I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 400

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Episode 400: Ruina (2)

“You still don’t realize how strong you are.”

It was such an unkind word that I thought it would not be suitable as an opening sentence. Jaehyun waited patiently.

Loki’s explanation continued.

“You have a talent close to awe that no one can handle. However, I haven’t been able to put the last puzzle of it together yet.

Level 5 liberation. There are things you need to realize, at least in order to rise to a position on the same level as me.”

Jaehyun couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“What do I need to realize that I can be strong?”

“that… I can’t tell you. There is a reason for that.”

“Ha, true. It was like that originally too. You class Æsirs also hide a lot from me. I thought it would be better now.”

Loki smiled and put his hands in his pockets.

“What can I do? really I have my own circumstances, too.”

“Anyway, find a way for me to understand somehow. In short, that’s the story. Just like the ordeal I’ve been through so far. is not it?”

“What is it? But I thought I could give you a hint.”

Jaehyun held out his hand and said.

“Then give it to me.”

“No, look at the snobbery… I never said to give artifacts? I said I was just giving you a hint.”


“Hey, did you just get tongue-tied? Are you tongue-tied?”

Haha, it was after Loki smiled naturally.

“Well, don’t be so discouraged. A hint would be quite helpful… It must be surprisingly easy to interpret.”

Loki said, choosing his words carefully. How many minutes was it like that? Words slowly began to flow from his mouth.

“The most suspicious thing you’ve seen while reaching the present state. that will lead you That is your subject, everything, and destiny.

… That’s all I can say.”

“… Did you pass on the giants too? why? It seems that guys like Hrungnir and Smir often gave you quizzes, right?”

“What is it? Every time I hit it with force, though.”

After saying that, Loki looked up at the dim moonlight for a moment.

His red hair shines brightly. In a strangely mysterious appearance, Jaehyun started looking up at the moonlight together without realizing it.

But then. For some reason, a sudden severe headache began to appear in Jaehyun’s head. A pain that spreads slowly. It wasn’t just pain.

It seems like something else is mixed… … .

Such sensations stimulate the whole body.

“Ugh… !”

“uh? why are you like this?”

Loki seemed flustered and reached out to support Jaehyun’s shoulder. It was an urgent and worried expression that was not befitting the appearance of a trickster.

Jaehyun frowned and said.

“headache… this… .”

He felt something passing through his brain in a shattering pain.

Then, his hair turned white, and cold sweat broke out all over his body.

Loki quickly started pouring some of his godship into him to relieve the pain. It seems to have worked quite well, and the pain gradually eased.

“ha… .”

After a while. By the time Jaehyun came to his senses, albeit weakly.

“hey. Loki What the hell… .”

In Jaehyun’s eyes, he raised his head, and Loki had already disappeared.

However, before disappearing, when he was feeling pain, he remembered clearly what he said.

[There is a possibility. I will suffer a little, but.]

It disappeared before I could even ask what it meant, so there was nothing to talk about. haha How ignorant was Loki.

So far, he has seen only a handful of them.

Perhaps this time, it came on its own and disappeared on its own.

‘This isn’t some kind of stray cat… … .’

Anyway, he’s a very busy guy.

After swearing, Jaehyun went back to the ruins.

at that time. Under the burning sky, Loki, who had hidden himself above the building before he knew it, murmured softly as he tried to hold on to his beating heart.

“you… … You haven’t forgotten everything.”

* * *

To speak of the results, the skills of the elven soldiers that Ruina raised were of a high level.

I didn’t even think about it, but it seems that Jaehyun learned from the past that he trained soldiers in Alfheim over his shoulder.

King, you should know it well since you watched your father and mother rule Alfheim from the sidelines. His older brother was also a highly skilled guards commander, so he naturally had leadership.

‘Besides, he was born with a genius talent for magic… Could have grown more easily. If the time is 10,000 years, he’s going to be amazing.’

Her talent and time were far beyond the limits of her race.

The stage where Lars reached the end. As much as Aindel was born.

Because it’s been a long time since I surpassed all of them.

Jaehyun was satisfied. At this level, the elven army will be a great ambush for the enemy in Ragnarok.

“how is it? Are you satisfied?”

“huh. That’s great.”

Jaehyun presented pure impressions. It’s a natural answer.

It would be difficult to find a soldier trained to this extent even among the Valkyries. Unless you’re a captain, there aren’t many spears that are polished like this.

“Min Jaehyun! Did Frey call you?”

“okay. I’ll go. Louisa, leave your seat for a while.”



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“yes! Whatever you do, do it. West!”

Louisa answered that energetically.

Strangely, Kim Yoo-jung’s gaze seemed disapproving, but now it’s a busy timing. Here she added something, which hurt her ego a little.

I don’t know why… … .

Of course, Jaehyun didn’t care too much and headed to where Frey was. He had a lot of responsibilities that he was responsible for.

From the moment he accepted his fate as the antagonist. Jaehyun had a destiny to struggle to advance further and to do his best to rally the anti-Aesir forces.

After a while. When I headed to Frey’s room, he opened the door and invited me to sit down and drink tea. He had a very haggard face.

For a while, he seemed to be quite troubled by his brother.

“First of all, I want to apologize first. I didn’t expect my brother to come out like that… Because of their friendship, she was unguarded. That’s what any parent would do in front of their child… … I guess I overlooked it too much.”

“it’s okay. Rather than that, talk comfortably.”

Jaehyun said dryly, but… In fact, it was true that Frey wasn’t helpful.

I’ve even been able to find a magic sword, but I haven’t recovered my strength in battle yet. Jaehyun almost died there.

What if you used the Red Moon Plateau?

There must have been a more difficult situation, and one of them would have died.

Not to Odin, but to a lower god.

“after… Thank you for your understanding. You’re someone I can talk to so easily. It’s good that there are people like this. Don’t you think so too?

Anyway, what I want to say is… That there is good news and bad news. What would you like to hear?”

Frey almost spat out his rap with a rapid-fire cannon. To be honest, I hardly listened, but Jaehyun raised his head after hearing the last words.

Words from Frey.

It was because it was a story that aroused Jaehyun’s interest.

Under these circumstances, I was convinced there was more bad news.

But can there be any good news?

In fact, Jaehyun was thinking that it was fortunate that he was able to reunite with Ruina and receive help from the elves.

So, he had no choice but to focus on the positive stories Frey was telling.

“I will listen to the bad things first.”

That’s why I decided to listen to the bad things first. This is because in order to devise countermeasures, it is necessary to anticipate the worst in advance and respond to it.

“Looks like Odin has recovered all his powers. He said he could mobilize a large army in Midgard… That’s the story.”

In fact, this wasn’t even bad news.

Although it is a problem that the timing was a little earlier, after Ragnarok started. It was bound to happen at any time.

Odin continued to try to intervene in the other nine worlds, and to do so required enormous divine power. He’s been working hard to get it back… just successful

It was a story that there was nothing special about it.

Jaehyun nodded and asked the next question.

“What’s the good news?”

“It means that I have recovered all my strength. At least it has a power close to the 4th level of liberation, so it can be of great help by force.”

“That is very fortunate.”

Jaehyun could barely breathe.

This will give you some peace of mind when you return to Midgard.

Kim Yoo-jung is now trying to look ahead to the second stage, so she can’t fight against God alone yet.

In such a situation, it was entirely reenactment to run into danger when encountering more than one enemy.

It would be perfect if he, who had properly recovered his strength, would join us.

Moreover, Louisa also said that she would live in Midgard for the time being to prepare for war with Jaehyun.

There will be no problems with the enemies you encounter on the way back.

Jaehyun thought about it and shook his head.

Whatever the situation, things are going on. how does it move now

And can the remaining colleagues and raiders break their limits and grow further? It was important to be prepared to defend yourself.

* * *

again the next night.

Ruina kicked off the blanket several times at night and was immersed in thought for a long time with a red face. She was, of course, because of Jaehyun.

The man who healed her leg and saw through it for the first time. She truly loved him.

very short. Especially for the elves, it was only a fleeting moment, but Jaehyun gave a lot to Ruina.

Faith and courage that you can do it yourself and move forward.

Not only that, but also the strength and faith to do our best.

Everything helped her get to a better place.

… But there was one problem.

Jaehyun is all good. There is nothing wrong with that.

If it’s a problem that it’s too good, then it’s a problem.

“Around… There are too many women!”

She threw one of the pillows by her head and sighed.

The first time I saw Seo Eana was also very beautiful. It was because all human beings had alluring black hair and beautiful eyes that made me wonder if they looked like that.

However, Kim Yoo-jung, who I saw this time, had another charm.

She has a cheerful and bright personality, and is said to have spent time with Jaehyun several times longer than herself.

The odds of losing yourself in this fight are too high.

Even the common sense of elves. So, the culture of being able to marry multiple men and women seems to be a system that is still difficult for humans to accept… .

“under… . Still can’t help it! It’s too early to give up!”

He has been waiting for 10,000 years.

She decided to believe that she had a chance, and finally fell asleep.

I couldn’t help but fall asleep. It was because she had to go to Midgard with her Jaehyun from the next day.

just before falling asleep. Why? It was as if Aindel’s lullaby he had heard in the past was ringing in his ears.

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