I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 404

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Episode 404: Requiem (1)

Just now.

As soon as Jaehyun arrived in Niflheim, he visited Idun’s garden.

Also, I saw a bored goddess who was quietly drinking tea there, and a heavy guy holding a shovel and whimpering while digging the ground.

It was Idun and Nidhogg.

At the time, Nidhog was in the process of restoring Idun’s garden for destroying it, but Jae-hyeon confidently told Idun.

[I’ll borrow some. Because there is a bastard to kill one guy.]

[…] … too bad. What about my garden… .]

[That’s only meaningful when the world doesn’t break. Idun, you seem to be free at the same time, so please find a star in the far abyss with my colleagues. I’m a bit busy.]

the result of that.

Jaehyun came here with Nidhogg to deal with Tyr.

‘For war, you need the ability to control the majority. That’s what Tyr told me.’

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to pay back a little.

Jaehyun laughed and looked at Shin, who was frightened by his sword and backed away. Sensing that his face was becoming pale, he opened his godhead.

The monsters here are the dead who were imprisoned in Nastrond for committing all sorts of sins with Nidhogg. they decided to deal with

The condition was that it would be reduced only to those who did not commit heinous sins.

Nidhogg was glad that there were fewer targets to watch, so he readily accepted it.

Thanks to that, all sorts of rotting corpses and Nidhogg. The two combinations are destroying Tyr’s army.

of course.

Not only Nidhogg’s breath, but all skills were showing their efficiency. It is not difficult to deal with the enemy.

The important thing now is whether you can win against Tyr.

That was all.

‘Of course Nidhogg was negative.’

Obviously, Nidhogg was worried at first and told himself.

[Can you really win? No matter how strong you become… Tyr is the god of war. Also, unlike Heimdall, he can use field magic in addition to controlling the beast.]

[It will break whatever it is. Make no mistake twice.]

Jaehyun’s will was stubborn.

two mistakes. What that meant was clear.

The Tragedy of Alfheim.

A gentle flame burned in Jaehyun’s eyes as he recalled the empire of elves that could not be saved.

Ruina, who was watching Jaehyun from the side, felt deep gratitude for his determination.

he never forgot Aindel and Lars. Alfheim and the elves of the past. The memory of them being alive, all that.

Because of this, Ruina participated in this battle with him.

Although I can’t face Tyr properly due to trauma and fear. That’s why he himself is fighting the Witchbeast in the back row.

Ruina was trying to help Jaehyun somehow.


Jaehyun was planning to completely kill Tyr here in Nastrond. No matter how strong he is, he has his trump card.

There is no such thing as Jaehyun being defeated.

“You dare to gain power that is difficult for a human subject to handle.”

“Isn’t that what a bastard who hides in the military and sticks out his face would say?”


Tyr doubted his ears.

No matter how strong the representation is, isn’t that an act that crossed the line?

Of course, it’s funny to talk about the law now, and he probably doesn’t even know Asgard’s laws.

However, in Asgard, blasphemy is a serious sin.

I will treat you severely

‘With that bastard’s life.’

However, Jaehyun was already fully aware of Tyr’s thoughts.

How to defeat him in this battle.

“You will regret it. The sin of daring to insult Tyr is not light.”

As he said that, at the same time, he felt the magical power of the atmosphere around him deepen. Jaehyun barely managed to hold back the laughter that was about to leak out.

How do you get it to move the way you want it to?

Is the god of battle really right?

It was an honest response that made me think so.

―The opponent activates the field magic 《Requiem of the Dead》!

Field magic became the second proper opponent after Joo Won. Magni had also used field magic, but it was only half of the power that was developed by borrowing the power of the artifact.

However, Jaehyun already knew what the field magic called Requiem of the Fallen was like and how many chances he had.

The odds of winning the battle are exactly right.

It was 100 percent.

* * *

《Requiem of the Dead》.

Among the field magics, it was the magic that belonged to the higher ranks.

This was also the reason Tyr assured victory.

Traps enemies in their own barrier and reduces their stats by 20%.

Not only that, but it even gives you a buff so you can deal with enemies lightly, and here you can summon your own magic beast to attack enemies.

Indeed, it is safe to say that it is magic that contains the essence of Tyr’s fighting style.

Goo Goo Goo!

In an instant, the magic was activated and only the two of them were confined in a huge hall.



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The barren land came into view first. As in a Western movie, the dust blows constantly, and nothing blooms on the cracked ground.

land of the dead. I thought it was a field that reproduced that requiem.

Jaehyun smiled.

“so. Did you think you could beat me with this? Since it’s hard for you to find the stars in the far abyss by searching, you must have thought of speeding up after we found them. Is it wrong?”

“Then what shall we do? Is there anything a weak human can do?”

“Human is right, but it would be better to omit the modifier in front.”

At that moment, Tyr’s brow flinched for a moment.

‘what? That guy… Why are you so relaxed? It is true that he is stronger than other humans. But is that enough to be confident in front of me? What is his current level?’

Jaehyun was very relaxed.

Tyr couldn’t help but feel a little strange about it.

At least he seemed to have a strong conviction that he would not lose this battle.

It meant only one thing.

own death.

It was an unacceptable result for Tyr.

It’s something that’s hard to understand no matter how hard you think about it.

He had never thought of Jaehyun defeating him, so naturally, he had no choice but to be against his words.

However, even then, Jaehyun wasn’t worried at all.

He looked at the panoramic view that filled his son-in-law with a small smile.

‘The requiem of the dead. I had already heard about this field magic from other guys until I got tired of it. It destroys everything and uses the souls of the dead to enhance the user’s abilities.’

All of the anti-Aesir coalitions in the past said in unison. Refrain from fighting Tyr.

It would be better not to deal with him without at least reaching level 4 of Deity Liberation and getting help from others.

But Jaehyun thought again. Because now he realized he couldn’t go on with that mindset.

No matter how strong the enemy was, he was also strong.

becoming predators.

If so, you have to bring victory with a fighting method that suits him.

Now he has the strength to lead the story to the end of this war. It made no sense to run away for your own comfort here.

Here, we now have to raise the number of wins.

Also, on a personal level, Jaehyun had a bad feeling towards Tyr.

Because of this, Jaehyun realized that he had to go a little further in order to defeat Tyr. Even if the road is a bit dangerous.


Along with the noise, the surrounding air begins to turn off with magical power. The landscape of dry land and fragmented cold weapons spilled on the floor is captured in the eyes.

This is Tyr. It was a field he created.

Requiem was resounding everywhere. For some reason, the sound is similar to Alfheim’s lullaby that I heard in the past, so my hands tremble and my breath gradually quickens.

A landscape that can feel like the feet of fear.

Tyr laughed and clicked his tongue.

“why. Are you afraid now? facing me. Dealing with Natir, who exists on the ceiling of Asgard.”

“That’s not it.”

Jaehyun said that and gradually began to release his godhead.

An air current of overwhelming magical power gradually gushed out and wrapped around his body. It was more like a bizarre sensation of a kind that is difficult to experience.

Unless you have genius talent, it is impossible to open up the ranks so quickly. However, Jaehyun was doing it so easily.

‘What is this!’

In fact, Tyr couldn’t believe that Jaehyun was showing his power so quickly in the field where his influence was exerted.

Even at that moment, Jaehyun’s smile did not waver.

“I’m just excited to be able to kill you here with my own hands.”

When Jaehyun said that, an enraged Tyr gnashed his teeth and let out an angry roar. His new model quickly rushes toward the reappearance.

“dare! To make fun of the Aesir’s colossus… ! adversary. You will pay the full price for that sin!”

However, Jae-hyeon is still just watching his attack without doing anything.

It seemed that nothing could harm him. He was unconcerned and looked down at Tyr with a sullen gaze.


Tyr was obviously strong. He is also the highest god among the Æsir, and the god of war. It was that symbol. He is the existence that others, even the anti-Esir coalition, nailed to Jaehyun not to fight him.

And yet, how is he able to maintain such a coolness?


In an instant, Jaehyun spat out words and reached out his hand toward Tyr, who rushed towards him. After that, he fights with him in earnest. he started it

“I will pay for the lives of those you took away in the war with Alfheim 10,000 years ago.”

In an instant, magic was released and began to push Tyr’s body back. Jaehyun’s eyes brightened with gold.

However, it was different from before.

His pupils were now golden, not just on one side, but on both sides.

What that meant was clear.

It’s not enough that Jaehyun reached the 4th stage of Divine Liberation… .

―《The Lost Eye of Odin》 is strongly activated!

―The name of the artifact will be changed to 《Eye of the Fortified Adversary》.

―《Spotted Adversary’s Eye》 synchronizes with the user and reveals its true effect.

Nidhogg, who was watching this from outside the field magic, was astonished.

[how… What is that power… … .]

An overwhelming energy of a different dimension erupted from Jaehyun’s two golden eyes and began to overwhelm Tyr.

Tyr instinctively backed away, but Jaehyun was already in front of him.

A movement different from the wonder that can hardly be followed with the eyes.

Jaehyun licked his lips slowly.

“I’m tired of playing with you guys now.”


Drops of blood spurt in the air. Then, the field surrounding Jaehyun began to change at once.


The expression that it was reversed was appropriate.

In my vision that became dizzy as if the world was spinning. Tyr saw the provocation and pride etched into the eyes of his adversary.

‘no… Isn’t that just pride… !’

Tyr quickly realized that he had misjudged. Before he knew it, his shoulder had been cut to the bone, and his skin was exposed.

At most, a single blow. One shot of magic fired by the adversary left her left leg unable to move. It was absolutely unbelievable.

However, Jaehyun was still calm.

Soon after, the world surrounding the two deities was completely changed.

―Activate field magic 《Red Moon Plateau》.

After Jaehyun lost himself and awakened, he was finally able to use the Red Moon Plateau for the second time.

The same red moon as when Sigrun was killed and a huge longsword tied to it caught my eye. Jaehyun now knew what the sword really was.

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