I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 381

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Episode 381: The Fifth Trial (1)

“I never thought I would visit this place again in the true form… Tsk. After all, there are no guys who do the job properly.”

A white male god who arrived in Midgard after passing through Bifrost. Heimdall muttered with an annoyed face.

He had just reached his peak.

To be honest, Midgard was not a place he had good memories of.

I challenged the opponent to a fight, and was completely pushed back, not enough to help him wake up, and even lose more than 30% of his rank.

In the aftermath of that time, one of the powders, not the main body, was lost, and Heimdall was unable to move properly for a while.

It seems that the aftermath of that time still throbs in the body.

However, Odin instructed him to clean up the enemy and his allies.

A little while ago, in a conversation, he had asked himself, the gatekeeper, if he could properly deal with the adversary.

It was also boring to protect Bifrost, so Heimdall decided to obey his instructions.

Anyway, the guys who gave themselves shame before. This time, I was about to grind my teeth with the thought of paying back from this side.

For the belligerent Heimdall, this was not something to refuse.

“This time, I will be able to defeat the enemy with certainty. Then you will be favored by Odin… The role of the gatekeeper should be over at this point.”

Heimdall is actually the weakest among the Aesir gods.

Not only combat ability, but also utilizing brilliant ideas and knowledge.

There is almost no part that directly affects the operation of Asgard.

His practical value is at least his flute and his eyes that can see well into the distance.

I could say that was all.

That is why he was assigned to Bifrost.

A loyal dog that watches over others to see if they cross the rainbow bridge, and faithfully reports to Odin if there is any problem.

That was Heimdall’s current address.

“But that is over now. This time I will be able to go higher. If only the adversary could be killed… It can put everything back in place.”

I have already finished talking to Odin.

If you prove your worth, I’ll give you a better spot. I had heard such a story.

Also, Odin granted himself enormous deity.

It is also possible to use one’s power in Midgard.

That’s why he wasn’t rough now.

Clench your fist lightly and open it.


Muscles expand and contract repeatedly. It seems that it is far from the strength of ordinary people.

Even in small movements, the strength is clearly felt.

It was one of Heimdall’s greatest strengths. Even though he is inferior to Thor, there was no one who could easily ignore him anyway.

“then… Shall we find the adversary?”

The corners of his lips went up.

* * *

At that moment, the adversary. Jaehyun was on his way to the fifth ordeal.

He was riding on Poppy’s back, stroking the mouth of his neck, which had grown through gigantism.

The destination is clear. Jaehyun recalled a conversation he had with Hella a while ago.

[Perhaps after you receive all of the dwarves’ equipment and inscriptions, they too will start moving properly. the war… The war is about to open.]

[That’s what happens… Is it a story that the fifth ordeal should be omitted?]

[That’s not right.]

This time, Hel said and put a hand on Jaehyun’s shoulder.

[You have to go through all the trials prepared for you. And the real start of the war…

It means that we who are here now also participate in the battlefield.]

[The anti-Esir coalition… It starts to move properly… ?]


Smir crossed his arms with thick hands. he was

[Adversary. You go through the ordeal and come back. ASAP. Instead of you, we will fight together with your colleagues to protect humans.]

[But if you do… .]

[It’s as you thought. It would be our job to present them with war and its justification. Because they will be able to draw and use more divine power.]

That I hadn’t rushed out of this side. And the reason why Aesir couldn’t put all his power right away was because of his divine power.

The power needed to interfere with each other’s world was working, and they put restrictions on their range of action.

However, if the anti-Aesir coalition introduces other gods to attack them, they will also gain a justification for Odin to act directly.

If so… Indeed, wars escalate and disasters may ensue.

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva.

If you don’t return quickly, you’ll have a more difficult situation if you don’t prove your worth by reaching level 4 of liberation.

This meant that at least half of the world’s population could be wiped out in an instant.

all unavailable. It is different from not being able to save even the person in front of you.

Jaehyun was a person who thought life had seriousness.

It can be called hypocrisy, but the safety of himself, his colleagues, and his family was the most important thing. That’s what he said at a recent press conference.

to protect yourself If you don’t do that, I won’t protect all of you.

It was something he said to others, but it was more appropriate to say it to himself.

In order to move on, you must eventually give up something.

It shouldn’t be the person next to you. I will make it like that.

That’s what it meant.

Because of this, Jaehyun called his colleagues before the fifth trial and said.

[Everyone, before I take the fifth trial, borrow the power of the other gods and kill the enemies. When they come, never die, you have to kill them.



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Maybe I think… Heimdall. that guy will come As the gatekeeper, he is the first to announce the improvement of the war. Because that would be the most rational thing for them.]

Jaehyun’s heavy falling words. However, the colleagues again had bright expressions.

Kim Yoo-jung smiled lively.

[Isn’t this an opportunity to repay what you suffered during the camp? Why are you making such a gloomy face? Not like you.]

[It’s a little scary. I almost died of strangulation then… .]

Kwon So-yul pretended to tremble as she wrapped her arms around her.

Lee Jae-sang and Ahn Ho-yeon also nodded in response.

An answer in place of will.

Hella lifted her tiptoe one last time and put her hand on Jaehyun’s head.

No, it was a motion of sharpening the blade rather than putting it on.

“Don’t try to do everything alone on a subject that has just become a god. Leave this to us. The war has begun… That end will begin now.”

“… Yes. It won’t be too late.”

“of course. You are the adversary. Do you think I will tolerate running away from my fate?”

Hela laughed and said that.

Why? Jaehyun felt her heart melt a little at her restraining words.

There is a place to return to.

Is it because such a feeling spreads deep in the heart?

Because of that, Jaehyun was determined to go through the ordeal as soon as possible and return.

Fortunately, I already knew who the person in charge of the test was.

Even if there was no guide, Hella, he had heard a lot of information about this place. Home to the world’s mightiest wolf.

This was a wetland.

‘Well, the origin of the name is natural, right?’

In Fenrir, Pen has the meaning of ‘marsh’.

So, in a way, it is natural for him to appear in the wetlands.

After getting off Papy’s back, Jaehyun walked through the dark marsh. Slowly, a gurgling sound came from somewhere, creeping up the back and waist.

I could even feel the deep magic power from him. far too high.

It seemed to choke Jaehyun’s breath.

‘This… Is it at least Tyr?’

Jaehyun was convinced that someone with more power than Tyr was here.

And it was confirmed there that the words of Hell and Hella were not lies.

[You are the enemy.]

A black shadow fell over Jaehyun’s head, and a drop of saliva fell on it. Jaehyun lightly bounced it off with magic.

Kreur… .

Along with the wolf’s low cry, the two red eyes radiate light.

Jaehyun laughed at his huge size like a mountain. As described in mythology, the face was exactly like that.

“Fenrir. Are you the master of my final ordeal?”

[Yes. Although I was annoyed at leaving troublesome things to me.]

After Fenrir said that, he began to examine Jaehyun carefully.

The corners of his mouth twisted and went up.

[You seem to be the kind of person who will make me happy, so I don’t regret it. It will be fun.]

“I hope so.”

[Then, let’s start the fifth ordeal.]

the beginning of the ordeal.

Like Fenrir, it was a quick decision and start. The trial with him was very simple, she had already been told by the other gods and giants of Van Esir.

His last ordeal… .

[Fight me and win.]

fight him and win.

This is not an empty word, it means that if you don’t really fight him and win, Jaehyun will die.

―I encountered an opponent with an excessively high rank.

-caution! The enemy reveals a strong sense of triumph!

Jaehyun cleared his head coldly.

Fenrir. An existence that is at the 4th stage of Divine Liberation, unofficially at least on the same level as Nidhogg. Will Jaehyun be able to defeat him?

The answer does not come easily. But it is also true that it must be done.

But why?

“haha… .”

What makes a smile leak out at this crossroads of life and death?

Fenrir raised an eyebrow.

[You seem to be a combat fanatic like me.]

“It can’t be. Can’t you see I’m shaking? Please take it easy.”

It was a curious thing. Jaehyun’s shoulders were clearly shaking.

However, Fenrir seemed to have no intention of reaping his opinion.

he added.

[Why is your body shaking… It’s not because you’re afraid, it’s because you’re looking forward to a fight with me. Did you try to trick me?]


Jaehyun laughed.

“I can’t help it if I get caught.”

Jaehyun immediately made a sword and held it in his hand.

Mythical Longsword. A masterpiece created by the Brock-Eitri brothers, a sword for the opponent is in his hand and begins to aim for Fenrir.

yes this is the last one

The last ordeal will lead you to a higher place than ever before.


Jaehyun narrowed the gap before he knew it, and after accurately shedding Fenrir’s claws aiming at his shoulder, he put his strength into the longsword he was holding.

―The artifact’s special effect is activated.

―[Counterattack Imprint] is activated. Temporarily increases attack power by 200%.

Chow ah!

At the same time, Jaehyun’s sword rode up Fenrir’s leg and cut it vertically.

Streams of blood scatter and fill the sky. In Jaehyun’s red eyes, dark red raindrops slowly begin to pour down.

Jaehyun was sure. that he can win.

And that the end is closer than ever.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 380I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 382
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