I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 423

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Episode 423: The Summit of Asgard (3)

“… After all, Loki was determined to screw things up.”

Odin looked at the adversary with a displeased expression.

The opponent is also an annoying opponent, but Loki is a bit stronger now.

At least from what I’ve experienced so far, he was the only being with enough power to feel grotesque.

The only god of the anti-Aesir faction that even he cannot guarantee victory.

That was the size of the bowl that the god Loki had.

‘Loki. He was the only one who could threaten my position. If he comes this way and helps the opponent, I’m sure I’ll be the one in danger. … … However.’

“You know that there is not much time left. 5 minutes. It is impossible for Loki to reach here.”

There was a fishy sneer in Odin’s voice. It was natural. How dare you use the maximum power of an enemy that would make even him nervous as bait for a diversionary operation?

It seems to have been taken by surprise, but its basic premise is wrong.

“For such an operation to succeed, one premise, of course, is required.

adversary. That you should be able to kill me quickly.”

“okay. obviously. But I don’t think it’s impossible.”

For the first time, Odin’s one eye is filled with deep anger. The irreverence of the return reply. It was judged that it had gone too far.

“… Foolish!”

Once again, two transcendent beings collide. Jaehyun felt his body slowly heat up.

Never dared to look up.

Odin is the culmination of all myths.

He and himself are now fighting on equal terms.

The uplifting feeling that the fact itself gave gradually came up through Jaehyun’s whole body, gradually sharpening his sword and magic.

Intuitive movements and transcendent reflexes. And the destructive power shown by the power of the newly opened eyes was awe itself.

In addition, in the training he had with Loki, Jaehyun was able to grow faster than he thought.

Every moment, now he was getting sharper.

Jaehyun did not allow Odin to attack even once, and continued to close the distance with him.

When the battle was fully ripe, Jaehyun approached and deliberately grabbed his spear and turned around.

“Stupid! Shallow!”

Odin said that and before he knew it, he took out a dagger and cut Jaehyun’s shoulder.

However, Jaehyun’s expression was relaxed itself.

At that moment, an indelible dark cloud covered Odin’s face.

It’s as if you’re moving exactly as the enemy intended… I felt that way.

‘No, it can’t be.’

In any case, the disadvantaged side was the opponent.

3 minutes left now. No matter how well he held on, it was okay. In a little while, the prophecy will finally be overturned.

However, he did not remember that the moment he thought so was the most dangerous.

Because he had been at the top for the longest time, he had a bad habit of thinking that his judgment would always be right.


At that moment, the first wound appeared on Odin’s always perfect body.

An overly sharp sword.

No matter how you look at it, it was hard to believe that it had been shot by an adversary with a similar level to himself.

I felt a warm sensation. Odin immediately looked down.

A long, vertical wound across the left shoulder.

The longsword of Shinhwa wielded by Jaehyun demonstrated its power.

‘… How on earth does this power… … .’

Odin was shocked. However, like a god at the top of Asgard, he quickly realized.

How could Jaehyun’s sword be so sharp?

“This… It’s the imprint of a counterattack.”

“then? Do you think there is a way to deal with it?”

Jaehyun laughed.

Odin gnashed his teeth. As Jaehyun said, it didn’t mean much even if he knew what engraving he used to strengthen his weapon.

If there was nothing to counter it, the one who fell could have been himself.

‘If two more are fit like this… It can get really dangerous. damn… !’

Odin quickly regained his sanity. Although he had already conceded one attack, he still had the upper hand.

It’s a fight that he wins if he just endures time.

If the prophecy is reversed, Ragnarok will be over.

A new prophecy surrounding him will be born.

The adversary will never be able to stand against himself, and will die at his own hands-.

It was a prophecy he made by consuming all the stars of the abyss. Even though her wife, her limbs, and her subordinates were replaced countless times, it was not a waste.

Because they are nothing more than parts that can be replaced at any time. Their deaths meant nothing to Odin.

Odin opened his eyes. Although he only has one eye, he has been using it for a long time.

so that. Odin was able to do what Jaehyun couldn’t.

“Did you ever hear from Van Aesir’s scum about my field magic?”

“It’s field magic… . Well, I guess not.”

Jaehyun continued to attack.

“ha… .”

catch your breath Then, while switching weapons, continuously drive the enemy to the back. It was like a sword and magic that could be called art.

Odin’s body began to have cuts and scars from the magic that could not be destroyed.

After blocking the sight with water attribute magic, Odin, who removed it, inflicted additional damage with ice attribute magic.



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The series of courses were very colorful. It is not monotonous and each one is difficult to predict. No matter how Odin is, it is not easy to deal with. That was enough to make me realize it.

“… Good luck then.”

Odin showed his white teeth. He was already wounded everywhere, but he didn’t seem to think of his defeat yet.

It means that you still have more cards left. Jaehyun’s body was kept alert so that he could react to his movements at any time.

The remaining time is 1 minute 30 seconds.

Even if you don’t know what the enemy will pull out, you have to kill it at once.

‘I have to see the end here.’

When the prophecy starts to overturn, there is nothing you can do now.

It is not the end only that one’s calling as an opponent of prophecy disappears.

everyone will die In particular, the more people by his side, the more ruthlessly and brutally he will be killed.

family, colleagues, friends.

Everyone will be crushed. Like an ant, you can’t even resist and everything comes to an end. Because this fucking world is where the winner takes it all.

Just like that, it was when Jaehyun stretched out his arm to deliver his final attack.



With an incomprehensible moan coming out of Jaehyun’s mouth, a huge wave of magical power rushed towards him like a tidal wave.

Jaehyun felt it.

Odin’s own field magic that Odin talked about earlier.

that it has started now.

“Come, come. This is the card I hid.”

―Field magic 《Waltz of Frenzy and End》 traps the user.

Jaehyun quickly deployed his magical energy to break his field magic. He also started to block the enemy’s magic by activating the plateau of the red moon.

But the results were disastrous.

―Activate field magic 《Red Moon Plateau》.

―Failed to activate field magic.

Jaehyun quickly became dumbfounded.

Failed to activate field magic?

Without time to continue thinking, the world was dyed in darkness. Odin’s Gungnir quickly rushed at him in the thick jet black and the scent of blood that filled his son-in-law.

Odin smiled.

“die. Adversary.”


With a sound, the spear pierced Jaehyun’s stomach accurately.

deep deep darkness. This was a field magic that Odin, the one who started the end, could use, and had never shown anyone before.

“Even those Thor and Loki have never seen my field magic. So consider it an honor And give me your soul here in exchange.”

‘Zen… page… … .’

I felt as if many hands were dragging me down into the depths of the water. Jaehyun was sure.

That what Gungnir had pierced through was precisely his own heart.

* * *

A little while ago, when all the lights in Midgard flickered with a thunderbolt.

The darkness that filled the world lifted and Thor, the god of thunder, appeared.

Resurrected by black magic, he stood tall, looking at his enemies bleeding. The only ones who could move properly were the members of the Nine and the gods with the same status.

Thor was also stronger than expected.

Everyone, friend and foe alike, were swept away.

Some of them were still alive, but more than half of them died at the same time. Kim Yoo-jung’s face hardened and her body began to tremble.

I was determined to die. He knew he didn’t feel fear because his teammates did the same.

but she didn’t know She knows that she is most vulnerable to fear.

As someone who has stood at the edge of death once, she has no choice but to yearn for life more thoroughly.

That fact made her fearless.

The brain is no longer doing its job. I couldn’t breathe.

Even though Gyeok had been resisting the darkness a little while ago, she couldn’t do it at all. She regretted it.

Jaehyun must still be fighting Odin… But is he unable to even move?

Are you stuck in the past?

“Look ahead.”

The voice heard at that moment was Kwon So-yul.

She grabbed Kim Yu-jung’s shoulders and took one step at a time while no one could move. She slowly started walking towards Thor.

It felt like seeing the dead walking towards Helheim on their own.

In the suffocating silence.

Everyone watched him in a daze, stunned.

Soyul Kwon.

In fact, she was one of the most down-to-earth members.

It is not like Ahn Ho-yeon to save someone because he has a dream and a cause.

It’s not like I love Jaehyun like Kim Yoojung and Seo Ina.

Like Lee Jae-sang, he was saved by Jae-hyun?

It’s similar, but maybe it was something I could do without him.

however. Why, at this moment, is she going to face the most advanced, her most feared enemy? That fact passed them by as a question.

Kwon So-yul approached Thor and grabbed one arm with the other hand. Their eyes are focused on one place.

It was. she was shaking

Being ahead of everyone else, she was trembling.

My mind went blank, and my breathing became increasingly rough.


Nevertheless, Kwon So-yul.

At the most important moment, he spit out what he always said.

“Me and you are actually too young to die, but… … let’s go.”

She smiled and shed a tear.

“This can be happen?”

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 422I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 424
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