I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 403

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Episode 403: A Star in the Distant Abyss (2)


The day before leaving for Niflheim.

Arriving in Midgard with Jaehyun, Ruina immediately gave instructions to the elves.

It was to put the army on standby and be ready to fight at any time afterwards.

Like Louisa, the new king of the elves, they were loyal to her word.

I was just about to say that I would risk my life to fight right now.

Thanks to that, things got a little easier, and Jaehyun was able to feel at ease.

He looked at Ruina and patted her on the shoulder.

“thanks. Louisa. It made things a little easier.”

“yes! Then will you marry me?”

“… … under. Why do you always say that… .”

Jaehyun sighs and tries to answer, but he feels a stinging gaze from behind.

It was Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na. Apparently, they were in a position where they couldn’t help but worry about Ruina and Jaehyun having a conversation.

Even if it’s not, I’m not the only one who’s worried because of love.

However, the stone that rolled in came out with a very strong and capable stone. It wasn’t easy even if I tried not to be vigilant.

Jaehyun knew this too, so he chose to keep his mouth shut.

It was because there was nothing he could do right now, and if Ruina came out like that, it would be impossible to handle it.

He had a lively personality, but after a long time, it seems to have gotten worse.

‘… I never thought I would really wait for 10,000 years.’

Why did you wait for yourself when you have a pretty face and a good personality? It was a reenactment that made me think that way, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Right now, the priority is to make sure the army can operate properly.

“I will explain the plan from now on. Stay focused and listen.”

After Jaehyun calmed down, he started talking in earnest. The first thing to be maintained is to secure the star of the abyss.

After heading to Niflheim, to find the star in the far abyss there.

“The content is very simple, but… .”

Kwon So-yul crossed his arms and let out a sigh. Ahn Ho-yeon also seemed to agree. she said as he pushed back her chair.

“Is that that easy? As expected, the Aesir side will also start to move… I mean, in the end, you have to fight.”

“… I know.”

Even Seo Ina had a worried expression.

All of my colleagues pondered for a long time about whether there was a method with the highest probability, but the answer did not come easily.

Jaehyun didn’t think deeply. It was because he had already guessed who would be waiting for him there anyway.

Tyr. God of War.

Thinking of the guy waiting there made my blood boil.

The memory of the time when he couldn’t save Alfheim came back, and seeing the lively smile of Louisa, a survivor of the tragedy, only added to his feelings.

‘You must know where Tyr will appear.’

It would have been better to move in harmony as much as possible. Also, in order to do that, you have to organize your party well.

This time, especially since the other anti-Aesir forces also decided to help him.

Anyway, now the restrictions on each other’s divine powers have been lifted.

From now on, the battle worthy of the title of the war of the end will continue. The collision between gods will continue, and death will come as a daily routine.

The anti-Esir forces presented their opinions, but in the end, everyone decided to follow Jae-hyun’s words. After all, Loki and Jaehyun are in the same position as the co-heads of Van Aesir.

It was a decision on its own, but Jaehyun also thought it was right.

As long as he was born with the fate of the opponent, in the end, this fight had to be his own stake. You have to decide for yourself and accept whatever results come out without resentment.

because that’s the best

“Perhaps the far-off star of the abyss is in a pretty corner even in Niflheim. To put it simply… It can be seen that it is almost close to that boundary.”

“It’s a borderline… .”

Jaehyun nodded at the words of Kwon Soyul, who had already roughly grasped the location.

If so, there was a possibility that a battle would take place in another world, that is, a world that was connected.

Jaehyun is so worried.

Suddenly, Jormungandr suddenly opened his mouth and teased his tongue.

[As expected… It is the edge of the polar regions. I was thinking that I had something to point out, but it seems to be the same.]

He had a very serious expression, so Jaehyun couldn’t help but ask why.

“Why did you think that? If you sense a special magical power… … .”

[That’s it. Of course, because Niflheim is a cold place… .]

“It’s because it’s cold… ?”

Hella asked like that.

Everyone in the meeting is choked up in tears. Jormungandr, who was watching it, said with a smile of repentance.

[You don’t seem to know that you always have to go to the corner when it’s cold. Do you know why? Because the corners are 90 degrees! It is said that it is the hottest place!]

“Ouch! big… !”

“… … .”

“… … We will continue the meeting.”

In the empty silence, only the voice connecting Hel’s meeting and the sound of Jormungand’s tongue flicking. And only the sound of holding back laughter of Hella’s giggles resounded.

Jaehyun seriously contemplated whether to pull out Jormungandr’s tongue for a moment and return it, and the meeting was over. The next day, they headed straight to the world of fog and frost.

Niflheim. To search for the stars in the far abyss.

* * *

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Jaehyun and his companions who went to Niflheim. Unsurprisingly, he started moving in the Æsir.

It was as expected at first.

Also, the god waiting there is a god with a long white sword.



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He had already faced Jaehyun once before.

Tyr. The god of war was there.

“I can’t find the exact location either. It’s a star in the far abyss… It’s something I’ve never seen before. It won’t be easy to find.”

It was as he said.

If it were easy to find the stars in the far-off abyss, there would never have been a time when we couldn’t find them all until now after 10,000 years.

In Jaehyun, the existence of Kwon So-yul, an excellent searcher, made this possible, but they weren’t.

Being omniscient and omnipotent as a god appears only in other myths.

get rank And get stronger.

Through these two processes, anyone can become more of a god.

Nothing special.

You can gain rank and advance to a higher level.

Knowing that, Tyr had no choice but to bite his lips.

“Adversary… This time, I will deal with him somehow.”

Tyr wanted to clear his doubts.

adversaries that existed in the past. And the unknown source of the mystery that exists between him and himself. Where does this come from?

You have to figure it out. I felt that I had to do that.

However, at the same time, it was not entirely without anxiety.

war in the past.

At the time of destroying the kingdom of the elves, when that cruel bloody wind blew. The one who hurts himself is the enemy.

If that kind of person became stronger over time… .

‘Maybe he’s stronger than me.’

All of the comparisons were done. And this time, in order not to make a mistake, he finished all preparations to deploy his field magic as well.

No matter what happens, you will never lose.

A fishy smile formed on Tyr’s lips.

Niflheim is filled with only the chilling cold. In the meantime, countless soldiers are stationed there.

Only magic beasts with freezing properties have been specially accompanied.

Wasn’t dealing with demons his main method of fighting?

In the current situation, if you push through numbers, you will be able to quickly deal with the opponent. He shouted at his soldiers, convinced.

“If you win this battle, I promise you a sumptuous banquet every day for 9 days in Valhalla! Let everyone fight with all their might!”


A wild roar erupted.

It was at such a time.


With a huge explosion, I felt the earth shake and the sky turn purple.

What the hell is this?

Before he could even comprehend it, breaths mixed with venom started pouring from the sky like rain.

A breath that burns the flesh of the soldiers with a chiik sound. It belonged to a dragon Tyr knew well.

“Nidhogg… … !! Were you hiding in a place like this!”

[Hiding. It’s funny. Do you think I was just hiding from you? Conceit is too much.]

Nidhogg’s venom wiped out half of the soldiers in an instant.

Tyr shouted in a furious voice.

“Such a piece of trash! I will tear you to death!”

[I’m sorry, but I need to correct one thing. Unfortunately, I am not the one who kills you.]

Chae Ae-Aeng!

At the same time, the white sword that had flown before I knew it was aiming at the nape of Tyr’s neck.

He reflexively raised his sword from his waistband and managed to parry the attack, but he was forced to take a few steps back.

Tyr was slowly stunned as he saw the face of his enemy with a sword pointed in front of him.

“Adversary… ! Did you come too?”

“okay. I wanted to kill you with my own hands.”

The opponent, Jae-hyun, smiled calmly and turned the sword vertically.

Tyr’s sword began to be swept away by the power of reappearance.

‘What is this… It’s absurd strength!’

I was convinced in the moment of Tyr. At least it is impossible to deal with this guy with a sword.

Everything from pure stamina, strength, and agility is at a level where everything is reaching a far-off level. At least it means that the 4th stage of liberation is far beyond.

Also, that means… .

In the end, as he expected, it meant that the enemy had become several times stronger than in the last battle.

We don’t know the details yet, but at least in a one-on-one match, we can’t be sure. Tyr couldn’t get the possibility of his own defeat out of his mind.

I was planning to deal with the enemy with an attack using a monster, but with the appearance of Nidhogg, even that could become difficult.

‘Now the number left is… After all, is that the best?’

While he was thinking, he looked at him coldly and sneered at him as if an adversary had cut him off.

And then, it connects coldly.

“Tir, I hate you. To the point where I want to kill him right now.”


In an instant, Tyr felt the pressure he could feel from an overwhelmingly strong man and pulled out the sword that was colliding with him. The weak side he showed when fighting Odin or Thor.

But he wasn’t ashamed of his actions.


The evidence of this was the cut on his cheek and the scars in various places.

Even at that moment, Jaehyun’s eyes just sit coldly.

Jaehyun was replaying his memories. The kingdom of the elves, Ras, the dead soldiers, Aindel.

It was okay even if what I was trying to do now was revenge. Jaehyun was going to do whatever his heart felt.

Now kill Tyr here.

‘I’ll break a chain here.’

Jaehyun raised his sword and slowly began to release his divine power.

A mixture of black and white flames rises from the tip of the sword.

Like a ink painting, the drawn sword moves forward, leaving an afterimage and disrupting the enemy’s breathing.

Jaehyun shrugged, enjoying Tyr’s face turning blue.

“Today is going to be a pretty long day for you. Wouldn’t it be better to be prepared?”

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