I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 430

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Episode 430: The Beginning Sword


‘Wide open cavity’. Or, as it is called, ‘the yawning abyss’. The gods of the past called this space that existed before the creation of the world when the world did not pulsate.

Also, this is the field magic I opened to defeat Odin.

No, this might not even be called magic.

This is a nihility, space, and time at the same time.


A distant abyss located between Muspelheim and Niflheim.

It was the beginning of the world, at its center.

Here, Audumra, the primordial cow, and Ymir, the primordial giant, were born.

They each became the beginnings of gods, frost giants, and the rest of the races. Until then, nine worlds and prosperity.

No one knew about this space.

That is, until Odin learns the runes to explore his wisdom.

I saw Odin.

Odin touched everything in the past, including Yggdrasil and Mimisbrunn, and wanted to know the truth and knowledge about the pulsation of the world.

However, this information was not easily accessible. He just learned that in the beginning, a black abyss like the abyss existed, and that the fragments that fell out were fragments of stars in the distant abyss.

Also, that it has tremendous power.

* * *

‘How on earth can Henir show such an appearance… ! He didn’t hold anything in his hand. nothing from the beginning. That is what it was… ! But why! why… !!’

Odin couldn’t understand.

Why did the abyss that had already collapsed and turned into a sea lie asleep in the adversary’s, no, Henir’s?

In the great sea… … .

“okay. It is the sea.”

Jaehyun smiled and said as if he had read Odin’s thoughts.

This field that can turn everything back to nothing originated from the sea?

In an instant, Odin realized why Jaehyun had said such a thing.

Every time the adversary grows up and kills his own limbs, what they have been saying.

[An unfathomable deep sleep was sleeping for the adversary.]


Was it to hide Ginnungagaf after all?

To escape your own eyes, to take you to eternal rest. Did the three Norn sisters, Mimir, and Henir plan it from the beginning?

Odin realized that this deep, deep abyss had been sleeping inside of the reappearance from the beginning.

It was the same that it could lead to his death at this moment.

“but… Still you can’t beat me For 10,000 years, your soul has been dormant… Because I’ve been growing all this time!”

Odin released a blow. The deep darkness without a single star, where you can’t even breathe, reaps some of its status.

“Odin, you haven’t grown up.”

Jaehyun lifted his head. he was mocking

“I was just struggling and regressing to keep my humble position. so.”

At that moment, Jaehyun started taking something out of his inventory.

Odin’s eyes narrowed when he saw this.

“If you die here, blame yourself for not developing.”

Jaehyun’s tone completely changes and Ginnungagaf like a black hole. The abyss began to absorb the mana that was innumerable in the air.

* * *

Mana filling up in the lungs. Feeling it, I am lost in thought.

First I was a boy

I was weak and wanted to be strong.

Everyone told me to stop being useless.

Song Chung-i warned me that I was foolish, saying that I had to live on pine needles. that the Aesir would be angry. There’s no way other races won’t punish you.

But isn’t that funny?

At this moment, I am the one holding the life of Odin, who is called the highest. Not only the self. he dies here

At this moment, there is only one reason why I am telling this story.

What is prophecy and what is destiny?

Nothing can be known. Just trust and follow because it’s a divination.

They said it was right, so I didn’t try to change it.

I was fooled when everyone, not just one, said that.

There are some things you can’t change.

But that was a misunderstanding.

After getting the name Min Jae-hyun, I have changed countless things.

And now I have the strength to change the present once again.

‘Berdandy, Skuld, Urd.’

The three Norn sisters have always been helpful to me.

In particular, Verdandi, who gave me strength while being restrained by the system while suffering until the end, was a person I couldn’t be more grateful for.

I breathe into my lungs.

Then, the magic power fills up. The black, yet unrefined magical power permeates all of my body at once.

But why? My body naturally accepts mana.

There is not even a sign of regurgitation.

Then I looked at the artifact on my wrist. An old weapon that has been with me.




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The small branch that killed Asgard’s most beloved god.

Its true form was not like this.

“Now show the real you.”

―Mistiltein reacts strongly with Henir!

―There is a lock on the artifact, which restricts startup… !

―In the inventory 《??? The key to ?” exists. Restrictions are lifted!

―The true face of Mistiltein is revealed!

―The 《Princess Sword》 is revealed!

‘This is why I couldn’t use the primordial sword until now.’

From the beginning, the primordial sword was with me. However, there were restrictions, and it was nothing more than copying other people’s weapons.

However, Misteltein’s true appearance was not like that… .

I was asleep in the deepest part of me.

A sword tied to a huge chain that was bound to my field, the Plateau of the Red Moon.

That was the original sword.

Also, the key to using it properly was hidden somewhere in Asgard.

Something no one has ever found.

Hugin found it and handed it to himself.

Most paradoxically, while mentioning one word: ‘Peace’.

Odin’s two golden eyes filled with astonishment.

Mistiltein revealed her true form. The primordial sword was looking at Odin, emitting pure white cold air.

Odin’s heart pounded and his eyes reddened.

everything you didn’t want.

The sword I struggled to get.

It wasn’t me right now that was holding it, it was me.

A little boy who at first thought he was nothing.

And the weakest tree branch that took her beloved son. It is now aiming at his own heart.

At that moment, I thought with a fishy smile.

first prophecy. ‘The weakest being will destroy the highest one-.’.

After all, that prophecy wasn’t talking about me alone, but this weak twig. That Mistiltein was also speaking together.

‘From the beginning, Misteltein, the primordial sword was my weapon.’

At that moment, with a confident expression on my face, I lightly applied my strength to the sword.

The chilling cold that radiates from the beautiful white blade, and the swordsmanship inherited from Frey that derives from it.

Everything clears the darkness, revealing its wrath towards Odin.

Odin roared.

“can not believe it… ! you… you… How can Ymir’s sword… !! bring it… ! it’s mine… !!”


I already know. Who is the original owner of this sword?

The original giant, and the one at the beginning of everything. She was Ymir.

The sword that announced the beginning of the world.

And I will use it to punish Odin from now on.


Odin lunges at me, rolling wildly on the ground. Having narrowed the distance before he knew it, he wielded Gungnir.

Although it is a spear specialized in shooting, there is no doubt that it is the best weapon.

Of course it doesn’t work for me.

In this far-off abyss, the caster’s magical power and attack power increase dozens of times. I’ve never dealt with it, but I know because I heard about it from the three Norn sisters.

The bottomless pit is a hell for some, and a rest for others. A new beginning will come to those who open it.

“Let’s end it all here. Odin… .”

“Henir… !!”

I turn on the light in my eyes and see Odin rushing at me, but I calmly close my eyes. All that exists here is darkness.

I poured all the magical energy I had just inhaled into the unchained sword of the beginning. Reveals daunting and terrifying fangs.

Black and white magical energy rises from it, and power enters the hand holding the sword.

This is the last attack.

Odin knows this too, so he gathers a storm to attack me.

I focused all my mind on this sword. Otherwise, everything could be taken away by this sword.

This is because only those who can handle both black magic and swordsmanship at the pinnacle can use it. Because it was designed that way from the beginning.

That’s why, in the past, for reasons I didn’t even know about myself, I chose martial arts.

The reason I had a talent for magic was because I was an excellent wizard even before I first came back.

Everything was going according to the flow of fate.

There was just nothing from the beginning.

The fact that I went through so much trouble choosing martial arts, now that I can wield a sword, and even fighting Odin with the primordial sword.

Everything was determined by fate.

Because I had to be able to use this sword. That’s why Henir, who had never learned swordsmanship before, chose martial arts.

Even though I hate fate, I am positive at this moment.

unfortunately, really sadly.


Calmly and clearly, I felt the magic power and the throb of the sword.

The magic of black and white blooms. Then it permeated the sword again, making my heart beat wildly. The maximum amount of mana that can be operated at one time.

It was because he was passing it lightly.

In this moment, I will put an end to everything.

fought too long Hell has been unfolding for everyone for too long.

Knowing this, I

With all my might, I cut it.

‘Intangible Sword Type 5 《Blinking Sword》.’

A single ray of light shone in the darkness. It transformed into a small solid line, and soon began to swallow everything that was born in the world.

Then, with the sound of splashing blood, I opened my eyes.

All the darkness had already lifted there.

Finally, the fifth expression hit the enemy correctly.

In front of my eyes, I saw the collapsed model of Odin.

Intermittently gasping for breath and bleeding while holding onto the spearhead. The sword that cut from the top left to the bottom right cut deep into his heart.

The long war has come to an end.

My attack is successful, and Odin will now meet his death.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 429I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 431
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