I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 436

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4. Seo Eana (1)


The ice cube melts and a small rattling noise is heard.

Jaehyun is looking at a woman sitting in front of him, and for some reason, he has a slightly uneasy expression on his face.

that would be too,

Because the situation you are in right now is not so easy.

Hazelnut-colored eyes stand out along with beautifully flowing black hair.

It looks cold, but warmth itself is dripping from the gaze looking at itself.

‘Because it’s like this… … I guess I’m a little nervous.’

Jaehyun took a sip of Americano in front of him and glanced at the woman in front of him.

Of course, the reason he was nervous was not because of the fact that a woman with an overwhelming appearance was right in front of him.

After all, this is something he’s used to.

Seo Ina.

As a member of the same team, I worked for quite a long time, and I didn’t interact with her quite often.

It is true that the distance has widened a bit after getting to know her recently, but it was only in order to organize his mind and think.

Also, the point at which that thought has not yet been completed must be right now… … .

“… Jaehyun, what are you thinking?”

“uh? uh… no. It’s nothing.”

“… Is it because of work?”

“No, just… … Now that it’s like this… What. I think it has become a little more peaceful.”

“… … I see.”

Saying that, Seo Ina smiled lightly.

The place where Jaehyun and her were was a cafe.

No one around, no noisy car exhaust.

There were no complaints from others.

Simply put, it’s a good place to have a conversation.

Unknowingly, Jaehyun’s neck belt is swallowed in one drop of saliva.

It’s an atmosphere I just can’t get used to.

Now, some may have a question here.

Why are Jaehyun and Seo Ina happily sitting in a cafe just the two of them and having a conversation like this?

To explain this properly, I need to look back on last night.

It was the time when Jaehyun returned to Guild Nine’s building after finishing his fight with Surt.

At the time, he was with Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na.

I had to face the cold eyes of the two… … .

For some reason, an appointment was made without permission by the two whispering women.

Hana Jae-hyun couldn’t refuse.

-… Jaehyun. Do you have time tomorrow?

It was because there was no way he could reject Seo Eana’s question with a sorrowful gaze.

this is so It was force majeure.

* * *

‘… … I don’t think Jaehyun’s mind has been sorted out yet.’

Seeing Jaehyun’s awkward attitude as she sips coffee while sitting in front of her, Seo Ina thinks so, and is overcome by a sense of regret.

the day the incident occurred.

Upon hearing the news that Jae-hyun was returning, she had a close conversation with Kim Yoo-jung.

-Because both of you like Min Jaehyun. Let’s be fair from now on.

-… huh? what does that mean… ?

-So, we have quite a few enemies, right? Or Louisa… Soyul sunbae or something… … There are a lot of people around him who have a good style and are close to him. Isn’t it inevitable? It means that it is better for us to agree a little (?) with each other.

-… Yes!

-So, take turns with each other… Min Jaehyun: I’m going on a date with him. Then see who captures your heart first, and congratulate those who succeed later!

Seo Ina thought there was no reason to refuse.

On the contrary, he was even feeling grateful to Kim Yoo-jung.

Anyway, unlike Kim Yoo-jung, I have too little time with him.

As can be seen in various media, the destructive power of childhood friends is beyond imagination.

Besides, a friend with good style like Kim Yoo-jung?

‘… It’s even weirder that Jaehyun doesn’t get over it… … .’

Therefore, Kim Yoo-jung’s proposal was an opportunity for her.

Trust in a friend who expressed his love for Jaehyun.

‘… Yoojung is also a good friend. She’s warm and even nice… … but. Still, I don’t want her Jaehyun to be taken away.’

Seo Ina clenched her fists tightly.

Although Kim Yoo-jung gave her a chance, it was only to open up an opportunity for a proper conversation.

Either way, it’s up to you to win.

Moreover, even she likes Jae-hyun, so the situation is not so smooth.

‘… … I have to do a little better. Only then will Jaehyun be able to turn his heart away from Yoojung even a little bit.’

Seo Ina, who thought that she was already inclined to Kim Yoo-jung to some extent, pondered for a while and looked at Jae-hyun, who was hesitant, and parted her lips.

“… Jaehyun, that’s after drinking this… … .”

* * *

“ha… … I don’t know if it was a really good choice.”

Representative office of Yeonhwa.



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Recently, this place has forgotten its duty and turned into a counseling center for complaints.

It was obvious that these were the people who often looked for it.

People who yearn for reenactment.

For example, Seo In-na, Kim Yoo-jung, and Ruina were like that.

In particular, Kim Yoo-jung, who is now in front of me, often visited this place.

It’s because of my childhood idol and representative of Yeonhwa, Yoo Seongeun.

She always took her story seriously.

For Kim Yoo-jung, it was a perfect place for confession counseling.

Kim Yoo-jung grabbed the hem of Yoo Sung-eun’s skirt with a lamentable voice.

“Huh… Did you see her clothes today?! She’s still pretty, but if you wear that, some guy won’t flirt with you… … ?”

“Yoo Jung-ah… Don’t worry, you’re very pretty too… … .”

“It’s because my sister doesn’t know that well! Because she is very pretty too!! And Ina… That face, even that proportion. It’s definitely a foul… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung said, “Huong,” and grabbed the hem of Yoo Seong-eun’s skirt again.

Yoo Seong-eun brushed her hair and touched her.

In fact, when Kim Yoo-jung initially said that he would give Seo In-na a chance, Yoo Seong-eun couldn’t help but be shocked.

No matter how pretty and beautiful Seo Ina is, it was because I thought that Jaehyun’s personality would end up with Kim Yoojung.

Of course, you don’t know that it’s a human thing, and you don’t know how it will flow.

However, at least the Jaehyun seen by Yoo Seongeun was not the type to be manipulated simply by looking at a woman’s appearance.

Because of this, he thought that he would date Kim Yoo-jung, who had been together for a longer time and who had tried to sacrifice himself twice for her sake.


“Kheung, yes… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung blows her nose and says that.

She was considerate of Seo Eana, but in a way, it was no different than giving her a chance to be with someone else she liked.

In many ways, the mind is bound to be confused.

“Why are you dying already? You’re going on a date with Jaehyun soon, aren’t you? I wouldn’t be able to take it out of her personality anyway… … .”

“that… Yes… ?”

Kim Yoo-jung cheers up a little.

Yoo Seong-eun calmly continued with his voice.

A tone that strangely captivates people, similar to when watching her lecture.

Kim Yoo-jung’s face turned serious.

“I’m saying this because I don’t have Ina right now, but you have enough competitiveness. especially you… He said he had seen Jaehyun for a long time. you’re a childhood friend Right?”

“… … yes.”

“So, what are your advantages?”

“hmm… It’s like a memory from the past… ?”

“Right, with that you have to approach. Then Jaehyun will be able to capture your heart. I know because you are my disciple. Are you sure.”

Yoo Seong-eun didn’t know if that would really happen, but she screamed.

Anyway, I decided that it wasn’t like having a child so anxiously.

However, Kim Yu-jung’s face was still not good.

The expression on her face, as if she was being stabbed somewhere, was rather serious.

just as expected.

What she had been saying was of the kind not very desirable in a relationship.

“but… Speaking of my past with Min Jaehyun, we fight all the time… bullying… There is only that… ?”

“If you have even one good memory… … .”

“I don’t remember. not even one… … .”

“… … .”

Yoo Seong-eun was silent for a while, and then again.

“that… … Even the bad memories will become good memories with time. maybe… … .”

The last Amado was Yoo Seong-eun, who deliberately spoke softly.

Fortunately, Kim Yoo-jung was finally revived a little, as if she hadn’t heard this properly.

“okay… The biting, pinching, bullying, and pounding with a pillow are probably all memories. Not to mention cancer… … .”

“Even if it’s a memory, it’s a bit… … . And because I’ve heard it all. Yoojung, it’s my turn next. You know?”

Ruina, who had visited the office before she knew it, was terrified, but was sure to take care of her own interests.

However, Kim Yoo-jung did not even pretend to hear.

She is now fully resurrected!

No one could stop her.

“Min Jaehyun… See you next… … .”

It’s honestly more like a UFC fighter looking forward to getting in the ring than a girl waiting for a date.

Seeing this, Louisa shook her head.

And then it adds:

“No, just… Isn’t it okay to date everyone… ?”

I’m not going to give up anyway.

She tilts her head.

However, Louisa did not know.

That the thinking of elves and humans is quite different.

Moreover, what is certain is… … .

She, too, is in a situation where she cannot give up Jaehyun.

‘I’ve been waiting for years and I’m giving up?! It can’t be!’

In the past, when Jaehyun was climbing Yggdrasil with Inna Seo.

Ruina was healed and survived because of it.

He took the surviving elves and endured until the end.

And that is 10,000 years, a very long, long time.

for an immeasurable amount of time.

Naturally, even she could not give up Jaehyun.

For at least 10,000 years, she kept thinking of reappearing without being connected to anyone else.

Because Jaehyun appeared at the most dangerous moment and saved him.

* * *


In the midst of a relationship that gradually deepened, Jaehyun was taken aback by Seo Eana’s continuing story.

It’s because it’s so far away from where I want to be.

“what? Where do you want to go?”

Seo Eana was telling Jaehyun to go to an unexpected place together.

Jaehyun panicked and gulped down the coffee in front of him.

The ice rattled again with a crackling sound.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but ask again, looking at her in bewilderment.

“… … Do you really have to go?”

“… huh. I really want to go.”

In the end, Jaehyun gave up at Seo Ina’s calm story.

“… … okay.”

I can’t help it.

does not add the word

It was because Jaehyun was able to notice that much.

Because it was Jaehyun who still couldn’t match his face value.

Woman, the word dating was quite far away, but… … .

I couldn’t help it.

First of all, being swept away as you want to do.

Jaehyun and Henir were more used to it.

That would be the case, because from the beginning, Jaehyun had a nasty indecisive personality.

Then, after leaving the cafe and arriving at their destination, the two went inside and took off their outerwear all at once.

Then, looking at the dimmed lights, he let out a small sigh.

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