I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 437

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4. Seo Eana (2)

A few hours before my appointment with Jaehyun.

Seo Eana was lightly retracing her date schedule while choosing clothes.

First of all, after having a light lunch, we stop by the cafe and talk.

After making sure that Jaehyun has made up his mind, going to a karaoke room to spend time.

That was her plan.

“… Will Jaehyun like this outfit?”

Standing in front of the mirror, Seo Eana wore a white blouse and an H-line black skirt.

Following the advice of others, the sleeves rolled up a little, and Yoosung wore a white watch recently given to him as a gift.

My hair was straight, the result of diligent care from a few days ago.

The gloss flowed down and it was pretty to look at.

My features, they were so distinct and beautiful that I didn’t put on heavy makeup.

Lightly correct only the skin tone, and only touch the cheeks and lips.

It was a makeup method Kim Yoo-jung taught me in the past.

Seo In-na looked at the mirror with an excited expression, put down the blazer she was going to wear as her outerwear for a moment, and then fell into thought.

“… … By the way, is Yoojung really okay?”

It felt like a part of my heart was aching.

She also likes to reproduce.

Knowing this, she wasn’t happy at the moment.

Because Kim Yoo-jung was her precious friend.

She thought so too, and she was a comrade who fought together on the battlefield.

Because she was like that, they were two people who didn’t want to hurt each other.

Because of this, the two have conceded a lot to each other.

Seo In-do and Kim Yu-jeong.

He did it even though no one told him to.

but… … .

The first time the story of Jaehyun came out of Kim Yoojung’s mouth.

In the end, she couldn’t turn it down.

It was because he was the first to be able to spend time with Jaehyun and he was happy.

Because I thought there would be more possibilities.

The human mind is cunning, so I thought that way without even realizing it.

“… But Yoo-jung must have already known and understood that.”

Seo In-na blamed herself for not being able to refuse Kim Yoo-jung’s consideration, but she didn’t regret it.

Because she loved Jaehyun just as much.

* * *

Seo In-na and Jae-hyun arrived at the karaoke room in the Milles Academy grounds.

The same place where disaster swept past.

It was the place where Jaehyun’s terrible singing skills were exposed.

Jaehyun sighed and took a step back.

“Why did you come here… … .”

“… … no?”

Seo Ina takes off her coat, folds it in half, and asks Jaehyun.

Her hair shimmering like obsidian and her hazelnut-colored eyes shine brightly.

splendid, pretty In the same modifier, each car is in a hurry and has an off-white appearance that cannot be fierce.

A smile in full bloom at the most beautiful time makes Jaehyun’s steps stop without even realizing it.

Jaehyun turned his head away, averted his gaze, and murmured softly.

“… … no.”

Of course it was a lie.

In the past, hasn’t Jaehyun shown shameful (?) singing skills?

There were a lot of stories that he had to apologize to singers and composers, so even among his colleagues, it seemed that his singing skills were not covered.

It was said that everyone endured the fact that they almost blocked their ears with loyalty.

‘Damn, PTSD… … .’

In fact, to confess, Jaehyun sincerely thought his singing skills were mediocre.

He had nothing to tell anyone about, so he couldn’t objectively evaluate his skills.

It was thanks to Ahn Ho-yeon’s courageous words that Jae-hyun realized his singing skills.

Being overly honest, he told Jae-hyeon the truth at the risk of being beaten a couple of times.

-Jaehyun, your song is really… … . You can do anything else.

You can do politics, you can do anything, but please don’t go anywhere to sing.

-Hey, just in case, I can’t even cook! that’s real… … other people. No, even God will be killed!

Kwon So-yul added that, and even Kim Yoo-jung, who had been silently listening to the story, helped out.

-If there’s a girl who says she likes listening to your song, you have to catch her. That’s real love. You have to catch it before the bean pods come off!

Thanks to this, Jaehyun was able to see how terrible his singing skills were.

Whether or not Seo In-na knows Jae-hyun’s feelings, she is holding onto the microphone and reserving a song.

It looked quite familiar after I had been here a few times.

In the past, I had never been to a place like this before, so I was awkward.

‘… … Come to think of it, I’ve changed a lot too.’

Jaehyun laughed as he recalled the past for a moment.

It was only natural that he kept his mouth shut because he couldn’t bear to say let’s go out after seeing that.



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“… … Hey. Originally, I quite liked singing.”

The story started when Seo Ina suddenly gave it to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but listen to her voice without knowing it.

Because Seo Eana didn’t reveal her true feelings very often.

The first time I expressed my feelings to Jaehyun.

Except for the degree when she witnessed Kim Yoo-jung’s death, she was hardly shaken.

It was because of his nature that he was like that.

But the story that started now is probably a little different.

Jaehyun felt it without even realizing it.

The story that Seo Ina will bring out to herself.

That’s probably what he’s worried about and it’s likely to be a word that penetrates the part.

“… Back when my family was still alive, everyone liked my songs. Of course, after my family passed away and I lived with my aunt, I hardly ever sing… … .”

“… I see.”

Jaehyun couldn’t say anything better than that, he just said that.

The pain of losing a family member was experienced before returning, even reappearing… … .

It was hell itself.

‘I couldn’t express the pain in words. that.’

The past of facing my mother’s cold corpse.

Jaehyun was terribly angry and sad.

But what I’m really afraid of is doing that. Just because he shouted, nothing came back to him.

realization that it was already too late.

Every day, what I wished was a dream came to me as a reality instead of a dream.

Like a huge tidal wave.

Seo Ina must have felt the same.

She wasn’t even given a chance to undo it.

Because he was chosen by the three Norn sisters, he had a chance to rectify this, but she wasn’t given that moment.

It was a pity.

The fact that some people are given a chance and others are not.

Jaehyun couldn’t stand that fact, and he thought that many people felt the same way.

Everyone has experienced the loss of someone dear to them.

It’s so close, so easily, that it happens all of a sudden.

but… It was too fast for Seo Ina, and since it appeared in the worst form, she felt even more sorry.

‘or… … it will be very difficult Needless to say, I lost my family and was lonely.’

Jaehyun felt that Seo Eana’s current situation was unlucky.

It’s after ending all the wars at best, but there’s no place to go back to.

Not being able to rest in the arms of her family will make her suffer even more.

I don’t have a shoulder to lean on when I’m tired.

Aren’t family and friends different again?

No matter how many colleagues are by her side, her loneliness will not go away easily.

As she is still living alone, if she goes back and lies in bed alone.

When looking at the unlit ceiling and wallpaper, that loneliness pierces a person’s heart.

“… … by the way.”

Seo In-na woke up Jae-hyun, who was lost in thought.

Jaehyun lifted his head.

The hand holding the microphone is shaking slightly.

Only then did Jaehyun realize.

Seo Eana was neither crying nor sad at all.

He just looks at himself with tired eyes and smiles warmly.

“… Now it’s fun to sing again. Do you know why?”

Skin that glows transparently.

The white blouse and black H-line skirt on top caught my eye.

He was wearing a small watch with his sleeves slightly rolled up.

To be honest, Jaehyun never thought Seo Eana would appeal to him in earnest.

Maybe it’s just a prank on my friends.

The story of saying that you like yourself, even the feelings you’ve been ignoring.

He thought that everything might be an illusion.

It’s just a fleeting feeling.

Isn’t it nothing more than an adolescent girl’s easily agitated feelings… … do.

But this time he was wrong.

Seo Ina did not give a chance.

“It is because of you. What makes it fun for me to sing again.”

Jaehyun couldn’t say anything for a while.

Seoina’s words.

It was not a request for an answer, but a kind of notification.

that i love you

It was because it was a word that let her know that he was in a place deep in her heart beyond words.


Jaehyun struggled to open his mouth.

Seo Ina smiled faintly.

Then he put the microphone down on the table for a moment.

Then, she slowly began to approach Jaehyun.

As if time slowed down

The moment she approached was slowly imprinted in Jaehyun’s mind.

pounding. pounding.

It was a little later that I felt my heart beating.

Jaehyun’s hands trembled slightly.

As before, he backs away a bit.

However, Seo Eana did not stop approaching her this time.

“… You know, you’re popular.”

“that… What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Jaehyun laughed and tried to gloss over it, but unfortunately, Seo Eana wasn’t going to let it pass for today.

She grabbed Jaehyun’s face with her hand and slowly sighed.

But it was definitely close to him.

By the time the two people’s breath is getting closer and they can feel each other’s breath.

Seo Ina continued again.

“… … I was cowardly, so I didn’t want to do it.”

Seo Ina reached back and touched the karaoke machine.

A song that flows out of nowhere.

But no one’s singing was heard.

In the silence, the only thing flowing is sweet romance.

It was only the beautiful melody of the song for confession.

“Today is a day where you can be a little cowardly. right?”

Jaehyun’s eyes widened at Seo Ina’s actions.

It gives an unfamiliar feeling that has never been felt before, as if the heart that was beating furiously stopped completely.

Jaehyun had no choice but to harden like a stone.

It was because Seo In-na’s lips were placed on top of her own.

The faint scent of green apple mixed with the scent of Jaehyun’s aftershave, giving off a strange sensation.

It felt like my nerves were numb.

Suddenly, the frantic beating of his heart subsided little by little, and Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina’s face, who began to move away from her.

The girl who kissed him while sitting on his lap moves away.

As a result, her features were clearly captured in both eyes.

Even while looking at Jaehyun in surprise, Seo Eana just said this.

“… … This is a secret from Yoo-jung.”

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 436I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 438
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