I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 446

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Side Story 8. Ymir (2)

The sword of the beginning.

An artifact that existed in the ‘Red Moon Plateau’, which was a field magic of past reenactment.

This is the beginning and end of everything that Odin had so longed for. It was an armament containing Ymir’s essence itself.

A weapon of calamity that made the world pulsate, but was so strong that it led to war.

However, this has helped bring about a different peace from the past.

Jaehyun thought the situation was so ironic.

The fact that the object containing Ymir’s primordial power must pierce his heart.

A chain of harsh fate that has already disappeared. It seemed to revive the shackles.

‘But now, fate is gone.’

With Odin, everything was reduced to ashes, and the lives of creatures in the nine worlds, including humans, were determined solely by their own present.

If you live in the present and try hard, you will pay a bigger price.

If you lose the moment and do something that deserves criticism, it’s a sin.

The principle of the world has become simple, but it can be said that it has become more complicated than it was in the past.

In any case, it has become a world where you can gain as much as you put in your effort.

In addition, Jaehyun, as an adversary, also thought that such a thing was not bad.

If you develop further and make a pure effort, you can achieve what you longed for.

Unless it’s just outrageous.

After thinking about it for a while, Jaehyun calmly opened his mouth while looking at Ymir.

“Ymir. Why did you die to Odin in the first place?”

A question as an adversary.

That was enough to unsettle Ymir for a moment.

[What does that mean?]

“Don’t even think about pretending. this sword… … You know best what it means to handle the primordial sword, right? This is a sword that even Odin cannot wield. Even I wouldn’t have been able to grasp it if I hadn’t turned the causal law once and promised 10,000 years later.”

A cold expression and demeanor.

Jaehyun already knew everything.


When heaven and earth were opened in the past, Ymir was not defeated by Odin.

In mythology, it is said that he was killed by Odin in his sleep, but this also had an odd corner.

With a weapon like this, a guy with such destructive power with only shrapnel would be defeated by Odin, who was not ripe at all?

This is absolutely impossible.

Even back then, before I offered my eyes to the fountain for knowledge.

That, in the end, was one.

‘Ymir was deliberately defeated for any reason. to Odin. But I don’t even know why.’

So Jaehyun asks.


Why on earth were you killed by Odin?

In a very fleeting moment, a moment of silence flows.

For the two transcendental beings, time no longer had any meaning.

After a long time, Ymir’s mouth finally opened.

[It was free.]

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. It was because a rather unexpected answer came back from him.

be free

For some reason, he had a slightly forlorn expression on his face.

[A bitterly cold winter has come. In this place in the past.]

“Are you talking about Ginnungagaf?”


When I said the abyss, I immediately nodded.

[I was alone. nothing i had okay… … that nothing So I liked the beginning of something new. that it begins. Because it was full of life.]

“Why does that have anything to do with your death?”

[Because if I don’t die, the world won’t start. Adversary… … don’t you know Why did the real me die, not a fragment of the present? That it was to create the world again.]

“So you killed Odin? under… … Do you know how many people have suffered and suffered because of that outrageous thing?”

Odin eventually sacrificed his eyes for wisdom, corrupting the world to gain greater power, creating countless war victims and ruling the nine worlds in fear.

Is it right?

No matter who you ask, the answer will be no.

If so, why did he do that?

because of greed

‘The lowly, greed that wants to obtain something moved Odin.’

[One, that greed raised Odin to the top and eventually announced the beginning of the world. Think about it. adversary. Of course, it is true that Odin committed a sin. However, he was not always clean because he was you, and he also wanted to pioneer his own world.]

“You believed in Odin of the past.”

[You can do that.]

Ymir was answering while completely reading Jaehyun’s thoughts.

In fact, there is nothing to be surprised at.

For him at the starting point of the world, things like this wouldn’t even be a problem.

However, Jaehyun also did not want to understand.

Odin’s way of thinking, the last thing he said when he died.

Saying that you and I are the same.

In the end, his story of how he tried to change his fate and that everything could have ended because Jaehyun was the winner was still deeply embedded in Jaehyun’s heart.



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But now it doesn’t make any sense

Jaehyun grabbed his sword.

The original sword became smaller to fit Jaehyun’s hand and assisted his movement.

The status of all status windows had already faded to the point where it was meaningless to look at them.

Perhaps he has now become a transcendentalist in the true sense of the word.

An absolute being with power that cannot be judged.

It could be said that it is a representation of the present.

Jaehyun took a step forward.

“Anyway, you’re a non-existent guy. So let’s do this.”

[The sea I also wished for. After finishing everything here, I also want to rest. But wouldn’t it be possible to give my place to someone who is not worth it?]

“Then I’m glad. Because I’m here, not the others. If it had been Loki, that goddamn bastard, it wouldn’t have been possible.”


Jaehyun laughed and barely made a sound as he leaped at the enemy.

The pupils of Ymir’s huge body followed his speed in an instant, and a full-fledged battle began.

‘… After all, even if it’s a fragment, is it light enough? It’s fast.’

Jaehyun sighed and took a deep breath.

You need to get everything sorted out as calmly as possible and then go back.

Otherwise, things were likely to get worse.

In any case, he had a place to return to.

As soon as he heard the sound of taking a short breath, Jaehyun’s feet accelerated explosively.

After leaping into the air, his body breaks twice in a row in the air.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

He couldn’t stand still as he saw Jaehyun closing the distance to Ymir.


Spirit, it should be explained that it is just a spirit filled with mana.

But what was in it was never that much.

If it had been someone other than Jaehyun, he would have been pushed back.

Truly overwhelming power.

However, Jaehyun was already beyond the limit of God.

It was not difficult to withstand such wind pressure.

Ymir’s pupils followed Jaehyun’s movements here and there.

With one sword behind him, he created another spear and fired it.

I could intuit that it wasn’t as good as Gungnir, but at least it was certain that it was effective.

However, Jaehyun laughed.

―Active skill 《Shadow Fairy Tale》.

A skill that intentionally drains the enemy’s attack. It destroyed Ymir and led the reappearance into the enemy’s blind spot at once.

Jaehyun continued to use powerful fire magic and turned the surroundings into a sea of ​​fire.

Recently, it was a reenactment of Inferno, the name of a magic that releases a large amount of mana at once in the vicinity.

Like this, Jaehyun didn’t just rest even when he was resting.

He has been working hard to learn new magic and swordsmanship every day, and to reach the extreme of the intangible sword.

It was like a kind of occupational disease acquired after spending more than 10 years as a raider and hundreds of years as the antagonist, Henir.

It was sure to help in a time like now.

Jaehyun strengthened the hot flames with full of divinity.

[…] … After all, it’s not just a name I got. adversary. You were able to defeat Odin because it wasn’t false.]

“then. of course.”

Humility is a forgotten representation.

He has been fighting on the frontlines of death every day.

What saved him at such times was his thorough self-objectification and, paradoxically, his overconfidence.

I had to believe.

If you don’t believe every moment, the sword and magic will never respond as you wish.

believe because

More than anyone else, me at this moment when my life, the fate of my close friends, and life and death were at stake.

‘[Intangible sword] 5 sets.’

Perhaps knowing that Jaehyun was preparing for the final attack, Ymir also prepared to receive the final attack.

Now all that’s left is to finish everything perfectly.

Jaehyun silently gripped the sword of the beginning and it became a huge brush.

The ink-drenched sword cut through the air and collided with Ymir’s ice spear.

However, the result is as if it has already been decided.

In the end, what was pushed away was Ymir, who was nothing more than fragments.

From the beginning, it was a battle with a fixed outcome.

Jaehyun came back.

‘Intangible Sword Type 5 《Blinking Sword》.’

In an instant, the ink-colored sword that had completely disappeared appeared again, clearly crossing the two with the sword he had drawn.

It’s like the time Jaehyun has stepped on.

Countless things in the past, five trials.

As if acknowledging everything, Jaehyun’s sword was finally able to completely break away from the helpless one through his own sword.

Fight for what you want to protect.

that you can truly enjoy it.

Also, it hacked up Ymir’s body several times, rendering his body no longer functional.

[I lost.]


The giant Ymir’s body is cut dozens of times.

Each time the sword, which had been soaked in ink, took one step, another step, and slashed the enemy.

Ymir realized that his body was already breaking down.

Now is the time to step back.

Realizing that was not difficult for him either.

It was something I hadn’t hoped for for a long time.

Finally, the sword of Jaehyun aimed at Ymir’s heart and pierced it perfectly.

Ymir’s blunt expression changes.

[Thank you. It gave me rest.]

Ymir, whose body had faded, smiled at Jaehyun for the first time.

With that clumsy smile that doesn’t even tell if it’s male or female, Jaehyun wonders how he died to Odin.

why is it free

I knew you said you were lonely.

If it had been a fight where there was nothing, Jaehyun wouldn’t have been so desperate.

Of course, it must have been difficult to burn the will to go further.

but he is here

The highest place. One, a place where you are not alone.

It was a star-like beauty that was quite different from the midday sun.

Come to think of it, Louisa said something.

In Alfheim, the city of elves, there is a lullaby called Song of the Stars.

Jaehyun didn’t know the song, but he couldn’t sing it.

He prayed briefly as he watched Ymir turn to ashes.

―You have acquired the Artifact 《Primary Frozen Fragment》.

A pleasing system sound was heard.

Now is the time to return to our comrades.

Jaehyun realized anew how precious it is to have a place to return to.

I wanted to see my colleagues.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 445I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 447
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