I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 425

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Episode 425: Song of the Stars (2)

ink painting.

As befits the meaning of a picture drawn with ink, the technology that Jaehyun is showing now draws a beautiful picture with only the harmony of black and white.

A series of processes in which the skin of an enemy is cut once and then the sword is drawn again.

In the process, Jaehyun takes out all the tiles he has been hiding.

‘The fourth and fifth swordsmanship of intangible swords that have never been revealed to the public.’

Another expression of the intangible sword is nicely engraved on his sword.

[The highlight of the intangible sword lies in being able to handle the sword to the limit, being able to catch enemies off guard. … … Maybe other guys will say that. But I didn’t make this sword with that meaning.]

It was a memory that came to mind when he was receiving swordsmanship training from Frey in the past.

That piece is now clearly engraved in Jaehyun’s mind and creates a tangible force. The power that blended with the situation was never something that could be hidden by hiding it.

Frey’s words from the past continue to resonate in Jaehyun’s ears.

[I can bet everything on the fact that the fourth and fifth expressions of the Intangible Sword will never be what you thought. You can believe it.]

[What do you mean by that? Don’t turn around, say it straight. I don’t have much time either.]

[therefore. After all, the real secret of the intangible sword is… It means that all these swordsmanship is nothing more than one training. Voila… !]

[Seriously, I will kill you. Even now, if the requirements are not simplified.]

[I-I’m sorry. … … To say the conclusion first, the fourth and fifth expressions are ‘not hidden.’ It can be considered complete.]

[Do not hide… ?]

It was a paradoxical statement. Isn’t that a complete denial of the root of the intangible sword?

intangible sword.

It is a sword with such a name because there is no brother of the sword from the name. A swordsmanship that spreads a thin film on the sword with magical power, making it transparent, and inflicts great damage on enemies simply by swinging it.

The enemy is greatly embarrassed by the invisible sword.

By the way, what the fourth and fifth swords at the end reveal?

What the heck does cultivation mean?

Words I didn’t understand at the time.

But now I knew.

The harmonious light of black and white that I spread now was proof of that.

Why did Frey say that the intangible sword was only for training? Now I can understand for sure.

“Until I made something really outrageous.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

It was. The fact that this sword’s training up to the 3rd ceremony was nothing more than a process to delicately incorporate magical power into the sword.

that is so.

‘After a certain moment, if you get used to putting magic on the sword. It means that I can do the opposite as well.’

Exploding the magical power overlaid on the sword to amplify the tangible magical power. Ultimately, this is what this intangible sword was trying to say.

[Actually, I haven’t finished it either. I’m sorry, but I haven’t gotten there yet either. Well, for the past 10,000 years, I’ve been imprisoned.]

[Are you kidding me?]

[Ah, ah, but if it’s your skills, you’ll be able to do it well enough! Yes, because this Frey vouches for it. You can definitely believe it! No matter how unreliable I am, I am the highest level god compared to other gods when it comes to swords.]

In fact, I couldn’t trust Frey’s words, so I went to Hel and Hela and other gods to ask if his words were true, but they also gave the same answer.

[Fray is unreliable, but the sword is the best.]

[you’re right. He was also a man of extraordinary talent… It is true that he has excellent skills, even though indolence and frivolity have caught his ankle.]

If the story came from Hella’s mouth and not from anyone else’s, I could trust it. After that, I continued to practice the intangible sword from a new perspective…

Finally, he succeeded in completing the 4th and 5th ceremonies, which even Frey, who invented the swordsmanship, had failed.

‘Frey. It’s been a while since the talkative man did something.’

My eyes light up and I can accurately identify the enemy’s vital points.

Heart, neck, eyes, joints, ribs, etc.

Continue to cut the path to break through the enemy’s defense technique such as the iron fortress.

The remaining time is only a few tens of seconds.

So, that’s the best I can come up with here.


after. Exhale. As if time had stopped for a moment, the sound of the heart beating and the movement of the enemy. As the path is all predicted, my sword begins to draw a picture.

If you can see it properly, it must be beautiful.

Countless flower petals that bloom with my smile cover the battlefield.

“Type 4 intangible sword. Seoljunghwa.”

Chow ah!

As the sword was swung, numerous sharp-forged flowers floated in the air and began to pour toward Odin. It was a truly spectacular landscape.

* * *

‘What swordsmanship is that? why… That this thing I don’t know still exists. I really never thought of this.’

The pinnacle of Asgard.

In fact, to Odin, who can see everything in the world, the sword and magic Jaehyun showed him a while ago were familiar.

I just got beaten while trying to test him. To the end, Jaehyun’s actions only slightly exceeded my expectations.

But not anymore.

What is that sword Jaehyun is showing you?

It must have been in the form of Frey’s intangible sword, but as it crossed a certain point, it began to reveal itself without hiding it.

What the hell is the purpose of that sword?

I never knew, but one thing was certain.

‘That’s… It must be dangerous.’

It was not a decision made from the brain.

Like a spinal cord reflex, the momentary decision made a chill run down my spine.

However, Jaehyun’s black and white magic-powered sword was several times more agile than he expected, and was devastatingly destroying Odin’s plans.



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“Type 4 intangible sword. Seoljunghwa.”

Along with the adversary’s low voice, the cool blades, as cold as snow, blew in like a storm. The colossal energy that had been condensed exploded out.

At the same time, the rough wind began to tear and trample Odin’s body.

It was very painful, but why Odin? He thought as he looked at the sword he did not know.

beautiful, go.

what? What the hell is your feeling right now? The fact that he had learned something new made Odin’s heart beat blindly.

It was. Odin’s essence was to realize new things.

Newness, knowledge, wisdom… Willingness to learn everything and go further.

Compared to the Odin of the past, that was what he lacked now. And now, Jaehyun was reluctantly filling it.

It was strange.

He feels pleasure in the process of being engraved one by one on his body. Just by knowing, he regained the feelings he had lost over the last ten thousand years or so.

Odin smiled.

A feeling of uplift arose, and soon the emotion spread like a torch.

‘There are things I don’t know yet.’

Also, I would risk my life to find out.

Like the time I once dedicated one eye to Mimir’s fountain and hung upside down from Yggdrasil. This time will be no exception.

Whatever I want to hold, I will hold in my hands.

Chow! Chow! Chow!

The skin breaks. Crossed over, sometimes gracefully.

It doesn’t have a certain rhythm like a waltz. Passionate music with continuous variations. It was a marvelous sword enough to be recognized by itself.

As the wounds increased, Odin thought. Soon he will find it difficult to stand on his own two feet.

Soon he will lose his life.

The rank of the adversary has already grown to that extent. Now we have to acknowledge his skills.

No, he didn’t ignore his ability from the beginning.

I didn’t judge how far he could grow just by the name of the adversary.

Because of that, Odin never looked down on him, and he sincerely acknowledged Jaehyun.

The current adversary is risking his life, and he has grown because of that.

It was to accept that fierce human struggle.


“I will admit it. Now you are stronger than me.”

Those words finally came out of Odin’s mouth, but Jaehyun calmly grasped his intention as he swung his sword.

Is there anything else left?

Her handling of this sword is still not perfect.

At least for Jaehyun, who was hoping that the worst would not happen, Odin’s actions could have had the worst possible outcome.

After a while. As expected, Odin began to cast his last move.


Enormous magic power rises from Odin.

Seol Jung-hwa. The flowers that bloom in the snow stop, and the flowers that the adversary bloomed are harvested.

It was still as clear as its destructive power, but it could no longer reach Odin.

What that meant was clear.

Jaehyun may not be able to win against Odin.

perhaps… … no way.

The moment Jaehyun thought about it, Odin activated the only move that could make him whole.

It is also something that he has tabooed so as not to lose himself.

It was also a kind of trigger that could bring oneself to the top.

Very charming, even though you know it’s dangerous to pull, you end up pulling. It is such a trigger.

‘This means that now I also have to risk everything. My last tens of thousands of years of magical knowledge and my life and soul. A magic that cannot be activated without guaranteeing everything.’

However, at this moment he couldn’t help but admit it. That the gap between himself and his archenemy had widened, and that he would have to risk his life just like him to bridge the gap.

As soon as the thought entered my mind, everything became clearer.

―The designated target activates magic with a level of risk of «Highest».

―A new magic is born!

―The designated target activates world-class black magic 《Transcendence》.

―All physical abilities of the designated target are significantly increased!

-warning! Get out of here right now!

-warning! Get out of here right now!

The system began to thump like a wave.

Jaehyun felt it.

Because he has eyes that can see rune words properly. Because his eyes resonated with Odin’s.

He could figure it out without reading the system messages.

That Odin is now using ‘black magic’ against him.

Also, the tens of seconds that had been given to him had now run out.

―The effect of the power of prophecy of the three Norn sisters is gone.

– A new prophecy is born.

[Odin wins the second Ragnarok, and all wars end at this moment. The adversary will never be able to do any harm to Odin.]

[All living beings on the ground will obey Odin, and in any case, they will not be able to harm him.]

[The adversary is killed by Odin here.]

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 424I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 426
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