I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 384

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Episode 384: The Fifth Trial (4)

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in producing the artifact 《Demon Sword Tyrbing》.

Jaehyun changed his weapon. What he now held was Tyrbing.

He decided to deal with the enemy using Tyrbing, which could inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

‘With the longsword of mythology, the ice wall and the cold that surround Fenrir have been reaped. I hurt him, so from now on, it’s a full-scale battle of power.’

Jaehyun planned to finish the battle within the next three sums.

It was a self-evident fact that the longer the time passed, the lower one was at a disadvantage. The best option right now is to finish quickly.

Fortunately, the Fenrir in front was also burning with a sense of victory, and it was said that he did not like procrastination, so there was nothing to worry about.

All that’s left now is to show off your best and show off your spirit and strength to him.

That was all.

―Active skill 《Overdrive》.

A skill that temporarily doubles attack power. After activating this, move behind the enemy and close the angle. He straightened his sharp sword and stabbed it straight through.

―Active skill «Intangible Sword Type 2―Phantom Sword» is activated.

Even if Tyrbing specialized in thrusting, it was not impossible to use the Phantom Sword. On the contrary, it could be highly praised for being able to repeat attacks very quickly.

In fact, Fenrir was also deeply impressed by Jaehyun’s attack.

[How to use a rapier like that. In addition, the skill was used to nullify the magic sword penalty.

great! His combat sense is at an unmatched level.]

His praise was very sweet.

Anyway, Jaehyun hadn’t been able to win against Tyr before.

He was completely pushed back by the pincers of countless demons and Valkyrie armies, and was unable to defend the kingdom of the elves.

Even though he was chosen by Yggdrasil, this was a harsh reality for him.

It took quite a long time to shake off the sense of inferiority and defeat that was carved deep in my heart.

Isn’t it difficult to treat the deepening emotions in the image that come from not being able to protect them?

Chow! Chow!

The Phantom Sword quickly strikes the enemy’s vitals. So, the Achilles tendon and the places where the muscles meet were cut one after another. Jaehyun’s greatest fighting sense comes from this.


What body parts are weak, and how to make it a little easier to deal with enemies. Jaehyun is strong because he knows this best.

It was this information that had kept him alive since his martial arts days.

Jaehyun looked at Fenrir’s reddish fur and took a step back.

now one sum.

he said with a laugh.

“I win.”

[This time, I took one shot. good night! If you can do that, try it!]


Cold air rises from the floor and aims at Jaehyun’s chest. It means doing it right from now on.

Because it’s a battle where you can lose your life. Avoiding vital points was the basis of sparring, but it was impossible to expect such mercy from Fenrir.

However, the interesting thing is that Jaehyun had no intention of dealing with him with such an absurd mind.

Jaehyun immediately took up the rapier again, and once again launched the next ceremony towards Fenrir.

The third formula of the intangible sword. It was an extended sword.


This time, a moan escaped from Fenrir’s mouth.

After a series of knocks, his terrible resilience finally stopped working.

The effect of the mythical longsword that was used earlier also played a role here.

Isn’t Surt’s flame said to have the power to burn the world? Even if that myth was adapted, there was no way smoke would come out of the chimney otherwise.

At least Surt’s ability is strong, so isn’t that kind of story recorded in mythology?

Jaehyun caught his breath and looked at the giant in front.

An enemy that becomes stronger with just breathing.

And the one who makes even his allies stick out their tongues with his tenacious vitality. That was Fenrir, but he started to be pushed back little by little.

To myself, who was the weakest and spent the past with self-pessimism.


Jaehyun didn’t stop and kept running. If we create just one more chance here, we can win.

Now that you have reached the 4th stage of Divinity Liberation, you will be able to kill all the Aesir gods except for Odin.

That alone would be a great threat to the Aesir.

Of course, I didn’t mean to be satisfied with that, but anyway, the sooner the next goal is achieved, the better. A smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

In order to achieve his goal, he must somehow overcome the wolf in front of him. That too, in a way that doesn’t leave deep scars on him.

‘Anyway, it’s annoying.’

It’s damn hard, but you can’t incur a loss of power on Van Æsir’s side here.

Even now, my colleagues will be fighting Heimdall. Perhaps thanks to the potion Lee Jae-sang prepared, he wouldn’t have suffered from abnormal conditions, but even that wouldn’t be an easy fight.

The life force of his companions was quite tough due to the engraving of the equipment, but he would not be able to bear it if he was subjected to concentrated fire.

So Jae-sang Lee’s potion was used by Jae-hyeon’s colleagues to counteract Heimdall’s flute. In addition, the mythical longsword given to An Ho-yeon.

Perhaps if you have that, you can aim for an unexpected shot.

‘I’ll do my best no matter what. They’re not weak anymore, and I can’t do anything for them.’

Above all, Jaehyun must defeat Fenrir. Objectively, Fenrir’s might was much stronger than Heimdall’s.

Wasn’t Fenrir the one who accomplished the feat of devouring Odin in Norse mythology?

Its power needs no explanation.

After Jaehyun finished his preparations, he threw back his shoulder holding the sword for the final attack.



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Fenrir revealed this.


At that moment, Jae-Hyun threw all of his body strength and threw Tyrbing like a spear.


The sword shoots as if an arrow is flying, and Fenrir’s panicked voice bursts out.

[Are you suddenly going to throw away your weapon in this situation? Whatever you think… ]

“I am.”

At Fenrir’s words, Jaehyun smiled bitterly.

“It’s a wizard.”

―Active skill «Chain of Fire Lv 5» is activated.

―Active skill «Prominence Lv 2».

In an instant, the two gods collided and poured out a harsh noise. As if the world had stopped, it flowed very slowly, announcing the end of the battle.

The winner would be decided in a split second, but it was never decided by carelessness or luck.


With the sound of metal clashing, the chains quickly wrapped around Fenrir’s body. Of course, since it’s an A-class skill, you can’t keep him for long.

That’s why Jaehyun activated one more magic.

Recently learned prominence. The flames of hell, which took away the life force of the purple light, hit Fenrir’s body accurately.


The ground shattered with an unprecedented explosion, and the sky was covered with acrid fire and smoke. Then, a wounded Fenrir appeared.

Due to the effect of the imprint of destruction attached to the shot, Tyrbing’s body is breaking apart. If the user does not relent, the destruction will probably continue.

Fortunately, however, Fenrir was a clever wolf.


―You have cleared the main quest 《The Fifth Trial》.

―You have cleared all the given main quests.

―Compensation will be settled.


The sound of the system announcing Fenrir’s defeat came.

Along with that, more good news was delivered to Jaehyun.

―You have completed all quests. Enter the 4th stage of Divinity Liberation.

―The level of the user is elevated.

At the same time, a mysterious power that he had never thought of before began to fill Jaehyun’s body. when he first got the rank. Perhaps he was more than that, to the point where it wouldn’t be strange.

The overflowing power seemed like it would overflow even if a single drop leaked out, just like water filled to the limit in a glass.

“Are you all ready now?”

At that moment, Jaehyun muttered softly while looking at the system message.

A faint smile hung on his lips.

It was dark like a dark cloud, but it was a smile that could be restored at any time.

* * *

Heimdall’s legs were severed and blood fountains splattered. Blood welling up in the air and pouring out carelessly gave him a creepy sense.

How the hell can a human get to his level. Is it possible to reach the level of a god?

Why did this situation come about?

Even that was unknown.

“We are obviously weaker than Jaehyun, but we are members of the same circle.”

Ahn Ho-yeon laughed. Together with him, Kim Yoo-jung’s magical powers protect him and all her companions. Seo In-na’s seasons were also all ready to use.

It is possible to finish him off at any time.

But even so, Heimdall was trying hard not to have any emotions other than embarrassment. He will have a way to survive somehow.

Wouldn’t another possibility open up if we called Valkyrie here, as Tyr did?

He thought so and tried to touch the communication device.


“What are you trying to do?”

He was completely restrained by the black touch that rose from Hel.

Then Seo In-na’s eyes flashed, and white wings rose behind her back.

―Active skill 《The Second Coming of the King》 is activated.

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».

The skills of the two kings of elves correct Seo In-na’s all stats and bring her to the highest level. Her hair was covered in bright yellow, and her eyes were tinted green.

It was the first time he showed his colleagues.

“pretty… !”

When Lee Jae-sang admired it again, Kwon So-yul hit him in the head.

No matter how much the potion did its job.

Have you forgotten that we are in a state of war right now talking so calmly in front of God?

I couldn’t help but feel anger welling up from my diaphragm.



Dozens of sacred swords floated in the air and pierced Heimdall.

Seo In-na smiled a little, confident of victory.

It was because he was certain that his sword would hit Heimdall’s body directly and then knock him down.

It was then that the strange thing happened.


There was someone who stopped the continuous rain of swords.

It was hidden by a transparent membrane, and the inside was invisible, but her attack was blocked by something unknown.

It’s like… It looked like a barrier.

But who the hell is here?

Hel and the other gods never said that another god had arrived in Midgard… .

“You look ugly. Mr. Heimdall.”

At that time, the eyes of everyone present there went cold. In the eyes focused on one place, it was a crow that emerged from the protective barrier.

Hugin. He, who had been hiding all along, appeared.

However, that wasn’t all. The incomprehensible thing continued in the next moment.

“Cheuk! Huh, Hugin… what is this… ?”

Hugin’s black shadowed hand pierced Heimdall’s left chest and came out.

Heimdall’s body spurted out bloody phlegm with a groan and slowly collapsed forward.

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