I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 449

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10. The purpose of life (1)

Jaehyun had been worried about Hela’s different reaction from before.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

It was Hella’s recent move that forced her to think that way.

When he sees himself, he freaks out and backs away to avoid it, even staring at him from behind for some reason.

In many ways, from his point of view, he couldn’t help but think that he had made a mistake.

In a way, it was the right idea, but… … .

Unfortunately, the direction was different.

Hella is worried because she doesn’t know everything about her feelings, and Jae-hyun is just having doubts about her actions.

In any case, it was Jaehyun-like behavior with no sense of love.

“yes? tell me Hella, if I have made any mistakes, I will correct them.”

“that… Not necessarily… … .”


Hella, who was always sharp, looked like a nerd in Jaehyun’s eyes today.

A somewhat awkward and embarrassed look was evident.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be disturbed.

At first, I thought it might have been a bit of a tantrum.

‘I don’t think that’s the case… … .’

Jaehyun definitely decided.

He decided to listen to Hella’s concerns and sympathize with them.

‘Idun said it. Women are unconditionally sympathetic.’

Jaehyun calmed down and said.

“If you’ve finally realized that Jormungandr’s gag has a problem with the laughing side, that’s fine. We haven’t yet crossed the river of no return.”

Hella clenched her fists, seriously contemplating whether to strike them, then put them back down.

Hey, wasn’t he that kind of person in the first place?

After taking a moment to catch her breath, she opened her mouth with difficulty.

“all right. I’ll tell you, so let’s move first.”

After Hella said that, she stopped at the entrance to Yggdrasil’s upper middle class.

Because he was walking ahead, Jaehyun’s drooping shoulders caught his eye, and Jaehyun still couldn’t hide his disturbed expression.

Wasn’t she the first to share her secret?

Even if he couldn’t help himself in every ordeal, he always assisted himself, and he tried his best to achieve the mission he was entrusted with.

It was difficult for Jaehyun to take lightly that there was a negative change in her.

upper middle class. Hella sat on the stump in the middle of the grass.

He then invited Jaehyun to sit across from him.

“It’s over there.”

“There was a place like this. Even in Yggdrasil.”

“It’s a place I used to come from time to time. Once after becoming an alter ego. … … Well, even that hasn’t come very often since I became your guide.”

“… … Something to apologize for.”

Jaehyun said with a small smile.

Hella took a deep breath and took a deep breath. Jaehyun waited for a while.

It was because he thought that Hella had her own reasons for leading her to this place.

I’m sure you’ll know what’s on her mind. Jaehyun did not doubt this.

“I am.”

Hella opened her mouth and looked up at the sky for a moment.

Her characteristic hair fluttered lightly in the sky.

“I’m thinking about how to live now.”

“How to live… Would it be good… … .”

Jaehyun had no choice but to think about it as expected.

hella. I knew very well what her story meant.

In the first place, she was only an alter ego born as a guide.

However, with Jaehyun, his presence deepened even more, and he finally came to live fully as a being in the world.

Lately, maybe Hell has given her freedom.

‘Hel seems to be troubled because of his situation. She won’t know how to live her life in the future. My duty as an adversary has come to an end… … That means the fact that Hella’s role as her guide is completely over.’

End as a guide.

That may be the purpose of Hella’s life. It was something that could be seen as having completely disappeared.

In many ways, it might be difficult for her to accept.

“It is definitely a difficult problem.”

Jaehyun chose the words as best he could.

“Your life as a guide is over. You think so?”

“To be honest… That’s right. As Jaehyun knows, I was nothing more than an alter ego. A being that shouldn’t exist in the world. It was nothing more than a fragment of Hel.”

“It makes me sad to say that.”


When Jaehyun shuddered, Hel raised his head and looked at him.

Jaehyun looked at Hella and smiled.

“If you are nothing, then I am nothing. breathe together… Defeat the trials that follow… … In the end, you killed even Odin and came this far. It’s not like the long time we’ve been together disappears, and even if it’s your alter ego, I thought I sincerely interacted with you.”

“… that’s the case.”

“You now deserve to fully exist as a Godhead. Didn’t Hell say that too?”

Hearing Jaehyun’s words, Hella suddenly felt her face heat up again.



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I couldn’t figure out if it was the heat or what kind of emotion it was, but one thing was certain.

How warm is Jaehyun, a human being, and a being who has become a god.

How clumsy but clear emotions have changed so many people and helped them come this far.

Everyone knew Hella, who had been with her from the beginning until now.

I was able to clearly see and remember the parts that others could not see.

It evoked a strange sense of fulfillment.

To know the reproduction that others do not know.


Hella didn’t know, but she felt uneasy about it.

Maybe it was because he knew that this feeling was somehow related to the purpose of life he was looking for.

Hella vaguely guessed.

The feeling of a one-way representation of oneself is simply possession of something.

Or that it doesn’t stop with a similar sense of loss.

At best, something that cannot be replaced with something else, like a child who has been deprived of a toy.

That there is something deeply buried in the heart.

‘Min Jaehyun. adversary. Henir… … Every look I saw of him gave me a feeling.’

Sometimes it upsets me, and sometimes it wakes me up.

He made me trust that he would do something even in desperate moments, and made me believe that he would definitely put an end to the long fight.

That is what representation means to people.

But it also meant the least.

I had to admit it now.

Hella, her feelings toward Jaehyun are quite different from those of others.

It was the moment I thought so.

“therefore. Now take a little rest, hello. Why don’t you find something you like? It’s okay to end the bother of accepting my personality by my side.”


A voice that came out of nowhere. Hella clenched her fists.

In an instant, Jaehyun on the other side looked at Hella’s expression with a sorry expression.

I don’t know why, but after hearing Hella’s last words, her expression suddenly turned cold.

The electricity that bounced off the ground was proof of that.

It was the release of magical power due to emotional changes.

Why? Hella looked at Jaehyun with a fishy smile.

“I’ve never thought about it that way for a day.”

“… … yes?”

At Jaehyun’s question, Hella squeezed the hem of her skirt and continued.

“Not a single day have I thought of you as a nuisance. Of course, there were many accidents, but… You didn’t get angry all the time! If so, I would have already died from the vase?!”

Jaehyun couldn’t understand at all why Hella was suddenly bringing up such a story.

he murmured in a dazed voice.

“That’s fortunate, but… … .”

However, Hella ignored Jaehyun’s words and continued to explode.

“I’ll take care of you who buy and play every day! Soyul and I have found all the roads! After ordering and eating everything there, am I now useless!? So now I’m leaving me Is this?!”

This time, Jaehyun couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

Is this something to be angry about?

He waved his hand and continued speaking hastily.

“No, why is it suddenly like that? Wasn’t it a warm atmosphere just a little while ago? Something like comradeship has sprouted and is now being sorted out… … .”

“… Take responsibility.”


Jaehyun asked back as if wondering, but it was already too late.

Hella is already a runaway locomotive. It had become itself.

She was nonstop.

“You know nothing. Until now, all my nerves have been toward Jaehyun! To protect and guide the adversary! But now that I’m free, I’m giving you up?! Do you know that it is as easy as the heart?”

Jaehyun tilted his head. Because the word giving up was a bit suspicious. It wasn’t a false story.

“that… … Definitely so. sorry. I think I made a mistake. You’ve always been by my side to help me, and I’m sorry if I offended you by suddenly saying something like that.”

Jaehyun had no choice but to admit it.

In any case, Hella was born for herself.

But now that he suddenly became free, he told him not to take care of himself, so he seemed sad.

However, even so, Jaehyun couldn’t help but be surprised by her honest words.

It was because Hella had never expressed her feelings so clearly and actively.

In many ways, it couldn’t have been a fresh look.

‘It would be nice if it was like this on a regular basis.’

But that thought didn’t last long.

It’s because I couldn’t spit out the words that it was interesting or fresh in the words of hella that followed.

Hella looked at Jaehyun with her eyes narrowed with a firm expression.

She said, suddenly opening her bright red lips.

“If the purpose of my life is you.”

Momentarily, silence flowed and even Jae-hyun was pressed so that he could not breathe.

The story that followed was the result of Hella’s long agony, and the worst outcome for her rivals.

“What are you going to do?”

Seung-gi stayed with a feeling of relief on Hella’s face.

Jaehyun felt a chill on his back with a puzzled look on his face.

It was because he was able to intuit that there were more and more things he had to handle.

How the hell am I supposed to solve this?

When Jaehyun made that expression, Hella hit him.

“Will Jaehyun still abandon me?”

It’s like seeing a man who bitterly rejects his ex-girlfriend and leaves after passing the civil service exam.

He was looking at himself with those eyes.

Cold sweat ran down Jaehyun’s back.

This was kind of dangerous.

Jaehyun seriously thought about it.

I even brought the gags from volume 78 of Jormungand’s old man’s gags in case the conversation with Hella doesn’t go well.

‘If I do it here, I’m sure I’ll die?’


Jaehyun muttered quietly to himself and looked at Hella in front of him.

She was striding towards him.

It was a very dangerous and full of desire eyes that could be whatever it was now.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 448I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 450
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