I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 429

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Episode 429: The Power to Change Destiny

As all the puzzles were put together, intense headaches began to occur.

A record of the first antagonist you saw when you first climbed the tower that existed in the past.

A person who reached the realm of myth with a human body and was respected by everyone.

All of that was my story.

I am the first adversary, and at the same time I am the last adversary.

The name that Asgard once gave me… Henir.

The Prophecy of the Three Norn Sisters… Even he was born as their sacrifice.

This is also why Odin was afraid of the prophecy.

Destiny that has been decided cannot be easily overturned.

Because it takes several times more power to block flowing water.

Because of this, Odin was afraid.

The three Norn sisters. to Mimir. Loki.

and me

[The adversary of Asgard… Can you hear? our voice… … .]

It was then that I heard a longing voice in my ear.

The voice that has always been heard through the system tone. I already know its owner.


One of the three Norn sisters. She was the goddess who governed the present.

“Berdandi… I missed you. Even though I was closest to you, I finally met you.”

[is it so. adversary… Henir… Henir. Do you know how hard it was to call this name? Mimir and Loki too… I noticed your existence belatedly, but you didn’t remember them. So, for the last time or so, they’ve been living in another hell.

Because your most precious colleagues didn’t remember you, and you didn’t remember them.]

“Not anymore. I remembered everything. who i am… … What did you come here for?”


“Berdandy. Lend me your strength. yet again… It may be a shameless request to you, but… … .”

[You say the same thing as Loki. My answer is… … .]

Belldandy’s voice changed to the high tone of an excited girl.

[Of course.]

―The true effect of the Nornir system is demonstrated!

―You have obtained the «power to change fate».

―The 4th socket is activated and 《The Power to Change Destiny》 is registered!

―About 5 minutes from now, user Henir is freed from the constraints of the world and prophecy.

Hearing the faint echo of the voice, I opened my eyes.

There was Loki, who had already been hit by Odin and had one knee on the ground.

I took a step forward and said.

“Now… I found out everything. who i am you… who you are.”

“… It’s too late.”

“sorry. Loki.”

At that moment, Odin also felt intangible information fill his brain.

it’s an adversary. It was forbidden information about the existence in front of my eyes.

He also remembered the first adversary as Jaehyun realized his true identity.

Odin stares at me with a blaze of light.

“I see… That’s what it was… ! I wondered why you were able to grow so fast. Why do our plans keep crashing! you… Because it was Henir! So it was!”

Odin tightened his grip on the spearhead with an angry expression.

“okay. That dirty name you gave me.”

I have the same window as Odin. He made Gungnir and threw it at him.

“I am Henir.”


The two spears collided in the air and flashes of light flashed.

* * *

Wow… !!

The sword Seo Eana wielded, no, the swords wielded by everyone hit Thor precisely.

Thor’s eyes narrowed and his astonishment burst out.

“how… human… This, this power… !!”

“When we decided to help Jaehyun, we thought. Let’s risk her life.”

Ahn Ho-yeon got lucky by picking up the blue flowers blooming from behind.

“If you wanted something from us too.”

Kwon So-yul is next.

“… You should have risked everything.”

Finally, Seo Ina completed the sentence.

As Thor watched his half-destroyed body, he realized that he could no longer survive.

The divine magic power contained in Seo Eana’s sword.

Even the venom and Fafnir’s breath, which were the worst match for him and himself. Everything seemed to plunge him into a curse from which he could not be revived.

In the first place, it was a life that barely survived with black magic.


Maybe his father doesn’t care about his death.

I wanted to be recognized, and sometimes I wanted to take away that position, but that position was always solid. He himself was no different from him.

Why was he obsessed with combat?



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Did you want to see blood?

Now nothing is known.

In the blurry memories, now only the ravaged soul is torn to pieces.

‘The adversary was able to win… .’

the last of the last.

He was clearly aware of his own defeat.

‘It was because I had a colleague I could entrust my back to.’

What kind of fight have I been fighting so far?

why did you fight

He didn’t say anything, but at the last moment he finally realized a little bit of everything.

Ssssss… .

Soon, Thor’s body faded, and soon he became a black shard floating in the air.

as if there was nothing. No trace of him was left there. Now, the soldiers of the enemy army who have lost their commander are all falling apart, wandering around.

Now everything is finally coming to an end.

“ha… .”

“It’s over now somehow.”

Ahn Ho-yeon caught his breath, and Kim Yoo-jung said calmly.

Kwon So-yul crossed his arms.

“Now all that remains is reenactment… … .”

“There is nothing we can do anyway. I have to leave it to you from here on out.”

Jaesang Lee said firmly.

Anyway, Nine’s party and the rest of the members have to wipe out all the remaining remnants here.

Leave nothing behind.

The things that could be the aftermath become the fire of war again, and it gives birth to another indulgence and suffering.

After all, the seeds of disaster tend to germinate.

“Then, shall we start over?”

Kim Yoo-jung looked at the few remaining enemies with a lively smile.

A bloody smell spread from the tip of his nose.

The scent of blood was spreading, and the sky, which had been stained black, was slowly clearing.

they hoped

May the long winter be over now.

* * *

Henir. Jaehyun Min.

Although I have had two names, I really consider the latter to be mine.

The original antagonist and hero of the past.

It is nothing but the past.

Moreover, it is true that the name Min Jae-hyun, given to him by his mother, is more affectionate than the name given to him by the people who made this tragedy.

I thought for a moment.

mother. It was Hugin who killed my mother, who had sacrificed herself for me.

Paradoxically, however, Hugin hoped for peace.

Because of that, Odin betrayed him because he was trying to take a different path from the one he wished for.

It couldn’t have been funny.

At the same time, I was able to clear one question I had been harboring.

‘Now I know. Why did the gods other than Hela never call me Min Jae-hyeon or Jae-hyeon?’

It is because there was no name of God to call.

Because they couldn’t remember me, they didn’t call me by name.

Because I have two names. And the name of the one I remember.

Because my soul’s existence was apparently the same.


I gathered together the annihilated Gungnir and called him.

Loki was joking.

“why? Would you like to help?”

“Don’t be funny, get out of here. It’s getting in the way.”

Loki laughed at my words.

“wow. personality is the same It’s also Henir.”

“Now I am Min Jaehyun. Don’t get me wrong, call me straight.”

‘Now Loki’s body is at its worst. I must have been fighting Odin alone while I recalled all my memories. Furthermore… As expected, I used too much power to come here. Dangerous.’

I pretended to have a moderately meaningless conversation, then looked ahead.


Returning to black magic, he was still in good health. He must still be overconfident in his own strength.

But there is one thing he just doesn’t know.

That means I have a secret weapon.

A little while ago, before I regained my memory, the memory I didn’t even know was that hint.

“I can finally kill you. 10,000 years? Odin.”

“Henir… dare you… !”

Odin’s taciturn eyes look at me.

Perhaps he is thinking of me. The past. You must remember the adversary from a very distant memory.

* * *

Odin remembers a boy from the past. The young boy was nothing more than a weak being, but he grew up to be a threat to himself.

‘Henir. The one who rose to the strongest position with a human body in the past. Except for Loki and me, he was the only one who dealt with primordial magic, and was close to Loki.

Not only that, but Asgard, an invincible human who has never been defeated by anyone. He is the weight of the name Henir.’

However, he did not acknowledge him.

It was natural.

He was human, and he is God.

He would never be in the same position as him.

The reason why I gave him the name Henir in the first place and accepted him as Aesir was just for use.

In order to settle the war, collect Einherjar, and raise his reputation.

But this was a mistake.

It was because Henir gradually ate up his reputation and grew like crazy.

Unlike Loki, who was skimpy, Henir has established himself as the respect and hope of many. He was undefeated on the battlefield, and he had become a positional existence before he knew it.

Moreover, he was growing to be able to handle what he most wanted to get his hands on.

‘The sword’. The artifact he had longed for.

I couldn’t admit that much.

So he divided the nine worlds and caused a war.

I had no doubt that it was for the best.

To re-establish his position and kill Henir and Loki.

That was one of Odin’s purposes.

But by all accounts, the three Norn sisters thwarted these plans, and Mimir turned his back on them. Loki, of course, joined Henir.

He remembered him now.


That there is something the Æsir supreme deity himself does not know.

Odin was both intrigued and terrified at the same time.

A prophecy that he changed by sacrificing his own wife.

However, that has now become invalid for 5 minutes.

What should I do?

How strong is Henir now?

‘I can still do it.’

I thought about it, but Odin came to that conclusion.

If Henir hadn’t regained his full power yet.

Then, the advantage was still himself.

“Henir. I will kill you right here.”

“Shall I show you something interesting?”


Odin’s strong spirit and storm completely subsided in an instant.

Along with that, Odin closed and opened his eyes for a moment, and space-time was distorted. The huge scenery of the black universe with its mouth wide open caught my eyes.

Jaehyun smiled.

―The antagonist of the beginning, Henir, unleashes his true power.

―New skills will be registered in the 5th Mythic level socket.

―The primordial field is born.

―Field magic 《Ginnungagap》 unfolds!

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