I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 451

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11. Jormungandr’s Humor

A few days ago, Jaehyun visited a monster for Hella, who had recently suddenly become low pressure.

None other than Jormungand. He was the one who made all the races of the nine worlds stretch out with his wicked tongue (?).

In the world, it is said that his humor collection has recently started to be published.

There are many stories that once you fall for that shocking father-in-law gag, you can’t come back.

It is the tongue of this evil snake that heats up the leading Internet galleries in Korea and other countries every time.

‘… … The moment I set foot in the gallery, the message that I had crossed the irreversible river was probably at the top of the bulletin board.’

It couldn’t have been more shocking.

Laughing at that guy’s gag doesn’t stop at Hella’s line!

Even worldwide?

‘… … I’m so dumbfounded.’

Jaehyun shook his head at the taste of people he knew and didn’t know, but he had no choice but to go find him.

Anyway, isn’t his gag effective for Hella?

Jaehyun had to borrow at least a cat’s hand, so there was no other option.

As expected, when he arrived near the sea where Jormungand lived, he stood upright.

Jormungandr gazed triumphantly at Jaehyun’s eyes and rolled his tongue.

“Haha… ! Adversary… … You want to learn gags from me?! Ha ha ha ha ha! The day has come when you finally understand my gag. This is one. I knew that my gag book was recently published in Midgard and is gaining great popularity, but even you… … .”

“Okay. Shut up for now, though?”

“Kuhm… I will.”

At Jaehyun’s appeal, Jormungandr waited for a moment until he prepared his mind.

Couldn’t he get away with his gag anyway?

In the end, I could tell just by looking at it that I had come this far.

Finally, his gag is starting to be recognized by everyone!

“Recently, Hella is a bit low pressure. Throw in some fresh gags that she hasn’t heard, if you can.”

The habit of talking during Henir’s days came out naturally.

Jaehyun was acquainted with him, so they naturally had a light conversation.

Jormungandr also said it was more comfortable this way, so he decided not to respect it.

“Hmm… … that’s hard Quite difficult… … . When Hella is always depressed, she used to come here to listen to my gags.”

Jormungandd pondered for a while at Jaehyun’s question, then said.

Jaehyun asked as if he was dumbfounded.

“You traveled all the way here to hear that gag?”

“you. Didn’t you come here because you needed my gag?”

When Jormungandh clicked his tongue, Jaehyun became a mute who just drank honey.

It was an unavoidable situation.

Hella, who sacrificed a lot for herself in the first place.

Didn’t you come to learn a gag for her?

Then it’s best to try as hard as possible.’

okay. have already decided Can’t you help it?’

Jaehyun sighed and cleared his throat.

“sorry. Jormungand. So, how about a gag, do you have anything prepared?”

“There are still a few gags left that haven’t been exhausted. But I can’t give it up easily. Undisclosed gags have copyrights, so you can’t easily tell others about them.”

“… … What can I do?”

Jaehyun put his hands behind his back and clenched his fists.

He watched Jormungandr’s vertical pupil, barely holding back the swearing that leaked out of his teeth.

I thought I could stab him right now, but I held back.

‘It’s not too late to lose one anyway after taking the gag from him.’

Jaehyun had a plan for everything.

However, having experienced more than 10,000 years until the time of Henir, Jormungand was one of those who knew reproduction very well.

“First of all, listening to gags and not beating is the first clause.”


Anger welled up in Jaehyun’s eyes.

However, that wicked snake only laughed aloof.

That too, while wagging his tongue.

* * *

“yes? why all of a sudden… … .”

[You should live a little more comfortably now. Hella, it means that now you have to find and live your life, not my alter ego.]

“but… … .”


Hela couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the story of her master, the ruler of hell.

Because what she said was so shocking.

-Hey, now you are not my alter ego.


– Now you can set your own goals in life and live. There is no need to sacrifice yourself according to a set goal. reappearance… Because thanks to him, everything is now back to its place.

-Suddenly, even if you say so… … .

Hell said to himself.

Now it’s up to you to decide how to live your life from now on.

It’s not something I hadn’t thought of before.

He has completed all of his assigned tasks.



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Thanks to this, he thought he would be absorbed again by his master, Hel, whose mission had now ended.

But Hell didn’t want that.

‘There is a point in Hel’s words. I’m no longer her alter ego, and I have to live the way I want.’

However, what that meant wasn’t quite clear to Hel.

Thanks to that, lately, her struggles have deepened.

[Anyway, my doctor said, you can do as you please. Now, don’t look at me too much and just do what you want to do and act. Nothing to worry about.]

After saying that, Hel waved her hands and left her seat.

It is a story that can not be deepened in many ways.

How was Hella born and how has she lived her life?


In other words, it existed for the opponent of the prophecy to be born 10,000 years later.

For this, he continued to sacrifice himself.

But now come and find my life.

There was no way she could easily accept this.

A being who sacrificed his whole life for someone suddenly finds his life?

This is because it gave the feeling of wandering rather than happiness.

It was Lee Seon-hwa, the mother of the antagonist, who added the burden to this.

She said, playing with her cat’s tail.

“Well, I really like Hella as my daughter-in-law… … I like this fur and tail. Besides, you are so cute.”

“Yes? No, don’t make fun of me… … .”

“It’s cute, but it’s also cute that you don’t know you’re cute.”

Even the pronunciation leaked without my knowledge, but Lee Seon-hwa had a My Way temperament like Jae-hyun.

Also, the hat was similar. She was, in many ways, the one who was quick to both of them.

After that, Hella was confused about her feelings for a long time.

Where does this tickling feeling in the heart come from?

Not much is really known at this point.

But one thing is for sure, it is not a volatilized emotion to be taken lightly.

It was that her feelings for Jaehyun were deeper than she herself thought.

I don’t know about Jaehyun himself… … .

Anyway, after that, Jae-hyun reads Jormungand’s gag volume 72 for Hella without knowing why.

Hella glanced at Jaehyun several times to clear her mind and reflect on it.

It was to be considerate of each other and sort out the feelings they had and the current situation they were in.

Staring at him every day (?), she tried to sort out her own feelings for him.

She knew that the answer was not easy, but she did her best.

… … But unfortunately, the result is now.

What was waiting for her and Jaehyun, who returned from digging up Baekcheol, were the gazes of the girls who adored him.

After returning home, Jaehyun had to listen to Hella’s bomb declaration.

“I like Jaehyun.”


Lee Seon-hwa was genuinely happy.

Deep down, she had a crush on Hella as her daughter-in-law.

Of course, Jaehyun’s expression couldn’t be that bright.

“… … So who will my son bring as a daughter-in-law? Also Hella? Or is it Yoojung? Or is it a cool beauty beauty? Which one?”

In response to Lee Seon-hwa’s question as he turned around, Jae-hyeon held his throbbing hair, but had no choice but to part his lips several times before finally spitting out the words.

Now he knew that there was no point in measuring anymore.

so… … Finally, it’s time to make up your mind.

After Hella was gone, Jaehyun quietly answered her story as Seonhwa Lee and the two of them were facing each other.

“Now I have made up my mind. Of course, I don’t know what the future holds, but at least for now, I’m sure.”

Saying that, Jaehyun looked into his mother’s eyes.

Now he thought he would not waver any longer.

The two pupils of Jaehyun, who had already made up their minds, were spleen like when they were fighting.

Lee Seon-hwa couldn’t help but admire her son’s strong appearance.

* * *

“You have something to say?”

The next day, at Hella’s question, Jaehyun mumbled for some reason.

He looked around as calmly as possible.

An anxious face in case anyone would listen. It was as if she was about to say something dangerous.

Jaehyun sighed and said.

“that is… therefore… … .”

“If you have something to say, please make it clear.”

For some reason, Hella spoke in a slightly harsher tone than usual.

The reason was simple. It’s because I recently heard advice from other women, including Yoo Sung-eun.

The reason for this was that in order to catch the hesitant reproduction, it was necessary to make an effort to bounce it as much as possible.

It was a cumbersome way in many ways, but it wasn’t that difficult for Hella.

In addition, Jaehyun was a little upset because he didn’t know his heart, so it couldn’t be helped.

It was not a good thing to weigh against other people’s hearts even with empty words.

Jaehyun thought about it for a while, then closed his eyes as if he couldn’t help it.

“that is… … The test taker and Thor have the same thing. Do you know what it is?”


Hella suddenly wrinkled her brow, as if she didn’t know that Jaehyun would bring up such a story.

Jaehyun’s complexion turned pale. Do I really have to spit this out?

Flashes of past life flashed through his mind.

It was filthy long, over 10,000 years.

How much did you struggle to kill Odin?

Is the image of the antagonist that has been built up like this collapsing like this?

Jaehyun endured the grief and barely opened his mouth to relieve Hella’s anger.

“It’s ‘because it strikes and ruins’… … no see. Shit.”

Jaehyun couldn’t stand it until the very end and couldn’t help but clenched his fists.

This is not it. Such thoughts flooded my mind.

Whatever it is, isn’t this over the limit?

‘If anyone laughs at a gag like this, I’ll take the intestines in my hand…’ … .’


“… … ?”

A question mark floated above Jaehyun’s head.

Surprisingly, what followed was Hella’s laughter.


“… … .”

It was a success anyway.

It’s a success… … .

For some reason, Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel that the concept of humor he knew was completely shattered.

It was, indeed, chaos.

The abyss itself, perhaps even deeper than Ginnungagaf.

It was the same with Jormungandr’s gag Jaehyun.

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