I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 415

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Episode 415 Thor (3)


As a result of overhearing Odin and Huginn’s conversation a month ago, she realized that everything the archenemy and her brother Frey had said was true.

Also, the situation of the jaggeum-UI is from your own response.

In addition, he realized that he had come this far obsessing over what he had already lost.

“For what purpose did I get blood on these hands?”

She constantly asked herself.

Why couldn’t he just do that?

Did he kill countless races in the name of protecting his child, and loyal to Odin like garbage while slaughtering?

Maybe an indulgence was needed.

Maybe he believed himself that if he moved just for the sake of his child and participated in the war, his hands would be clean.

Could it be that he tried to hide his eyes and not even see what he could see?

He doubted whether he had avoided it to avoid being destroyed.

That’s why we need to fix it right now.

Freyja thought so sincerely, and finally made up her mind.

Together with her brother, Frey, let’s shake off our mistakes on this battlefield.

Even though I killed a lot of people, let’s pay for our sins.

If that’s the best we can do, let’s do it.

“All troops, advance!”

Freya opened her closed eyes and shouted at her soldiers. It was truly spectacular.

Numerous Valkyries under her command rushed toward the enemy all at once.

Also, the whole process of shooting the sword seemed like a painting.

Awe and admiration erupted at the same time.

Chaeeng! visor! visor!

In the web of war, flying insects caught in the web to survive are entangled. When there is a short gap between the swords, the person standing behind stabs him in the neck.

A great battle that does not miss even a moment when there is a gap.

The enemy Valkyries under Odin rushed to break through the barrier, but Freya’s Valkyries stopped them and gritted their teeth.

All for Freya.

For nine peaceful worlds!

They made their presence known to them by shouting endlessly.

Prey also slaughtered the enemy with her at the forefront, as if she would not only hurt her brother.

A sword that flies by itself even without touching it.

It was a magic sword that Frey was proud of.

Then it draws an arc, and then a straight line. Also, slashes enemies vertically.

Frigg, who had been watching this in awe, took a backward step in fright. she shouted quickly, grasping her situation.

“Huh, Hugin! Freya has betrayed you! Hurry up and report this to Odin… !”


Frigg’s words didn’t come out and he was swallowed up.

There was, of course, no existence where his eyes were directed.

Odin’s raven.

Hugin disappeared in the middle of this war without a blink of an eye.

Frigg’s anxiety runs mad, and her heart beats repeatedly.

pounding. pounding. pounding. pounding.

My hands were shaking. Frigg was certain that something had happened that shouldn’t have happened, and that Freya and Hugin were deeply involved in the incident.

* * *

Dismissed! Pats Chutz… !

A thunderbolt roared and suddenly illuminated the darkened world in bright yellow.

This was Thor’s field magic 《Tall Spire of the God of Thunder》. A field with phenomenal power that increases the efficiency of all lightning-related skills.

But it could also be used in reverse.

If it’s a thunderbolt himself, he’s been dealing with it since the beginning of his regression.

There is no reason to be afraid of a new battle with the enemy.

“Perhaps you are thinking.”

did you notice this?

Thor sighed and shrugged. The hammer is pouring out an overbearing force. He was unconcerned.

“If this is the case, you might be able to defeat me with a thunderbolt.

But that will never be possible. I can show near invincible power here.”

Thor was confident.

Jaehyun looked at him quietly, frowning.

“You’ll have to prove to me that it’s not just a mouthful.”

“Don’t worry. Because I’m different from those goofballs. Tyr, who was called the god of war, was also nothing to me. just a puppy. It wasn’t much more than that.”

It was a fact that Jaehyun knew well.

You said that Tyr had never defeated Thor in one-on-one combat. So it was understandable that he was so confident.

However, Jaehyun overpowered Tyr and won. Moreover, Hrungnir’s anger has overwhelming power. It is a situation where Jaehyun is stronger than before.

Still, why is he so confident?

For some reason, Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel a sense of alienation from the sensation that sent chills down his spine. Shortly thereafter, the anxiety dissipated.

“I already know your plans. He probably wants to kill me and head to the gate to Asgard. To kill Odin directly there. is not it?”


“That is impossible.”



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Unexpectedly, Thor threw Mjolnir at Jaehyun once.


Jaehyun asked as he quickly parried the attack with his sword.


“Because Odin has already completed all preparations. He hates to admit it, but his father is a thorough man.

All preparations have already been made to kill you as an adversary.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but pause for a moment at that point.

Kill me as an adversary?

not just me?

It was accompanied by an intense sense of discomfort. I didn’t feel too good.

The aftertaste was bitter. There is something.

Jaehyun jumped at Thor first this time. After laying his sword horizontally, he quickly closes the distance with the enemy and swings it horizontally.


Sparks fly between the returned Mjolnir and the mythical longsword.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

With Nidhogg’s fangs that he had changed before he knew it, he shallowly sliced ​​through the enemy’s abdomen. The abdomen, which was first cut with the cold spear, dug deeper.

with him.

―The designated target has reached maximum poisoning.

Thor has fallen into an abnormal state. Jaehyun made an expression that he had seized the victory.

If you can move freely in Thor’s field to this extent, you have a good chance.

But why? Thor’s expression seemed to completely deny that idea.

“If you thought you could defeat me with something like this, you are mistaken.”

Thor lightly applied force to dissipate his mana. He couldn’t completely dissipate because it was Needhog’s poison, but he temporarily stopped the poison from spreading.

And as if that was all it took, Thor smiled.

Jaehyun’s eyes shone brightly. he asked.

“Thor… You’re wasting your time uncharacteristically. Why?”

“Did I tell you? The lofty heavens of Asgard are trying to stand tall again by denying your existence.”

“no way… .”

In an instant, a disturbing thought passed through Jaehyun’s mind.

As if Thor had read his thoughts, he smiled broadly and looked at Jaehyun.

“Yes. Odin is trying to change the destiny that has been determined through the stars of the far abyss! The prophecy of the three Norn sisters that you will destroy Asgard!”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be in shock.

Didn’t the enemy lack the star fragments of the distant abyss?

How is that possible?

“Equivalent exchange.”

Thor put a sly smile on his lips.

“If you bet something of the same value, it is possible to deploy black magic even without a star fragment from the far abyss. That is the result Odin gave.”

“… Did you need to tell me that?”

“Because knowing you doesn’t change anything. and… what. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have a dramatic situation even if you enjoy it as a short-lived entertainment?”

Jaehyun’s brow flinched and trembled.

At that moment, Jaehyun heard the sound of the system in his ears.

―<<The lofty god of Asgard> activates the magic of the world.

―The power of prophecy that has been established begins to be nullified (remaining time: 1 hour).

“It started.”

Thor chuckled and laughed.

He turned the hammer around and looked at Jaehyun.

It seemed to be quite painful for Thor, who is weak against poison, but… … .

It’s like it’s nothing. Thor was enjoying the pleasant situation.


Jaehyun was convinced the moment he let out a short sigh.

If Odin is not defeated within one hour, Odin will nullify all prophecies.

Then everything is over.

The opportunity to kill Odin as an adversary would be lost forever.

However, the biggest problem was the fact that he had to kill Thor first. He said he wouldn’t be pushed back, but time was absolutely running out.

‘Kill Thor as quickly as possible. And I have to kill Odin.’

Jaehyun made a decision and quickly rushed at the enemy.

He wielded a dagger encased in thunderbolts, then exchanged swords for grip.

Tyrbing. At one point, the magic sword in Joo Won’s hand shines.


The stabbing sword carves a deep scar down Thor’s abdomen. Then, the outer tissue of the skin covering the outer surface began to flow little by little.

tissue destruction. The imprint of destruction began to take effect.

However, Thor was still there. He blocked Jaehyun’s attack with a hearty smile, prolonging the time as much as possible. His behavior was contrary to his usual belligerent temperament.

There was a clear reason for that.

“I know. You’re the enemy and run amok, but… That there are limits to what you can do.

Despair, adversary! Realize that there is nothing you can do, and lose everything at the feet of Asgard!”

From the beginning, Thor was clearly revealing his intentions.

He must have wanted to see himself struggling.

He was thinking of watching Jaehyun in pain.

It was intended to serve as a snack while watching her despair in pain.

“… You never let me down.”

Blood flowed through the teeth of the jaw. Jaehyun’s string of rationality was about to break slowly.

In fact, it wouldn’t be too difficult to kill Thor here. But if you use all your power here, you won’t be able to do anything in the fight against Odin.

Not long ago, he used up a mad storm, consuming 20% ​​of his mana.

Inevitably, if you don’t save your strength here, your back will be dangerous.

But what if an hour passes?

Odin would set his own death at the cost of something else.

Jaehyun thought.

How the hell can I get out of this situation?

what’s best

It was then.


Like a giant egg breaking.

With a crackling sound, a large man dug into the field.

“The adversary.”

He said as he fell down with the spear.

“I will take over this place.”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. The one who is revealed in front of himself.

The identity of the man is the son of Hrungnir, a giant. It was Smir.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 414I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 416
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