I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 409

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Episode 409: Trickster (3)

‘Those eyes… Undoubtedly. It’s similar to Odin’s, but more than that, it’s exactly the same as mine. It’s a strange thing. Didn’t this only exist for the enemies?’

While thinking about that, Jaehyun watched Loki watching his attack.

It was then.

In an instant, Loki’s model leaned forward and at the same time, a dig-a-pa-gong sound was heard. Then, before he knew it, he felt Loki, who had moved behind him, put his hand blade down on his shoulder blade.


Jaehyun hadn’t been pushed too fast in battles with gods, so his current movement was not very unexpected.

However, no matter how strong Jaehyun was, Loki was Loki.

After all, the name of the head was not a false name, but it was indeed a speed worthy of a flagship.

My head felt like it was going to explode in shock.

“Is it fast?”

“You are fast too. It’s because he’s a little slower than me.”

With that said, Loki opened his arms and drew a huge orb.

“Even one?”

“okay. just wait I will turn you into powder in a few days.”

For some reason, Jaehyun felt angry at such a low level provocation.

It was a strange feeling. It was like dealing with Kim Yoo-jung.

It was as if I was having a conversation with a friend I saw often. If you’re old friends, you often fight over trivial things, and you know each other so well, don’t you get angry?

Perhaps a memory from a bar I saw some time ago.

Maybe it made me feel that way even more.

But now it didn’t matter.

Anyway, the point is that enemies are coming. According to Hel, the forces of the Aesir will come through the Gate to Midgard.

However, this process takes quite a bit of time. Bifrost isn’t very wide to transport so many troops, so it wasn’t reasonable, and Tyr, who opened the gate first, died.

Therefore, it meant that Odin had to contribute to opening the gate himself.

There is Thor, but he is only strong, and he is not very talented at controlling the delicate magic, so it will not help.

It would be fortunate if I didn’t ruin the gate I made.

Jaehyun had no worries, and for now, he was thinking of building up his own rank through sparring. There will be very little to be gained from the Nornir system.

I heard that other people are also working hard to grow, and the grade continues to be upgraded to S-rank or higher. Yooseong is also the same.

It was enough to protect people from demonic beasts in the worst situation.

It was very encouraging. Ballack, Camilla, Moriya, and Lee Jae-shin. Radars were gradually growing.

Although not as much as growing up, they were also preparing for a fight.

The stronger the person, the more they will feel what is happening now.

Because you know best that if you don’t move, you won’t change.

And that is exactly what Jaehyun was aiming for.

He pretended to be a villain and stirred people up. They showed that their existence is not omnipotent so that they can stand up alone.

It was an honest reveal of the fact that he couldn’t do everything.

It’s a sober way, some might say.

However, this was very important. Jaehyun is a god, but he is not omnipotent as depicted in some myths.

Just one human being struggled, and the result is only the present self.

Jaehyun had no intention of falling into self-confidence.

Such people always die. As it turns out, raiders were a risky profession. unfortunately.

‘S-class raiders. they said I’m going to do what I have to do now. Don’t worry here.’

The voices of those who had said that to him on TV seemed to come back to life. They all believed in Jaehyun.

firm trust.

It was a measure of whether or not the raiders could have each other’s backs. Being strong wasn’t all about standing tall.

can you keep Can I lean on someone when I’m having a hard time.

He also had to acknowledge that he was strong, and if he was a radar, he should know better than anyone else.

“I’m glad you seem to have realized a little bit now.”

“A word to admit that in the end, I can’t go there alone. Are you talking about that?”

“okay. It was great. However, I thought it was advice that could fail, depending on how the person accepts it.

The time when a person’s heart is at its weakest is when something you love is broken rather than when you are in pain or in a painful moment.”

When something you love is broken.

Jaehyun repeated the words with the tip of his tongue, then straightened up again. When he awakened his unique skill, such a message had been heard.

Come to think of it, even then, Jaehyun swore that he would never lose again. And in the end, I was able to grow as I am now. maybe.

Also, paradoxically, they had to recognize that they needed allies. Because it can grow colleagues.

You can’t do it just by keeping it in your arms.

walking side by side.

I couldn’t explain how important it was.

Jaehyun nodded and smiled. Then he kicked the ground again to close the distance and thrust out his sword.


Just as Jaehyun did, Loki lightly raised his magic power and made a pure white longsword. It wasn’t such a great thing to pretend to be.

But why?

Jaehyun couldn’t scratch Loki’s sword much even with the mythical longsword.

“what… !”

I couldn’t figure out where exactly what was happening in front of my eyes was coming from.

The mythical longsword he uses… You said you blocked it with a weapon that looked like it was only C-class?

But more surprises remained. Loki grinned and swung his sword horizontally at Jaehyun. Its power was, of course, great.




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Jaehyun looked at him with trembling pupils, noticing that his skin was completely torn.

―The special effect of the artifact 《Abyssal Armor》 is activated.

―Evade the attack of the designated target once.

The moment when Jaehyun, who activated the 1st attack evasion effect, was about to step back quickly.

Loki smiled again and whispered in his ear before he knew it.

“Where are you going to run to?”


Once again there was the sound of something being cut, followed by a fountain of blood. The owner was, of course, Jaehyun.

Jaehyun couldn’t hide his astonishment as he saw the bright red blood pouring from his abdomen.

‘This bastard… Are you really intending to kill me?’

Of course, it wouldn’t die as much as it was a subspace, but it was absurd for Jaehyun.

Loki Is this bastard really crazy?

Jaehyun thought so and quickly activated Sacrifice, while using freezing magic to distance himself from the enemy.

However, Loki was completely destroying even his ensuing magic with his sword.

Broken pieces of ice fly in the air.

“I know that?”

Loki playfully opened the door and stabbed his throat with his sword.

“I can do anything you can do.”

―The winner of the first sparring is Loki Laufeisson.

At that moment, there was a sensation as if time and space had stopped, and the system called out the winner. Jaehyun looked at him with a disappointed expression as he held the sword.

A cold sweat runs down my face.

It was Jaehyun who even dealt with Tyr lightly… Loki was an even bigger monster. I couldn’t believe it, but it was true.

‘How can you make such a move? Loki… that child… … .’

Jaehyun quickly reviewed the battle from before.

However, no results were obtained. Because the battle itself ended so quickly. It was too much for him to follow Loki’s movements.

Jaehyun barely resisted the urge to hit his fist again on his cheeky smile, then looked up at Loki again. She then took off her luck by stumbling around and showing off her dislike.

“How on earth can I fight like you?”

At that, Loki reverse-summoned the sword as if raising a medicine.

“You can ride it.”

“… You crazy bastard.”

Jaehyun couldn’t stand it any longer and made a sudden start. The familiar nutmeg in Loki’s ears flew.

Even Loki was familiar with it, so he just folded his arms and listened to Jaehyun’s curse for a long time. To the extent that his disposition was questionable, he was enjoying the time.

* * *

“so. You’re taking lessons directly from Loki, but your weapon doesn’t work? Does magic break easily?”

Hel was listening to Jaehyun’s complaints with his arms crossed.

It was because, just in time, after training, Hell met Jaehyun’s eyes as he was returning. To put it simply, it was irresistible.

It’s like being suddenly drawn to him and listening to his story… .

‘Additionally, after listening to the story, there is no sign that it will end… !’

Hel couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed.

I had hardly ever seen the adversary so talkative.

However, when I heard the story, I found it quite interesting. Jaehyun is an awe-inspiring being who is already at the 4th stage of liberation. He was much stronger than himself.

However, it is said that Loki dealt with him with a C-class weapon.

It was impossible. something that can never happen

No matter how much Loki was a monster, there was no way he could show such a performance when the grades of items were so different.

Thanks to this, Hel was able to draw conclusions quickly.

“I think Loki used distortion magic?”

“Distortion magic?”

When Jaehyun asked, Hel nodded.

“okay. That author writes the best. It’s a magic that distorts time and space and makes him feel like he’s been through something he hasn’t been through.”

“hmm… So does that mean my sparring with Loki was nothing more than an illusion he distorted and not something that actually happened?”

“That’s how it is.”

Even as he said that, Hel crossed his arms strangely.

“Still, it is strange. That magic uselessly consumes a lot of mana, so there’s no reason to bother using it. No matter how ignorant Loki is, no matter how much magic he has… … .”

“Isn’t that your father?”

Jaehyun, who was not seen, intervened. However, her attitude was stubborn.

“father? Are you talking about the person who ran away without saying a word for 10,000 years and is now setting up?”

“… Now that I think about it, he is not my father.”

Jaehyun agreed. 10,000 years of living in a world where even if you leave the house for one year, you become the world’s garbage parent. How many times do you have to die and be born again?

From that point of view, Loki is trashed.

“It’s garbage.”

“that’s right. Garbage.”

The two of them had such a meaningless conversation and began to think together how to fight Loki. Rather than becoming stronger, the two of them somehow wanted to give a shot more, but no one said that fact.

He was just brainwashing himself that this was part of the proper training.

“To that scumbag… Give me a shot somehow!”


Hel and Jaehyun became close friends through Loki’s gossip.

The overwhelming appearance he had first seen in the Temple of Hel and the fear he felt had long since disappeared.

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