I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 419

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Episode 419: Resurrected Memories

Jaehyun is a skill that Papi acquired when he reached the level of a myth. I was contemplating the right timing to use Resurrected Memories.

Although temporary, it is a skill that allows you to regain all your rank and knowledge.

What that meant was clear.

‘It means that I can create a situation that can turn the battlefield over just once.’

It needed to be triggered at the optimal timing.

Because of this, Jaehyun looked at Papi and said.

[Papi, listen carefully. Just once. When our comrades are in real danger, use your newly acquired skills now. and… Please save my colleagues who are like my family. Please.]

Jaehyun told him sincerely. Poppy tilted his head, as if he hadn’t understood the words yet, but he too was able to realize one thing for sure.

That Jaehyun hates losing something he loves more than dying.

It was the same with Papi.

What if you can’t eat Kim Yoo-jung’s special (?) pie? When that happens, she herself will have to wipe away her tears.

Is that all?

Even when he approaches, he cannot see Kwon So-yul step back, nor can he see Ahn Ho-yeon’s trembling face in fear.

Lee Jae-sang’s exciting expression and Seo E-na’s warm gaze are no longer visible.

Poppy didn’t know all of the owner’s intentions at the time, but decided to do what he said.

One day, when the master’s colleagues encounter a dangerous situation, he decided to release his own energy and activate his skill.

It was a one-time opportunity and device to release his mental and physical limitations, like a kind of trigger.

And now, Fafnir has regained all his memories.

―<<Fafnir II>> activates the exclusive skill <Revived Memories>.

―All dragon memories are temporarily unlocked.

[I am Fafnir. I will punish Asgard on behalf of all dead dragons.]

The lowlands of Midgard were filled with the dragon’s roar, and all the soldiers on the battlefield and Jaehyun’s comrades stopped moving.

Among the dignified beings with dignity, they are by far the most powerful species.


Fafnir manifested here with his memories, albeit only briefly.

“What the hell is this… !”

The enemy Valkyries who were dealing with Freya spit out such words without even realizing it.

They backed away, hesitant by the cool sensation from above. It looked like he was frightened by the tremendous force.

Jaehyun’s colleagues watched Papi’s change with their eyes wide open.

A red dragon with huge wings spread wide covers the sky. Announcing the arrival of a disaster and the beginning of the end of the world… … .

A roar indistinguishable from good and evil spreads across the land.

[You foolish servants of Odin. What exactly are you doing? Do you guys really know?]

“… Poppy?”

Seo In-na muttered as if she was lost in the battle.

[If Odin is not stopped here, everyone’s efforts will go to nothing. The master’s efforts to prevent the tragedy of death and war will also remain as mere dreams… I cannot admit this.

If you dare to stand in the way of my master.]

Fafnir roared and gnashed his teeth.

[I, Fafnir, will make you repent here on the honor of being a dragon.]

There will be no winners in war.

After saying that, Fafnir stretched out his wings and began releasing a huge strike from him.

Mana spreads like a spider’s web in the form of thousands of transparent threads. It’s like letting you know that you can’t get out of here anymore.

He spread shocking magic and colored the darkened world brightly again.

The world is covered in pure white and fierce flames that seem to burn everything.

Odin’s Valkyrie troops, who were watching, were astonished. Freya didn’t miss that moment and cut the heads of several Valkyrie captains in front of him.

It was a phenomenal reaction speed.


Then, a huge white flame burns as it slowly absorbs the lives of enemies. As long as you are engulfed in this flame, you will not be able to head to Helheim even if you die.

A white flame that consumes life and the soul itself.

It is this pure white, brilliant flame that brings out the annihilation of nothing left.

“Yongyong… ? You got all your memories back… ?”

Kim Yoo-jung’s voice resonates emptyly across the battlefield.

Fafnir II. No, Fafnir, who had regained his memory, grinned.

[Little owner. Thank you so much for always serving me delicious food. I always wanted to say hello in words like this.]

Kim Yoo-jung, as well as other colleagues, had already heard from Jae-hyun after the raid on the treasure house of the gods in the past. Poppy has acquired a new skill, which is to regain her memories.

Also, Papi was a great dragon in the past, Fafnir.

However, they did not know that they would show this kind of appearance, so they were also quite embarrassed.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was closest, asked in a trembling voice at Fafnir’s change.

“When this war is over… Are you going to forget all the memories of us together?”

[That’s not it. just… You’ll just go back to what you knew. First of all, I have to survive on this hellish battlefield.]

Kim Yoo-jung immediately grasped the question of what he said, without even feeling a moment of surprise. Poppy’s gaze goes to one place.

Everyone’s backs started to get chilly. they sensed

A new danger is coming. on this battlefield.

[Here. Odin’s Dark Magic… Its crystal is.]

coo coo coo… !

A magical shield that shatters with a roaring sound and cracks.

As the formula built with numerous magical radars faded, a being began to appear. Of course, the disaster that came from the enemy camp.

The identity was surprisingly familiar, someone I thought I had already dealt with.



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“dare… How dare you drive this Thor to his death… … ! Speaking of dirty giants… !!”

“Thor… ! why… ! You would be dead!”

An Ho-yeon shouted and immediately activated the Blue and White Sword, enveloping his sword in blue flames. It was the skill he handled best.

So did other colleagues. He immediately prepared for the reappearance of enemies with transcendental status in front of him with their respective skills.

Thor, the thunder god of Asgard.

In order to deal with such a monster, everyone had to do their best.

Kim Yoo-jung activated various auxiliary skills and soul links, and Kwon So-yul also used traps and various tools around him to set traps so that he could not easily narrow the distance.

Lee Jae-sang’s potion was already distributed to all raiders to assist them in their fight.

But even in the midst of that, one question remained unanswered.

How the hell is Thor alive?

[This is Odin’s black magic. As a wizard, he finally touched the forbidden realm.]

Fafnir explained to his puzzled colleagues.

black magic.

I remembered hearing about it from Jaehyun and the Van Esir members one day. Magic that violates a taboo that transcends the realm of cognition.

That’s what black magic is.

[Thor in front of me has been resurrected by Odin’s black magic. And even stronger than before.]

“How could that be… !”

Kwon So-yul gritted it. Others were also horrified.

No matter how proficient Odin was in magic, reviving the dead was out of the question.

Isn’t that clearly out of line with nature?

You don’t know what kind of penalty you will be wearing in the future.

There is no way that Odin, who has uncovered all the knowledge in the world, would not know this… … .

How many dead can Odin bring back to life?

At that time, Fafnir calmly stood as if he had read Hella’s thoughts.

[No matter how Odin is, more than one is impossible. I am also a dragon who is proficient in magic, so I know a lot about black magic.

Thor… That one guy is the limit.]

Of course, even if that was the case, things weren’t so good.

Because no one can defeat the resurrected Thor alone right here and now.

Helen bit her lip.

‘Smir… already dead Because I don’t feel any biological reactions at all. At least, the reason we had an advantage was because of Freya’s participation in the war and the strength of the alliance of various races.

however… If Thor joins the battlefield, the story will change again.’

“Let’s start the second round from now on.”

Thor emerged from the darkness and began to walk toward the friendly camp. He was newly resurrected and restored to all his health, so the same penalty as before was gone.

The whetstone fragment that Hrungnir had driven into his forehead in the past had no effect on him now.

Level 5 liberation.

The god who stood at the pinnacle of reaching Odin and Loki slowly began to release his energy.

Allied soldiers, including Jae-hyun’s colleagues, slowly feel fear, and then begin to hesitate and backtrack.

“Let’s get ready.”

However, even in a situation where everyone was terrified, there was one who did not back down.

Soyul Kwon.

She was the person who practically became the leader of Nine when Jaehyun was absent. She wasn’t very strong, but she knew best what she could do.

Encouraging and empowering my colleagues to move forward. Sacrificing for them even if you are afraid to die.

‘you can do it.’

Kwon So-yul gritted it.

Every step, every step, was terrifying to death and seemed to stop breathing.

The enemy was strong, and compared to that, he was very humble.

however it goes

Hasn’t Jaehyun already done that?

You can do that yourself. If it is me who has been by my side until now.

Kwon So-yul believed so firmly.

Turbuck. Turbuck.

So, how many steps did you take?

After moving only a few meters, her colleagues suddenly followed her. Then they walked side by side with her.

they thought

Not too long ago, because they worked hard to their limit, the level they reached is about the third level of divine liberation. On the other hand, the enemy is 5 levels of liberation. Their realm was the difference between heaven and earth.

But nonetheless, they believed in each other. that somehow they will find a breakthrough.

Just like Jaehyun once did.

They believed they could do it too.

“You can’t let Smir’s death be in vain.”

Those were Kim Yoo-jung’s words. Seo Ina nodded her head.

“… must win Even for Jaehyun.”

Everyone nods. Now to the second phase, it was the moment when the chapter of the war passed.

* * *

Jaehyun is walking down a long hallway.

The hallway where Odin and Hugin once walked while having a conversation.

It was a space created to connect rooms to each other in the middle of Asgard and to keep an eye on each other.

Power sometimes makes people terribly suspicious. They make them hate each other, and induce them to kill whenever it is not necessary.

Jaehyun probably took it for granted, but at least he didn’t want to live that kind of life.

Up until now, Jaehyun had experienced the horrendous effects of the numerous power gaps, and barely managed to survive the day between them. But get drunk with power and ruin everything?

It was far from the life he wanted.

When to use force and when not to. He never doubted that it was most important to distinguish them.

‘Anyway, it’s about time to come out.’

Suddenly, I see the end of a long rectangular hallway. The place where Jaehyun’s footsteps stop. At the end of it was a huge door.

A door that looks difficult to enter because it is covered with layers of special magic. However, it was not a problem for Jaehyun.

Because it would have been solved by using absolute arithmetic.

Jaehyun thought so and nodded, then finally put his hand on the door to open it.

Ahead of this will be the throne of Odin.

A wide space full of darkness and a heedscalp that overlooks everything in the world will pop out. According to Loki’s explanation, it was unmistakable.

“can do.”

After hypnotizing himself, he turned the hand holding the door with force.

That was the moment.

“wait. adversary.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind. Of course, Jaehyun already knew. that he is there.

Even so, the reason for pretending to be defenseless was simple.

To deal with enemies quickly.

It was because he was intrusive on what he had to do now.

Jaehyun grabbed the man behind him and aimed at Nidhogg’s fangs. It was a really quick move.

A heavy voice comes out of his mouth.

“… Hugin. why are you here Is it to disturb me?”

It was when Jaehyun’s sword dug into his shadow.


Hugin gave a completely different answer.

Jaehyun frowned.

“then… Do I have other business?”

Jaehyun remembered. Heimdall was said to have been killed by Hugin himself.

Maybe that’s… It comes down to the conclusion that he may have betrayed Odin. Jaehyun had no doubts.

“Have you betrayed Odin?”

“Betrayal… .”

Hugin rarely extended his words.

“Not exactly. Odin and I had different goals from the beginning.”

“Were the goals different?”

“I will show you my memory.”

As Hougin said, he instantly spread his mana and swallowed Jaehyun. Jaehyun tried to resist immediately, but felt his whole body stiffen with the replay of someone’s first memory.

It was not irresistible.

just… Because what he remembers is absurd.

He had no choice but to freeze on his feet.

“This is from a crow… It is my memory.”

Hugin said so. In Jaehyun’s eyes, a scene from the past passes by like a panorama.


In the very distant beginning of time, there was a raven that watched over Odin hanging upside down in Yggdrasil.

A creature that didn’t even have a name yet.

A being assimilated into an evil spirit who wants to obtain all the knowledge in the world.


Hugin was there.

The memory of the person Jaehyun hated the most began to slowly regenerate.

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