I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 407

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Episode 407: Trickster (1)


Loki was the first to figure out that Jaehyun had obtained the second star of the far abyss. Also, it was the same that he found a clue to the memory.

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips, and a handful of expectations shook.

“Adversary… After all, he hasn’t forgotten everything.”

Until now, he had misunderstood the adversary.

He forgot everything about his past and became who he is now.

He thought he had forgotten everything about himself and Mimir.

‘But it wasn’t either. He remembers me.’

It was fine even if it was very faint.

Loki was satisfied.

If Jaehyun ruminates on his memories even a little bit. Loki was satisfied with that alone. Because Jaehyun is definitely doing his best.

Because he knows better than anyone else.

“You said you finally defeated Tyr this time.”

The adversary has finally surpassed his limits.

He brought out the true power of 《The Lost Eye of Odin》 and raised his level. The proof was that both eyes were stained with gold.

Also, this meant that, as the antagonist, he had almost caught up with Odin and himself.

“ha… .”

The pure white breath breaks.

Now everything is really coming to an end.

That smoky graphite that covers the world and the darkness that doesn’t even light up.

That there is another end to all of this.

Do other people know?

The cold and snow that has filled the world since the beginning of Fimbulbert. The severe cold that fell on Midgard was not to be taken lightly.

Just like Nastrond. The coldness of this place was slowly spreading to people.

chain of evil.

It spreads and starts killing each other.

In the form of all sorts of tragedies, including bone-training conflicts. The wolf’s time spreads slowly, causing people to kill each other.

‘Recently, I heard that crime is heinous in the human world. Perhaps this Ragnarok had a big impact on him. It dyes people into madness, takes away their power, and creates a greater thirst and greater hunger.’

Unfortunately, this was Odin’s fault.

The one called the god of madness and storms. The existence at the top of Asgard was stronger than he thought.

In the past war, Loki felt it painfully.

No matter how strong you are, it is impossible to face Odin alone.

No, actually, even if everyone fights together, it won’t be easy to break down the iron fortress he built. Having experienced it once before, he was sure of it.

Whether you join in or other strong beings intervene. that is not important.

In the end, it is the enemy. When he grew up, he had to decapitate Odin.

The one whose destiny has been foretold from the beginning must achieve that feat at the very end.

Until then, he was just a helper. He should just play that role.

“Then, shall I move slowly?”

After Loki retrieved his last alter ego, he slowly started walking.

Now it was time to meet the adversary in person.

* * *

Hel’s irregular meeting.

This time, the focus was on Jaehyun’s simple rebuke for his dangerous actions and the story about the second star in the far abyss.

The first to speak was, of course, Hell.

“I have a lot to say… First of all, there is a ball that you have built. don’t say more about this but… … This should never happen again. Got it? Tyr was a strong guy. never against you… … .”

[No, it wasn’t. Hell.]

While paying attention, Nidhogg snorted and interrupted. He was polymorphed, his arms crossed with his dainty feet.

In addition, sitting in a chair that was about to burst, it even looked a little precarious.

[The power of the current adversary was completely beyond the ark. I would never have known if I hadn’t seen it myself… At least one thing I can be sure of is the fact that my adversary is already stronger than me.]

It was the truth without a single lie.

In the past, Nidhogg watched the battle between Jaehyun and Tyr. In the process, of course, there was a chance to observe the unique magic of reappearance and the newly acquired artifact.

Jaehyun was clearly a strong player.

Didn’t he already show an overwhelming appearance when he faced Tyr? There was no point in them worrying about him now.

If it’s an enemy that Jaehyun can’t kill, the result won’t change just because they step out.

Nidhogg emphasized once again.

[The adversary is strong. It’s out of our reach now. Soon you will be able to step into the realm of Odin, Thor, and Loki.]

“Is that true?”

Hel looked at him suspiciously, but Nidhogg nodded confidently again. It was the same with Idun.

“of course! Nidhogg is stupid, and he ruins my flower bed by spewing venom or flames whenever he gets a chance, but he’s a kind dragon! A kid like that would lie?!”

“If Idun says so… … .”

Hella had a slightly accepting face. Well, it wasn’t often that Idun expressed his opinion properly like now.

That’s why the reliability is also great.

‘Unless it’s Jormungandr.’

Thinking of that, he smiled as he thought of the ad-libs in the humor book No. 41 he had recently received from Jormungand.

But professionally, she quickly returned to her original expression.

“so. What are your future plans now? I succeeded in obtaining up to two Star Fragments of the Distant Abyss, but… What comes next is important.

There’s no one here who doesn’t know that the war is really coming to an end. That means… … .”



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“Can I make some comments from there?”

An irregular meeting in Helheim. A familiar voice is heard here. It was a familiar voice to both Jaehyun and everyone here.

Jaehyun could quickly realize who he was without even turning around.

“Wait. sit down once Loki.”

“hmm. So what~.”

Loki sat across from Jaehyun with a calm face.

Fenrir shouted in a panicked voice.

[father! Where are you now… … .]

“Is that person doing that for a day or two?!”

Hel responded, and Fenrir scratched the bridge of his nose as if he had nothing to say. Smir also shakes her head. It was a fragment showing the image he had in the anti-Esir coalition.

However, what was really great was that Loki didn’t listen to them at all and was talking about himself.

“As Hella said, the full-fledged start of the war will begin soon. Because the other side has already lost two outstanding cards, Heimdall and Tyr.”

[He probably wants to chew us up right now.]

Jormungandr flicked his tongue and nodded.

Ahn Ho-yeon asked using the communication tool as before.

“Even if you can’t help it until the battle, Midgard’s fields are a problem. As soon as the war begins, not only will the land be in ruins, but the magic will erode all around and kill people.

Even if you evacuate people… We don’t know if they will obey our intentions.”

“A friend of the adversary. Did you say Ahn Ho-yeon?”

“yes? yes!”

“What is the most important thing in a battle?”

Loki asked playfully, resting his chin on his chin. Ahn Ho-yeon pondered for a while, and then she replied.

“It is about winning.”

“okay. you’re going to win In this case, the method with the highest probability should be selected.

but… Sometimes the least probable method is caught off guard. After letting them lose their temper and run, voila! If you lock it up, it will all end.”

“Are you saying to use bait?”

When Kim Yoo-jung asked, Loki immediately nodded.

“that’s right. Are you smart?”

“… … But to do that, you need an attractive lure. Charming enough to bring them all together… … .”

“Here it is.”

Loki smiled and pointed at himself.

“I decided to be the bait for this operation. I’m probably the most irritating to those fucking Aesirs.

At least, more than the unripe opponents.”

When Loki laughed, Jaehyun spurted his strength as if he could fight right away and accepted his words.

“well. Wouldn’t it be better to check to see if that’s the case?”

“That’s good. Because I also needed someone to test my strength on after getting back all of my alter egos.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul were busy figuring out how the situation was going. They were whispering while watching the gods notice.

“Do you think something exploded?”

“… I think so. It looks like Loki and Jaehyun are trying to fight… … What do we do? Will Jaehyun be okay?”

“Ah, are you even going to kill me?”

Saying so, Kwon So-yul glanced at the giant Smir, but… For some reason no answer came back. I took a closer look at him, wanting to feel strong, but the result was the same.

Also, what it means is clear.

Loki will do everything in his power against Jaehyun, and will not take mercy in his hands.

* * *

Jaehyun and Loki built a special sub-space for mock sparring.

The basic formula was similar to the one used at the academy in the past, but the scale was two times larger.

It has quite usable durability, and no one will die here. Loki knew this and requested the production of such a space.

By the way, this was Louisa’s skill.

For her, who was gifted with a strong magic talent from birth, it was not difficult to create such a subspace itself.

However, it cannot be maintained for long, so it would be better to end the battle within an hour.

one hour a day. Loki felt that was enough.

“Adversary. You said so at the meeting, but you are already strong enough. I couldn’t help but admit it. To kill that Tyr.”

“Have you changed your attitude now? Why don’t you just do what you do?”


Loki’s mood suddenly changed.

“First of all, I should ask how far you recovered your memories when you opened the second field magic?”

Jaehyun’s lips rose at Loki’s words.

‘I knew it.’

Jaehyun briefly recalled the memories he had recently recovered. A memory recalled during the battle with Tyr. There was one existence between the unconnected fragments.


The head of the Anti-Aesir Alliance, and the one who chose himself as the opponent along with the three Norn sisters. He kept appearing in his memory.


I didn’t know why, because all my memories hadn’t returned yet. But one thing was certain.

Loki in front of you. That he might have something to do with the gaps in his empty memories. That’s why he was chosen as the antagonist.

Also, when the story of the memory came out of Loki’s mouth, Jaehyun was convinced.

He said that he and Loki might have known each other from the very distant past.

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