I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 398

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Episode 398: The Moment of Reunion (2)

“no wonder. Something is going on here, I said.”

“That’s right.”

The two gods that appeared in front of Jaehyun were Thor and Tyr.

It was like two of the strongest gods gathered in one place.

They hid their presence with Great Silence, but their feelings seemed sensitive enough that even this skill couldn’t cover them.

Well, Jaehyun was quite noisy in Asgard.

It would be fortunate if it was fortunate that there was only this much noise while dealing with two Valkyrie captains, but… … .

It didn’t mean much at the point of being caught already.

Jaehyun sighed.

‘… Dangerous.’

Kim Yoo-jung asked in an urgent voice.

“Uh, what should I do?! Frey, can you do something?”

“I have just been released from the dungeon… My strength is not yet full. I guess… It would be difficult to be of much help.”

“Don’t say that you’re losing weight and use your weapons properly. If there is ever a time to fight a war, it is now.”

Saying that, Jaehyun took Shinhwa’s longsword back into his hand.

Dealing with enemies will be difficult. Two of the strongest gods.

Dealing with them at the same time is not an easy task, no matter how recreated it is.

But it was something I couldn’t help but do.

‘If you screw up here, all plans will be in vain. I can’t let it go like that.’

Jaehyun thinks so and first kicks the ground towards Tyr.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

His model, which had been shot toward Tyr in an air leap, abruptly broke.

An angle that is considered unnatural.

However, it was familiar to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun’s sword is swung diagonally from the bottom left to the top right.

Thor pulled out his hammer, looking a little taken aback by the adversary’s attack, which was more agile than he thought.

The dwarves who killed Hrungnir and also made weapons for Jaehyun. Artifact created by the Brock-Aitri brothers. It was Mjolnir.

The perfect weapon for Thor, who rules the thunder, rushes in to crush Jaehyun’s head.


Jaehyun used his body’s elasticity to make up for his lack of strength. along with this.

Chae Ae Ae!

With the sound of metal clashing, Jaehyun and Thor’s bodies were pushed back little by little.

‘can do. If this is enough.’

Jaehyun was sure. At this level, he would be able to fight on equal footing with Thor and Tyr, who were weakened by Hrungnir’s whetstone fragments.

He also has skills to protect himself at the worst moment.

They may also be able to use field magic, but the anti-Aesir coalition said in the past.

Jaehyun’s field magic. The Red Moon Plateau is several times more efficient than the others.

In addition, the effect of the mythical longsword that the Broc-Eitri brothers recently made was the amplification of the effect of this field magic. A skill that can elevate reproduction to the pinnacle along with divine usurpation.

After thinking for a moment, Jaehyun fixed his sword again.

His momentum changes completely.

taking a breath After relaxing the muscles of the whole body, it observes the movements of the enemy like a beast. Concentration to see through everything.

This will eventually allow you to find the slightest gap in them and stick a sword through their necks.

* * *

A night with a full moon in mid-heaven.

Having made up her mind, Freya visited Odin’s palace with a gloomy expression.

It was to ask him about what he saw while drinking Mimir’s spring water a while ago. There were many reasons, but the most important was that Mimir’s spring water was real.

Mimir. A giant of wisdom and a being who knows nothing.

Why did he have fragments of his memories?

Could Odin really manipulate even that?

nothing was known

Freya just said that her child is fine now. He only wanted to hear that now he was still breathing in the necklace.

So, I was thinking of going to Odin’s palace and bluffing him. When this Ragnarok is over, I hope he won’t bother me anymore.

Stop asking for the child back.


“How is Freya these days?”

“Mrs. Freya says she is diligently looking for the ‘star of the far abyss’. I can’t seem to find it easily…

It’s something that’s stuck, so you’ll do it somehow.”

A conversation between Odin and Hugin. Upon hearing him, she hides her presence unknowingly.

The conversation between the two continues.

“by the way. It’s a big deal to keep bothering me to return the child’s soul hidden in Brisinggamen. She asks for what she doesn’t have anyway… .”

At those words while pulling Odin’s beard, Freyja’s body trembled.

Hugin’s gaze briefly moved toward the entrance of the audience room.

“What is going on?”

“… no. I guess it’s because of my mood.”

After saying that, Hugin politely continued.

“Perhaps Freya-sama will believe it, even if it is a lie that she can save her child.

He is a person who takes great care of his children… Even Sigrun was killed by the adversary, so that must be true.”



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“okay. what a child’s job… Dealing with her after her war is over will solve everything. Nothing to worry about.”

Freya, who was listening to the story behind her, hardened her expression.

Odin and Hugin. He said his child was already dead.

It was as the first antagonist had said.

‘Dead? My child?’

He was the one and only precious child.

Her husband had already died in the war, and that was all she had left.

But why should he have to suffer like this?

A series of incomprehensible situations. The biggest thought at the center of it was, of course, the extreme sense of betrayal towards Odin.

No matter how trash he was, he knew how to keep his promise to have a child. However, even that is a lie fabricated to draw oneself into the war?

At least when he destroyed Vanaheim and brought Frey and himself back, Odin said he would treat him at least.

In addition, he said that he would return the child’s life if he lends his strength.

But it was all lies… .

At that moment, Freya made her decision while shedding bloody tears.

built sometime. The plan to destroy Asgard that I told Sigrun. that it should be implemented as soon as possible.

That they had to stop meaningless battles and stop the two Valkyries who were fighting against the enemy.

But unfortunately, it was already too late.

“This is news that the adversary has invaded Asgard. It is said that Lord Thor and Lord Tyr stepped forward to deal with them.”

A voice from another servant of Odin.

It was like a death sentence for the enemy.

Perhaps the adversary will die here.

Freya bites her lip until it bleeds, reminding herself that even if he dies here, she will somehow get her revenge on Odin.

* * *

When Jaehyun’s momentum changed completely, Thor stuck out his tongue and said.

“Adversary… It’s also more than I thought. I thought what a great guy he was for killing my son… I guess I was right. You have a natural talent for combat. It’s terrifying.”

As a born combatant, Thor was more interested in the way he fought than in killing his own son.

He was of numerous races at the time of the first Ragnarok in the past. In particular, he was greatly disappointed that he could not meet his rival while slaughtering a giant.

It was regrettable that this time, too, I would encounter only such enemies, and that Odin would win easily.

But that such a person exists… To him, Jaehyun was a very fun toy, like a battle doll rolling in front of his eyes.

Even so, he said with a fishy sneer in his mouth.

“If you think it’s worth a try, you’d better give up.”

It was as if he had read Jaehyun’s thoughts.

Jaehyun responded in the most calm voice.

“well. Why should I?”

“Because I am with Tyr.”

Jaehyun couldn’t answer further. No matter how much he is Kim Yoo-jung’s buff and Papi’s passive skill.

And even with Frey’s help, it wasn’t enough to deal with both of them at the same time.

Besides, Frey can’t show his full potential yet.

How the hell do you have to fight to survive in such a situation?

‘Think about it.’

Jaehyun emptied his head endlessly and put his swords together.

When Thor came swinging his hammer, he knocked it off. After deflecting the path of the sword he struck, Tyr fired the sword again.

Jaehyun was able to break Tyr’s attack after collapsing the ground with his foot, but it was just a fluke.

Gradually the enemy will become stronger.

The gap will decrease, and you will be cornered.

Also, Kim Yoo-jung and Frey may catch their ankles.

Well, Kim Yoo-jung is already doing her best in this situation by giving herself buffs, but… .

‘It’s still dangerous. Being able to die is the same.’

Jae-Hyun collapsed while thinking that, and then finally recovered two Valkyries and two Aesirs. And I saw the army of beasts following him.

How can I win on my own?

He pondered for a long time, but even during that time, the enemy’s attacks continued.

Chow! Chow!

The scars on Jae-Hyun’s body start to increase gradually, and his cuts deepen.

Jaehyun was attacked by Mjolnir and shook off the weak current flowing through his body with magical power.

Fortunately, as the first skill he learned was a lightning-type skill, it wasn’t too difficult to scatter the current.

However, they were unable to block Tyr’s subsequent attack.

‘shit… !’

“Min Jaehyun!”

Kim Yoo-jung shouted urgently and tried to change the sword’s trajectory. Frey also tried to protect him by using the magic sword.

But the speed was absurdly lacking.

Can not help it.

Here, after being cut once, grab an enemy, and take Lee Jae-sang’s potion… … .

It was when Jaehyun leaned forward, assuming the worst.

“It is unforgivable to touch my groom. Do you know how many years I have waited?”

A familiar woman’s voice was heard from somewhere, and a gale rushed in.

At that moment, after the owner of the voice wearing the robe put a protective shield on Jaehyun, Kim Yoojung, and Frey.


Activated powerful transmission magic.

Jaehyun saw it at that moment.

The one wearing the robe, he was the owner of a face that was very familiar to him.

And that she was a woman who reminded me of someone I missed.

The delicate green eyes shone transparently, and the raised blonde hair and slightly playful expression stimulated Jaehyun’s scent.

In Jaehyun’s eyes, the image of a girl he had seen while attacking the tower in the past was becoming a lady.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 397I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 399
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