I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 452

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11. Jormungandr’s Humor (2)

“Do you know what a cow says when it steps on a bull’s foot?”

“Hey, stop it! I laughed so much that my stomach… I mean, my stomach hurts… … .”

“It’s called ‘Cow Sorry.'”


Hella’s back bent forward.

Surprisingly, he is really laughing at Jormungandr’s gag.

How should I accept this?

Jaehyun seriously wondered if his sense was wrong.

Just in case, Jaehyun took out his phone and immediately called Kim Yoojung.

Then, along with a popping sound, I heard the voice of a girl answering the phone on the other side.

For some reason, it was a little tickling, and it was a phone call I received while clearing my throat after deliberately taking a break.

I must have done my best to look good.

Jaehyun let out a sigh with a dizzy expression on his face.

“hey. Kim Yoo-jung, I contacted you because I had something to ask you. Do you know what a cow says when it steps on a bull?”

“Eh? What is that all of a sudden?”

“It’s called ‘Cow Scream.'”

“… … .”


“I don’t think my gag sense is strange after all.”

It’s a gag that even love can’t cover.

Jaehyun scratched his head as he looked at the broken smartphone screen.

Even so, Hella still can’t stop laughing. Wouldn’t she just say one more word and move on?

Jaehyun seriously thought about that.

‘Isn’t it possible that there’s a gag meeting for the Dark Father in the shadows?’

Jaehyun seriously wondered if there was such a thing, maybe he should get rid of it.

For him, it was something he wanted to prevent, even with a show of force.

After barely enduring the sensation of goosebumps rising all over his body, Jaehyun called out to Hella.

“excuse me… Hella?”

“yes… fourt! Ahahaha… !!”

Hella’s complexion was already pale and almost pale. However, her laughter still hasn’t stopped.


Jaehyun thought about it, but he didn’t try to express it.

The image of her wiping away tears was being drawn right in front of his nose, so he couldn’t help it.

There is no choice in the middle of the day.

“after… under… … .”

I see a girl with a slender body barely breathing deeply.

Jaehyun’s eyes clearly saw Hella’s pretty face distorted and then returned to normal.

It is proof that lies are not mixed with her smile.

‘… … There’s no way I can change my taste.’

Jaehyun sighed helplessly, waiting for her laughter to stop.

Didn’t you succeed in entertaining her anyway?

It wasn’t even a day or two that Hela had laughed at Jormungandr’s gag, so Jae-hyun was now on the verge of comprehending it.

Of course, I couldn’t admit the gag itself, but… … .

“under… … sorry. Jae-hyun. It’s so funny that I don’t even know… … .”

“So. I’m still not quite sure where the laughing point is… … Anyway, I’m glad to see you enjoying yourself.”

Jaehyun said that in a really dry tone.

It was a tone that didn’t contain a single word of sincerity, so Hella was taken aback involuntarily.

All of a sudden, I laughed at myself… … .

In many ways, the painting was bound to be strange.


She hurriedly came to her senses and asked.

“That, so! Can I ask Jaehyun what he has to say to me now?”

“yes. It took me a while to find the timing, but whatever.”

“No, what the hell is the content, why are you taking so much time… … .”

“I don’t want to wander anymore.”

“That, that word… ? no way!?”

Hella’s eyes narrowed.

Jaehyun nodded and acknowledged that what she was thinking was correct.

Jaehyun smiled a little.

“Now I hope that people who like me won’t have a hard time because of my heart.”

He got up from his seat and shrugged. A detached yet relieved face.

It was that of a man who seemed to have already concluded something.

That, of course, made Hella’s heart uneasy… … .

Jae-hyun was a disaster of love, not knowing anything about it.

“You seem to be feeling better, so shall we go talk to the kids first?”

Hela immediately began to look at Jaehyun’s proud gesture with a pale face.

It was because the recent misdeeds (?) he had committed against Jaehyun had put pressure on her shoulders.



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‘It wasn’t enough to be angry with Jaehyun and to be pouty, so I laughed at the gag of the man he hates the most… … .’

She became a cry at once.

No matter how you think about it, Jaehyun’s face belongs to the person who has already decided on the woman to give his heart to, and no matter how good you think about it, Jaehyun’s choice is too high a possibility that it is not you.

‘… I can’t help it! Now, there is no other way than ‘that way’!’

She gulped down her saliva and clenched her fists, following Jaehyun’s carefree expression.

Somehow, she had no intention of giving up on her love.

Unfortunately, it was a problem that everyone else did too.

* * *

Jaehyun Min.

A man with indecisiveness who gets flustered the moment he has to choose one of the same things even if he buys something at the mart.

In addition, an existence that has now become the supreme god.

In fact, even Henir of the past was not good at making judgments, so all the people who contacted him had no other choice but to be frightened.

For reference, the contents of the text sent by Jaehyun were as follows.

-Now I’ve made up my mind. If it’s okay, can we all gather together for a moment?

‘… … What if it’s not me?’

The appointment time is 2:00 PM.

However, Seo In-na, who had already arrived an hour ago, is nervous.

Didn’t they say that a man’s heart is also a reed?

No matter how much he kissed and stamped himself, there was no guarantee that others would not have done the same.

At this moment, maybe everyone is in a situation where they are enemies!

… … For reference, it was the same for Kim Yoo-jung, who arrived 57 minutes ago, and Ruina, who arrived 41 minutes ago.

All of them were repeating deep breathing several times while waiting for Jaehyun to appear.

Intangible fears came running like mad, cluttering their minds.

The most worrying thing was that not only Jaehyun but also no one else was seen.

The person who most recently confessed his feelings and overturned the game.

Hella. She and Jaehyun didn’t show up together, and Jaehyun suddenly said that the indecisive decision was made… … .

It was understandable that their brains couldn’t make normal judgments.

‘… no way?’

Everyone was tired of thinking about the worst case scenario that they didn’t want to imagine.

‘No matter what, we’ve been together for years! I’m a childhood friend… !’

Even Kim Yoo-jung’s hands were shaking.

The thought that if Jaehyun didn’t choose her, it would be impossible to support her even with empty words crossed her mind.

How long have you known him?

It’s been over a dozen years.

But Jaehyun doesn’t choose to date himself?

Of course others. In particular, she thought that a friend like Seo Ina was a strong enemy, but she was confident that she was not pushed back anyway.

‘I’m sure Min Jae-hyun’s heart is leaning toward me!! … … maybe.’

“that… Am I the only one who is anxious… ?”

It was none other than Ruina who intervened between the nervous Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung.

‘I forgot… ! Ruina is also a formidable foe!’

Ruina was also not an easy opponent to watch.

The fact that they have been waiting for a reappearance for 10,000 years.

In addition… … .

‘It’s an elf!’

Aren’t elves the ones with outstanding looks who are loved by everyone regardless of gender?

It is said that there is a sensational elf model craze in the advertising world recently.

There are too many enemies for only Seo Ina to keep in check!

“… … I’m actually a little bit too.”

It was Seo Ina who received the words.

Kim Yoo-jung was shocked there once again.

Wasn’t Seo In-ah also able to become an elf when using Alfheim’s sword and using skills related to the direct lineage of the royal family?

He had a personality that didn’t give up anywhere, but even so, this crossed the line.

My rival is an elf, someone who can transform into an elf (and that’s pretty too)!

No matter how you think about it, this is out of balance.

‘Shouldn’t I give you a handicap?!’

It was at that time that Kim Yoo-jung thought so and grieved.


At that moment, the door of Nine’s office, where everyone was gathered, burst open, and Jaehyun and the three women who were waiting met their eyes for a moment.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

An insanely awkward atmosphere swept them like a typhoon for a moment.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but speak with a puzzled look.

First, the question had to be resolved.

“that… … I came 30 minutes early. Why did you come so soon?”

“Ah, ah! that is… I just wanted to talk to you… Ahaha… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung tried to pass it on moderately, but Jae-hyun was already aware of the situation.

Apparently, after hearing his story, he was disturbed and immediately ran out.

Their scattered hair was proof of that.

The fact that hand mirrors are scattered on the table is proof that he was looking into the mirror a while ago.

It was their psychology that they wanted to look even a little prettier somehow.

… … Is it really okay if I tell you my current decision?

Jaehyun thought about that, but shook his head and brushed it off.

The more late, the harder it is for them. You will suffer more than yourself.

Jaehyun didn’t want that kind of ending either.

“… … We just came.”

“Seo Ina? Even so, you came earlier than an hour ago, but if you say just now… … .”

Ina’s face turned bright red at Ruina’s blow.

And then they make lame excuses.

“… … You misunderstood the time.”

“Ahaha… I see… You misunderstood the time… … .”

Ruina involuntarily swallowed her saliva and affirmed at Seo Ina’s sharp gaze toward her.

It was because the meaning of Seo Eana’s gaze was blatant.

-… … don’t talk nonsense

He didn’t say anything, but he was just looking at her with those eyes.

In any case, regardless of their confusion, Jaehyun sat down on a chair in the center of the guild office and buried himself.

Then he got up and pulled forward a little and started talking.

Finally, the whereabouts of your feelings that you have been thinking about for a long time.

It was the moment when the destination was decided.

“First of all, thanks everyone. Thank you for trusting me even though I made you wait a long time because I was lacking and indecisive.”

Everyone’s eyes are focused on Jaehyun.

In the suffocating silence, Jaehyun continued to speak, clenching his fists.

“You know, but now I’ve made up my mind too. And I’m going to tell you the results. I hope my judgment doesn’t hurt everyone.”

For the first time, Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung.

Then with Seo Ina and this time with Ruina… … .

Finally, he met Hella’s gaze and finally opened his mouth.

“The person I like is… … .”

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