I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 394

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Episode 394: Treasure House of the Gods

A treasure trove full of the most mythical weapons in Asgard.

There is one guarding it.

These are Odin’s rune words and long agony. And it was the product of transcendent black magic.

It was a kind of chimera, and its name was ‘Astel’. It was the guy named for protecting the treasures of the As gods.

Even if I stretched my magic for a moment and measured it, the grade of the monster was indescribable.

Jaehyun frowned.

‘shit… This is not a good situation.’

Astel’s existence is, of course, thoroughly hidden except for the gods of Asgard.

The anti-Aesir forces, including Jae-hyun, were not even aware that such a threatening being was guarding the stone chamber.

Jaehyun looked up for a moment and saw a dog guarding the stone chamber below.

Like Garreum in Norse mythology, he was very large and stained his chest with fresh blood.

Garm was the dog guarding Helheim, and it seems that Odin created a being like this with him as a motif.

[What do we do?]

Kim Yoo-jung asked. Jaehyun couldn’t help but think for a moment.

‘It’s not a big deal to subdue. The really big problem is the noise generated during the suppression process.’

This is where the dead stay. it’s Valhalla

In Norse mythology, the main army of Einherjar and Odin is stationed. Any commotion here could have resulted in an instant encirclement.

[Let’s silence the sound for now and get as close as possible.]

Kim Yoo-jung nodded to Jae-hyun’s telepathy and followed.

Jae-hyun contrasted the figure of Gareum and the guy in Shinhwa more closely, and realized that he was a little bigger and darker.

Other than that, there were no other crops.

‘As expected, I have no choice but to bump into it.’

It was when I thought so.

“Oh, Astel. You are also very sincere. Who dares to stand in your way so stubbornly that you are coming to rob Asgard’s warehouse?”

I heard someone’s voice. The voice was a little frivolous.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and hid in a corner. Soon, his body trembled. He was the one he couldn’t help but know, and he was there.

[…] … it’s thor Hide your magic as much as possible and be careful.]

[…] huh.]

Jaehyun immediately warned. A hammer with a short handle attached to the waist. I saw Thor wearing Mjolnir. He brought a large piece of meat and set it down in front of Astel.

“Here, eat a lot. It is red dragon meat.”

Astell approached Thor and immediately began to eat the meat.

It seemed like a regular thing.

“You must have been very hungry. Well, it can’t be helped to maintain that size.”

Thor, who had been saying that, thought for a moment and then said.

“Anyway, what a strange thing… I thought that even Heimdall would die. He never even thought that he would be killed by his comrades who were not even enemies.”

Astell raised his head and chewed on the bone. Thor had his thick hands on his head.

“I don’t know if it’s dirty giants. At least to die to humans. It’s not something you can easily understand. There must be something wrong.”

As Thor said, he added one last word.

“The most suspicious thing is Hugin… that crow I will definitely catch that dirty back.”

After Thor had finished speaking, he was disappearing across the garden before he knew it.

‘Thor and the discerning gods of Asgard already seemed to know that Hugin had betrayed them. I got information from an unexpected place.’

Contrary to Jaehyun’s thoughts, their bodies were wet with sweat.

It was because I was too nervous.

The two of them barely sighed. If it wasn’t for the invisible robe and skill, there would have been a battle without a doubt being caught by Thor.

Maybe he died from a joint attack.

Thinking so, I felt a chill run down my spine for no reason.

After all, I thought that there is no human being who can remain calm in the face of the primal fear of death.

Jaehyun looked at Kim Yoojung. She also didn’t like her expression.

It seemed that he was greatly shocked by Thor’s rank.

[Are you okay?]

[This is ridiculous… It’s completely different from Heimdall… How the hell… … .]

Kim Yoo-jung sparsely said that. She was pale with fear.

Jaehyun put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down and pointed forward.

[I understand your surprise, but you have to move now. and… … I think we got a chance.]

[…] opportunity?]

Kim Yoo-jung quickly came to her senses and spoke. Jaehyun nodded her head.

[okay. It seems like an opportunity that can only be used once… how is it? Would you like to try it?]

Kim Yoo-jung looked in front of Jae-hyun’s gesture. There, I could see Astel’s eyes slowly closing because she was full.

It seemed he was going to bed soon.

Jaehyun smiled.

[There is a good skill at times like this.]

After getting as close as possible to Astel’s nose, Jaehyun carefully reached out and placed his hand on his head.


Astell, embarrassed by the unfamiliar touch, made a noise, but it quickly subsided.

It was thanks to the magic that Jaehyun had activated.

―Active skill «Sleep Lv 5».

Sleep, a magic that grants a drowsy effect.



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Although it is a basic magic, it exerts an almost invincible effect when used on a sleepy person. To Astel, who was sleepy right now, the effect of this skill meant that it was outstanding.

Kreur… le… .

Jaehyun’s expectations were exactly right. Astell collapsed and began to fall asleep.

Jaehyun smiled in satisfaction.

However, he did not forget to add one thing to Kim Yoo-jung.

[No matter how much I put him to sleep, he’ll wake up in less than 30 minutes. Before that, we have to rob the warehouse. got it?]

[Ah, yes… !]

Kim Yoo-jung immediately nodded. Jaehyun nodded his head with a proud expression.

‘I never thought there would be times when Thor would be helpful in this way… I will use everything that is available.’

Jaehyun thought about that and immediately put the key he was holding into the stone chamber.

softly… !

The sound never leaked out. It was the effect of magic, silence.

Like that, Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung are the treasure house of the gods. In other words, I was able to set foot inside the place where Odin and the As gods lived.

[Papi. You keep an eye on Astel to make sure he doesn’t wake up here. If anything happens, you must let me know right away. Understand?]


Poppy gave Jaehyun a short salute. She was Poppy, who had grown up and learned how to answer quietly over her shoulder.

* * *

stone chamber.

The inside of the place, which is said to be the treasure house of the gods, was truly splendid.

Numerous artifacts piled up everywhere. It was a level that was difficult to gauge the grade even at a glance. At least from S rank to myth, there were a lot of weapons piled up.

However, before coming here for the first time, Frey had said.

He said that he should never touch any other item except his own magic sword. If you do that, Asgard’s security system will activate, so you will surely die.

However, it was not a big problem for Jaehyun. Stealing an item might be difficult, but copying it with magic wasn’t that difficult.

In the first place, the condition for copying arms was just touching it once.

Jaehyun had nothing to worry about.

The security system is activated when you go outside with an item. By exploiting the loopholes in the system, Jaehyun could get more than he thought.

After Jaehyun nodded, he looked around and touched the arms. Thanks to this, the number of weapons that could be copied continued to increase.

However, it is not engraved, so it will be difficult to use it often… .

‘Because each of them has their own characteristics. It’s good if you can use it anytime. Nothing bad.’

Jaehyun thought so, so he didn’t worry.

[By the way, where is Frey’s magic sword?]

In response to Kim Yoo-jung’s question, Jae-hyun continued to look around and answered.

[Maybe I should go inside. Because the other guys say they can’t even handle magic swords anyway.]

Because Frey can only wield her magic sword. He said the other gods couldn’t have put up a security system.

I heard that even Odin’s hands would burn just by touching it.

In addition, magic swords are basically long swords, but can be used floating in the air with magic. It is said to have a rounded end.

Jaehyun started looking for such a weapon.

First the shelves, then the floor, then the walls.

About 20 minutes like that. It was the last time Jaehyun found the sword.

[Here it is. Frey’s magic sword.]

On the wall where his gaze was directed, a longsword that radiated mana that was almost awe-inspiring stood tall.

I said it was on the wall for convenience, but in fact the sword was floating in the air. A sword that floats alone even though nothing is supported on the floor.

Jaehyun reached out his hand as he sensed interest.

Kim Yoo-jung held her breath and looked at Jae-hyun’s hand. It’s not like I’m wondering what to do if it’s not this sword.

It was just because I was worried.

It would be difficult if there was something strange hidden in the sword.

Contrary to his worries, there was nothing wrong with Jaehyun holding the sword.

Frey had said that Loki’s chosen antagonist would be able to wield his own sword, but apparently that was true.

The security system also did not work. First of all, Jaehyun put the sword in his inventory and prepared to leave the stone chamber again.

When I checked the time, 30 minutes had already passed. now there is no way I can only hope Astel didn’t wake up.

Thinking so, Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung hold their breath and step outside again.

A shocking landscape unfolded before them.

There was a large dragon yawning and making a tired expression, and beneath it was Astel, who had already been covered in blood from him.

[What the hell happened… .]

Jaehyun was startled, but Poppy looked back at himself as he raised his foot in front of him.

After shrinking back to his huge size, he flew to Kim Yoo-jung and took her into her arms.

What is it?

How was Poppy able to kill him without a sound… … .

As the question of reproduction deepened, a system sound was heard.

―Fafnir II absorbs the magic of Asgard and grows rapidly.

―Fafnir II learns new skills.

―The rank of King Fafnir II is upgraded to 《Myth》.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 393I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 395
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