I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 439

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5. Kim Yu-jeong (2)


Of course, each person is a little different, but people usually say the following after passing through a difficult entrance exam and reaching this age.

The spring of life has finally arrived.


Surprisingly, Jae-hyeon and Kim Yoo-jung have lived completely different lives from others.

It was a story that also applied to the two cores of Nine who ended the second Ragnarok.

Although they were two people who were called heroes, of course they also have youth to enjoy.

Although its form is quite different from others.


As Jaehyun left the curry shop, he looked at Yoojung Kim and her clothes for a while.

A pretty white floral dress.

She usually prefers boyish clothes, so I couldn’t imagine her wearing that kind of clothes, but surprisingly, they matched pretty well.

Does the law of immutability of the disk still work here?

Originally, she was a girl with a pretty, transparent smile.

Kim Yoo-jung has now taken on the color of a woman.

Just as Jaehyun grew up and became a man, a girl can suddenly become a woman at some point.

Perhaps it was only natural. Jaehyun pondered for a while, trying to infer her appearance a moment ago.

A girl who spends a long time in front of a mirror choosing clothes to look good on herself, thinking about menus and dating routes, and thinking about how to look good on herself.

The faint scent of citrus was the same as in the past, but to Jaehyun, she was unfamiliar with her changed now.

Jaehyun shook his head thinking about what he had just said.

-… … okay! He said it was because he became conscious of becoming like a woman before he knew it.


Jaehyun cursed, barely suppressing the urge to cover his face.

No matter how much it is. … .

For some reason, the moment I saw Kim Yu-jung’s tears, I thought that this was not the case.

I thought I had to somehow correct the misunderstanding she had, and as a result.

Jaehyun just spit out a cheesy comment.

Whether or not he knew Jaehyun’s troubled mind, Kim Yoojung was still excited without knowing the speed.

Because she ran carelessly, the hem of her skirt fluttered freely.

Clothes that barely cover the thighs.

and the waves it creates.

As a result, a small sigh escapes from Jaehyun’s mouth.

“Hey, don’t be clumsy and be careful with your clothes, right? what if someone sees it okay?”

“Who are you to harm me anyway? In the first place, except for you and Loki, there really isn’t anyone stronger than me. and… … .”

“That’s not what you mean.”

Jaehyun realized that his tone had become slightly sharper without even realizing it.

Kim Yoo-jung looks at Jae-hyun with a slightly timid expression on her face.

She, too, looks a little bewildered.

Jaehyun was certain that this was the case.

“You always do.”

As Jaehyun walked down the street, he naturally attached Kim Yoojung to his side.

“Why are you always a jerk? You always bother me.”

“… … that.”

“It was like that when I was in school. I always go around without knowing that other people are afraid. Even if you are an Awakener, you’re attacking boys on a subject you haven’t learned to work hard on yet. So I’m not worried all the time.”

Kim Yoo-jung looked at Jae-hyun without saying anything with her eyes wide open.

It was definitely because he was right, but it was also because he was quite happy that Jaehyun was worried about him.

Why should I say that it is a pleasantly scolding feeling?

The reappearance was on.

“Always make me worry. So are you my friend?”

“… that, that… … . of course… … ?”

As Kim Yoo-jung hesitated and tried to move on, Jae-hyun let out a deep sigh.

However, he speaks with good eyes that seem to have no intention of reprimanding her.

“Anyway, be a little careful. Do you know how dangerous people are these days? especially others. Men are all… … .”

Jaehyun’s words didn’t follow.

It was because Kim Yoo-jung’s voice cut off his words.

“Chit… … The other man is a wolf anyway… If you’re going to say something obvious like that, I don’t want to hear it. Isn’t that the wolf in front of me? Well, I can only see a small puppy that can’t even be a wolf… … .”

Seeing Kim Yoo-jung smiling, hee-hee, Jae-hyun lightly fed him honey chestnuts.

Anyway, he’s a kid who doesn’t know how to be afraid of the world.

Jaehyun is also a man anyway.

Why didn’t you do anything to her after hearing this?

Of course it’s because she’s precious.

Because he was a fool who sacrificed himself twice for himself and never showed condescension.

That is why Jaehyun cherishes her.

One of the two people who made me feel sorry for myself the most before returning.

Jaehyun had nightmares whenever he thought of Kim Yoojung’s past.

I had just woken up a bit from that long nightmare.

Jaehyun let out a sigh and looked up at the sky for a moment after leaving Kim Yoojung walking side by side.



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‘ha. He’s also very, very different.’

Somehow, I get entangled with this child with the feeling of love, and I end up giving and receiving help.

We became friends again, and now we are in a relationship where we don’t even know what to do next.

I’m not sure yet.

But soon everything has to be decided, and you have to become a better person.

It was a feeling that Herni, the first antagonist, also had.

It must be changed now.

Even his lukewarm demeanor, and even this indecisive personality.

In order to become a better person, Jaehyun had to change himself.

For him, making a conclusion, a resolution of these sluggish emotions, was the first priority.

Jaehyun slowly recalled the past and brought up a story.

“Do you remember when we first met? That’s why, because moms are close, we see each other often.”

“… … huh.”

It was a very young time.

When they were only ten years old, the two became friends.

Thanks to the friendship between Jaehyun’s mother and Kim Yoojung’s mother and father, they quickly became close.

Of course, the concept of closeness was quite different from each other.

“You’ve been strong ever since.”

“Ugh… … I hate to deny it, but I do… ?”

It’s not something you can do.

But it was.

At that time, Jaehyun was bitten, pinched and bullied a lot by young Kim Yoojung.

But even during that time, he never bothered her.

Just because your gender is female? It wasn’t.

What do you know at a young age?

Moreover, as long as the Awakener emerged in the world, it was not at all that women’s basic physical abilities were inferior to men’s.

It’s just because Jaehyun felt grateful to her for approaching her blunt self first.

Because of this, he was unable to treat Kim Yoo-jung harshly.

Jaehyun’s sociability has been disrupted due to childhood abuse.

I had a hard time getting along with people, and I was used to hiding myself behind my mother’s skirt at every turn.


It was even worse in the days when a handsome face was not yet playing its role.

After growing up a bit, countless girls line up in the hallway to see Jaehyun.

There was also a rare scene where they clamored to make each other my boyfriend, but… … .

It wasn’t before that.

He was ignored everywhere he went, and his father was not in the family photos.

My mother was always black with traces of abuse, as if one side of her skin had been scorched, and she moaned in pain every night because she did not have enough money to go to the hospital.

Young Jae-hyun, who was weak and unable to even raise his hand, narrowed his eyes when his teacher told him to raise his hand for the poor.

In the past, he remembered this helplessness and embarrassment.

every time,

It was Kim Yoo-jung who became his strength.

Instead, he raised his hand and protected Jaehyun from others.

Also, when people asked about his family history, he immediately returned the topic.

With such trivial considerations accumulated, Jaehyun started to sincerely open up to her only.

Jaehyun grumbled, but followed my words and looked at her as she clutched the hem of her skirt.

What kind of judgment do you really have to make?

Who am I really in love with?

Jaehyun didn’t know yet.

But one thing was certain.

It won’t be long before we finally come to a conclusion.

I didn’t want to drag any more.

After all, if a story begins, it must end again someday.

Jaehyun began to think seriously about the decision he had been putting off since the war with Odin.

How can such a beautiful ending be achieved so that no one gets hurt?

As much as possible, what is the direction in which you can be happy?

Where to go.

“Okay, we’ve arrived.”

After a while.

The place where they arrived led by Kim Yoo-jung was none other than a baking academy.

A place that is rumored to be popular recently.

Jaehyun tilted his head.

Why did you bring yourself to this place?

what the hell… … .

“I will make bread for you. You like that too.”

“That’s it… … .”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed.

It is true that you like bread.

However, the story is a little different when it comes to ‘bread made by Kim Yoo-jung’.

Dangerous. The thought came to me.

In any case, Kim Yu-jeong is the person who pioneered a new path in aesthetics and opened the era.

It is similar to Jaehyun in that it creates a purple liquid.

Jaehyun could never win against Kim Yoojung.

‘There must be plenty of food for Poppy to eat.’

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun headed to the upper floor of the baking academy.

And I was able to see something very surprising.

what the hell is this… ?

Jaehyun was taken aback.

This is because the bread, and the chocolate roll made by Kim Yoo-jung, were always ‘normal’.

It’s not great, but it tastes good enough that you won’t faint.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes.

“Tell me honestly. Another person was waiting in the oven and switched them… … .”

“Stop talking nonsense and eat!”

Kim Yoo-jung pushed the bread into Jae-hyun’s mouth again and said.

But this time, the taste was the same.

why is it delicious

While Jaehyun’s doubts deepened, Kim Yoojung laughed.

Suddenly, she came closer to Jaehyun’s ear and whispered softly.

“After practicing about 2,000 times, I was able to make something that people could eat.”

2000… ?

Jaehyun felt his mind wander at the absurd numbers.

Anyway, he was a friend who wanted to be sincere.

Jaehyun unconsciously reached out and brushed the hair on Kim Yoojung’s cheeks.

I saw her face turn red in an instant.

Jae-hyun also looked at Kim Yoo-jung with a feeling of “oh, oh, oh, oh”.

For a moment, a very fleeting but paradoxically long silence began to flow.

It was Kim Yoo-jung who spoke first in the strange atmosphere.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 438I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 440
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