I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 395

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Episode 395 Freya (1)

Jaehyun briefly recalled the time when Papi hatched in the past.

I didn’t care at the time, but at the time, it was clearly written in a small way in the system.

[Grows faster in certain environments.]

Apparently, that was the point.

Poppy has also grown quite steeply through the recent level up, and is now on the verge of becoming a mythic level. It was strange that he was able to become a mythic rank this quickly.

Other factors must have come into play.

Jaehyun thought it was an environment unique to Asgard.

Compared to the other nine worlds, it is a place with a vast amount of magic power and countless demon beasts. There was a high possibility that this was the best field for Papi’s growth.

He had received quite a bit of help from Poppy in the process of clearing the road a little while ago, but it seemed that his experience was still accumulating in the process.

‘Perhaps Poppy killed Astel while I was gone, thinking that he would wake up. If it wasn’t for Papi, she would have died.’

Jaehyun nodded and started to check Poppy’s newly acquired skill while hiding himself using stealth magic again.

No matter how emergency it is, if you don’t check the available skills in advance, it could lead to a more dangerous situation, so it’s because you decided that it was better to check it quickly.

[Active skill]

Name: Resurrected Memories

Class: Mythic

Just once, it brings back memories of the very distant past.

*This skill cannot be activated again after use.

*After the magic is activated through memories of the past, the dragon’s past is completely erased.

Jaehyun didn’t know what Poppy’s newly acquired skill meant.

However, I knew intuitively that this skill would be of great help in the final war.

A skill that uses Poppy’s memory as a medium.

I remembered what Hella had said about the value of dragon memories.

She would talk to herself about the gods, about the races and their way of life in the other nine worlds.

Jaehyun smiled and held out his hand.

[good job. Poppy.]


Papi kindly rubbed his nose at Jaehyun on the subject of being held in Kim Yoojung’s arms. Even so, she never came to Jaehyun’s arms.

‘It’s no use raising children… I’m not losing, but I’m a little sad. No snack afterward. Poppy… !’

Jaehyun thought about that and stroked Papi’s head before heading back to the dungeon.

Now, the next goal was to deliver this sword to Frey.

* * *

Inside a prison where the transparent moonlight shines down. Trapped in the iron bars and unable to move, Frey sighs deeply and is immersed in her thoughts.

“No matter how adversary he may be, he is still human. But can he really rob (?) the treasury of the gods? It’s an ominous feeling that I’m about to fail… … .”

Frey’s tone was quite different from when he was talking to Jaehyun.

It was. He’s handsome, and he’s a god trusted by people, but… His mouth was a bit rough and he had a habit of waking up whenever we had a conversation.

In addition, he had been imprisoned in this prison for 10,000 years, so it goes without saying. He was born with a light mouth and a lot of talk.

“Anyway, it would have been better to explain the map to the adversary more properly. Although Loki acknowledged it and said he came this far, he’s still human… Besides, the dragon hasn’t fully grown yet, has it? Chances are you’re still wandering there… … Oh, what should I do… ?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t get lost.”

While he muttered while thinking, Jaehyun suddenly appeared and said,

Frey raised her head in surprise. She was immersed in the world of her thoughts, not knowing that her representation would suddenly speak to her.

Moreover, now he has just discovered his private parts.

Jaehyun didn’t seem to mind it, but… It wasn’t on Kim Yoo-jung’s side.

‘… … Wow, it really wakes me up.’

It’s a lot to say a lot, but his words were basically full of frivolity. If Jaehyun is the smirking type… Is he like a bully?

“The way you talk is like a bully. Something.”

“hey. The thought came out of my mouth.”


“What do you know?”

When Jaehyun spoke, Kim Yoojung hurriedly pretended to cover her mouth.

Then Frey looked at the two with a red face and said.

“you… Did you think that my tone was frivolous?!”


Fortunately, Kim Yoo-jung was an acting genius. Jaehyun felt relieved again.

But Frey’s pressure investigation continued.

“Don’t lie! Making fun of God is a felony. right now… !”

“That’s it, and get a sword.”

Jaehyun stopped talking at the right time and handed the sword to Frey. His weapon, the magic sword. Frey’s face brightened at once.

“Oh, thank you… really… !”

“I apologize for my mistake. But I also have a godhead, so be careful with your words. I’m pretty tall So what is your tier?”

Frey kept her mouth shut. As expected, even the best god in the world can’t overcome ‘Gnimti’.

Jaehyun thought so and used the key he took when he first entered to free Frey.

All the chains that bound Frey were released, and his expression brightened.

After that, he let out a short breath. Jaehyun said to Frey.

“We need to save Freyja. Frey, I need your help.”

* * *

The reason why Jaehyun tried to save Frey in the first place.

Among them, Freya’s persuasion was the most important.



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In fact, Jaehyun was not very confident in persuasion.

The only persuasion he could do was use force to crush the enemy, and then beat his own fear with an attribute afterward.

The kingdom of dwarves. In Nidavellir, I was just lucky.

However, since such luck could not continue, Jaehyun decided to take Frey with him.

It was because they thought that the brother and sister had a deep friendship, so it would be a good hand to convince Freya.

Frey nodded happily at Jaehyun’s suggestion.

“i get it. I’ll do my best to help convince Freya. No, I really want to help. Because that child has to wake up from this hellish nightmare now.”

Jae-Hyun and Kim Yu-Jung traveled around Asgard and heard about Frey’s imprisonment in prison and the outline of various incidents.

He said that although he knew that his sister had lost a child, he was unable to give details because he was captured during the war.

Jae-hyun thought that the siblings were all in trouble, and headed toward the garden they had just passed by.

Freya’s dwelling place. This was Valhalla, which had been avoided a moment ago.

[My brother will be around here.]

At least here, Frey was also a high treason, so he had to save his words.

No matter how much he came to see his younger brother, if he hadn’t judged him as an ally, he could have become poison.

If I didn’t want to die, I had no choice but to be as careful as possible.

[This way for now.]

Fortunately, Frey was well versed in geography. Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung. It was to find the road that the two people would have wandered if they had come.

Jaehyun felt that he was great as a guide in his own way.

‘I’m not sure if the military power is that good.’

In fact, the mana he felt from him was about the top of the 3rd level of Divine Liberation, so he was above the pure force itself.

However, if you fight him with a magic sword, the result will be unknown.

Jaehyun was thinking of showing his skills sooner or later.

If he joins the anti-Aesir alliance anyway, it will be easy to compete with him. If that happens, he will be able to reach the level of Odin, Thor, and Loki more quickly.

Jaehyun felt that in order to fight Odin, he had to rise to the same level. He was doing everything in his power to do that.

Thinking that, I started walking, and before long I came across a long hallway.

The hallway, which had an antique atmosphere with red carpets everywhere, did not seem to be frequented by people.

Untouched drawers and vases were lined up neatly. Seeing this, Jaehyun recalled the story Smir had told him.

[Valhalla is the place where Einherjar and the Valkyries who lead them stay.]

According to Smir, this is where Einherjar originally stayed.

However, recently, Odin’s plan has gone to waste, and the number of Einherjar has plummeted due to the first war in the past.

Recently, there has been no new supply and demand, and it has only decreased, so it was only natural that there were many untouched items.

[Now, here it is. This is the room my brother uses.]

said Frey, pointing to a room at the end of the hallway.

[Kim Yoo-jung, are you ready?]

[of course.]

After asking Kim Yoo-jung for a moment, Jae-hyun put his hand on the doorknob.

The chest area swelled up and then fell down repeatedly. Take a deep breath, relax the muscles of the whole body, and give strength to the hands. yet.


The sound of the rusty door opening was heard, and from there a pure white longsword touched Jaehyun’s nape. A chilling voice landed in his ears.

“Who the hell are you.”

However, Jaehyun was not taken aback.

Because I knew you would react like this. He didn’t strike back to let me know he had no hostility.

Some don’t even respect it. Because he shouldn’t have made Freyja think he was scared.

Jaehyun made eye contact with Freyja, who was looking at him with the most nonchalant expression.

Her lifeless eyes were full of hot hostility.

“I think it would be best to go in and talk. I don’t want too many eyes.”

“I will ask again.”

The sword Freya was holding was transparent and emitted white light. It is the harmony of magic and divinity of the obvious divinity attribute. It was dangerous even to pretend.

“Who are ‘you’?”

“I am the adversary.”

At the same time as Jaehyun answered, power was applied to her sword.

Then, just before the sword cleanly cuts Jaehyun’s throat. Frey intervened, thrusting her sword into her floating enchanted sword.

“Freya. It’s Frey. brother came So take that sword away.”

“Frey… ?”

“okay. grow.”

Freya looked at her brother in disbelief.

The appearance of her brother who appeared was undoubtedly someone she knew. Also, a sword floating in the air. It was also something that only my older brother could use.

Now I know it’s in the treasure house of the gods, but why… .

“I will say it again. I want to go inside and talk.”

At that moment, Jaehyun intervened. he said in a calm voice.

“It’s about your child.”

Freya’s shocked face stood out very clearly in her eyes.

A single drop of blood ran down Jaehyun’s neck. He already knew Freya’s answer to follow.

“… Come in.”

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