I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 445

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Side Story 8. Ymir (1)

As I threw myself through the dim gate, the first thing I thought of was one.

‘It is also an overwhelming magic power. It’s almost on par with Odin.’

Is this just a fragment?

It was absolutely unbelievable.

To the extent that it was difficult to handle easily, as evidence of that, Hella next to me also seemed quite distressed.

Such concentrated mana was difficult even for her as a demigod to withstand easily.

“Are you okay? Hella.”

“Don’t worry, be aware of your surroundings… … A great enemy is approaching. As you already know… … .”


Papi blocks his way by using giantization without permission.

Jaehyun was also vaguely feeling it.

vast as space.

A chill that stands out like a flash of light in the darkness where nothing can be seen.

I mean, who is the owner of this?

[Here. I didn’t expect you to visit in person.]

“Are you Ymir, or his fragment?”

Jaehyun asked.

Then, the darkness suddenly brightened, and a white ice palace appeared in front of them, emitting a transparent light.

Like a chandelier, pure white light pours over your head.

A piece of ice that reflects light in all directions.

Jae-hyun was quite frightened to learn that even all of them were shaped by magic.

How long will it take to reach this level?

A being with the status of the beginning.

Ymir’s true form must be many times stronger than this.

Jaehyun said while holding back his excitement.

“I don’t want to fight. So I want you to hand over your decision to me.”

[Impossible. it’s mine Also, it is the last fragment that makes up me.]

“It’s the last fragment that makes up… … .”

[Yes. If it disappears, with my death, the ‘rules’ of this world will disappear.]

“Is it important? You have already died at the hands of Odin, and even half-formed rules are useless now.”

[okay. You may be right. There is a time when everything has to go back to nothing, and I think so too. However, if you want to take this shard from me. You too must prove it here.]

An ice palace, a frozen white throne, is revealed.

was sitting on it. A giant of unknown gender rises from his seat.

A huge body that looks well over 20 meters.

However, even I will be nothing more than a minimal figure reduced to a very small size.

Losers of the past who lost their power and fell into ruin become like that from time immemorial.

My back burns, and I lose my old momentum. Hiding my traces in the back road of history before I knew it.

Those were the words of a loser.

However, he was strong nonetheless.

It was a majesty worthy of being called the beginning of the world.

As if Jaehyun couldn’t help it, he finally decided to pull out his sword.

If you don’t show his power anyway, he won’t hand over the shards.

Jaehyun also felt it.

The fragments of Ymir, the spring that moves the world, are slowly approaching their end.

Maybe that will be difficult too.

The two exhausted pupils and bloodshot whites proved this.

“I’ll help you get some rest.”

[The desired sea.]

Ymir said so.

Jaehyun took a deep breath.

After that, he released all his divine powers at once.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… … !!

―The user releases his divinity to the limit!

A voice in Jaehyun’s ear.

Refreshing system Um, the work of the three Norn sisters shines through.

Take a deep breath and take a step.


I evade the fist of the flying giant.

Jaehyun breathed lightly and summoned the sword.

This time, it is not an easy opponent.

The sword in his hand thought so.

This was something Odin hadn’t hoped so much for.

That is, Ymir’s sword. It was the essence of everything called the primordial sword.

* * *

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo Eana, Ahn Ho-yeon and Nidhogg.

They returned to the Mist Garden where Idun was waiting.

What had to happen was that even though Jaehyun had killed the monsters, the number of monsters nearby was unbelievable.



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The biggest problem was that it was too strong.

No matter how strong Jaehyun’s colleagues become, he will face them all and wait for Jaehyun?

this was impossible.

So, they decided to wait.

As always, I will trust Jaehyun and firmly believe in him without a doubt.

If you do that, Jaehyun will come back to them as always.

“By the way, I have a question for you.”

“… … yes?”

Idun suddenly asked.

For reference, Nidhogg was currently busy managing the flower beds and was unable to participate in the conversation.

It was a secret that his nickname had already become ‘Nidhogu’ among Jaehyun’s colleagues.

“How many of you were competing right now?”

“What do you mean?”

Following Seo Na-na, Kim Yoo-jung this time gave a slightly embarrassed voice.

I think I know what it means, considering that the sound has gone off without my knowledge.

Lee Doon raised a corner of his mouth.

A smile as white as spring.

A smile as beautiful as the sun shines on her lips.

“Yoojeong, Inna, Ruina… … But aren’t you? Isn’t that the only competitor?”

“… … yes!?”

Kim Yu-jung could not stand it and raised her voice.

Suddenly, Nidhogg stopped hoeing and listened quietly.

He was the guy who likes to listen to love stories the most, which doesn’t suit the subject of being a dragon.

“I’m good at reading other people’s clear emotions… But I think you guys are a little dangerous. I have a new strong enemy!”

At Idun’s words, Ina swallowed her saliva.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who knew this deep down, said nothing and just sipped tea.

He had brought up the story and thought he would get tired, so he didn’t say it, but I didn’t expect it to open like this in Idun’s mouth.

he prepared his heart

‘I’m sure they’ll worry a lot for a while. there… If Jaehyun comes back, she might be beaten to the brink of death as well as him.’

Ahn Ho-yeon trembled.

I wonder how that could happen while drinking hot tea, but the chill lingered all around me anyway.

Kim Yoo-jung pondered for a while before saying a word.

“I don’t know who it is… Min Jaehyun is really too… . Where else have you been bewitching someone!”

“… that’s right. I just can’t get past this.”

To make matters worse, Seo In-na also chimed in.

this is won

There was no open plate.

Nidhogg listened with a satisfied expression, and before he knew it, he threw away the flower bed and came stealthily to the seat next to Idun.

Kim Yoo-jung asked as she clenched her fists.

“so… Who the hell is that person?!”

“hmm… I’ve been with you for a long time, and my greatest adversary. An existence that can sympathize with Jaehyun’s deep inner side… ?”

“… … It’s a strong enemy.”

Seo Ina was also shocked and the teacup trembled.

No wonder.

A person who has spent a long time with Jaehyun and can sympathize with the deep inside?

Even if it wasn’t so, Seo Ina was wary of the long time Kim Yoo-jung and Jae-hyun spent together.

It’s because I saw on the Internet that after a long time, the degree of hatred becomes affection in its own way.

Kim Yoo-jung’s thoughts were different.

“Stop, please… Yes, is it pretty?!”

“huh. so pretty… … It feels different from you.”


Kim Yoo-jung was thinking that she was being pushed behind because of Seo In-na’s beautiful appearance.

Deep down, Jaehyun doesn’t say anything, so maybe he’s being pushed out like this?

It was full of such thoughts.

But she’s pretty, and her strong point, her childhood friend position, is a threat?

if so… … .


Both of them thought that at the same time.

Ahn Ho-yeon looked at this and laughed as if it were absurd.

‘Even though I’ve talked about it, I still don’t know who it is… ? Aren’t there too few things to notice?’

In fact, the second most ignorant person is Ahn Ho-yeon, who is saddened.

But no matter how much it was, it wasn’t as good as that of the blindfolded girls who fell in love.

He couldn’t bear to say anything, so he looked at Idun’s eyes.

Nidhogg was sitting by Idun’s side before he knew it.

Contrary to his size and ferocious appearance, one technique that kills signs was astonishing.

“You still don’t know? For reference, if I could give you a hint… not a human like you Not even an elf like Ruina… … .”

Idun smiled brightly again.

“Ah I don’t know. I’ll just tell you! Hello! She also really likes her reenactments. This I can tell you for sure!”

[Oh oh oh! Puch!]

Nidhogg, who finally heard the story he wanted, exclaimed and sneezed unconsciously.

Then, poison smoke erupted again.

Naturally, this hit the flower bed again.

Idun’s expression hardened.

“Nidhogg… . When did you come all this way… ? I would have told you to return the flower bed I ruined… … .”

[Oh, no, that’s not it… … .]

“I guess I shouldn’t say it anyway. right?”

Idun immediately got up from his seat and entered the warehouse where the farming tools were piled up.

Nidhogg was shocked and asked the three of them.

[Uh, what should I do? help me! If we continue like this, the prestige of the dragon!]

“I wish you peace.”

An Ho-yeon said that first, and the two women just ignored it.

There was only one thought in their heads now.

“To Hella… It’s a competitor… … ?”

“Surely pretty… … Even when we didn’t know Jaehyun’s mission, he stayed by our side and helped him.”

A sense of crisis rang their alarm at once.

this is not at all


With every nerve in their body on edge, the two women prepared to accept their new competitor.

Now that this has happened, there will be nothing left but a bloody war!

The two thought so, looked at each other for a while, then nodded.

It was a time when temporary alliances were needed.

“Nidhog~ You waited a long time?!”

at that time. Idun comes out and farm implements. It also brought a huge pitchfork.

The biggest problem is that Idun is lightly holding it with one hand, and that he made an oath with her in the past that he would not fight against Idun for ruining the flower bed.

At this rate, you might end up plowing the field like a cow this time!

Nidhogg fled with all his might, and Idun quickly set out to pursue it.

After a while.

Before long, somehow the winged Nidhogg was being dragged by Idun’s hand.

A figure pulling a thick tail.

To be called the goddess of youth who grows bright golden apples, her appearance was a little close to horror.

But no one had the guts to bring the words out of their mouths.

In particular, in the case of Ahn Ho-yeon, while drinking tea, he thought of a way to solve this problem once more.

‘Anyway, it’s faster to make Jaehyun more than to stop them.’

It was quite an efficient(?) method.

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