I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 431

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Episode 431: Winter’s End


The long winter ended and the sun rose about an hour after Jaehyun confronted Odin. All the snow that was piled up at my feet melted before I knew it.

Also, what it meant was clear.

The end of Ragnarok.

All wars eventually come to an end.

“Jaehyun… You did it.”

“… I know.”

“I should at least praise Min Jaehyun for doing well this time.”

“I’m glad you’re okay. Are there any injuries anywhere?”

While the members of Nine are talking in order, Ruina intervenes. Everyone was bloody and messy, but they looked at the unfolding scenery with bright smiles.

The war that was like hell is over.

those who survived and those who died.

The chain of denial was cut off so that no more tragedies like this would happen.

A sense of exaltation for him welled up and made their hearts throb.

“Now I can finally call myself a real West… !!”

“… That’s not allowed.”

Seo Ina shook her head and made her expression clear.

It was rare. Kim Yoo-jung also started dragging her to her dark alley, putting her on her shoulder.

Apparently, the members who felt that the dark fight had already started shut their mouths.

However, they honored Smir’s sacrifice.

Had the wise giant not stopped Thor, the game of Ragnarok would have been completely turned upside down.

Thanks to him who made the decision and did everything in his power to open the way for those who would go.

Jaehyun must have been able to defeat Odin.

A small commotion suddenly arose among those who thought so.

Jormungand, Hel, Fenrir, Nidhogg, and Idun all shouted in fright.

they shouted at the same time.

““Why did we forget about Henir… !?”

It seemed like there was still a mountain of things to sort out. Jaehyun’s colleagues just tilted their heads as if they didn’t know why.

Freya took off her helm and set it down, clutching her trembling arms.

“Now a little… I want to rest. I lived on the battlefield for a long time.”

“You deserve it.”

The Valkyrie captains standing next to us nodded their heads in unison.

Freya would live the rest of her life atonement, but she would never wield a sword again.

* * *

very distant past.

The old man wearing a visor who was searching for knowledge was now one-eyed and was dying on the floor.


He was betrayed by what he hated and trusted the most.


What I thought was a huge wave that even God could not resist.

Every moment, every second, he pushed himself to the limit and tried to break free. Even though he knew it could destroy him.

Odin further hoped that he would not be bound by fate.

So he dabbled in forbidden magic and became a monster who blindly pursued what he wanted.

As a result, he met a futile death unlike the strongest in Asgard.

Odin sighed and opened his mouth, pouring out handfuls of blood.

“with you… I am like Henir… No, antagonist.”

“Fuck the bullshit.”

Jaehyun is at the summit of Asgard where the darkness has lifted. He spoke calmly in front of Odin’s throne. However, Odin did not give up.

Even though he knew he was dying, he just kept on talking.

“… … No, you are like me… I was no different… I just… I just wanted to destroy the prophecy surrounding me, the fate. That’s all… was my everything… … .”

“Did you have to get it by destroying other people, races, and the world?”

I watched the clouds lift from the palace and the sun rising anew.

“You don’t know what’s really important. I’m different from you. therefore.”

I raised the primordial sword high. What to do now is clear.


Blood gushed out of the sword that had been slashed down. Then, Odin’s eyes roll over, and whites begin to fill them.

Soon, Odin’s body completely disintegrated.

“Now stop drinking.”

After uttering that softly, I swung my sword towards the throne in front of me for the last time. Looking at the very easily broken heldskalp, he smiles a little.

this was the best you know

With that thought in mind, I turned around. now i have to go back

to where my colleagues are.

* * *

A year later, everything was over.

The world has found imperfect rest, Odin and Asgard.

The throne, Hlidskalp, was shattered.

It meant a new beginning, and all prophecies are now gone.



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There are no more people who are fooled by the word fate. It was something I hadn’t hoped for. I smiled and looked up at the sky.

The sky, which had always been dark gray, quickly turned to ultramarine blue. Memories of the past that I saw one day are clearly recalled.

Before the tragedy of 10,000 years ago. story in the myth.

Maybe someday I’ll have a chance to tell that story.

Maybe there will be times when I can tell a story that even I forgot.

I closed my eyes with such a wish.

* * *

A summer that does not leak out is something that is very near and yet sometimes feels very far away.

For example, the world we live in now is like that.

A war between the Æsir and Van Æsir between the nine worlds.

The second Ragnarok all came to an end.

Now all I have left are my colleagues, my family, everything I value the most.

“Hey, it’s this way!”

“oh! sorry!”

“Fall out again! Are you out of your mind?!”

… … But why am I not even able to rest in this suffocating dungeon and keep beating monsters?

‘Because the dimension movement portal hasn’t been closed yet due to interference between worlds. A lot of monsters still come over to Midgard.’

The portal that Tyr, the god of war, first opened here was somehow a problem. By forcing the gate open, it became very difficult to close it.

Due to this, our raiders have not yet lost their jobs and have been put in a position where they have to continue to catch the devil. what can i do

‘Still, there is one good thing.’

“Let’s go to Niflheim to drink tea from Idun today!”


“I like it too.”

“I’m in favor because I have a new plant too!”

“I’m West. Seobang-nim, go to Alfheim with me~ Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a date there? Then, if you leave… … .”

It was that it was easy to come and go to another world.

Originally, after the end of Ragnarok, going to and from the world was going to be difficult, but as the gate did not close, movement became easier.

What is this, should I thank Tyr?

‘No matter how much I think about it, it’s not like that.’

I thought moderately and shook my head, then removed the Ruina that was clinging to me before I knew it.

“Louina, look away. Can’t you see they’re staring at me like they’re going to kill me?”

“are you okay. I won’t kill you though. Those two love you very much too!”

“… Louisa. It’s not wrong, but it’s light-mouthed.”

“Louina? Aren’t you trying to remove the stone that rolled in?”

Ruina spoke carefreely, but the cold stare she felt from one side was somehow burdensome.

I feel like I’m going to be nagging again after going to Idun’s Mist Garden. Well, even though I think it’s a happy daily life… .

Anyway, bloody is bloody.

“by the way. Now our graduation is just around the corner.”

“It’s not like that. Well, I wonder if it means a lot.”

To Ahn Ho-yeon’s words, Kim Yoo-jung calmly replies. Yes, we are now preparing to go to the next one.

saved the world It’s a cheesy word, but he doesn’t say it’s the end of it all. If one story is over, there must be another story that begins again.

Soyul noona and Jaesang hyung had already graduated and were thinking about the next staff member.

Escape from the fate that Odin cried out at the end.

In the present world where it has been realized, there is nothing to hold back.

The fact that it was decided from the beginning, the idea that each person has only one story. All of them are nothing more than narrow-minded values.

After thinking about it for a while, I stopped walking out of the dungeon and opened my mouth.

“I’m going to make a guild when I graduate.”

“… what?”

“hey! Why are you saying that now!”

“Ah~ I was going to go to Yeonhwa, where Sungeun’s older sister is… !”

The kids must have been very surprised by my declaration.

The reason I made the declaration that I would make a guild. There was no particular reason for it.

I’m just trying to make a new start in the hope that I can start another story with the people I hold dear.

I laughed faintly and took my luck.

“The long winter is over now.”

“I know.”

Graduation will soon be waiting for us who have turned 19.

And we will adapt.

As always, everyone will adapt to the new world and environment, and move on. This is important.

The me of the past, the me before the return.

No, more deeply, because even I, who was Henir, was indecisive and couldn’t move forward properly.

It’s because I couldn’t make a decision easily, and I was always in trouble and my dark circles were drooping.

But now me and them can do it.

I can happily say so.

“So you Will you join my guild?”

At that, everyone except me gathered around and began to discuss in whispers. Somehow, it seems that something is going into a strange situation that is different from what I expected… … .

“Once the negotiations on the conditions are over.”

Kwon So-yul turned around and said while wearing round glasses.

“First of all, the condition of the contract is 9 to 1, and we take 9 as the profit for the person who worked, and other guilds provide top-notch equipment support and free potions… … .”


A smile leaks out of my mouth without my knowledge.

“So if I finish that, will you come to me?”

“of course.”

Voices answering my words almost simultaneously.

At the same time, whispers of talk can be heard from elsewhere beyond the artifacts that illuminate the dimension.

“Write it, Hella. Wouldn’t it seem too small if we asked to be allowed in too?”

“Hell! What about Helheim and join the guild?”

[I will go to Fenrir. It looks interesting.]

[Kuh-hum, I’ll go too to spread the humor collection around the world.]

“Nidhogg! Come quickly, except for us, they are doing something fun.”

[That, is that true?!]

The anti-Aesir forces who talk to each other.

The future has now disappeared and has no meaning… Still, one thing can be predicted. I will probably greet them with a smile.

“however. Don’t you think one is empty?”

The skillful words of Idun. Along with him, a young man with a mischievous expression appeared with a clumsy smile.

“hey. Did you find me?”

“Our guild doesn’t accept garbage.”

“Oops! Such vicious conditions… !”

Loki said with a shudder. I shrugged and exited the dungeon.


Poppy, who lost her memory and returned to normal, rubbed her face against Kim Yoo-jung. It seems to be sticking more than usual… .

You’ve lost your memory, right?

I thought so, but I laughed and brushed it off.

After I got out of the dungeon, I thought about it while bathing in the bright sun.

Someday, Joo Won. Did Hugin say it again?

The story has a main character and extras.

But I object to that story.

Because I think everyone around me is the main character of this story.

Just like that, the winter that had been harassing us lately whispered an end one day.

< Completion >

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 430I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 432
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