I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 385

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Episode 385: A Broken Wall

A hand that pierced Heimdall’s chest.

The owner’s true identity made everyone silent for a moment.

“Hugin… … !”

Hel gritted his teeth and called his name.

Hugin. Aside from why Odin’s raven was here, the current situation was completely incomprehensible to them.

Why did Odin’s raven kill Heimdall, who was on the same side?

Could there be an infighting in Asgard?

There was nothing to know.

It’s hard to understand, but it’s important to focus on what’s happening right now.

If we don’t get even the slightest bit of information, we won’t be able to gain an advantage in the future war against Asgard.

“What are you doing? Hugin? Were you not Odin’s raven?”

“That’s right. I am Odin’s raven.”

At that moment, Hella felt an extreme sense of incongruity. It was because she felt that Hugin’s attitude towards Odin was excessively disrespectful.

He is clearly Odin’s crow. Didn’t you always refer to him as ‘Odin-sama’?

But why now

Do you feel an unknown sense of incongruity in his actions?

She could intuitively realize that the case was taking a new turn.

“Everyone back down!”

Hela screamed reflexively, and Hel immediately created a barrier to trap them.

“What are you planning to do?! Hugin!”

However, Hugin shrugged and raised his hand.

“Do not worry. I have no intention of killing you. I just want to use it forever.”

“Use… say?”

Hel’s sparse voice followed Hugin’s cold sneer.

“That’s right. Just as you did to the adversary, I am only using you. By necessity, and you have done a good job in your role now.

It wasn’t perfect, but… It wasn’t bad.”

Hougin said that and put his hand on the fallen Heimdall’s head.

Even at that moment, Heimdall, who had not completely stopped breathing, gritted his teeth and muttered,

“yes… How dare you… Willing to challenge the authority of Asgard’s gods… Are you!”


Frost settled down at Hugin’s cool voice.

He sneered and deliberately let magic flow into his outstretched hand.

“For a story, there is a character who must leave. Of course, there are those who survive until the end… .”

“what… Soreel!”

“That is not you.”

Along with that, the power that stretched out from Hugin’s hand began to gradually steal away the power that filled Heimdall’s body.

Hell was shocked.

“How… that… Isn’t that divine usurpation!?”

divinity usurpation.

It originally belonged to Loki, but it was passed down to Jaehyun, a power like a holy fire. A skill with an awe-inspiring power that steals the power of a god and raises one’s abilities.

Why does Odin’s raven have it?

‘Hell is right. That skill… … It’s definitely the divinity usurpation that Jaehyun is using. But how is that possible?’

Kwon So-yul thought the same and looked at Hugin with a shocked expression.

Is he no longer on Odin’s side?

However, it is definitely not a person who can be trusted as an ally.

Who the hell was the person who drove Jaehyun to his death before returning?

It’s Hugin.

The crow in front of him killed Jae-hyeon, so he returned.

But you’re going to come and stab Odin in the back?


“It is too soon to tell you everything. But now they are not enemies. There is still work for you to do.”

Hugin continued.

“Because you are still the necessary characters for this story.”

After saying that, Hugin’s body shuddered like a haze and then disappeared. It happened so quickly that no one could react.

It would be foolish to pursue him in this situation in the first place.

No matter how wounded he was, he cut off Heimdall’s throat at once. Not only that, he stole the price.

It seemed like Jaehyun’s original skill couldn’t make all the power his own, but… It was already threatening enough just to be able to steal it from the other god.

Now we have to join Jaehyun and the other anti-Aesir forces to take a countermeasure.

Kim Yoo-jung bit her lips.

‘Hugin’s last words… What does it mean to say that we still have roles left?’

It was a word that everyone was curious about, but couldn’t bear to get out of their mouth right away.

At that moment, everyone thought.

Could it be that he is being consumed as a single role and playing with it under the shadow of the huge black screen called Hugin?

So, what the heck should I do now?

But there was no other way.

Accepting what was happening right now was far more important than that.




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I had to reunite with Jaehyun.

* * *

[It was a great skill. You’re the first person since Loki to cut my stamina this much.]

“under… No matter where I go, I am always compared to Loki.”

Jaehyun sighed deeply and looked at Fenrir.

By the way, isn’t Loki his father? Why is he talking badly about Loki? Doesn’t that mean a lot to the gods?

‘Let’s do it… Well, Hell didn’t show respect to Loki either.’

Plus, honestly, objectively, Loki wasn’t a very respectable father.

Being imprisoned for 10,000 years is said to be due to force majeure, but besides that, one or two minor accidents should have happened.

Isn’t it hard to find a paragraph in Norse mythology where Loki doesn’t have an accident? He thought that even if he wanted to respect it, it would not be easy to say it out of his mouth.

No one would say that his father cut the hair of Sif, Thor’s wife, or made trouble for the other gods by abusive language.

While thinking such meaningless thoughts, Fenrir suddenly opened his mouth.

[Now you have reached a level where you cannot be pushed back even if you fight with anyone except the two gods who are in the realm of heaven and earth.]

When Jaehyun lifted his head and looked at him, he raised an eyebrow.

[Adversary, I will admit it now. You have overcome all five trials. It was fate, but it was a hellish task given to you. I am… To be honest, I didn’t believe it at first.

A human will be born into the world and become the enemy, liberating the nine worlds. I will kill Odin… la.

Can you believe that?]

“You couldn’t believe it.”

[But not now.]

Fenrir nodded and licked his shoulder lightly to help the wound heal. Surprisingly, the wounds on his cold body slowly began to heal, and soon returned to normal.

A sore on the neck will also return, even if it takes a little time. Fenrir has overwhelming restorative power compared to other gods, so it must be especially true.

“Does that mean you trust me now?”

[hmm… Well, it’s me. It’s been a while since I met you, so I can’t say that rashly. However, I knew that you were a man with a will. I can see why Loki believes in you.]

“Does Loki trust me?”

Jaehyun asked that out of pure curiosity. The wolf in front of her nodded her head as if it were natural.

“It was to the point of consuming one of his own powder for the sake of your comrades, not you, so it’s an unmistakable fact. would you have seen Even if it’s just one powder, Loki is Loki.”

“surely… It was unbelievable.”

For a moment, Jaehyun recalled the past when he first met Loki. At that time, Loki hid his identity and fought with himself under the name of Fay.

In particular, at the end, we fought Sigrun together, and until Jaehyun returned from the future, he almost stopped her from reaching the third stage of liberation alone.

For at least several hours, he had bound her with a piece of powder.

That, of course, means that its true body is stronger than that.

Liberation Stage 4.

Even Jaehyun, who has reached that point and feels a more fulfilled sense of godhood, still cannot confirm victory.

He is a trickster, and a god who is already building a complete mythology. It was Loki.

[Loki believes in you. Perhaps more than my children, Nana, Hel, and Jormungandr. I don’t know why because I didn’t tell you, but haha.]

Fenrir said with a strange bitter smile.

Jaehyun shrugged.

“Thank you very much for that. Thanks to someone, I almost died several times.”

[If I had left it alone, I would have just died.]

“That seems to be the case too.”

Still, the arm seems to bend inward. Anyway, seeing my father’s advocacy.

Personal feelings should not intervene in work. Jaehyun was about to click his tongue, but held back, fearing that the wolf in front of him would drive its fangs into his shoulder.

Well, hey, even if Loki’s name is mentioned, he trembles, and he doesn’t even talk about Jormungandr, but it’s because Loki seemed to be closest to Fenrir.

After a while, Jaehyun thinks. Suddenly, a system message popped up.

―You have cleared all of the fifth trial of the main quest 《The Trial of Fenrir》.

―You have acquired the passive skill «Red Mane of Fenrir».

―Displays skill information.

[Passive skill]

Name: Red Mane of Fenrir

Rating: EX

Like Fenrir’s red mane, you gain a strong body and the ability to regenerate.

The speed of wound healing is maximized.

* Wounds inflicted by the attack also recover quickly.

*The farther away you are from the vital point, the faster the recovery speed, and the slower the recovery speed when you are hit in an important part.

After completing the fifth trial with Fenrir, the skill given to Jaehyun was a recovery type. A skill that can be effective even during battle.

It should be able to change his battle direction more flexibly in the future.

‘Did I get roughly everything?’

Jaehyun turned around and said his last goodbye to Fenrir.

“Then I will go. My colleagues are also worried.”

[What are you worried about? I’m just going to rest.]

Fenrir laughed heartily. Then he quietly added a word.

[Then next time we meet… .]

“See you on the battlefield.”

Ragnarok. Jaehyun had to get help from Fenrir.

His power was at an overwhelming level even when he expanded the scope to the whole world.

If only I could go into battle with Nidhogg and Fenrir on both sides… .

‘Just thinking about it makes me proud.’


After laughing, Jaehyun briefly opened the status window to check the party member’s physical strength. Seeing that everyone’s stamina was full, it seemed that Heimdall’s treatment was over.

‘Because I didn’t worry too much.’

I went with Hella and Hella, so what kind of worries did you have?

Jaehyun must have completed the last task. With a satisfied smile, she decided to return to the academy. Because she had to make plans for the next one.

‘Still, things went well. No big deal… … .’

Exactly two hours after thinking that, Jaehyun couldn’t help but put on a puzzled face when he heard about Hugin.

“what? Did Hugin betray Odin?”

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 384I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 386
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