quite usable!”

Kim Yoo-jung said lively. Jaehyun in the cart let out a deep sigh.

Excited, the brothers paid for the gold coin and bought Jaehyun.

The two who handed over the cart. Jaehyun bit his lips tightly with a face of shame.

As for why he ended up like this, the reason was simple.

* * *

about 2 hours ago.

“What is the little problem?”

“They’re saying ‘huge cowards’.”

“… … what?”

“Don’t be angry, just as it is. Because it’s real.”

Darren scratched his head at Jaehyun’s absurd question.

“The ones that don’t trust humans, let alone dwarves, are those brothers. There, he fell very weak. So he will have to be very careful.”

Daren, as well, says they have little money on the subject they are seeking slaves for.

Also, it is at a level where you can’t gather the materials to create artifacts on your own.

It was a total mess.

“That’s not even the biggest problem. It’s the artifacts they have.”


“That’s right. It’s called the «Sneaky Ring», and if you don’t spend three days with other people, you can completely escape from them. Because of that, it is difficult to approach easily.”

In short, it meant that no one could request them while the ring was in effect. Because they are very timid, people who see them for the first time will not believe them.

“Then what do you say to me?”

Tendons sprouted from Jaehyun’s forehead.

Darren raised his hands in a calming gesture.

he replied with anxious eyes.

“therefore… To put it simply… Staying with them, finding a way to keep them unafraid. for example… .”

… … By doing so.

rattle. rattle.

Jaehyun was being taken as a slave.

It was because they judged that even the weakest and most cowardly brothers would not be intimidated by a slave, and that it would be easy for them to stay together for three days.

Of course, there was a reason why Jaehyun came.

… It was all thanks to his defeat at rock-paper-scissors.

To be precise, I decided to send one person who would pay for something else, but the rest of the members made a mess and ended up like this.

“under… .”

Even with the sighs of the slave, the broc-atri brother’s expression was bright.

They seemed completely unaware of the dangers of slaves stronger than themselves.

After only three days of patience, Jaehyun repeated that and vowed that he would never trust anyone in rock paper scissors again.

Even if it’s the co-workers you consider your closest.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 374I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 376
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