I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 396

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Episode 396: Freya (2)

Freyja is Jaehyun and her own brother, Frey. And while guiding his human girl to his room, he was constantly trying to figure out the intention of their visit here.

How the hell did this happen?

It was already well known that the adversary had become stronger. But if you ask me if it’s enough to break into Asgard like now, I thought it was not yet.

Perhaps other gods thought so too.

However, contrary to his expectations, the adversary easily penetrated the gatekeeper in front, and also recovered Frey’s magic sword hidden in the treasure house of the gods.

At least, the level that Jaehyun has achieved right now must be hard to ignore.

However, even so, Jaehyun was not to her liking.

Sigrun, one of the captains of the Valkyries who believed in him and followed him. It was her archenemy who killed her.

To her, who took great care of her family, Jaehyun was, in some ways, an enemy.

Of course, it is true that he ordered the opponent’s attack first.

Basically, emotion made it difficult to reflect on the situation from the perspective of others.

The current Freyja was just like that.

“You said you would tell a story about my child. Explain what you mean.”

Jaehyun used the Sacrifice to neatly treat the cut from the sword that had pierced his uvula, and then took a sip of the tea he was served.

He looked at her eyes and face with a relaxed expression. Freya’s expression showed unobvious agitation.

No matter how long she has been active on the battlefield, she must be weak in front of her own children.

Jaehyun cleared his throat and said.

“Freya. I know Odin is using your child to blackmail you. And I came to you to tell you the hidden truth.”

“It must be in line with the story that they came to capture me.”

Freya immediately grasped the intent of reappearance. Of course, there must be a reason for willingly suggesting that you give yourself information now.

He’s probably saying that in order to subjugate himself to the anti-Aesir faction. However, Freya shook her head.

“If it’s useless, I’ll kill you all here. Frey… It wouldn’t be any different if you were my older brother.”

“Why don’t you listen and judge?”

After thinking about Frey’s words for a while, she nodded.

In the first place, since it was a story about her own child, she could not completely ignore it. In any case, you should listen to the story and make your best judgment about it.

Jaehyun put his hands together and let go of luck.

“Freya. Your child is already dead.”

“… what?”

Freya’s fine brow hardened at once. The muscles in his face twitched and spasmed briefly, followed by an instant release of a massive blow.

It contained the meaning of a clear warning.

Jaehyun felt his body tremble for a moment at the point of gasping for breath, but quickly shook his head and regained consciousness.

“It means that your child has already been killed by Odin and Huginn. can’t go back… … .”


In an instant, the tip of the sword aimed precisely at Jaehyun’s uvula again. However, this time it was different from before.

Jaehyun accurately parried Freyja’s attack with the mythical longsword he had made.

It was a reproduction that had now reached the 4th stage of liberation. It was not soft enough to be subjected to such an attack.

What he suffered a little while ago was only to acknowledge his innocence.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t block Freya’s attacks.

“I don’t want to make a fuss here.”

“That is your case. I could kill you all here.”

Freya gritted her teeth, but Jaehyun replied with a grin.

“If you do that, you will never know the truth for the rest of your life.”

He shrugged and pushed away her sword.

“Do you trust an author named Odin when you haven’t recovered your child for 10,000 years?

He gave you nothing but tragedy. But how can you be sure that your child will come back when you have world supremacy in your hands?”

“Bring the proof. If not, I will not trust you.”

Freya softened up a moment ago, but still tightened her throat.

Jaehyun nodded. After making a simple gesture to ask for the sword to be removed, he immediately pulled out an item from his inventory.

A cup resembling the Holy Grail from Mimir’s fountain.

He gave it to Freya.

“this is… !”

“It is the spring water of Mimir.”

said Frey, interjecting. It was because he recognized this even at a glance, and he had already roughly explained the situation.

Kim Yoo-jung was carefully watching her expression.

“sorry… We saw your memories. The image of holding a child and singing a lullaby… Everything, even the way Odin tricks you. Unfortunately, everything Min Jaehyun said is true.”

“… … .”

Freyja accepted the cup and thought for a moment.

Could this really contain his and Odin’s memories?

Isn’t it something to poison yourself?

I tried pouring magic into it, but I couldn’t find another poison.

This is indeed Mimir’s spring water.

It’s probably the spring water that contains fragments of certain memories.

or any knowledge.

Although Freya realized this, she hesitated.

No matter how much her brother was with her, it was difficult to believe the words of the adversary in front.

No, if that’s the only thing, I’d rather be happy.

After all, she didn’t have much greed for life anyway.



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just… .

‘… … If my child really can’t come back… .’

That was what I was most afraid of.

In fact, the first time Odin asked him to go to war to bring the child back to life. Already she thought her Odin could stab her in the back of her own head.

But in the end, the reason why I had no choice but to follow his words. It wasn’t somewhere else, but because blind love for the child was at work.

own child… .

A child who always held his hand tight and smiled whenever he showed his index finger.

In the world, the necklace containing the child’s soul is called ‘Brisingamen’, and she calls herself a rare villain who ate Odin’s side with only a necklace.

It is a symbol of greed that sold itself to dirty dwarves, and it is said that it is a foolish woman who shares affection with any god regardless of who it is.

None of this was true, but Freya didn’t bother to correct it.

It doesn’t matter if someone else criticizes you or if you are proud of yourself.

Because something that never happened didn’t become a fait accompli.

Moreover, even if he was criticized for it, he wanted his child back.

Even if I had to throw everything away and live in hell alone with nothing.

If only your child comes back, if you smile, you can sacrifice.

I thought so.

however… … If the child can’t come back.

Then, what should be the purpose of your life?

after losing a child.

Freya wandered like a gypsy, was swept away by wild storms, and lived in a hellish battlefield.

At some point, the greatest blessing of life given to her becomes a shadow and oppresses herself. if it’s broken

What should he do?

“… I get it. I will drink the spring water. However, if all of this is a joke, I will never forgive you. Odin is enough to play with my child.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Freya closed her eyes. Then he raises the glass he handed him. I was afraid, but I couldn’t help but check.

Freya loved her child so much. Also, he wanted to get a little closer to this dirty truth.

That’s why she drank all the water from Jaehyun’s spring at once.

My head gets a little dizzy and my vision flickers at the same time.

Then, into a fragment of a memory, her consciousness slowly drifts away.

* * *

After Freya moved away from the world of consciousness for a while, it was only a few minutes before she returned.

This is because the act of showing stored memories does not take a long time. In the first place, Mimir’s magical achievements were also outstanding.

After a while.

Returning, Freya let out a rough breath while holding her head with both hands.

Frey placed a hand on her shoulder, looking concerned. But she was still figuring out if what she saw was really happening.

My child’s soul has been shattered, and only part of it is contained in this necklace?

giving everything Was it just a journey to revive the son who couldn’t even save the result of going to the battlefield while continuing to be stained with the blood of another race?

replace it… how do you accept it

“Everyone go out.”

“Freya. we need your strength Odin’s power is growing stronger. In order to reduce those who suffer like this, the power of the Valkyrie army… .”

“You are the one who killed my subordinate, Sigrun. I still can’t fully trust you. So get out of here right now.”

“Freya… .”

Kim Yoo-jung and Frey muttered at the same time. Freya shook her head.

“Human woman and brother, please step aside. Stay away from yourself for the time being. I need to get a better grasp of the situation.”

“It is an urgent situation right now. It would be better not to worry too long.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Freya’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Don’t rush me. I will kill you.”

“Do you think you can do it?”

Jaehyun responded with the same this time.

It was natural. He also had something to protect.

Her situation is pitiful.

How painful is the heart of a parent who has lost a child? It will be like Jenga that will collapse at any moment.

Each time the block is removed, it continues to shake. Like a boat on a storm, you must weigh your life on the waves every moment.

But Jaehyun couldn’t wait any longer.

After he left his words, he used the stealth magic again to get out of Freya’s room.

“Then see you again. Freya. my little brother.”

Greetings from Frey. Freya sat alone in an empty room and did not speak for a long time.

The tragedy began 10,000 years ago, and her son can no longer return.

She just couldn’t believe it.

Yes, the adversary lied.

No matter how trash Odin is… Inside this necklace, can’t you feel the baby’s breathing and the heartbeat of a newborn baby? It wouldn’t be all lies.

If I had everything in my hands, he would stop letting me go.

After thinking so, Freya made up her mind. He said to Valkyrie, who appeared out of nowhere.

“The adversary will be nearby.”

A dark light lingered in her eyes.

“Go after him and his comrades… Kill them all.”

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 395I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 397
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