I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 428

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Episode 428: The First Adversary (2)

Loki and I quickly became friends unexpectedly.

Loki was cocky, but honest. He was at least sharply different from those who took advantage of me by deceiving me.

He just seemed to enjoy the time he had with me.

Also, he was strong.

To the extent that the story that he is a person with skills equal to that of Odin and Thor is not a lie.

“Loki. Why do you refuse to hold the power of the Aesir? With your skills, it wouldn’t be too much to push Thor and Odin away.”

“haha. Henry, what are you talking about? You know best that I’m not interested in that.

Moreover, you are also a timid guy with an indecisive personality. Do you think you deserve to say that to me?”


As I said that, I was intoxicated by the bizarre atmosphere of Loki.

Even though he possesses great power, he never tries to dominate.

That was Loki I saw.

‘How is that possible?’

Loki was strong, but caring.

trickster. It was a scammer, but it was a joke line to the last.

He and I started to be called the best duo, solving many problems of the nine worlds. Is it because of that? Little by little, the narrow gaze and frame of the race surrounding me were peeling off.

It wasn’t how the hell a human could do such a thing, he was able to do it because he was Henir.

I finally got to be recognized properly.

Of course, Loki’s role was also great in this.

Because he did not discriminate against any race. He just flirted with those he was interested in and came back shaking his head when he was kicked out.

It was. Loki was originally that kind of guy.

Thanks to Loki and my efforts, wars and tragedies in the Nine Worlds have stopped quite a bit.

The disaster began to lift, and the heavy rain clouds also receded and the sun rose.

But we didn’t know yet until then.

That another dark cloud is coming… … .

very long rainy season. No, a war of death that rages in the snow.

that it is coming soon.

* * *

So, after some time has passed.

At a bar in Asgard that I often went to with Loki, I came across a shocking story.

“what? Is that true? Odin… … You started a war to get all nine worlds? How could you do that!”

Loki groaned, putting the glass down violently.

Odin. He knew he was ambitious, but he never expected it to be this big.

War. Wasn’t it war that Asgard had been working hard to prevent?

Wasn’t that why Loki and I had been working hard to clear the battlefield?


Dare he said he was willing to put everything under his feet. It was like denying the lives of all other races.

However, I had no choice but to calm down the enraged Loki.

“Sit down for now. Odin the bastard… Because it seems like they took advantage of our absence to work. It seems that he broke this incident with great care.”

“after… so. Do you have any plans?”

Loki calmed down and listened to my story. I headed to the center of the giant tower in Asgard to convince Odin.

Odin didn’t even pretend to hear me.

again he said

“Don’t interfere with Asgard’s affairs with the subject of the stone that you dared to roll in.”

At that moment, a shock hit my head.

okay. Have I just been misunderstood so far?

Just because the way other people see me changed little by little, I became a god. It wasn’t even going into their fence.

They just needed my strength. Now that my useful value is gone, I decided to throw it away.

Tosa Gupaeng. Those words came to mind.

It was then. The angry Loki shouted at Odin as he kicked the door.

“Odin! How dare you do that to Henir? He is a true hero who has contributed to the peace of the nine worlds.

Do you think it is right to treat them this way?”

“Heroes are determined on the battlefield, and those who achieve victory. It seems you stupid bastard doesn’t quite understand the meaning of the words.”

“Damn you bastard… Are you really going to start a war!”

Loki was angry, but Odin raised his forces to defeat us.

It didn’t make any sense to deal with it here.

So me and Loki had to fight non-stop for days to get out of Asgard. that was hell

If we tried to rest even a little, other troops came and attacked us… … In the end, we managed to escape, but each was deeply wounded.

“It’s already late. Odin has no intention of changing his mind.”

As I said that, I looked at the reddened sky.

Loki clenched his fists and groaned.

“If this continues, everyone will die. We have to do something.”

“okay. First of all, I have to find a way to defeat the army somehow while recovering from my wounds.”

We continued to intervene in the war with our wounds still unrecovered.

He organized an army to wipe out the enemy and repeatedly faced the Aesir.

Then I got my first tinnitus, not a name.

Asgard’s archenemy.



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The first antagonist was born at that moment, at an unexpected time.

This was a medal given to me to fight fiercely with Odin, but it was also a chain that strangled me.

Everyone is looking at me and Loki.

Occasionally, there were forces that came together to oppose Odin.

They were weak, and the enemies were monsters who had been preparing for war for a long time. The odds weren’t great for us, who lacked preparation.

after. We did well, but eventually started to be pushed back due to the absolute lack of soldiers.

The Aesir was also destructive. There was a difference from the level that the gods had.

Except for me and Loki, we were nothing more than ragtags. Dwarves were weak, and elves were a race that did not cooperate well with each other.

everything just splits

Tragedy finally began.

when I was thinking like that. To Loki and me, Mimir came up with an idea.

“If I and the three Norn sisters work together and use the power of prophecy, we might be able to defeat Odin. It may take too long, but… For now, that would be for the best.”

* * *

The three Norn sisters.

They were goddesses who were said to govern the future, past, and present.

Skuld is the future.

Belldandi is the present.

Urud’s past.

Each of the three goddesses had different areas of jurisdiction, but all agreed.

They hate war and love peace.

Fortunately, they accepted our offer.

Even now, the human-mediated army Einherjar and the Valkyries were sweeping across the nine worlds. In the worst of circumstances, this was all I could do.

The sacrifice of the three sisters of destiny. It was the only way to kill Odin.

“sorry. Urd, Skuld… Belldandy.”

I said that without even seeing their faces.

My voice trembled. I had never been like this since I got a transcendental body, so why did this happen?

I knew.

If they take on this task, if they change fate and make a prophecy. In return, the three goddesses and one piece of the star in the far abyss would be completely annihilated.

That this could deal a huge blow to the anti-Esir forces in the future.

Mimir fell silent for a moment, then opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Now I have to decide. Who among us will be the god-slayer who will kill Odin 10,000 years into the future?”

In fact, at that moment, no one knew who had to go.

Just because I know how difficult it is. It’s just something no one could say.

The moment the silence continued, Loki looked at me with a more serious expression than ever before. It was the first time in my life that he made such a face. I already guessed what was going to happen.

“Henir. There is only you.”

“… okay. There is only me.”

I chuckled. As he said, most likely.

Because there was only me, a weak human hero called the adversary.

Our plan was simple.

Sacrificing one star fragment from the far-off abyss, the lives of the three Norn sisters, and a few others to get the best results we can get.

This was to send one of those gathered here into the future and have him kill Odin.

Also, I was the one most suited to the task.

I am no one else

The reason was simple.

A being born again in the future loses all the powers and memories it has now. From the lowest place to the highest place.

It was because only I, who was born as a mere human and reached the level of myth, had a high possibility of reaching the current position once again.

I looked around, making up my mind.

“Hrungnir, Hel, Jormungand, Fenrir… And everybody.”

“Hey, why did I leave out?”

Loki interrupted but ignored it. I continued.

“I’m coming. I think there will be no complaints. Skuld, Urd… Belldandi… … I am sorry for sacrificing you.”


“We are the three goddesses who control destiny.”

“So that you can accomplish your task, so that those shoulders can be a little lighter.”

“I’m just doing my best.”

The three goddesses comforted me. They will have to live in hell after sending me to the future from now on.

In the terrible hell of eons where neither the living nor the dead are left, only consciousness remains.

That’s how you have to live.

“But are you really going to be okay? I know very well that you are Asgard’s archenemy, and that you are the most suitable for this task. but… You will be forgotten by everyone in the future.

No one will remember that there was a first adversary. Will you go anyway?”

It was as Hrungnir said. When I am reborn in the future, I will be forgotten by everyone.

I will lose my name again, and no one will be able to call me by my name. It should only be right before Odin’s death that everyone recalls their memories.

In the meantime, you will have to fight a lonely and difficult battle.

However, I couldn’t help it.

In order to avoid Odin’s eyes, it was necessary that my very existence be completely erased from their memories.



I lied.

“Then let’s begin.”

“We, the three Norn Sisters, are goddesses in charge of destiny.”

“I make a prophecy for the enemies of Asgard.”

“The antagonist of the prophecy to be born in 10,000 years. The weakest will destroy Asgard… … .”

The reason why the consciousness was cut off and the light of the rising magic circle was dimmed.

That was the moment.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 427I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 429
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