I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 444

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Gaiden 7. First Ice Fragments (2)

I think it would be good to explain this story a bit more about Ymir.

* * *


Excluding the giant Surt, who existed from the beginning, he was the first giant to be born.

Born from the combination of the heat of Muspelheim and the cold air of Niflheim, he was quite different from those in the world’s mythology.

For example, it was the fact that he could handle the cold attribute to the limit. This is what caused Surtur to send his opponent to Niflheim and head for Ginnungagaf.

in the mythology of the past.

It is said that after Odin killed Ymir, he covered Ginnungagaf with his corpse and filled the far-off pit.

Blood became the sea, bones became minerals, teeth became jewels, and flesh became soil.

It is said that the two pupils became the sun and the moon.

In addition to that, there is no doubt that everything in the nine worlds, that is, the beginning of the world that can be called the creation of the world, was made from it.

‘The problem is that I have to fight him. It means we have to go to Ginnungagav again.’

In the first place, Ginnungagaf.

There is only one way to reach the far abyss.

First of all, just like Jaehyun did, bring back the memories of the beginning and open the barrier.

However, this method was almost made difficult by the battle with Odin.

The evil of the world that tried to change the fate of the distant star of the abyss.

It is because the door to him was closed in the process of condemning Odin.

Because of this, Jaehyun was able to use several barriers, but the abyss itself became difficult to open properly.

It just keeps it in an unstable state for a while.

It became difficult to open the gate to Ginnungagav.

‘I can open it, but if I make a mistake, I’m sure I’ll get stuck there or cross a river of no return… … .’

Jaehyun shook his head involuntarily.

No matter how much he beat Odin and was called the greatest being, even if he was enjoying the peace of the nine worlds.

Also, even if his position as an adversary was not enough to be compared with the myths of others, that and this were different issues.

If I went into battle with Ymir this time round and round, I would surely die, or the future that would go into his stomach was clear.

So, Jae-hyun before facing Ymir.

First of all, this unstable connection had to be resolved.

what should i do for him?

It was simple.

“Nidhogg, fly a little faster. It would be faster to go by Papi.”

Take the Nidhog and go to the border area between Muspelheim and Niflheim with your friends.

In other words, the abyss of the beginning. It is heading to the vicinity of the original location of Ginnungagape.

After that, if you open the barrier, you will be able to fight Ymir in a much more stable state.

A piece of primordial ice.

For Jaehyun, who has to get it, this is the best.

[Hmph, if that’s the case, how about riding Fafnir instead?]

“You don’t know how much mana it will consume if you maintain gigantism for a long time. I can’t already tire the only one who can fight alongside me.”

Jaehyun answered harshly, and Nidhogg let out a sigh.

Seo Eana said while stroking the second scale on the left of the seat she was sitting on.

“… … That’s it, stay strong… … .”

[Oh oh… Cool. It just happened that it was itchy there. After all, the antagonist’s wife was you… … .]

“Shut up and fly.”

Jaehyun warned Nidhogg firmly.

Kim Yoo-jung found another scale and stroked it as if she couldn’t lose, but Nidhogg was startled.

[Oh, it’s dangerous there! It’s the spot that was hit by Odin’s spear in the past!]

“omg… sorry, sorry… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung pulled out her tongue and apologized.

But it was invisible to him.

Nidhogg also thought that all of the opponent’s comrades were completely insane.

For example, Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang were talking about the effect the dragon’s scales would have later on.

For reference, Lee Jae-sang was talking through a communication tool.

-So, there are dragon scales there?

“Yes, bro. Can I bring you one later if you need one? I want this to grow again… … ?”

– I don’t know, but please!

“Then I’ll make one potion that makes Jaehyun secretly stronger… … .”

[Don’t negotiate with my scales!!]

Nidhogg flew through the sky, spewing poisonous smoke.

It was the point at which it passed the middle of Niflheim and slowly approached the demonic realm, and the cold air lingering in the darkness gradually spread around the area.

Nidhogg’s venom accurately swept away and melted away the long-range sniper-type monsters below.

Dealing with the enemies below seemed to be the priority in order to head to Kinnungagaf.

Black ice trolls and twin-headed ogres.

Jaehyun pondered for a moment, then stood right on Nidhogg’s back as if he couldn’t help it.

After that, he lightly activated his mana.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―I succeeded in crafting the Artifact 《Mythic Longsword》!

Mythical Longsword.



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Jaehyun held it lightly in his hand and said to Nidhogg.

“One, two, three. If you do, soar up quickly. I don’t know if I’ll get involved.”

[Suddenly, what does that sound like… … .]

When Nidhogg tried to protest something. Jaehyun raised his sword leisurely.

“one… … .”

[damn… ! I get it! Like this crazy guy!]



As soon as the two of them were together, Jaehyun swung his sword.

behavior different from the promise.

Of course, it was a prank that he was able to do because he trusted Nidhogg’s ability to fly.

one turn. I thought I could hear the sound of a sword cutting through the air.

Then, the scenery where a long line is drawn in the air is clearly visible to everyone.

A sword that has already reached the level of myth.

It lightly cut the earth and thousands of demon beasts, leaving an afterimage.

Only then did Jaehyun put on a satisfied expression and scattered his sword.

[Crazy… madman… … .]

Since Nidhogg had suffered something, he constantly spat out curses at Jaehyun.

Even in the midst of that, Hella, Kim Yoo-jung, and Seo Eana were very calm.

The same goes for Ahn Ho-yeon.

It’s not like it’s happened once or twice.

Hella’s reaction was especially worth seeing.

“Still, it’s fortunate that the world isn’t collapsing this time.”

Nidhogg’s suit exploded.

[Hella… Is that fortunate?]

Hella smiled.

“of course.”

* * *

A piece of primordial ice.

It was by far the best Ymir had.

An artifact that could cool all the heat in the world, even Odin, who was called the loser, could not handle.

Because that was the ‘primitive ice fragment’.

It was the same as being able to extinguish Surt’s flame.

No matter how weak Surtur is now, he was an overwhelming presence when he burned Vanaheim in the past.

An existence that even Odin cannot easily deal with, possesses the fire to burn himself along with everything on earth.

That was Surt.

Such a flame, now even the person himself can not put out, so he is worried.

However, this ice fragment can make this possible.

In addition, it was also self-evident that one of the restraints of the world called discipline could be broken.

In many ways, reproduction is inevitable.

Like that, Jaehyun and company. Nidhogg and Poppy glide down towards a certain point together.

A very deep pit created by the collision of dark ice and hot lava.

This is the Ginnungagaf opened by Jaehyun in the past.

It was its true nature.

Jaehyun looked down at him for a moment.

“It is also deep. If you fall into it, you will never come back.”

[Isn’t that obvious? Adversary… I’m thinking about what it would be like to go back now. I, Nidhogg, have not forgotten your hard work. Haven’t you already done too much? Again, you don’t have to risk your life here.]

“are you okay.”

“but… … .”

Ahn Ho-yeon also seemed to want to stop Jae-hyun.

However, it is a fact that all of Jaehyun’s colleagues already know that he will not listen.

Fortunately, Hella and Papi were able to go to the abyss of the beginning together.

“I also have no restraints. It is not an existence born under the laws of the world, but an existence independent of Hel’s alter ego.”

“It’s the same with Papi. He is the one who overcame death. Moreover, they are connected to me through magical powers.”

“That’s right.”

Hela nodded and looked back.

she was

“Do not worry. I will definitely bring you back somehow. No matter how much Jaehyun made me suffer, I don’t hate him. I won’t let you die… … .”

“Hella. Do you really have to fire a candle after talking so warmly? Look at this. Tears were about to come out, but they went back in.”

“Don’t you think Jaehyun is working too hard?”

“Isn’t there anything special? There is no one else who can do it without me. It’s something that needs to be done someday anyway, so it’s better to do it now.”

“… … On a filthy indecisive subject… … .”

Jaehyun, who tried hard to ignore Kim Yoojung’s whispering voice, gradually raised his mana.

Using Draupnir as a medium, they connect the roads, and gradually pour a huge amount of mana into the interior to open the gate to Ginnungagaf.

In the pitch-black darkness, the slowly expanding darkness continued to change its shape like unformed clay, then changed into an unstable gate.

Jaehyun watched this for a while.

“It looks so uneasy that it’s easy to just go in and die.”

“I mean.”

Hela was surprisingly calm, perhaps resigned.

One of the first giants.

Even though it was a fragment, I couldn’t believe that they were going to deal with Ymir.

It is a look that can be seen because there is a deep trust between each other.

Hella and Jaehyun have already been together for a long time.

Hadn’t he been fighting together before he even told his comrades about fate and the fight against Odin?

Hela already trusted Jaehyun more deeply than anyone else in the world.

‘Of course, I want you to make a decision quickly, even if you see other people’s minds… … . I trust Jaehyun more than anyone else… … Yes, more than anyone else.’

Hella thought again and suddenly, looking at Jaehyun’s widened back, she covered her mouth.

Both eyes contract slightly.



I don’t know why.

She felt her heart suddenly tighten as she reached the half-body level.

I’ve never had anything like this happen before.

‘Why do I suddenly feel this way… … .’

It was strange.

It’s like something stabbing your chest.

Waves of unfamiliar emotions began to fill her in an instant.

Unaware of her feelings, Jaehyun just headed forward and stood in front of the gate before he knew it.

Then he will speak plainly.

“Shall we go? Hella.”

“… … yes.”

Hella suddenly felt her heart hurt and had no choice but to answer.

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