I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 412

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Episode 412: Everyone’s Story

“… Can we make it?”

A few days before the start of the war.

These were the words that Seo Eana suddenly came up with at a gathering of her colleagues except for Jaehyun. Kim Yoo-jung was the first to answer her words and let out a sigh.

“Actually, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.”

She said as she leaned back on the sofa. In fact, it was natural. The enemies I had to deal with from now on were the beings who stood in the highest position among the Aesir gods.

They were the ones with overwhelming military force and power under their command.

It’s different from hunting monsters so far. The beginning of a real war, a war.

The weight it meant was too heavy to dismiss as a joke.

Moreover, there were many things at stake in this war.

end of the world.

In Ragnarok, if the alliance centered on Midgard and Jaehyun were defeated, this would be what they would experience.

In fact, it was a story that did not come easily. what is the end The members of Nine did not know properly yet.

It’s just that you lose the things you hold dear.

That was only a vague thought.

Apart from that, the members of Nine were doing their best to prepare for the war.

The will to never let Jaehyun carry everything alone. The hardened unshakable wick was burning and acting on their bodies.

in the form of exaltation,

sometimes in the form of palpitations.

They are like radar to the bone. He knew clearly what he had to do and where he should be.

“No matter what the situation is, we have to do our best to die there. When I think of what Jaehyun has been doing alone… … Now is not the time to step back.”

“Hoyeon is right. Now is not the time to shake. It’s not too late to think later.”

Jaesang Lee and Soyul Kwon also nodded.

The two were the most timid, but they never avoided what was in front of them. I just wanted to do my best this time, and I was busy moving forward to see the end.

Even if you lose at the last minute, don’t be ashamed of yourself.

to be proud of oneself.

“I don’t know if there’s a place for me among these colleagues… ?”

Ruina intervened, slightly dissatisfied, with her arms crossed.

The other gods couldn’t get together because they were already preparing for reappearance and operations, but Ruina’s case was completely different.

Rather than protecting the world, she honestly saved herself. She didn’t want Jaehyun to die.

Also, maybe the ones before this are like that too.

She was thinking faintly.

“… What are you talking about. We’ve known each other for a very long time.”

Seo Ina said with a soft smile. A kind and transparent smile that is not often seen. Seeing this, Louisa laughed.

“About 10,000 years. The problem is that Eana Seo is not yet 10,000 years old… That we haven’t met in 10,000 years?”

“… that’s but… … .”

All of her colleagues smiled at Seo Ina who was hesitant. There was a little joy in it, but also a little worry and fear.

* * *

A member of Yeonhwa, including Yoo Sung-eun and Park Seong-jae. And radars that surpassed the S class from all over the world gathered in the outskirts of downtown Seoul.

According to Jaehyun’s message a while ago, there will finally be an attack with the enemy spirits here. What they need to do is simple.

To create a barrier by pouring all one’s magic power into it.

Also, it is to endure as much as possible and block the movements of the gods.

“This is the first time since the Valkyrie incident that S-class raiders have gathered in one place.”

When Balak finished his rhyme, Camilla nodded.

“yes. Looking at it now, it’s reappearing then… Everyone gathered because of the adversary. It’s funny. The world’s best radars are gathered thanks to just one person.”

“Isn’t that obvious? You’re the one who destroyed Moriya Renki and Yamata no Orochi. The black robe.”

It was Moriya who kept calling Jaehyun that way because he still had the nickname black robe attached to him. Yooseong nodded.

“Even though I was an unusual child from the first time we met… I can’t believe you were my disciple?”

“Haha, no matter how you say it, Jaehyun was the CEO’s disciple. Didn’t you say that some time ago?”

It was as he said.

Jaehyun thanked Sungjae Yoo and Seongjae Park not long before the final battle. Jaehyun said.

[If it wasn’t for you two, I wouldn’t have come this far. thank you so much.]

The two had no choice but to send their apprentice away while holding back tears.

The appearance of S-class raiders bragging about knowing each other well.

It was very different, but it was worth watching. And the one who took the point of it was Lee Jae-sang, the father of Lee Jae-sang, unexpectedly.

“He is also a friend of my son. It’s like I’m helping him out of pure goodwill, not to take advantage of him. Unlike Yeonhwa.”

“You have become shameless.”

Yoosung said that as if it was absurd.

He had heard that his relationship with Lee Jae-sang had become quite good recently, and that his good deeds had become more frequent. that he has changed.

All of this was the wind blown by Jaehyun.

The flapping of the butterfly’s wings became a huge storm that reached all over the world, and now it has become an effect.

Yoo Seong-eun smiled while thinking for a moment.

‘The war that stakes the fate of the entire world will soon begin. Everything depends on it.’

Also, what determines the life and death of one’s disciple there.

It will be everyone else.

* * *

present again.

Looking at the faces of Thor, Frigg, and Hugin in front of his eyes, Jaehyun said calmly.



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“of course. Do I have any reason to lose to guys like you?”

Hearing Jaehyun’s story, tendons jumped out of Thor’s forehead.

The reason for that is nothing to explain. Didn’t Jaehyun speak directly?

that they can deal with themselves.

I can see the end of this war now.

“You are foolish and arrogant. Human.”

“You who attacked me must be more so. You will all die here.”

Jaehyun laughed. Then, Jormungandr spoke from the side.

[Adversary. Do what you said then. we will deal with them Go to Asgard before that portal closes.]


“Wait, what do you mean?”

Thor asked as if he was dumbfounded.

“Are you saying you bastard Van Aesirs are going to deal with all of us? Without an adversary?”


Smir took a step forward and said so.

Except for Loki, the other anti-Aesir forces also stepped forward and showed hostility. The deity is released, and the balance of power that confronts the two forces begins to balance.

However, this was a meaningless show of strength.

At least Frigg of the Aesir thought so.

what do they have?

There is an army right there.

Although Tyr and Heimdall were lost, they were still mighty. The small but still healthy Einherjar equipped by the Aesir, the Valkyrie army under Odin, and even the Witchbeast army left behind by Tyr.

These numbers were enough to turn the tide of this war.

‘To think he would win against us in such a situation. It is true that you have gone mad.’

They will never be able to turn the tide of battle.

Frigg never doubted their victory.

She smiled and reflected on the past.

half Aesir.

What was the reason for their collapse in the past?

Because they lost the political battle.

they couldn’t lie They had to be able to seduce others with sweet words so that they could create soldiers who would cry and die for themselves, but they did not.

discard lose. In other words, they did not create an existence to blindly sacrifice for themselves.

Because of this, Van Aesir collapsed. Although he was strong as an individual, he had no one loyal to them.

so it was defeated

Because that’s what war is.

‘Are you sure. We, Asgard, will be able to obtain the hegemony of all nine worlds through this war.’

However, there was one thing she overlooked.

That’s right, the new force was that.

“It would be disappointing if we were left out. isn’t it? West?”

“The same goes for this one.”

Frigg’s head quickly turned in the direction the voice came from.

Because something completely unexpected was happening.

‘That’s… Dwarves and elves?!’

The elves of Alfheim, who were said to have perished in the past, and the dwarves of the earth, who were ruled by the Dark Elves. they participated in this war.

Unexpectedly, Frigg bit his lip involuntarily.

“I’m West! I’m here!”

“Don’t call me that!”

“this… you were trash! The adversary guy… ! We honorable dwarves are monogamous! But how many of you… !!”

“Shut up, black feet.”

Elves led by Louisa. All the dwarves, led by Darren and the black soles, gathered in one place and were talking with Jaehyun.

They brought all their strength, including elite knights, and stood on the battlefield.

Unlike Frigg, who was stunned by this, Thor did not appear to be frightened at all. The number is still overwhelming here.

“Then stop procrastinating and get started, adversary. Thor will judge whether you can pass this way!”

Thor flashed a thunderbolt and turned the Mjolnir in his hand once before he knew it. His torpedoes gradually filled up and his pace began to soar.

“However much.”

Even so, Jaehyun just shrugged his shoulders and said that.

with him.


The Æsir forces and the anti-Æsir forces began to intertwine.

Jaehyun’s companions and the other anti-Aesir gods also started fighting.

However, the aspect came back as a completely opposite reaction to the number.

The bewildered Frigg quickly reads the situation on the battlefield.

‘This… Nonsense!’

The elven army had been properly trained by Ruina, and was showing the highest efficiency on the battlefield.

Due to their racial characteristics, they were easy to fight in narrow places, and they had a much better advantage in battle because they fought by making bows and other weapons.

The Dwarves were also weak, but they were slaughtering the enemy based on their unique temperament.

The iron hammers they held seemed to weigh well over hundreds of kilograms, and their strength to wield them was unbelievable.

So did the other gods.

Fenrir was tearing enemies apart with his claws and raging teeth, which came from his enormous size and overwhelming power, and Nidhogg and Jormungand were also attacking enemies by pouring venom.

Not only that.

Frey, who was called the master of the sword, has returned. He began to fly away from the battlefield with perfect body movements.

As expected of a person with the 4th level of Divinity Liberation, he was rapidly reducing the number of opponents.

Thanks to that, the situation on the battlefield was not going very well for Aesir.

On the other hand, it was the same that Jaehyun’s colleagues were also showing their dignity.

First of all, Ahn Ho-yeon began to show what the status of a person who has risen to the limit of the sword is.

Recently, after repeatedly asking Frey for sparring and dealing with his magic sword, he finally broke the wall as a result of forging the sword to its limit.

It reached the second stage of liberation.

It was the same with Seina.

Reunited with Ruina, she safely learned all of the Elf King’s secret techniques.

The second coming of the king she uses has grown even more and shows overwhelming majesty enough to stab thousands of swords.

Kim Yoo-jung’s assists, Lee Jae-sang’s potions, and Kwon So-yul’s cold judgment and battle instructions were also helping allies to fight more easily.

Jaehyun smiled faintly.

Their comrades have grown through countless battlefields so far. just like he did

Until now, they have been running hard and building their own mythology.

A state that was only achieved with a human body. It made Jaehyun’s heart pulsate endlessly and made his whole body rise.

such a time.

In an instant, Thor leapt. He was furiously closing the distance to himself. Jaehyun is still smiling with the same face.

And when he opens and closes his eyes

―[Spotted Adversary’s Eye] has a true effect.

The world Jaehyun sees has completely changed.

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