I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 458

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15. Ending – Seo Eana (1)

this is.

Maybe, the story of the world line that doesn’t know if it’s real.

About that first, shy first love… … .

* * *

Back in time a bit… … .

On the day of Jaehyun’s sudden text message.

Shocking declarations continued in the Guild Nine building.

A story that fell in front of those who arrived after being contacted by Jaehyun.

Because it meant the end of his long love story.

After looking around the table where all his guild members were gathered, Jaehyun struggled to open his mouth.

Even the firmness was felt in the pupils who seemed to have decided on something.

The eyes of the others were also focused on his mouth.

Maybe you can get the answer you’re looking for here?

At the same time as such sweet excitement, it was none other than anxiety that decorated a part of their heads.

Jaehyun knew that such a situation could be more hellish for them.

The same goes for the fact that you can’t drag it any further.

Because of this, he did not procrastinate any longer and conveyed his feelings.

“Now I feel like my mind has been sorted out, so I’ll tell you. The person I like… … .”

Jaehyun’s affirmation continued immediately.

“Ina, it’s you.”

Confident tone. Jaehyun’s two red eyes look at Seo Ina.

Seina’s mouth opened slightly.

“… … .”

A moment of silence followed.

It was a consideration for others that Seo Eana did not know about.

Of course, at the same time, he was moved by Jaehyun, who decided to spend time with him.

She didn’t know what to do with her overwhelming emotions to explain this.

But I knew one thing for sure. That he finally got what he wanted at the last minute.

reappearance. The person who first revealed strong feelings to himself.

When she realized that it was first love, Seo Eana became a girl for the first time.

It was the first time I had ever felt or confessed such feelings.

That’s why her eyes are now red.

The crying that leaked out without me knowing did not stop.

She tried to hide her trembling voice, barely wiping the tears with her sleeve.

Then he raised his little face and asked.

“… … really?”

Jaehyun looked at the others once and nodded calmly.

Because I couldn’t imagine how great the loss of others would be.

In fact, a moment of silence flowed out again, forming a wall between them.

It was none other than Kim Yoo-jung who broke this wall.

“that… That’s great! Congratulations Inaya!”

Kim Yoo-jung, who had been silent for a long time, made an effort to speak brightly.

A voice that seemed disappointed to hear.

Jaehyun knows. The fact that she is now more sad than ever.

Jaehyun knew her well because he had seen her for such a long time and had been with her.

But did she know that it had an influence on Jaehyun’s choice?

As a result of thinking for a long time, Jaehyun came to the conclusion that he could not be with Kim Yoojung.

There was only one reason.

‘Because I don’t want to lose my oldest friend because of my stupid mistake.’

He has never been in a good relationship.

However, it was Jaehyun, who had heard many stories from many people until now.

Every time, Jae-hyun feels the tragedy he can feel when dating or breaking up with his closest friend.

I heard and thought that I would never be able to go back to the beginning.

Doesn’t have a friend named Kim Yoo-jung in your life?

If so, could Jaehyun have come this far?


Kim Yoo-jung devoted herself to herself and was prepared for two deaths.

So Jaehyun decided to let her go.

If, when he loses her due to his poor relationship.

Because it was Kim Yoo-jung who could give Jae-hyun the biggest sense of loss.

So do others.

Showing his deep inner self to Ruina, who has been waiting for him for too long.

I wondered if she would be disappointed in it.

It was nothing that could be helped.

Because Jaehyun was basically a person who thought of others first.

Because that was the driving force that brought him to the top.

‘Hella… You need to find more meaning in your life. It’s not just me.’



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See more, experience more.

Then it’s not too late to judge.

Jaehyun thought so, and finally decided to be with Seo Ina.

Of course, I did not consider other people’s feelings or situations in the process.

It’s just because Seo Eana was the one who thought she was the best.

That’s why I said I would be with her.

‘Because he always looked at me when I was driven to the bottom.’

Seo Eana was the first to express the feeling of loving herself.

What brought her first feelings and emotions.

it was all her

This person has a deep meaning to Jaehyun.

Because she was Seo Eana, Jaehyun made a decision.

Without doubt that it is the most valuable choice in your life.

“congratulations. … … Of course, if you ask me if I can sincerely congratulate you, it’s not, but I can’t help it. If that’s Jaehyun’s decision… … .”

Ruina spoke in a hoarse voice, and Hella shook her head as if she couldn’t do anything about it, expressing her opinion.

“For some reason, I definitely decided. Not like Jaehyun.”

“sorry. everyone.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but say that. He got no answer back.

In this moment of being rejected by the person you truly love, people who can force themselves to smile are amazing.

* * *

After Jaehyun’s declaration, the incident began to be settled surprisingly quickly.

Seo In-na now spends more time with him and has been able to build a lot of bonds and feelings while spending a longer time with him.

In many ways, there was nothing wrong with openly dating now.

The other women also couldn’t get their emotions under control, but they are still trying not to show off.

It is said that they often go on trips together to cool off each other’s feelings.

So, time flies by so fast.

The day Jaehyun and Seo Ina went on their ninth date.

late night.

Jaehyun and Seo Ina are sitting on a bench in a park and having a conversation.

Located in Seoul, this grand park honors the raiders who were sacrificed during Ragnarok.

This was a place Jaehyun and Seo Ina often visited.

To not forget the last fight, to remember that their sacrifice was not in vain.

Jaehyun always thought about the person he couldn’t protect.

regret. sorry. longing.

The feelings that were chopped like fragments flowed like the wind passing by his ears.

From far away, I hear the sound of small music.

it is a melody

Very calm, maybe in the past. A faint smile spread across Seo Ina’s lips as the melody that reminded her of the countless days they passed together calmly flowed out.

“… What are you thinking about?”

“just. nothing.”

Jaehyun is sad, thinking about what he couldn’t protect.

Seo Ina knew this fact better than anyone else.

She had dull eyes, but it was all the more so because she was the person Seo Ina loved the most and thought deeply about him.

One of the people who knows Jaehyun better than anyone. That was Seoina.

Because of this, Seo Ina smiled and suddenly grabbed his hand tightly.

“… … If Jaehyun tells you a lie, it shows up. So, I want you to be honest. that is… He’s a lover… … ?”

At the word lover, Ina’s face turned red, unlike usual.

Two cheeks, slightly swollen like ripe tomatoes, come into Jaehyun’s field of vision.

Jaehyun’s face shows warm feelings toward Ina.

love blooms

It was no longer as a friend or colleague, but as a lover.

The difference between that and the other was very large.

Jaehyun squeezed Seo Ina’s hand a little tighter and pulled her closer.

They’d been dating for several months, but they weren’t used to holding hands, let alone flimsy skinship, so Jaehyun’s sudden action was enough to make Seo Ina’s face redder.

“… Jae-hyun?”

“Ina, are you embarrassed like you are?”

“… … That’s because you suddenly pulled… … .”

“that’s right. I’ll confess honestly. I was thinking because I had something to say. That is why I have a lot of thoughts.”

Jaehyun let go of his luck, and the night sky settled down calmly.

After looking up at it, she shifted her gaze back to Seo In-na, who was looking at her with a bewildered gaze.

“I’ve been thinking about it. I’m in a relationship, but I feel like I didn’t do it right for you.”

“… huh? It’s not… I just like being with you.”

“No, I don’t think that will ever happen. I’m sorry.”

“but… … .”

Seo Ina looked at Jaehyun with a troubled face.

Because I really liked just spending time with Jaehyun.

I didn’t want Jaehyun to worry or think too deeply because of himself. Hasn’t he already suffered enough?

Jaehyun began to connect, as if he didn’t think so.

“I need to do better. I’m sorry I’m clumsy with something.”

Seo Ina did not answer. Even though she said she was fine, she didn’t want Jaehyun to think that way, so she was a bit pouty.

Jaehyun quickly noticed and added to divert his attention.

“Do you remember when we first met?”

“… huh.”

Seo Eana smiled broadly as she answered. Her face has become quite expressive of emotions.

Jaehyun said it took a long time for him to become like that again.

It was nice that I contributed to it.

Jaehyun was

“On the bus right before the freshman hunt. From then on, we cared about each other… I never really thought at the time that it would turn out like this. I spent way too long hating someone, and I did back then too. I couldn’t see anything because I only had a vengeance to kill my father. stupidly.”

“… I understand.”

“Do you know who made me feel more grateful than hatred?”

“… me?”

Seo Ina laughed and said.

The clear moonlight made her smile even brighter, and split the surrounding light like a prism.

“that’s right. it’s you. The decisive factor that made me change.”

Seo Ina said it like a joke. However, when Jaehyun’s serious reply came back, she turned her head slightly shyly and said,

“… It was only possible because the other kids helped too… … .”

“Thank you. I am that.”

Saying that, Jaehyun lightly clenched his fists.

“Because you never forgot me until the end. Even when I climbed the tower of Yggdrasil, he remembered me even carving my name on the wall. Plus, they always put me first.”

‘… oh my god. I’m so ashamed… … .’

Seo Eana wasn’t used to hearing Jaehyun compliment her like this in front of her eyes. Because he was such a blunt person.

But now, for some reason, it was Jaehyun, who had become a different person.

Isn’t he even bringing up another story out of the blue?

“Inaya, then this time, when I entered the mock dungeon for the first time. remember?”

“… huh.”

It was also a memory that was quite embarrassing to Seo Ina, so she only nodded her head eagerly without raising her face.

“At that time, I asked to kiss you, but then I hesitated behind you… it’s still funny Come to think of it, you were very timid, but how could you treat me so first… … .”

“… that, that’s it! How can I… … town!”

It was at that moment when Seo Ina was trying to argue something with a face that was burning with anger.

Seo Eana’s two clear hazelnut-colored eyes caught the light and shimmered beautifully.

Both of her pupils constrict.

The inside of her pupils, which contained Jaehyun’s face, are filled with new stars and the moon, and her face and waist tilt backwards as if the world were turned upside down.

What the hell is going on?

She couldn’t judge the situation, and now Jaehyun is hugging her.

Plus when you know you’re kissing yourself.

Her heart pounded like crazy, and paradoxically, she couldn’t come to her senses from the far-off shock that seemed to stop.

Jaehyun’s lips, which had been touching for a moment, fall apart.

“… … uh, uh… ?”

“Did you avoid it because you were afraid I would do this?”

“… … .”


Seo In-na, who was always indecisive and couldn’t believe that he kissed her, opened her mouth for a moment, and Jae-hyun approached her quickly again.

“I guess you don’t know for once?”

playful voice.

Another kiss, this time a little longer.

The wind was blowing, and the stillness that flowed through the desolate park with no one around helped the two people’s heartbeats grow louder.

Seo Eana had never felt a deeper ecstasy than this in her life.

The warmth of each other’s body, felt closer to each other than before, seemed to lead the two to a different world.

A few minutes like that. It was a long time, but at that time, it was a short time for the two of them.

Jaehyun parted his lips again and hugged Seo Ina tightly, whispering softly.

“Will you marry me?”

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