I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 421

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Episode 421: The Summit of Asgard (1)

“You’re here. The antagonist of the prophecy.”

Jaehyun quietly contemplates the person sitting on the highest throne.

The atmosphere of the throne decorated with all sorts of accessories and gold is hideous even to look at. At least as if to prove that it was a mythical artifact, the magic that emanated from it was of a different class.

A pure white light flickers behind the one-eyed man with a long beard.

A light that spreads like a halo. It made it difficult for the person sitting in the back to think that it was an evil spirit.

Contrary to appearances, however, the identity of the old man sitting on the throne is evil among evil.

Indeed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it brought the world to the brink of extinction.

Jaehyun looked up and looked at Odin for a moment.


Is this what transcendent beings that humans generally know are like?

Jaehyun clenched his fists while looking at Odin. He held his breath as he looked at the giant sitting on the Hlydskamp. I felt the hugeness of the throne again.

‘Odin. It’s an enemy, but I can’t help but admit that it’s strong.’


After learning the rune language, he passed on magic to the world in the form of a ceremony, and he was the one who built Asgard with the crows and the gods that followed him.

The enemy was unmistakably strong.

In order to deal with him, a lot of blood was buried on his hands, and Smir’s presence was cut off. He must have met his death with Thor.

However, at this moment, I shouldn’t be shaken.

In any situation, Jaehyun had to stay calm. Even if it was cold-blooded, Jaehyun had to choose the best for himself.

‘calm down. The guy in front of me is not the guy to deal with agitatedly.’

The slightest sign of error here runs the risk of ruining everything. That much should be avoided.

It was self-evident that he would be defeated if he was swept away by excessive emotions at this moment. Jaehyun knows best because he was not stupid as a raider.

That those who can control their emotions survive until the end.


Because of this, Jaehyun chose to answer like that without hesitation.

The enemy is strong, but he is now equipped with the same rank. Reproduction in the 5th stage of liberation has reached the level of Odin, Thor, and Loki.

said Odin, rising from his throne.

“Congratulations. adversary. It’s a pity for me, but I did it in the end. Gaining divine status with a human body, and looking at me with the same gaze and eye level as me now. that’s what you did don’t praise you… strong.”

“What are you doing praising me?”

Jaehyun puts a fishy smile on his lips, but Odin still watches Jaehyun looking at him with an unchanging expression.

“I don’t know if it means anything to you. But it is different for me.”

Odin rose from his throne and took a step forward.

“Because I, who is said to have dared to dig into everything in the world, is unexpected.”

Suddenly, Odin’s momentum changes and a storm begins to rage. Jaehyun watched him quietly and began to open up his powers.

Odin smiled.

“You have become the biggest variable for me. So you can be willing enough.”

“I bet you won’t stop at variables.”

Along with Jaehyun’s voice, a formidable sound was heard. It was a noise that burst out at the same time, regardless of either side.

The two of them approached each other with their weapons in their hands.

First of all, Odin is Gungnir. He pulled out a spear that was said to hit anything if he threw it. A weapon with sharpness that can be operated.

This is an artifact that symbolizes Odin, and was made by the sons of Ivaldi, the rivals of the Brock-Aitri brothers.

In simple terms, it means that it is an item made by the traitors of the dwarves.

On the other hand, Jaehyun held the longsword of Shinhwa, a weapon created by the Broc-Atri brothers. It wouldn’t hurt to bring out a weapon that will deal maximum damage right away, but… … .

‘Because I don’t know what else Odin has. You must use your best judgment. Stay focused. You must not make a mistake even for a moment.’

Everything can only be decided by a single sum.

The battles of those at the top are like that.

Momentary inattention and gap.

That will determine your life and death.

Jaehyun immediately activated his magic.

―Active skill 《Ice Chain Lv 5》 is activated.

Chains rising from the air are intertwined and rush towards Odin. Odin raised the corner of his mouth and swung his spear as the light-tinted chains rushed to weave through his body.


At that moment, Jaehyun faced a scene that was more familiar than ever.

It was the sound of the [Absolute Calculation] activating.

‘Once I checked one.’

It seemed that Odin, like himself, could use absolute arithmetic. Of course, it was highly probable.

The item that he had, and now has become the eye of the adversary.

Its original name was Odin’s Lost Eye.

Jaehyun acquired this and learned a new skill, and that was absolute arithmetic.

Magic that turns all magic into nothingness.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it had become Jaehyun’s biggest hand so far, and now the magic shoots out from the enemy’s hand.

“I was the one who discovered all magical truths and created the rune language. You didn’t think that such magic would work for me, who has penetrating eyes, right?”

“no way.”

Jaehyun jumped up again. After leaping at a short distance with a movement close to speed, it moves behind the enemy. Then, he swings his sword vertically.


However, the enemy lightly brushes it off, then throws an absolute hit spear.


Jaehyun reverse summoned his sword and reflexively opened a defense force field. However, it did not exert a great effect and was broken as it was.



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Jaehyun clicked his tongue and activated the magic effect in the armor.

―Active skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》.

Evasion of enemy’s attack 1 time.

It’s not just about dodging attacks.

At least it was for Jaehyun.

Jae-hyun leaped toward Odin’s body again, and then broke the trajectory one after another in the air. It was the power of an air leap.


At the same time, Jaehyun thrust the canine of Nidhogg, which he summoned before he knew it, over Odin’s head.

Ae-Aeng Chae… !

However, Odin easily blocked Jaehyun’s attack. Before she knew it, she took out another artifact and held it in her hand. It was strange.

The enemy Odin and Jaehyun’s way of fighting were quite similar.

Even though they were the objects they hated each other the most.

The two beings were fighting in the most similar ways.

“Pretty good. You already have a power comparable to mine, Adversary.”

Odin said so with genuine admiration. But Jaehyun didn’t like it.

That his attack didn’t work. More than that, it was still Odin looking down on himself. he couldn’t admit it.

he’s strong enough There is no time for Odin to be vigilant anymore.


Jaehyun kicks Odin’s shoulder in the air and then shoots him backwards. Odin rushes in without missing.


―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 5» is activated.

Jaehyun immediately cast ice magic on the floor so that Odin could not approach him quickly. No matter how proficient Odin was in magic, it was impossible to keep up with the movement of reappearance without breaking it.

Odin said, holding his spear in his hand again before he knew it.

“Anyway, you’re a rat-like bastard.”

“You bastard… After all, is there a cooldown?”

Jaehyun laughed.

Well, it was natural. It’s still the same mythological level item, but I thought that only Odin’s was overbalanced.

Odin’s Spear. Gungnir is the best weapon, but there was one problem.

There is a cooldown period for each use.

About 5 minutes. The time that Jaehyun experienced seemed to be about that much.

“okay. But, that doesn’t mean you had any hope that you could win, did you? Even at this moment, your comrades will be dying.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you really think Thor died with that giant?”

“… … what?”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be embarrassed at that point.

A little while ago, he confronted Thor and asked Smir to organize him. In return, Smir lost his life… Thor also died.


the two died together.

“I sought all the knowledge of the world. Among them, there was also black magic.

If you don’t believe me, I’ll confirm it.”

At the same time as Odin said that, he put his hand on the Hledeskalp for a moment.

Then, a transparent light leaked from the throne and recalled a screen.

A landscape that seems to transmit images through a screen.

The face seen from there belonged to someone who was convinced that Jaehyun was dead.

“Thor… ! How the hell is that guy!”

Jaehyun’s magical power surged like a raging wave.

Odin burst into a great blaze and attacked him. It was an attack using a sword because mutual magic did not work properly.


The sword passes through the air and cuts through the ground.

Jaehyun kept his distance and continued to deploy his magic. It was an inevitable process for fast movement.

Control your magical power delicately and use it to confront your enemies.

Even so, he did not take his eyes off his comrades who were facing Thor on the screen. Jaehyun bit his lip.

Thor appeared to be alive on screen, but in reality he was not.

‘I temporarily trapped my soul in a newly created body with black magic. Perhaps now he has become a fighting machine that only carries out Odin’s orders.’

Jaehyun asked in a cold voice.

“To bring your dead son back to life and use him as a puppet… … Are you still the head of a faction?”

To resurrect my child with black magic.

Anyone can see how taboo such behavior is for wizards.

Jaehyun looked at Thor again on the screen.

maybe dead Or something that could be called a draugra.

Odin sneered.

“Suddenly, what? Wouldn’t it be enough to have a son again?”

At Odin’s words, Jaehyun pondered for a moment. Is fighting Odin really the right choice here?

No matter how strong your teammates are, can you face the resurrected Thor?

The odds of it being impossible were overwhelmingly high.

no it will

But the moment he goes back to save them here. Time will gradually pass, and in the end, Jaehyun will not be able to protect anything he wants to protect.

‘I’m here… What choice should I make?’

The remaining time is about 15 minutes. The time left until the prophecy was overturned was absurdly short, and the odds were slim even if he did his best to deal with it.

At that moment, Jaehyun gave the short answer.

“then. There is only one way.”


Jaehyun clenched his fist at Odin’s question.

Tsutsutsu… !!

In an instant, Jaehyun unleashes the divine power that has been released up to the 5th stage dwelling in his body. It was far transcendent, a different dimension from his previous appearance.

His black hair was flowing and it started to turn white before he knew it, and an unknown rune word began to be engraved inside the two gold eyes.

That wasn’t all.

The red magic power permeated all over the body. The magic of the beginning was shining, and the great power of reappearance was born.

The level was so great that even that Odin could hold his breath for a moment.

Jaehyun raised a red chain in the air and looked at the enemy.

“Can’t we just kill you in 10 minutes and go rescue your comrades?”

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 420I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 422
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