I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 422

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Episode 422: The Summit of Asgard (2)

All allies froze at the sight of Thor pouring out dark energy.

Even if it is not, he is the highest level god that Smir risked his life to hunt down.

It was a fight that he would not be able to compete with if Hrungnir hadn’t weakened him with a whetstone and if Jaehyun hadn’t been wasting time.

The one who was barely killed was resurrected?

The issues unfolding before their eyes were too foreign for them to handle. I didn’t want to believe it. It was something that was already happening.

However, with Kwon So-yul’s small step, Jae-hyeon’s colleagues realized.

What they should do now is to move, not despair.

“… You have to move.”

After Kwon So-yul, Seo E-na was the second to speak.

Because she grew up in a barren environment, she was always quick to accept what happened in front of her eyes.

Just as she pushed her own aunt to death herself in the past, she sometimes becomes cold-hearted. She even got wiser.

That was Seo Eana’s greatest strength.

“that’s right. I have no choice but to do it. dragon! Will you help too?”

[Of course. If you promise me that you will keep making food for me who lost my memory.]

“I’ll make it for you!”

Kim Yoo-jung quickly spread the square while talking to Fafnir. It was to isolate Thor from her other companions.

Other colleagues soon joined. In Freya’s case, he was shooting down his students one by one. with a sword.

No matter what, she was just repeating it.

Even though taking the lives of former students would not be fun at all, she was humbly accepting it.

Because she has lived on the battlefield for a long time, there are things she can know. It was the fact that an ally could turn into an enemy at any time.

the current time. Nine and Jormungand were all capable of combat against Thor.

Ahn Ho-yeon smoked blue flowers, and Kim Yoo-jung activated a support skill.

―Active skill «Blue and White Sword».

―Activate the active skill 《Soul Link》.

Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang are also playing their respective roles in the battle. However, since they are not good at fighting, they are only doing their best in their positions.

Heal an ally’s wounds, or try to defuse a situation. or distribute potions.

Hoyeon Ahn, Eana Seo, and Yujeong Kim. After a while, the three people gathered and joined forces.

“Let’s go.”

[Hmm… What a terrible situation. To fight Thor… … !]

Unlike the horse, Jormungandr pulled out his tongue and was already dripping venom.

No matter how you look at it, it was a face that thought of Thor as enough to feed him for three days.

“You dare me. Thor… Can you handle it!”

With those words, Thor exerted explosive power and spread blackened lightning strikes all over the place. Freya’s Valkyries are swept away, and allied troops die from a sudden attack.

There were dozens of people who died instantly in a single attack.

[Do you want to remain evil until the end?

Thor, don’t you know what your condition is and how much you are being used by the wicked King of Asgard!]

The shield that Fafnir created along with his residence protected Jaehyun’s colleagues.

Fafnir was the only one who could fight similarly, if not even to Thor, in this spot.

Jormungandr’s overwhelming size and destructive power from the delicate operation of power are second to none, but the magic of dragons like Fafnir and Nidhogg is of a very different class.

“You can’t answer the question.”

Thor laughed and with eyes that had turned into reverse before he knew it, he raised Mjolnir again and struck it down.

“You cannot beat me.”


There was a noise with a crackling sound. Minor cracks appeared in the shield. Hoyeon Ahn took a short breath.

It is not possible to remain confined to this shield.

If so, it means that one day you will have to go out and brandish your sword and face the enemy.

But the enemy was too strong.

Heimdall, whom he faced in the past, was not comparable. I’m sure I would have dealt with Jaehyun without difficulty, but… Jaehyun had other things to do.

This is a task given to them.

yes, task.

Re-enactment is a kind of ordeal that has been endured countless times.

They just shared a little of it and carried it on their shoulders.

Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung were also thinking this way. Seo In-na, who flutters her blonde hair using the king’s second coming, and Kim Yoo-jung, who shows off her dignity.

And the elite elf knight and Ruina running from behind to join them.

Everyone was trying to share his burden for reappearance.

From here on, it was not Jaehyun, but they were fighting.

At least for now. It’s time to burn them even if they die.

Confident, they left behind the shield and slowly began to run forward. Soldiers of each race gained strength from seeing their colleagues running ahead and behind.

Raiders, elves, dwarves, valkyries… … .

Everyone knew what to do.

what you can do

Of course I knew.

That it is difficult to realize or realize.

But it’s time to do it. If so, just do it. Other than that, there are no other options.

“let’s go.”

* * *

‘It’s funny.’



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Thor thought for a moment as he watched the foolish men rushing at him.

The first time I realized that things were going differently than expected was when the son of the dirty giant king broke through the barrier and confronted me instead of the opponent.


The king of the giants, whose name was memorable. His son possessed an armed force unmatched by his father’s.

However, he himself died once.

No matter how much he knew what would happen on the battlefield, it was difficult for Thor to accept easily.

Why the hell are you even doing this?

why don’t they give up?

Smir, who made friends with himself and sent his adversary forward. Why did he risk his life to kill himself?

Thinking of such meaningless thoughts, I thought about what meaning there was to my own battle.

It wasn’t a very deep concern.

He just thought because he felt that there was a clear reason for Smir’s actions.

What did Smir gain by sending someone to the front like that? Is there anything to gain from him who is already dead?

Is it really a matter of right and wrong?

‘No, no matter how I think about it, it’s a contradiction.’

Thor shook his head.

Yes, it was nothing more than a contradiction.

All the wars Thor had experienced so far contained one truth.

No matter what kind of war there is, it is oneself in the end. Or that it is only for the benefit of one’s country.

For the sake of others, for the sake of the cause, the reason is that it is nothing but vanity.

Nevertheless, the reason for following Odin’s command was simple.

fighting strong enemies. Because that was all of his life.

So, in order to battle as many strong people as possible, I agreed to my father’s sword. In the past, he destroyed the world of giants and conquered countless worlds.

and… … Now it has become an ingredient for black magic, and has become a state similar to that of the undead.

The current Thor was like being reborn.

The lofty rank of the gods has now been replaced by pitch-black, filthy magic. A puppet who cannot control the overflowing power and only follows Odin’s orders.

The current Thor has only been revived as such an existence.

A patchwork stuffed toy. nothing more and nothing less.

A killing machine that is good no matter what your own will.

That was who I am now.

“However… … That’s why I can say it confidently. I, Thor, pursued strength more than anyone else! So, I take this opportunity to make a declaration.”

Thor groaned and raised his hammer high.

“I, Thor, will kill you all here.”


At that moment, with black lightning hitting the floor.

All of Midgard flashed into darkness for a moment.

* * *

“Can’t we just kill you in 10 minutes and go rescue your comrades?”

“me… I will kill you. That’s an interesting story. That’s 10 minutes.”

Odin put a fishy sneer on his lips.

“Unfortunately, that seems difficult. adversary. Even though you are strong enough to fight me on equal terms, you are an individual after all.”

“I think I’ve grown to have quite a few colleagues. You seem to think otherwise, don’t you?”

“Even now, my troops are gathering here. All of them are elites of Liberation Level 3 or higher. In between, there are also several mythical magic beasts.

Can you really deal with them all? With Odin in front of me?”

“Are you coming out cowardly?”

Jaehyun laughed. He knew that the moment he entered the enemy camp, he would fight while surrounded.

However, it wasn’t that Jaehyun set foot here without thinking.

believe… No, it’s hard to believe, but there was one corner that you had to believe in to win, so I was just thinking of betting on it.

“Probably the troops you called won’t come here.”

“What are you talking about?”


Then, a wild monster’s cry was heard.

Because the voice was so sad, Odin and Jaehyun were able to realize it at the same time. The magic beasts and Odin’s army are disappearing, and many of them at a very fast pace.

In that brief moment, Odin knew what was happening elsewhere. Someone else is slaughtering all the soldiers he prepared in advance.

“It must have been a double operation. … But there won’t be a monster in Van Aesir that can wipe out my army alone… … how… no way?”

Odin’s eyes narrowed briefly at the last moment.

Jaehyun smiled and thrust the red chain straight into Odin’s shoulder. Eight chains draw different trajectories and quickly fly towards the place Jaehyun wants.

charrrrr… !!

“okay. It will probably be all smashed up by now.”

Odin quickly activated Absolute Calculation and gnashed his teeth, breaking the chain of reappearance.

“Loki. I never thought I would use him as bait.”

bang! bang! bang! bang!

The sound of explosions coming from afar is gradually approaching. As Odin’s expression slowly distorted, Jaehyun’s low voice was heard.

“that’s right. Did he decide to distract you from there?”

Jaehyun and Odin’s attacks collide in the air once again.

Jaehyun sighed at the thought of Loki’s thin face.

Fortunately, the first operation was a success.

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